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So I made a “30 day challenge” specifically for KARD. Hope you like it!

D1: how & when did you discover KARD (first impression)
D2:  your ultimate bias & why
D3: favourite song
D4: favourite music video
D5: favourite OTP
D6: favourite “hidden version” & a “hidden" you’d like to see in the future
D7: create your own KARD meme(s)
D8: top 3 videoes
D9: KARD as anime (or Disney) characters
D10: favourite KARD blogs/accounts (spread the love!)
D11: Korean & non-Korean artists dream collaboration(s)
D12: form a subunit & choose its name, concept, song title..etc
D13: favourite interview
D14: favourite live performance
D15: describe how the members’ lives would be if they weren’t KARD
D16: cutest moment
D17: funniest moment
D18: best quote(s)
D19: favourite gifs/pix of KARD
D20: favourite gifs/pix of Somin
D21: favourite gifs/pix of BM
D22: favourite gifs/pix of J.Seph
D23: favourite gifs/pix of Jiwoo
D24: least favourite member & why
D25: best gesture by fans (fanart/dance/song cover/comment..etc)
D26: what kind of drama & character you want your bias to act
D27: favourite outfit(s)
D28: favourite episode of a variety show
D29: unpopular opinion
D30: why are you a Hidden KARD

neon-flamingo  asked:

Hey love the blog :) for the ask thing 1,2,4 and 19

1. My favorite defunct attraction
This one is so hard for me to answer
I’ve been really fascinated with extra-terror-estrial lately
But adventure through inner space is the one that sparked my interest in defunct Disney rides

2. My favorite ride currently at the park
Haunted mansion is one of my absolute FAVORITE rides ever. I love the aesthetic of it and I just can’t get enough of riding it ^.^

4. A ride I wish I could’ve experienced
I’m gonna list them per-park for the ones I would want because I have a few
Disneyland:Adventure through inner space
Magic kingdom: extra-terror-estrial
Epcot: the original journey into imagination (or body wars as a close second)
The main reason for these is because
There really aren’t ways to watch film footage of these rides and because I think they are super amazing

19. A “hidden gem" of Disneyland
Art of animation in California Adventure is amazing and I adore the drawing tutorials and when I was a pass holder I went there all the time, and sometimes they have special displays about movies!!!
In Disneyland itself I’d have to say…
This is kinda embarrassing but the bathrooms in fantasy land right by Alice in wonderland are so cutely themed and nice and are a really fun place to take cute selfies and stuff

Thank you for asking ^.^


Desolation is all there is when “Innocence ain’t cheap…" 

A hidden gem indie movie that flew under the radar and is shamefully already underrated…

A Masterpiece set in a desolated land of rusty trailer park filled with some of the greatest casting of redneck, "white trash” junkie, shady people misfit and scary AF common folk  YOU’LL SEE Around! Realism done right and the beauty of this “realness” is eerie and almost like a philosophical tale of how fucked-up someone life could be….
It is only a matter of time until the dread set in… but here nothing to do with the usual existential dread often attached to the genre  but just fear … Fear of bad people can be…Fear of there is no escape in some situation …and simply…Fear of the other …In this case motherfuckin’ Marylin Manson ! 

This guy sure knows this repertoire! The man, the myth, the legend who for better or worse staged some of the most shocking character under heavy make and with heavy metal is even more fearsome and nightmare-inducing ‘au-natural’ singing folk song or anything else for that matter….

Guess this has vibes of SON OF ANARCHY but is more of a cerebral and quite contemplative small tale of a Romeo & Juliet of the Bible belt… 

Despite charming technical qualities; great cinematography, soundtrack, directing and editing, this movie is not here to “look pretty” but to make you feel (disturbed) and make you understand where the character comes from, diving deep into the psyche and in only an opening shot setting the mood as wretched and rusty as the setting. If such place exist it would actually be a place abandoned  by society where drug is more powerful than a religion for the poor and the miscast  and all is corrupt because of it…It sounds real and look real that not even the surrealistic scene can take the vibe away  from it but only to bring more somber symbolic meanings to the painting. Watching this film is like watching a grittier very-Americana-indie “Paolo Sorrentino-esque” movie if his films where not about the rich living in opulence but the one left with the scrap where innocents suffers for sins of “the others”; and is trying to make you feel miserable.
In fact, one will only realize the meaningful symbolism of the film only after and having Marilyn Manson portraying such a quiet but potent character is very meta and only add to bring the layer of darkness creeping on the viewers…and haunting their thoughts for days.

LET ME MAKE  YOU A MARTYR might be confusing in its narrative approach and not necessarily plot-driven but  it is about  the feel and the understanding of a theme and a concept, being: “Collateral damages of life as they know it…”


Portuguese publication Almanaque Bertrand, 1945.

2 - A Mystery, cartoon originally published in “The Humorist”. “I don’t mind paying for us to sit down for a bit, my friend, seeing as we’re spending the day out. What I don’t get is how we’re supposed to sit on one of these chairs!”

3 - On board, cartoon originally published in “The Humorist”. The passenger: “Do you think you have enough space for me to hang my clothes to dry?”

4 - Reading in the hotel, cartoon originally published in “Windsor Magazine”. “Excuse me… but do you think the salt is hidden under "History”, “Poems”, or “Novels”?“

Out Of Step

Good morning octopus
This land is rotting and you hold a better shoe
I was never one for quoting too many sad songs
That’s the first lie
It’s an issue of focus
Love is the subject line
Fuck you is the text in the body of the email you never sent
I don’t write like that anymore
I simply don’t write anymore
This is always what I write when I want to write more

Goodnight sauerkraut
You taste bad and this land is going to shit so why bother
I was the first to steal a hidden quote from a sad song
That’s the last truth
It’s a theory in existentialism
Love is what you want it to be
Fuck me is the poetry spilling out of her lips out of a body I always seem to be touching
I don’t write about anything anymore
I am not simple anymore
This is always just words I’ll never remember the meaning to

Elk Island National Park sees dramatic jump in visitors

Dale Kirkland calls himself the steward of the "hidden gem" tucked away in the parkland forest east of Edmonton.

But that gem, Elk Island National Park, is a little less hidden this season.

“We’re seeing international first timers and other parts of Canada first timers and interestingly enough we’ve heard of a number of first timers from the capital region,” said Kirkland, the park’s superintendent.

In June, Elk Island welcomed 68,000 visitors, an increase of more than 70 per cent over last June, Kirkland said.

May, too, was busier with 70,000 guests, almost double the amount of visitors last year.

The reason, of course, is the free access the public has to national parks and historic sites across the country this year in celebration of Canada's 150th anniversary.

Kirkland said the park is managing to accommodate the crowds, so far. 

“Here at Elk Island we’ve made a very strong effort to make sure visitors receive strong messaging regarding wildlife safety when entering the park,” he said. 

“It’s really, really important especially as it relates to viewing bison, to respect bison and to respect wildlife." 

But sometimes visitors can lose their perspective when it comes to interacting with wildlife, said national park spokesman Steve Young.

He recalls an incident earlier this summer in Jasper National Park.   

"People opened the door to their car and invited a bighorn sheep in,” he said.

“What tends to happen I think is people lose a little bit of their focus when they see wildlife because they’re so excited by it and we want them to be able to see the wildlife. It’s part of the reason you come, but wildlife needs space,” he said.

Glen Hvenegaard, professor of environmental science and geography at the University of Alberta, says with the summer season at its height, thing may get worse before they get better.

“I’ve heard stories of people feeding bears, getting too close to photograph wildlife, car congestion, inability to get a pass to go on a back country camping site, those are all indicators of tourism pressure starting to impact the both ecological integrity and the visitor experience.”

Saturday is Parks Day, an annual celebration of national, provincial and even some municipal parks across the country, with each park hosting special events.  

More on Parks Day in this week’s Our Edmonton Saturday at 10 a.m. and Sunday and Monday at 11 a.m. on CBC TV.

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