Normal Shippers vs Veteran Shippers

Normal Shipper: Look, I made a list of all my OTPs in shows.

Veteran Shipper: I have a library…

Normal Shipper: ……..What?….

Veteran Shipper: *takes sip of tea*

Imagine being Benedict’s on screen sister and Benedict introduces you to Tom Hiddleston and you fall in love...

“Y/N, wait up.” you heard Benedict holler to you as you were going home after a full day of filming Sherlock. You had been in two episodes so far, featuring as Sherlock’s sister. You loved working with Benedict, he was so lovely and charming. He was by far one of your favourite people along with Tom Hiddleston. You’d never had a chance to work with Tom. That was one of your major goals; to be in a film with thee Tom Hiddleston. 

“ What’s up, Benedict?” you replied, turning to face him. “I know you already told me you’d never go on a blind date, but before you yell at me, just trust me and consider it!” he spoke with a huge grin on his face. “Erggh Ben! Fine, i’ll go. But if it’s some dork, I will hurt you..” you chuckle at your petty threat. “Good, so meet the mystery man at 6:30 at Hawksmoor in Covent Garden! I must dash, have fun.” he beckoned practically running away. You sighed to yourself before getting into your car and driving off home.



Interviewer- Well, on the subject of love we’ve heard that Sherlock’s sister has made an impact on your life Tom?

Tom- Ooo, indeed she has. Benedict introduced her to me and set her up on a blind date with me. It went swimmingly well. 

Benedict- You are welcome by the way! *he laughs with pride*

Interviewer- So, did you see each other again after the blind date?

Tom- Oh yes, that date was a month ago now. I’ve seen her everyday since. I know it’s soon to say and some people may not believe it but, I love Y/N dearly. 

Interviewer- Aww…

Benedict- That’s really sweet, Tom. When I met Y/N L/N, I don’t know, I just knew that these two should be together. They are two of the kindest souls, I’ve ever met. So, yeah. I’m so happy for them. 

Interviewer- Will Benedict be your best man, Tom?

Tom- Oh of course he will be!

Interviewer- Someone has just told me in my earpiece that we have ANOTHER guest… It’s Y/N

*Tom and Benedict, whoop and cheer supportively with huge grins on their faces.*

You walk over to Benedict kissing him on the cheek, then to Tom. You laid a loving peck on his lips. 

Interviewer- So, Y/N you are a very lucky lady to have both of these British stars in your life.

You- Oh I am very lucky *you said in a joking sarcastic tone*

*Tom and Benedict scoff at your remark*

*You all burst into laughter*

You- I love these guys too much!


My biggest concern regarding Comic-Con is how am I supposed to transport my staff? (I plan on cosplaying Loki)

It’s obviously too big for check-in luggage. That only leaves the option of carry-on.

That would go well, right?

Me: Oh, don’t mind me. Just trodding along with a 5ft staff here. Nothing to see. Just another ordinary tuesday for me. Carry on.