Depth over distance pt. 3

[A/N:  Thank you all again for the awesome response! You’re making this silly clown very happy. This part isn’t very long but part 4 will be longer! Hope you enjoy!

A nod to the lovely storey-time :D

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Finn Nelson: Hope you don’t think it’s too weird that I added you?

Rae Earl: No… it’s fine. You’re Archie and Chop’s mate right?

Finn Nelson: Aye, that’s me. And you’re Rae. The Scottish girl they met.

Rae Earl: That’s me! So they got back in one piece?

Finn Nelson: Yeah, Chop’s a constant flight risk, not sure how, but they’re back :)

Rae Earl: Haha, yes, and I only got a glimpse of that, but I’m glad they’re back :)

What is goin’ on right now? Why does he want to talk to meh? Just wait Rae… UGH I can’t! Yes you can! This is Finn Nelson from Stamford, England… Reply back…. I don’t have all day. Or my EXTREME curiosity doesn’t. It’s about to explode all over this screen!  Why is he taking so long? It’s been 2 bloody minutes! For fuck sake- oh he’s writing!!

Finn Nelson: Right… you must think this is weird? It’s just that… Arch said that you were…

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