Scream your heart out! Goodbye Bane! 📷 Full gallery will be up to our Facebook (fb/DinosaurJournal) tomorrow!
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How to Dress Well (Hidden Agenda, Hong Kong): for anyone who grew up on 90’s R&B and still holds that sense of nostalgia for all the hormone-filled emotions those songs fueled, this guy just ticks all the boxes. Singing the Ashanti classic “Foolish” is already enough to get the ladies swooning, he went on to his own creation “Set It Right” where he declared the void in his heart for various friends and family who aren’t with him - aawww. With a small crew of Tom Krell, his mixer man and video coordinator, it was a deeply touching performance full of honest emotions, that I half expected Tom to stand on a tractor, lift up a boom box, and make every mid-twenties woman’s dreams come true. But instead, after each song he shyly thanked the audience with gratitude that they stood through his performance (as if anyone could leave through that). What a great night out - wishing Tom Krell and crew a safe journey for the rest of their tour! 

Last night at #thiswilldestroyyou live in Hong Kong show. Great vibe and thanks @hiddenagendahk & twdy for having us last night ! Most importantly thank you #iiirecords crew for backing us up! #hiddenagendahk via Instagram http://ift.tt/1AhjyWc