A Chance Encounter

I am totally overwhelmed, honestly. I have had a wonderful weekend highlighted by a totally incredible afternoon/evening. 

A friend and I (a friend you can find over here in fact) are both huge theatre geeks and so when the Olivier Awards first went on sale to the public we freaked out and then tried to rationalise… before giving in to our geeky needs and bought tickets. 

Even as the day came the excitement would come and go- to be honest with you this is one of the biggest occasions of the year in my mind and I couldn’t quite believe that we would be attending, and walking the red carpet no less!

I won’t go into detail of the ceremony itself as all of that info has already been posted numerous times but it was a truly wonderful show. I was ecstatic for some of my favourites who took home awards: Gavin Creel, Stephen Ashfield and the rest of the cast of the Book of Mormon in particular. But I was disappointed to see that Mark Gatiss and Tom Hiddleston were not winners that evening. 

Now, we had hoped to catch a glimpse of Tom on the carpet, but as predicted we were rushed inside the building and Tom didn’t appear until too late for us to get close enough to spot him. We knew realistically the chances of us even doing this were fairly small- let alone meeting him. Whilst we were disappointed at not catching a glimpse of him and then for him not to win- his performance was truly remarkable- we were still having a fantastic evening.

As we left- hurrying out to avoid the crowds at the tube- we realised we were walking in the wrong direction and headed back where we came to find that we’d been roped off so we were in the foyer whilst other patrons were being shepherded out of one set of doors on the other side of the rope. Meanwhile we were surrounded by the likes of Arthur Darvill, Samantha Barks, Brian May, Mark Strong and Hayley Atwell to name but a few… clearly out of our league and in the wrong place. Oops? 

Upon realising this we both stood for a moment pondering what we should do and where we should go- it was as we were deciding that Luke appeared across the foyer. Luke being Hiddleston’s publicist. Before we could process that beyond a furtive look at each other Tom himself stepped into view looking ridiculously handsome and blissfully at ease. It’s clear to my friend that I, like her, have clocked his presence so without further ado she says “Do I approach him?” and before I’ve managed the syllable of affirmation she’s already off across the floor. As I make to follow her someone puts their hand on my arm, their other extended towards what was once my friend’s place but she’s long gone. I turn to the person and see it’s security from the door behind me asking if I’m supposed to be on the other side, worriedly watching my friend who I know is already in Hiddles territory without even glancing in her direction. So I do the only thing I can think of. I pretend to be posh.

“I’m terribly sorry, I don’t go to these things often. We came in a car and our car is supposed to be waiting somewhere outside. Do you know where we have to go?”

Doorman blinks confused for a moment then actually looks embarrassed before telling me it’s through the door he’s holding. I thank him profusely before stating I’ll just get my friendthen we’ll be on our way. Crisis averted.

Without a second thought I turn away and head to my friend who is already with Tom and join the conversation at the point where she mentions the ‘Donmar Alliance’ which is a group of friends brought together by the excellence that was Coriolanus and asks him if he got our Christmas card to which he falters for a moment in thought then enthusiastically agreed that he had, recognising us both from it and stating it was put up on their pinboard at the Donmar. To which I replied mortified that he’d read the 'damn rhyming cards’ where he just grinned at me and said that they 'rather enjoyed it’.  We went on to talk about his nomination, the awards themselves and then my friend mentions the scar on his forehead to which he gets very animated telling us the story which was quite possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. He was lovely and attentive throughout and when my friend asked for a picture he was more than happy to oblige hence the photo above!

We thanked him again before going off our separate ways and he was a total sweetheart. 

I’m literally in awe of him, so talented, so humble and so wonderful. Total charmer too. 

Hello lovelies! I know I just did one of these a few months ago, but I really wanted to do something for hitting 1.5k followers (seriously, how did that happen?). I have nothing to give away, but I want to show my appreciation. Regardless, thank y’all so incredibly much for sticking with me. I love all of you.

So I’m going to show my love for some amazing people that I happen to follow, and a few that have become good friends. Even though everyone on here, following or followers or whatever, has helped this become what it is currently, and I hope I’ll be able to make it continuously better.

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Okay hi everyone! I just hit a milestone and I wanted to do something because I also just kinda wanted to. So I’m making this Follow Forever to show ya’ll how much I love you and appreciate everything each and every one of you does.

I follow everyone on my home blog, however, so if that’s confusing I’m sorry…

Okay time to start! Mutuals will be bolded!

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