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Loki’s parlour trick. It’s MISCHIEF TIME! ;)

I honestly can’t wait for Thor: Ragnarok to come out. The BTS photos all look so good and Taika Waititi is a great director. I doubt the horned helmet will be featured in this movie, but a girl can dream, can’t she?


Loki Laufeyson | Tom Hiddleston

Full version of video ===> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlHkioPn79Y

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Let me make an analogy for anyone who's been in the tumblr Hiddles fandom for a few years: Magen is thetownbycycle of Swifties. Bogus "sources," disprovable theories, occasional thinly veiled racist remarks, bullying of anyone who disagrees... Same shit, different fandom.

Or your Cumberbuddy for the ex-Cumberbitches.


hiiii!! i’m basically a new tom hiddleston aesthetic blog!

i’ve been a fan of this guy for 3 years now and i’d love to know my way around the t hiddles tumblr fandom!

i’ll happily follow back :)) thank you! x

Alright, so!!

Due to a hell of a lot of interest in my art after the gifset of my painting went around, and some encouragement by a few friends, I’ve decided to start a RedBubble shop? Whaaaaaat.

I have like no idea what I’m doing but I uploaded my Tom paintings (since they’re the only things of mine that are any good) in addition the one Tom himself signed, and they’re now available for purchase as a lot of different items, including the one in the highest demand in my askbox, prints.

I’ll add more paintings as I make them, but for now, here’s this? I doubt it’ll get any traffic but I thought I’d try it for a bit.

Check it out if you want to!! And thank all of you so much for the kind words and compliments on my painting, I would have never imagined it.

Based on some interest and some encouragement from friends, I am officially opening commissions for paintings based on the style like the ones pictured. They’re acrylic on canvas, done 100% by hand.

Prices for commissions are as followed:

  • Standard 16x20inch canvas: $75 USD
  • Smaller 8x10inch canvas: $35 USD
  • Other size canvases (such as 12x12inch or 11x14inch) can be discussed and will vary in price.

Essentially here’s what I can do:

  • Because I know that this is the style in which I can do very very well and trust myself to sell, this is what I am only doing at the moment. No sketches, full bodies, or non-humans.
  • I would prefer shoulders and up, but based on the reference something like a waist-up could be discussed.
  • More than one person per canvas for an additional price can also be discussed.
  • It doesn’t have to be Tom!! Other characters, actors, or regular people can be done as long as the reference is doable.
  • I can also do profile shots!

Once we’ve talked about the subject desired, we can work on picking out a color palette, and I will send you progress shots throughout.

Thank you guys so much and I hope you enjoy!! If you’d like just a print of a painting already made, check out my RedBubble for prints and products!