hiddles is still in my heart

My Birthday is Thursday November 3

To all my wonderful writers and peeps that make me scream everyday, I have a request.
Would you please send me one of your personal favorite stories your wrote or love for this splendid occasion? I’m not asking anyone to write anything, just send me an oldie but goodie or a new fav. I am still a whore for Hiddles but any other magnificent Marvel or other will certainly do. I adore you all so much and I’m so grateful for all of your talent. I don’t have a tag list because idk how to do that. So I’m just going put the request here.
I love all of you and I thank you from the bottom of my SAF heart.

Sailor Princess

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Pairing: tattooartist!Dean, teacher!reader
Word count: 947
A/N: This is the final chapter!
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Heart’s Ink masterlist

On the way home from your parents house, you couldn’t stop blushing. Your grandmother had made him laugh when she walked out to him kissing you and said you stole her man. When he’d chuckled at that, you both pulled away and you bit your lip, looking up at him.

Spice Girls was still playing, but the volume was a bit lower, and neither of you were singing. “I have a question.” He finally spoke up, looking over at you.

“What’s that?”

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I will always support and believe in you. I will not relentless shame the women you date, even if they turn out to hurt you or rub the fans the wrong way. Because it is none of my business and I became your fan for the movies and characters, and for no other reason.
I hope you are well and don’t take things that might go wrong right now too hard, we, your fans, are still here and support you and wait for your new films. You have a great talent and a good heart, the world needs more gentlemen like you. Or cool villains like Loki :)