hiddens falls

in Journal 3, Ford writes that Fiddleford left his wife and young son Tate in Palo Alto while he stayed in Gravity Falls to work on the portal. by 2012, Tate is living and working in Gravity Falls. at some point between 1982 and 2012, Tate left California and moved to Gravity Falls—presumably to find/look after his father. 

what is Tate’s story? how old was he when Fiddleford went to Gravity Falls and never came back? when did he decide to go find his father? by the time he did find his dad, how much did Fiddleford remember? how long did Tate go on without knowing what happened to his father, without knowing how to help him?

on top of that: Mrs. McGucket doesn’t seem to live in Gravity Falls. all we know about her was that when she divorced Fiddleford, he built a pterodactyl-tron that wreaked havoc. the newspaper that reported the destruction looks to be the Gravity Falls Gossiper:

so did Mrs. McGucket go to Gravity Falls, too, to look for her husband? how long was she there? what made her leave, while Tate decided to stay? what?? happened to these lovely people? what is their sad story???

Soul Punk hidden message

Certain letters in the lyrics of the the album booklet were highlighted a different color, spelling out a hidden message in Patrick Stump’s Soul Punk album. This is what it says:

Fear is killing us. - Explode

But true love can survive. - This City

If we cooperate. - Dance Miserable

We can beat doubt. - Spotlight

But first rebuild trust. - The “I” in Lie

Take responsibility. - Run Dry

Happiness is still free. - Greed

Though not always apparent. - Everybody Wants Somebody

When it’s right in front of us. - Allie

So keep calm. It’s gonna get better. - Coast

I swear to god Pete's a genius

I recently got my grubby little hands on one of fall out boy’s hidden tracks, Pavlove, from Folie à Deux.

BUT: I read probably way too far into it and i think i figured the title out. Stick with me little chicken mcnuggets you’re in for a ride.

So, Pavlov’s Dog was an experiment. Pavlov trained his dog using a bell and the dog’s food. Each time food was served to the dog, he rang the bell. After enough time the dog associated the ringing of the bell with food, and would salivate even if no food was present. This is known as classical conditioning.

SO the title is a combination of ‘Pavlov’ and 'Love’, the title must mean that the subject of the song/ title is someone who is being classically conditioned to love someone or something. It’s pretty sad when you think about it. Someone was being forced to love something

Disclaimer: I tend to read into things and i could be totally wrong

P. S. Have fun with this