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I think anon hate is childish and stupid. I have gotten my fair share of it, and even if I don’t like the way something is being done or whatever, I wouldn’t ever send anon hate. Yes, I have come out and said some things that were personal opinions, and I have to say I prefer someone not hide behind the anon option if they have something to say. I’d suggest taking the anon option off, but I know there are some shy people here who like having it on. Anyway, I want  to say I am sorry you’re dealing with negativity. Yes, a lot of authors have disappeared from here, myself included, and it is sad, but I am sure there are many loyal readers/authors still here. I think that anon should have thought before sending in their message. Or perhaps rephrased it so it didn’t come off so rude to others. I may have my own opinions/issues on certain matters, but even I thought that was a bit too harsh.


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I was tagged by the beautiful @cometothedarkside-x and @amelias-obsessions ♥ to post two(?) selfies? I’m not sure, two is all I’ve got. 

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This fucking bitchface tagged me —> fleetingshadowdm in a fucking thing. Fuck you, I’m tagging shit, bitch.

Name: Vanya

URL: sexiestswine (bc of Arctic Monkeys muthafucka)

Nickname: Danny Da Bae Sexbang Fo’ Dayz

Birthday: December 18th

Height: 5’ 2" don’t judge me

Time Zone: Mountain

Average hours of sleep I get each night: What in the literal fuck is sleep?

What are you known for on tumblr: I reblog shit. I have over 900 followers for reblogging shit.

Favorite childhood videogame and/or movie: The Legend of Zelda

Teenage crushes: Nick Jonas was literally my first ever crush. Now it’s Alex Turner and Danny Avidan

Current job: unemployed, but looking.

Your dream job: *shrugs violently*

Your superpower would be: #YoloSwag and Flight

DC or Marvel? Marvel

Worst cancellation/lack of sequel to a movie/show you loved: THE CANCELLATION OF PUSHING DAISIES FUCKED ME UP!!!!

Three things I can’t live without: My phone, my internet connection, my dick

Something I plan on learning: Advanced Physics

Your theme song: Best Friends Forever by Ninja Sex Party (with the illustrious and quite hung mijika-i) and the acoustic version of Love is a Laserquest by Alex Turner

I’m tagging shit for people JUST FUCKING KIDDING

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I just found a perfect chance to quote Shakespeare.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more,
Or close the wall up with our 
English hiddlestoners dead!

Yes. I stole the quote from King Henry V. Jokes apart - 

BBC ANGLOPHENIA VOTING IS ENDING AT 11EMT! approximately three hours before it ends. tom is losing. please help here. sos!  tag along and raise the flags. I believe in this fandom. i’m tagging whoever pops up in my tag list, and I apologise if it’s an inconvenience. sorry :s but.

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