The season for baring your soul.

Hello everyone. 

Preface for the blog: Tonight I proudly present what for the time being is my penultimate drop. Whilst for many online personalities designing merch is a valid creative project all on its own, as someone who is known principally for their comedy content I personally feel like my merch should more often be in support of the other things I make (don’t want to go full Rihanna lmao no shade). There was an exciting project I’ve long been working on, originally planned to release this October, but sometimes things don’t go as ideally planned (c’est la vie) so these last two collections in the making many moons ago will be my last for now. However I am particularly passionate about these new things, having worked on some for almost two years and I hope they can bring you as much joy as they did to me creating them.


As the nights grow longer along with the clothing we wrap around ourselves, I introduce three treasured items to help you embrace your inner truth - the MY SOUL collection.

MY SOUL Black Hoodie Dress


A super-long black hoodie with black embroidery. A statement to share your spirit with the world. Functions as an oversized layer or a dress by itself - with hidden pockets for convenience.

MY SOUL Nail Polish


Pure Matte Black nail polish. If it isn’t so dark it absorbs light, it isn’t right.

MY SOUL Scented Candle


A black scented candle in black glass in a black box - with notes of dark spices, amber and wood. The comforting aroma of the hole where your heart should be.

However you spend these dark days I hope these items satiate your spirit and that you are well. I hope to share more of myself and good news with you all soon. Thank you.

- Dan

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Hello ! Can i get some scenario or some headcanons for Kuroo, Tobio and Bokuto meeting their shy!s/o for the first time and it's love at first sight please ~ !

i loved writing these, hope you enjoy! (omg kuroos is a bit cheesy asldfkjsdlgj)


Kuroo loved the rain. Mostly because it seemed to be the only thing that could flatten his bed hair. But right now, walking along the street, trying to reach the grocery store to buy himself food, he isn’t fond of it.

 His hair is literally in his eyes, soaking wet, his hood giving him little protection from the rain and Kuroo makes a mental note to buy himself an umbrella, suddenly regretting giving his to Bokuto after a practice match, then being told it was broken the next day.

Kuroo finally makes it to the grocery store, shaking himself like a dog and grabbing a shopping cart, pushing it towards the cereal section. He makes sure to grab Kenma’s favorite, and Yaku’s, since the two are over at his house so often they basically live there on the weekends.

 He hums to himself as he chooses food, grabbing things of shelves and idly putting them in his cart, every now and then having to brush his hair out of his eyes. He finally gets in line to pay, and just as he starts to get his wallet out from a hidden pocket inside his coat, he sees her.

Her face is half hidden from her hood, which she puts on just as the cashier gives her the change, and then she’s leaving, clutching the plastic bag to her, but not before Kuroo gets a glimpse at her beautiful face.

Ignoring the umbrellas right next to him, he quickly pays and leaves with his own plastic bags, and hurries outside, looking frantically for the girl. He spots her, opening her own umbrella and crossing the street. Kuroo splashes after her, yelping as he nearly slips and runs into her in his hurry. She gives a small scream and the two fall to the ground, instantly soaked.

Kuroo can’t stop apologizing, and the girl keeps stuttering an “It’s alright.” They help each other to their feet, and stand there in the rain, holding onto each other for a second before the girl realizes what she’s doing and quickly picks up her grocery bag (which was knotted and placed in another bag to protect it from the rain) and mumbles another apology, her face red, then walks away, keeping her head down after scooping up her umbrella.

Kuroo quickly follows her after picking up his own bag and realizes he’s seen her before. She goes to school with him. But they’ve never had an interaction, and she’s pretty quiet, and Kuroo is now realizing he’s never even looked at her face properly until now. 

Her name comes to him so naturally it’s a bit odd. “L/N!” She turns, evident surprise on her face. 

“Wanna go out on a date sometime?” Kuroo yells slightly over the rain, then smiles as he realizes how fricking cliche this is. 

She looks taken aback, but blushes as she nods in agreement, then gestures for Kuroo to come nearer. They share the umbrella for a while, making plans for their date.

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Warnings: noncon sex, breeding kink, abuse of power.

This is dark!Bucky Barnes (Cop!AU) and explicit. 18+ only.

Summary: You’re on your way home from the bar but you’re not alone.

Note: This is a dark!cop!Bucky for my beloved @mcu-bucky-barnes​ I hope you all enjoy it and it’s pretty dark I think. But anyway. Here’s a one shot to post for you all and I’d love to know what you think :) Please like, reply, and/or reblog if you read.


Another night. Or rather, morning. Last call saw you headed out with your leather jacket hanging from your shoulders and your worn boots scraping on the pavement. The streets lights puddled at the curb and the buildings leaned menacingly around you. The alcohol made the windows seem like eyes. Watching you. Judging you.

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The late, great tony stark trapped on an island with Cap.

  • The first thing to go is the contacts. 24 hours before he has to take them out, obviously. He falls into trees for 38 minutes before finally giving in and pulling out his glasses from some hidden pocket in his jacket. Steve didn’t even know he owned a pair. Steve didn’t even know he had contacts at all.
  • Next it’s the hair. It rains. Heavily. And after it finally stops and they both dry off, Steve turns around to see not sleek, straight bangs, but a complete m o p of curls. Tony blushes for like 2 hours and spends the rest of the day trying to pat it down or fiddle with it. Now there are no products or straighteners to help him, however, it does not work.
  • Ah, caffeine withdrawal. That’s a fun one for both of them.
  • Already at this point Cap is Shook Af let’s just bear that in mind.
  • Beard. Poor, finely shaped beard. Gone. Poof. All we have now is some designer scruff with streaks of gray running through it.
  • Talking about gray….no hair dye. Helloooo Silver fox Tony.
  • Also bc Jungle Survival™ let’s just say Tony gets Even More Buff from all these antics.
  • Steve is struggling to remain calm throughout this process.
  • Also okay but what the fuck tony is that an….is that an Italian accent coming through?? Since when was…what?
  • (He explains, later, that he’s not- but his mother was, and the babysitters she had hired when she was away were too. He’d learnt to talk whilst around them and usually he could school it down, but apparently now there is not so much constant exposure to American speech…well. Ciao.)

And when they eventually get picked up again, they do not see Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist Tony Stark. This is short-sighted curly-haired silverfox lumberjack Tony. Will not stand being fucked around. Can talk to you in soft Italian tones whilst chopping wood and Hunting for Food.

Poor Steve doesn’t even know what hit him.

Headcanon that the Vagabond is the physical embodiment of the ‘I’ve been disarming you for five minutes now where are you keeping these weapons’ trope. Like if he ever gets arrested or kidnapped it actually makes his captors more and more nervous as they remove weapons from him, cuz if he’s got this many they’re bound to miss something and it just makes for a really uncomfortable situation of them stressfully pulling weapons out of hidden pockets and false compartments while Ryan just stands there smiling silently

ok so here are my ideas on what date nights are like for certain couples (obvs involving some degree of AU)

  • davenport and merle have old man dates, that usually involve wine and stargazing, or walking through a garden or something
  • julia and magnus dates are either 
    • very sweet and old-timey, like swing dancing or picnics
    • shit like carpentry expos or tournaments that both compete in
  • taako and kravitz dress to the nines and
    • go dancing and be way too show-off-y
    • go to fancy restaurants and inevitably get kicked out for a plethora of reasons
      • ex: taako loudly criticizing the food, both getting way too drunk, taking advantage of endless breadsticks or chips or bread via many hidden bags and pockets
    • go to the theater or a concert or something and actually behave?? but then maybe sit in the park and krav tries to prevent taako from throwing things at random passersby
  • lup and barry just enjoy spending time together, but their nights out will usually involve 
    • some amount of lawbreaking
    • loudly shouting at anybody passing by about how much they love each other. like, they don’t even need to be inebriated. they just get so full of emotion that they need to tell somebody.
  • hurley and sloane 100% involve some amount of lawbreaking every time
    • listen i don’t care if hurley is a cop she is Gay and Weak For Her GF
  • killian and carey enjoy dates where they can beat other people in activities
    • they once attended to same tournament jules and magnus did and BOY HOWDY that was exciting

The first time I went to Oxenfurt on this playthrough of TW3 I accidentally looted some stuff in front of the guards and suddenly had what felt like the entire Redanian cavalry chasing after me until I threw myself into Pontar and they collectively gave up.

Anyway the point is (and there is a point): Here’s Jaskier - returned to Oxenfurt for some celebration or reunion or guest lecture - sat in his second floor bedroom staring out the window while he’s pretending to write when there’s a commotion in the square beneath him and the sound of a woman screaming.

Glad for some fucking amusement in this tiny bloody town, he’s immediately on his feet and leaning out the window, straining to hear the noise of what sounds like at least a dozen soldiers clattering down the street. He knocks the table in his excitement, spilling the inkwell across the mahogany surface, staining his scribbled-out notes.

And imagine his surprise - and, he won’t lie, absolute glee - when he spots the figure being chased across the square, leaping over fences, trampling flower beds and sending people scattering left and right. Because it’s not some common thief or rowdy student. The person being chased is tall, with broad shoulders and white hair shaved into a rather fetching ponytail, the two swords slung over his back shining in the late morning sun.

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One thing I keep thinking about is this line in the pilot:


Alfor, to Allura: “If all goes well, I will see you again soon.”

And then I think about this:


Alfor’s AI, to Allura: “Altea is not merely a dream, Allura. It still exists. I can take you there. I can take you home.” (And I know that’s in crystal venom, when Alfor’s AI has been corrupted, but we don’t know how much of what he says is down to that corruption and how much of it is based in fact)

And I think about how fundamentally unlikely it is that the Alteans - a race of explorers and diplomats - were all killed, leaving no survivors. Were there no Alteans scattered around the universe? No Altean diaspora? Did they never try to regroup?

And then I think about Slav’s “space pocket” that he built to hide the Blade of Marmora base, and all his talk about alternate realities. And the scenario that presents itself is this:

There are surviving Alteans, still alive and living in secret. Alfor built some kind of hidden realm for them: a fold in spacetime, or a pocket dimension where the Alteans could flee to escape Zarkon. It probably looks a lot like the Altea that Allura sees on the holodeck. Bright sunlight, beautiful flowers, distant mountains, blue skies. Home away from home, where the Alteans can hide and survive. The place where Alfor thought he would see his daughter again soon.

And then I think about all the speculation around Shiro and the Black Lion’s mysterious “teleporting” abilities and the fact that he just completely disappeared after absorbing a bunch of quintessence from Zarkon.

And I think about Shiro opening his eyes and squinting in bright sunlight:


…and maybe staring up at a blue sky, and then sitting up to find himself in a field of pink flowers surrounded by distant mountains…

What if Shiro teleported into the hidden pocket dimension where the Alteans have been hiding this whole time?

[lyrics/essay] warm winter (our season)

warm winter (our season)

a warm winter has returned
a coat with scarves, sweaters, mittens
even without all these things, i’m actually not cold at all
as you’re always by my side, always you’re by my side

let’s be honest, you’ve been disappointed in me before, right?
that’s right, and there’s been times i was hurt by you too
though just like snow melting away in a warm winter
all those things have become memories, too

because there’s still so much left of this thankful heart
because those things you said to me keep lingering in my ear
i don’t feel cold at all today either, in this warm winter
as you’re always by my side, always you’re by my side

that day, as i walked with
breath white as snow scattering again
and two freezing cold hands hidden safely in my pockets
i never would have thought this day would come
it feels as though i’m in a dream

the words ‘i’ll be back,’ such pretty words, aren’t they
because it’s a goodbye that promises the day we’ll meet again
just like the warm winter that has returned to me
your heart is always circling by my side

because there’s still so much left of this thankful heart
because those things you said to me keep lingering in my ear
i don’t feel cold at all today either, in this warm winter
as you’re always by my side, always you’re by my side

you know, these are words i always say
like a habit, they’re words i always say
i’m so thankful, that you love me as i am with all my shortcomings
thanks to you, my lifetime is warm

i wanted to make sure i convey these words, ‘thank you’
i wanted to return those words you said to me
i don’t feel cold at all today either, this winter i’ve spent with you
as you’re always by my side, next to my side
as you, you are always there by my side


i really like winter.
for some reason seeing clouds of breath in the air and people bundled up thickly here and there, seeing my own self like that, i just liked it.

during the days i dreamt of music more than anything, when i would escape the mire of practice that had broken me down all day and head toward home.
watching my breath scatter, i often thought how nice it would be if all the things that had settled inside of me would scatter away just as freely.
at the time, rather than liking winter, i yearned for it.

i wanted to become like winter.
cold and indifferent, yet free and penetrating.
that kind of person.

as i grew, i worked hard to resemble the many things i yearned for. amongst them all, my desire to resemble the winter was definitely at the top.

before i started working, i had always felt that winter was cold.
i’d felt it was lonely and hard to bear.
a season where we feel the height of exhaustion, yet dream of hope.
that was winter.

at some point, from the day my heart had developed a callous i’d come to sufficiently resemble winter, and all around me there were people who understood and sheltered me as i was.

just like that, i became winter.

more warmly than i had anticipated.


translated by @sullaem
please do not edit or repost

  • Peter: I've got a couple tricks up my sleeve.
  • Peter: *slides candy bar out of his right sleeve*
  • Tony: Those are Twix.
  • Peter: Oh...
  • Peter: *Trix cereal falls out of his left sleeve*

“No, stop, please, I swear I don’t remember.” The villain stumbled over their words as the hero brought their weapon closer to the villain’s neck. 

“Then why did you come to me with weapons hidden in your back pockets?”

“They have your initials–wait–” The villain pressed further against the wall as the weapon touched their skin. “–Your initials on them! I thought they were yours! I wanted to return them!” 

Just Like Heaven - Chapter 3

CEO & Single Dad Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: Hi I’m back! Sorry for the long wait, I promise I’m not abandoning this story. I received so many amazing comments and messages after the first two chapters and my heart is still melting thinking of them! :’)
As always, thanks to the amazing @giggleberts for beta reading 💙

Warnings: reader has a panic attack, hurt/comfort

Words: 3,370


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Befriend a wanderer lost in the city

all songs can be found on my playlist here

The Caffeine Collector: ‘This December’ by Ricky Montgomery

adorned in oversized denim and swinging ear buds, melted eyes lost in another world, hops from coffee shop to cafe with their reusable cup, pearly vanilla swirls in black bitter velvet, the soft presence of a fawn juxtaposing the vibrating energy of an excited puppy

The Vintage Visitor: ‘Join the Club’ by Beach Fuzz

sprigs of leftover rosemary hidden in the pockets of their outfit, splashes of subtle pastel like a watered down sunset, hunts through the charity shops for dusted jewels that they can polish into brand new beauty, scented with the mist that hangs over lily pad lakes

The Pallid Photographer: ‘Ghost Adventure Spirit Orb’ by chloe moriondo

gentle foot steps like a terrified rabbit attempting to escape the fiery fox, disappears into the shadowed caves of the city walls, camouflaged in shades of charcoal and burnt ember, empty eyes drained and dull, captures the melancholy fragments of the city others ignore

The Ravenous Reader: ‘Denial’ by The Hails

drenched in layers of tweed and turtlenecks, craves the mysterious fictional worlds enclosed in hardback covers, places more books in their basket despite their overflowing bookcase of unread books at home, cornflower eyes sparked with joy and promise

johnlock date night ideas:

  • the opera/ballet which is secretly sherlock’s favorite and he never tells john that because he doesn’t think john would enjoy it but finally john catches on and he surprises sherlock with tickets and sherlock gets a little wobbly and john kisses him and they both have a really nice time
  • sherlock takes john to a planetarium. they sneak in boxes of milk duds and share sticky kisses and giggle in the back and learn nothing at all. 
  • they go to all these tiny little restaurants, little hole-in-the-wall places where sherlock knows the owner, or the cook, or the waiter, and they get forkfuls of samples brought out hot from the kitchen and sometimes tours of the kitchen or asked their opinion on the menu, and there’s always a candle, even if sometimes it’s just a tea light that john had hidden in his coat pocket 
  • cinema. they go to a super late night showing of something that’s been out for a while so they’re the only ones in the theatre, and they get a huge bucket of popcorn with extra butter, and then talk and yell at the screen and finally when sherlock deduces they end they just slouch down in their seats and make out like teenagers.
  • crashing parties. weddings, corporate receptions, open houses, stag dos, whatever they can find. the game isn’t to go eat all their hor d’oeuvres, obviously, though they do, the game is to see if they can get in, to see how long they can stay, to see if they can sham their way through it. john, somehow, is better at this than sherlock, which baffles sherlock and to which john responds only, “we had very different uni experiences i think.” 
  • museums, and this one is actually serious, which surprised sherlock at first. but john gets really into it, and he likes to read all the plaques (he takes forever) and they get into these big debates about different styles of art and the british colonial thefts and what should be done with the artifacts now, and sherlock actually ends up taking a few cases to help resolve some ownership issues and return some debated artifacts to the rightful owners when he’s able.  
  • sherlock pulls a few favors and finally gets john up behind the face of big ben, and they slow dance to the sound of the rain on the clock face, to the sound of the clock’s machinations, to the sound of their hearts beating in sync with the rhythm of their city.
  • and they laugh, and they kiss, and they run and chase and dare and risk and come home, and it could be fantastic or it could be mundane and it doesn’t matter what they do, not really, because they can finally do it together.   

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nobody  asked  for  this  but  i  went  through  my  drafts  &  found  this  sitting  there  so  –  i  finished  it  up  quickly  &  here  we  are  .  below  the  cut  are  seventy  -  five  (  75  )  “aesthetics”  you  can  use  in  applications  or  use  an  inspiration  .  credit  isn’t  mandatory  or  asked  for  ,  but  i  hope  it’s  useful  !  in  case  it  is  found  to  be  helpful  in  anyway  ,  please  like  &  /  or  reblog  this  post  .  love  u  guys  ,  stan  loona  ,  xx  .

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Pairing: Dabi x Reader
Genre: Crackhumor, fluff
Warnings: A little spicy and some course language
Rating: 16+ for some spiciness 
A/N: This is a collaboration for the crackhead sanctuary discord server. You can find everyone else’s work here. So Please enjoy this super fluffy and fun quarantine collab!


“We’re out,” Shigaraki had said.

You looked up from the bar stool you were sitting at. You were scoping out the newspaper on the counter, trying to find any updates on the global pandemic, anything that would calm your nerves. “Out of what?”

“Everything.” You watched as he chucked the empty cereal box in his hands at Dabi, who was asleep with his arms folded over the bar counter.

Dabi grumbled and rubbed one of his eyes with his charred fingers. “It’s too early for this shit.” He nuzzled his head back into his folded arms on the counter.

“Ash tray,” Shigaraki said. “I need you and (Y/n) to run to the store and get us some food and I need you to do it without getting caught.”

“Why?” Dabi’s muffled voice whined.

“Because Twice and Toga did it last time and because I’m the boss and I say so,” he demanded. “Now get up, put on a mask and a disguise and get out there.”

You didn’t like arguing with Shigaraki. It was never worth it to pick a fight that he always ended up winning. With you obliging easily and Dabi too tired to pick a fight, the both of you ended up at a crowded supermarket. People wearing safety masks scrambled around the store to try and get their items as soon as possible. So much for social distancing.

“Where should we start first?” you asked. You wore a black cloth mask over your mouth and chin. You figured it was disguise enough incase anyone regularly watched the news and might have seen your picture floating around. black gloves were fitted onto your hands and a larger than average pocket knife was hidden in your jacket pocket in case something went wrong.

“Well what’s for dinner, doll?”

Hit language hit different, and you weren’t sure whether or not you should be offended. “Excuse me?” A faint blush spread across your face. You hadn’t interacted with Dabi much since joining the league. It was usually Kurogiri you spoke to, being the only other member who could cook and had some responsible edge to him.

“It’s your turn to cook tonight, right?” Dabi’s bright blue eyes bore into you from under the shadow cast by the big hood he had up.

You faced away, refusing to look at him. Mumbling, you said “It isn’t much of a turn when it’s just between me and Kurogiri.”

Dabi chuckled. The deep and raspy sound of his voice sent shivers to your spine. “In any case, I haven’t had a hot meal in a while, so you better have something good planned, doll.”

Your face grew more flushed. “S-stop calling me that,” you said, irate with how he was acting. “Now grab a cart and get whatever non-perishable, healthy foods you can find.”

Dabi rolled his eyes but you could still feel his smirk under the cloth of his masking digging a hole right through you. “Whatever you say. I guess we’ll meet back here in, I dunno, half an hour?”

You nodded, keeping your composure and a straight face. “Half an hour.” You grabbed a cart and busted your way through the over-crowded store. It was a nightmare of people wrestling over the bare-bones of the produce section, boxes and cans of soups and non perishables, and of course the few rolls of single-ply toilet paper that no one wanted when the first wave of ransackers came through the store.

You were in awe of how undermanaged the store was. It was like the Hunger Games. You swore you saw an old woman stab someone for the last box of Cheerios. Mustering up the courage to wheel your way through the store, you found yourself dragging through aisle after aisle of nothing but a few torn up boxes littering the shelves.

You did find yourself chucking a few dented cans of tuna, dusty boxes of whole grain cereal and near expired medication into the cart. Who knows, it could be useful. It was slim pickings, but in all honesty it was better than you expected. Maybe there was a little mayo left at the hideout you could make some tuna salad with. It wasn’t much, but it was something.

You walked through the aisle of baking supplies, hoping to find a small bag of flour, when you felt a hand grasp your shoulder. Thinking fast, you grabbed the strange hand, pulled the knife out of your pocket and turned around, bringing the blade up to the stranger’s throat. But it wasn’t a stranger.

Dabi looked down at you with a deadpan expression. His mouth slowly turned upward to a smirk. “Someone’s a bit feisty today,” he said.

You looked down, hiding the blush you could feel coming through the mask over your mouth. “Don’t scare me like that,” you said, glaring back up at him. “I could have slit your throat just then.”

His eyebrows raised and his smirk grew upward. “You wouldn’t have.”

“And why not.”

He leaned in, brushing his mouth against your ear. “Because I would have stopped you.”

Your spine visibly contracted as you felt shivers move through you. “Have you found anything substantial?” you asked, trying to move the conversation along.

“Yeah,” he said, pointing to a cart behind him nearly filled to the top with snack food, cans of soups and vegetables, boxed foods and instant ramen. There were also two six packs balanced on the sides of the cart.

You were shocked. How could he find so much while you were stuck with the bare bones of dented cans and healthy cereal that no one wanted. “How? How could you find so much stuff?”

Dabi just shrugged. “Found some guy’s cart. Took it when he wasn’t looking.”

You looked back at your own pathetic cart and frowned. “This is nice and all but I don’t know how we would be able to afford all of that. We barely have ten dollars combined.”

You looked up at Dabi, waiting for him to come up with some genius way for the two of you to make it out with only paying the measly few cents you carry around.

“Who said anything about paying for this?”

Your eyes widened. “What do you mean? We can’t just walk out the door. Someone will stop us.”

He smiled under the black mask. “Take the cart and go to the front entrance. Wait for me there.”

You quirked an eyebrow up at him but followed his orders. You took the overflowing cart and made your way to the front of the store, shoving aside anyone who tried to take anything out of it. You eventually found yourself at the store’s entrance. With nothing else to do, you watched as the madness unfolded around you. The store had been ransacked entirely and the remaining people in the store were willing to fight one another for the smallest ounce of anything.

“Alright, let’s go,” you heard Dabi say as he approached you.

“What do you mean? What did you do?”

He yet again pointed behind him only to reveal the smoke and the tips of blue flames which were rapidly spreading across the aisles.

“Fire!” a bystander yelled. Everyone was quickly making their way towards the entrance.

“We better run,” Dabi said, grabbing your wrist with one hand and the cart with the other. He pulled you out of the store and the two of you ran outside to a nearby hill, far away enough to not be caught but close enough to see what was happening.

“I can believe you set the fucking building on fire,” you said through heaves as you tried to catch your breath.

“You gotta admit it’s a little funny.” Dabi cracked open a beer and you could hear the bubbles inside sizzling. He tossed you one, which you caught but did not open immediately.

“What else is in that cart?” you asked. The pile of snacks was much bigger than you first believed it to be.

“Let’s see.” Dabi thumbed through the different boxes and bags of snacks hiding the more substantial foods at the bottom. “We got some chips, a couple chocolate bars, some cereal, popcorn and crackers–”

“Ooh pass the popcorn.”

Dabi tossed you the bag of popcorn and you smiled at the satisfying sound of the bag bursting open. Pulling down your mask, you delicately tossed a piece in your mouth.

The two of you sat on the hill eating snacks and drinking beer, watching as the blue flames slowly rose further up the building. The smoke swirling along with the orange sunset looked pretty, and you didn’t even mind when Dabi put his arm around your shoulders, edging you closer to resting your head on his chest.