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I just “liked” a video on YouTube: “Between the Scenes - The "Hidden Gun” of Health Care: The Daily Show" https://youtu.be/51TRDz-suUc


I decided to start this book that I bought due to the film being out. I heard the film is really good and since I don’t have much time to watch unlimited films I decided to read the book until I see the film. My to be watched list is growing exponentially.

I didn’t realise the book was more of that of a journal or report. It is interesting and I will keep reading but I feel as if I should know more knowledge prior to reading. It’s like I should know all of these articles and papers mentioned. I am reading this book to gain more knowledge on the women who worked in IT, physics and science. Who bet the odds and managed to work alongside men. Who were trailblazers for women in technology like myself. That’s why I so desired to read this book. To gain knowledge on other women breaking the invisible barrier so I know one day I too can do it