hiddles please

Enough is enough!

[The following rant is about the (excessive) media coverage, not about people who genuinely didn’t know about Hiddles.]

He’s already dubbed “TS’s new man”. He has a fucking name! Use it!

His name is Tom Hiddleston! It’s as if people had forgotten about him. Had forgotten who he is. May I remind you he’s been acting professionally since 2001?! That he’s got his first award, an Olivier to boot, in 2008? And many other awards!

It was bad enough when people reduced him to Loki but at least Loki was a role he played. At least it was proof of his talent being recognised by the mainstream media.

But now Tom Hiddleston is reduced to being someone else’s thing. Now he’s become tabloid fodder just because he was photographed with a singer.

Gone is the praise of his career choices. Gone is the praise of his many talents.

The same news outlets who ran articles praising him, who interviewed him in the past now seem to have forgotten all about him and treat him as if he were a new guy who hasn’t been around since 2001!

Yes, 15 years of good career choices seem to have vanished.

And this is not cool. And it pisses me off.

Tom Hiddleston is his own person, with his own career path, and who, just last week, was considered a great actor by the same people who now reduce him to his alleged involvement with a singer.

Now it’s just “TS’s new beau/boyfriend/guy/man”.

Now he’s called things like “fame whore”, “smooth-talking asshole”, “kept man” by some “fans” because of this shitty coverage!

You wanna talk about Hiddles? Please do. But limit yourselves to his work and actual achievements!

Stop making this all about a singer. Stop making *him* all about a singer.

This is not OK. This needs to stop.