hiddens falls

Context: Our party is helping a djin take over a small kingdom of two warmongering families during a wedding. At one point, the families challenge eachother to a duel, loser becomes the winner’s slaves.

Before the actuall duel, there was a warmup fight, three teams of two. The two families and us, the guests.

No one can use weapons or armor.

Our elf ranger managed to throw a man to the ground, but was dragged down himself.

DM: “So you’re on the ground and he attempts to punch you *rolls* but misses, it’s your turn now, what would you like to do?”

Ranger: “Pocket sand!”

DM: “What?”

Ranger: “I throw pocketsand in his eyes!”

DM: “…the things I put up with. Roll for dexterity, to see how quick you are.”

Ranger: *rolls* “I got 23!”

DM: *also rolls* “*sigh* Okay, so as you are about to throw the sand in his face, he takes a breath and gets it in this eyes and throat. You’ve critically blinded him. You’re sure 95% of the audience are booing, but can hear one man screaming ‘Yeah! That’s the best fighting I’ve seen.’”

Ranger: “That lifts my spirit. :)”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the arena.

 Our Human Monk, a Drunken Master, has been fighting two enemies at the same time, and had been knocked to the ground.

DM: “You’re lying on the ground and one of the fighters pulls out a hidden dagger and… *rolls* falls to the ground. Everyone goes silent before cheering. You hear some saying “That guy must be quick, I didn’t even see him move!”

Monk: “I’m too drunk to know what’s going on.”

Soul Punk hidden message

Certain letters in the lyrics of the the album booklet were highlighted a different color, spelling out a hidden message in Patrick Stump’s Soul Punk album. This is what it says:

Fear is killing us. - Explode

But true love can survive. - This City

If we cooperate. - Dance Miserable

We can beat doubt. - Spotlight

But first rebuild trust. - The “I” in Lie

Take responsibility. - Run Dry

Happiness is still free. - Greed

Though not always apparent. - Everybody Wants Somebody

When it’s right in front of us. - Allie

So keep calm. It’s gonna get better. - Coast

cleaning out my drafts, and I find this post about a thing I’m not done talking about: here’s the thing about Tate McGucket. Tate is a compelling character to me because Gravity Falls is a small, weird town, and he’s not a local.

the citizens of Gravity Falls, the locals who were born and raised there, have always known about the weird things that happen in the area. before the Society of the Blind Eye is founded, Gravity Falls is like any good Small Town Chock Full of Paranormal Shit: a tight-knit community of people who all know about the strange happenings in their town, but avoid direct acknowledgement of, engagement with, or discussion regarding anything supernatural—we see this in Journal 3. after the Society is founded, of course, everyone’s memories of any paranormal experiences are wiped, and repeatedly wiped, which is why Lazy Susan is surprised to see the gnomes in 2x07.

by the time the twins meet him in 2012, Tate knows about the weird things in Gravity Falls. but he didn’t grow up with them. he came to Gravity Falls probably to find Fiddleford, and discovered not only a lot of creatures that certainly didn’t exist in Palo Alto, but also a father who had erased his memory because of his traumatic experiences with those supernatural creatures—things the locals wouldn’t talk about, or didn’t seem to know about, or seemed to look right past. it’s not even touched upon in the series or any of the extra material, but there must have been a moment where Tate realized the situation: not just that things like giant vampire bats and gnomes and floating eyeballs existed in Gravity Falls, but that if he talked about them, a group of hooded figures would try to capture him and erase his memory. and, even in the face of that, he decided to stay and look after his father, either out of a sense of responsibility or because he was holding out hope that his father’s condition will improve—maybe both. the canon isn’t clear on which.

but by 2012, Tate knows enough about the island that rises out of the lake at night, that eats boats and maybe even people too, to tell the curious city kids to run away if they see bubbles in the water. however, Tate also scolds his own father when Fiddleford tries to warn the town about the lake monster—while the locals point and laugh. Tate probably knows Fiddleford isn’t completely wrong when he says there’s a monster in the lake, but when the whole community—a community of which he’s an outsider, and a community which wouldn’t hesitate to erase memories of any real paranormal experiences—turns a blind eye to his father’s warnings, what can he do?

it’s easy to imagine how hopeless the situation would have seemed, especially when it seems that Tate’s mother leaves the picture at some point during all this, and that we don’t know how old Tate could have been when he realized all this (I talk about this more in this post). all this considered, Tate has the potential to be a really interesting character, and I’d love to see more canon backstory and fan theory on him.



based off of an Ed Sheeran’s song, Happier

Feel free to listen to it while reading to amp up you emotion level.

(A/N); Look who manage to put out a story again!!! For the first time, I’ve written a song inspired one-shot, so forgive me if it’s not so good. I’m not super proud of some parts in here, you’ll understand why. I did have to change up a little part of the song to fit the story better, you’ll see it when you reach it. Hope you enjoy! (Also, hmu if ya wanna be tagged in my future posts)

Warnings; a single swear word (I think), and a huge amount of angst

Word Count; 2964

‘Don’t do this—’

‘I’m doing this for you.’

You shook you head, tears rolling down your eyes. 

‘No, Peter. You’re doing this for you.’

Peter had to break up with you. By having you involve in his Spider-Man life—it’s too dangerous. Too dangerous for yourself and everyone around you. He didn’t want to risk hurting you in any possible way.

But, in the end, this did hurt you.

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Alternate House Aesthetics

Slytherin: being on top of the world, photo albums, knowing when to say “it’s okay” and when to say “get over it”, getting an A on a midterm you studied so fucking hard for, huge comforters, inside jokes, having only 3 ride or die friends, sleek gorgeous brown curls, Polaroid cameras, always reading huge novels hidden behind textbooks, falling asleep on the couch, drinking tea at 1 am, tons of creamer in your coffee, having hamsters, wearing purple

Hufflepuff: pretending to be friends with someone when you hate them, kale smoothies, ripped jeans, hating flower crowns, huge glasses, playing all the sports in school, straight As, group chats to roast people, standing up for everyone, green parrots, determination, rowdy, bonfires, working really hard, drive-in theaters, always wearing Nike sweatpants, hating snacks, the best comebacks ever, apple juice, amazing surfers, world travelers, messy rooms

Ravenclaw: skipping class to sleep in, cracking your back, being math tutors, painting masterpieces, black cameras, ghost stories, huge parties, super fast Wifi, movie marathons, disliking chess, perfect eyeliner, doodling on homework, smartass comments, great danes, preferring some movies over the books, acting before thinking, bungee jumping, youtube videos, full faces of makeup, dressing up just because, PUNS, can rap, junk food, great liars

Gryffindor: never sleeping, jello shots, sneaking out of the house, poetry, artfully destroyed shirts, leather bound notebooks, stargazing, being careful, hating change, movie soundtracks, race cars, fish as pets, ice cream cones, winter is your favorite season, brutal honesty, gymnasts, letting someone else lead, alarm clocks, weird phobias you ignore, picnics in the park, always ready to listen to your problems, immaculate rooms, preferring black or grey shirts


July 21st, 2012 - Grand Tetons Inspiration Point

   Spent the whole day hiking around Jenny Lake and up to Inspiration Point. We took our time as we hiked around the lake for about 3 miles then we arrived to the Hidden Falls trail. The hike to the falls was fairly easy we stopped and enjoyed the falls for a bit and then continued up to Inspiration Point. The hike was pretty strenuous but short and totally worth the view. Alycia and I rested and took it all in before hiking down and catching the ferry back a crossed the lake. We met back up with Jared and Ciara at an awesome spot near camp next to the lake where we swam and watched the sun set.