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Witch tip: give a dust jacket to your witchy books using wrapping paper.

They can be on your bookshelf instead of between your mattress. Plus it gives some extra protection from spilled potions, dirt, charcoal and other magical debris.

I grew up in a home where all the cookbooks were covered like this. Most had labels on the spines, but some where just known as “the one with the peaches”.

Take care of your books, and if you tape the paper to itself, almost like a present, you won’t damage the book and you can go crazy with Halloween just ended, and the holidays ahead I️m sure you can find a pattern(s) you like!

Book: Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, by Judika Illes


It’s more the thought that counts than the actual gift. So not much of a joke, but to more to make amends with Alice from this post. The bigger joke was that Ralph actually is going to take up cooking as a profession if I keep pushing for him to cook food for Alice. That can be for another time.

I feel like this is the only blog that gives Rupert moments to talk. And there’s a secret Connor pigeon not really hidden and in plain sight,

Neptune Through the Houses. 🌊 (To Sink Or to Swim)

Neptune in the 1st house:

  • Rae sremmurd - what’s in your heart
  • Rosemary fairweather - chemicals

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The intangible persona.

Neptune in the first house natives are often caught between the need to be hidden in plain sight or being the center of everyone’s universe as if they were the sun itself. They’re delicate but also seem to evaporate the moment too many vibrations are experienced at once. These natives can channel the inner feelings of a crowd, a room, of the sky and the earth in all its light and dark shades like mediums. They feed off the unknown and project a reflection of what is given back to them which is often why they are seen as such an elusive character. Neptune in the first house natives have a profound magntetism and often they’re capable of completely morphing and “switching” on their spark, within moments having the entire room all in a trance like state. In many cases these natives can struggle with developing a healthy identity apart from what they absorb from their surroundings. These natives especially in the younger years can devour the energy of others as a means to create a persona for themlsves but this inturn usually forces them to bid the question of “who am I” one way or another. To say things get better for these natives would be a far cry, the raw and heavy energy of Neptune in this house is very powerful and these natives have the power to move a nation to its knees but the take away being that moving these natives to their knees is practically and impossible task. The emotions are felt universally but can be rather cumbersome when it come to what is individually felt by these natives. The endless sea in these natives albeit a wonderful quality is often something they find themselves sinking in.

Neptune in the 2nd house:

  • Blood cultures - phospholipid
  • Black marble - frisk

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The Conceptual gaze

Neptune in the 2nd house natives are very much so the free spirits when it comes to the more mundane and grounded aspects of life. Money and security are more of a blurry and less fleshed out concept in this case as often they prefer to feel their way through things. As you can imagine “feeling” things out means that often their moody and somewhat evasive mentality can create financial hiccups every now and then. These natives have a very intuitive nature when it comes to money, often finding it to never come up short especially when they need it most. They can often have a very sensual and glossy atmosphere to them, preferring to hide in the clothing they wear rather than outright be flashy. In most cases these natives hide certain if not most aspects of their bodies-not necessarily out of rejection of themselves but merely to impose a symbolic boundary between them and their own surroundings. These natives love touch and can often be the types to use their fingers and limbs as a second nose in a way! Touch is a huge emotional sense of comfort for them. Simplicity is a huge need in their lives and something they strive for. They are the types to thrift and love bargains, you’d rarely catch them spending big as they often love the more vintage and old school Attire. Neptune in the 2nd house natives have a very pronounced earthy look to them and can always look as if they’re a bit sleepy even when they’re not. Glossy eyes and slightly messy hair is their dead give away. That being said boundary issues is often a big theme and they can get themselves caught in dangerous situations due to their lack of discipline in this area.

Neptune in the 3rd house:

  • Beach house - Black car
  • Ruby haunt - destroyer

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The sleepover

Neptune in the 3rd house natives are very mentally active, often flashing between moments in time like they were some sort of camera. The past can be of great importance but also the source of the most lament for these natives. They often cling to memories and situations, holding people in their lives to the previous selves in an almost ritual like manner. These natives often idealize moments in time which is often what gravitates them to things like cinema, painting and of course photography. Capturing a moment in time and the endless array of feelings and sensations that came with it is a deep felt desire for these natives. More than most these natives love to dissociate and sort of transfer to their alter egos for a little bit just to escape from it all from time to time. Neptune in the 3rd house natives see the world in vibrant and often overwhelming colors, often experiencing the feelings of others as if they were experiencing the same exact situation. Moments of deja vu, and premonitions or even prophet like dreams are common ground and often I call these natives “gods voice” due to the fact that they can often sense or feel things that many can’t as if someone is directly messaging them or speaking to them on a spiritual level. These natives can smell negative energy and malefic energy swiftly and usually are able to discern someone’s character before they even have time to blink. The emotions tend to cloud their rational mind though and at times it can be so overwhelming that some of these natives rely on drug use as a means to drown out the “sound”

Neptune in the 4th house:

  • The holydrug couple - if I could find you
  • Yeule - pocky boy

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The deep sea diver

For Neptune in the 4th house natives it’s less about the feeling and more about the experience that accompanies it. There can be an addiction to the more extreme level of emotional expression be it negative, positive, destructive, creative, transformative and so on. They value emotional honesty but in the same context could’ve grown up in an environment where emotional manipulation and emotional dishonesty ran rampant. In most cases the family life was deeply loving no matter the circumstances but there might’ve still been subtle unhealthy co-dependent behavior on the part of the parents. These natives can grow up so pure and gentle no matter the type of upbringing-Neptune here ensures that no matter what they come out of it good in faith and heart. Emotional intensity is a big theme for these natives and learning to focus and utilize their deep receptivity in a way that’s productive and positive can take time as often much of the early life will be spent putting their energy and time into people and situations that don’t benefit them. There is a powerful clarity presented here, these natives just seem to be intune with the universe and it’s workings and usually flow with the waves wherever they happen to be guided. There is a heavy sentimentality and often forgiveness of the home life and these natives no matter the 4th house cusp sign adore quiet and breezy home environments! To much clutter and noise can make them feel antsy and restricted. Recreational drug use can be a thing but normally it’s in a healthy amount unless Neptune is afflicted. Usually these natives can grow having a more blurry sexuality and because of this can struggle defining their wants and needs in their romantic unions. The heart makes the choices for these natives and albeit it gets them in trouble sometimes it’s one of there most endearing traits. Animals love these natives and tend to gravitate towards them! Wounded people and animals in general may feel at ease around these natives and in some cases they could pass in the presence of these natives(this isn’t a bad things as usually these natives soothe their souls and lead them to spiritual peace.) these natives can also bring out emotions in others they’d rather not readily experience so often times these natives may feel as though they can see through they veil people put up.

Neptune in the 5th house:

  • Pale honey - why do I always feel this way
  • Toro y moi - labyrinth

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The bleeding clouds

For Neptune in the 5th house natives romance and the idea and concept of love can have the least grounded backing supporting it, often leaving these natives in a state of passion or confusion. Here we have the 5th house, our art is here, our expression and our playful side is here, this is how we have fun, the casual dates, the nights out with strangers and the guilty hookup, it’s your future babies via adoption or birds and the bees. Neptune is our spirit, our dreams, it’s the vulnerable side of us and the tears behind the tears. These natives can experience love like one long lasting and never ending crush often to frightened to ever act on their desires. Love is a bit tricky here as it’s often that they attract “vulnerable” types who have an elusive but also deeply tender nature to them-which to most people seems easy but it’s normally just the opposite! The natural playfulness of this house is sort of drowned and extinguished by Neptune’s watery presence so to speak. Often these natives are very picky about who and what they allow to keep them emotionally preoccupied which is for good reason as often some of the romance they attract is of the messy and unhealthy variety and many tend to be drawn to the healing and warm nature of these natives, never truly seeking to settle down, rather to leech and leech off the continued kindness of these natives instead. The art and hobbies of these natives can be endless, many love drawing, singing and even dancing so long as it’s a hobby that allows them to express their own inner love and passions in a creative and emotionally fulfilling way. Casual sex isn’t usually a thing here and often these natives will wait a pretty good while before losing their virginity! Usually they need something consistent and long term for sex to even be in the equation! Romantically they are very fun souls! Wanting to connect and vibe through energy. Their children can be rather sentimental souls with a highly functioning and self aware emotional side! The children can be a bit fragile health wise and might be a bit more harder to handle in the adolcent years and the neptunian energy will make those 18-21 years a more dramtic version of “finding yourself” (don’t worry they’ll get through it!) they can draw a lot of karma in their relationships and the learning of self love and self worth can come toe to toe for these natives! Love is not owed, love shouldn’t come with a price, Love is something that’s should be a naturally felt give and take on both ends.

Neptune in the 6th house:

  • Nearly oratorio - occlude
  • Prolly knot - perennial

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The pale window

Neptune in the 6th house natives can be rather somber souls. The daily life is often a fickle one as they can feel as though their is a lack of organization or even grounding In there daily life. On one end the lack of navigation can feel as if they’re directionless but it can also feel a bit freeing, as if their destination is never really set in stone. A certain poetry exist in these natives as they often have such an incrediblely intoxicating aura as if you could be transferred to another space just by hearing them speak. Wisdom and opendmindedness are big traits here and usually these natives approach life without expectation or intent. Often times these natives can be mistaken as being shady or dubious due to their lack of projected “desire.” In reality these natives are passer by’s and aren’t really the types to have an alterior motives as evey choice and desire is something that happens more in the moment if anything. They are often immensely creative in their lives, finding solutions and even bypassing roadblocks that many would be stumped upon. Animals can serve as spritual guides and transformative life lessons for these individuals and in some ways animals help to ground them in this reality. There is a pronounced day dreamer nature to them which causes them to phase in and out quite a bit. Usually these natives need to have music and rhythmic sounds incorporated into there day to day be it listening to music at work or blasting the radio while they are cooking. It’s very, very hard for these natives to let someone do something on there own or even saying no which can cause them issues as they can be taken advantage of. These natives have very perceptive eyes albeit they usually don’t use them that much aha! But the eyes are often piercing in nature despite the watery disposition.

Neptune in the 7th house:

  • KWAYE - Little ones
  • James Isaac - can’t u see

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The one everyone wanted

Neptune in the 7th house natives much like their sister Neptune in the 1st are enigmas. Neptune in the first deals with the ego whilst Neptune in the 7th deals with a much more hidden influence in our character, the ID. For Neptune in the 7th house natives there is a certain unavailability that shrouds them, both emotionally and physically. In most cases intimacy is sought after but it’s also something that’s fiercely yet unconsciously avoided. Partnership is dreamt about yet it’s never really seldom pursued in the real world. These natives have a very thin grip on their interactions with others which causes them to either give to much or give to little. They often can bring out the softer and even the more vulnerablely pure side of others which in some ways is what makes them so sought after! People fall for these natives rather quickly which can both alarm and fascinate them. Gender, sexuality, background all seem to fade into a blur in their interactions with others and most cases especially in same sex situations their lovers might’ve never been with the same sex until they met these natives. These natives can bring or dependent and even emotional sensitivity from even the coldest hearts. Despite their propensity for attracting everyone like a moth to a flame these natives can still battle depression and loneliness like the Black Plague. Happiness tends to allude them and mainly this is a self inflicted energy that they can’t seem to shake. Blessed with beautiful hearts they are destined to change a great many lives but in the process they might have to recover from more heart brakes than most as often their romances can be described as intense and powerful but deeply wounding. That being said romantically they often are very sacrificing and give their entirety to those they love but forming boundaries between themselves and others is SOOOOO important. These natives tend to change after sex and can absorb parts of the personality of those they sleep with. Love here is never, ever simple. The biggest feature on these natives is that they have very petite butts and very sad faces with deep set eyes. Because of the intense feelings the provoke in others people can often become evasive or ignore these natives(mainly to ignore the emotions and or vulnerability that they feel around he natives).

Neptune in the 8th house:

  • Lana Del Rey - disco
  • Lana Del Rey - Black beauty

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The devils favorite angel

Spirituality takes a overwhelming flow in these natives. For Neptune in the 8th housers they can feel as if they are walking through this life in a half dead fashion somewhere along the lines of alive with a dirty twist. The world isn’t in simplistic black and white shades for them rather everything is in a rock and sway, back and forth teetering between past and present. These natives can feel distant mainly due to how deeply and often internal the currents of their own feelings swirl within them. Intimacy is often something that comes with its fair share of risk for these natives as they often look for “life” and the concept of “god” through their sexual encounters and through intimacy itself. To the untrained eye they can seem standoffish or even a bit cut throat but rather what you’re seeing is merely a reflection of your own emotions. The 8th house themes of possession, transformation, anger, sadness, our finances and our darker sides all dance around in the neptunian cloud creating someone with an almost angel in raised in the shadows energy but also someone who is drawn to the chaos in others so he or she can bring them out of the flames. The savior and saved mentality can be an unconscious motivation for many of their interactions as in most cases they’re looking for that loss in control, that ever rising high and breathtaking low that comes with it. Neptune in the 8th can attract very dark lovers, very tantric sex and overwhelming spiritual encounters with poltergeist, with darker entities, or even murders and serial rapist. Neptune here creates open door to malefic energy but also opens a door to the divine which is why these natives can seem like both a blessing and an omen. Heaven and hell themes play out in the character of these natives quite a bit and knowing which side you’ll get is often a flip of the coin. The lesson here is that these natives need to learn to channel their unconscious need for a higher love rather than project it to the wrong people as this much like your 2nd house counterpart could lead you into parts of hell you never imagined. These natives usually have beautiful eyes! The eyes can lack shine especially in the light and often in most cases darker hair and features are indicated! The smile is often subtle never a large grin. Sex for them can be a trancendent experience but due to how powerful the emotions are here sex can also if not with the right person can be deeply traumatizing.

Neptune in the 9th house:

  • Jessie ware - running
  • James Isaac - beauty

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The ones lost in faith

There is a charm with those with Neptune in the 9th. These natives can fly by life with nothing but optimism often expecting things to pan out the way they should with or without intervention. For these natives the faith in the cosmos and something more is both natural and instinctual. In a way these natives are so deeply intertwined with the spirit that they seemingly sense and absorb knowledge far beyond what they’ve been taught. Religion and faith regardless can still be a huge source of confusion for them! In many cases they can have ideals or ideologies that clash with blind faith into the religion they choose. Many struggle with aligning to religion in completion as in most cases they have their own personal beliefs and thoughts that might view things from a different light than what they’ve even been taught. Similar to the 8th house spiritual capability is through the roof and if time is dedicated these natives can truly become spiritual guides and gurus as it comes naturally! That being said much discipline and guidance is needed before they can lead the rest of the world(avatar reference lmao). They have a immense propensity for reading energy of others and can tell when foul play is going on without words being exchanged. In most cases these natives can be extremely flexible and have an easy time navgiagting through various situations and places. The 9th house deals with our traveling and our university life so in most cases these natives can receive immense growth when out of their home, vacationing or even going to religious temples and retreats! In most cases military or university life is very calming and usually serves to expand the spiritual realm. The eyes are expressive and usually the expressions and faces are round and plump.

Neptune in the 10th house:

  • James Blake - retrograde
  • James Blake - modern soul

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The blurry civilization

Neptune in the 10th house natives are some of the most warm natured souls on this planet. The need to put others before themselves is present among all Neptune placements in their respective houses but especially when in the 10th. These natives tend to have a rather soft approach to their work place and their public life in general. They can seem rather fragile and even emotional out and about, choosing to be rather private and “quiet” when it comes to what they put out there. Gender fluid and even neutral stances on societal issues is common here as they prefer not to have any one definitive standing either way it goes. To many they have a deceptive and rather diluted personality publically which I blame on Neptune’s rather cloudy disposition in an otherwise face value and saturnaian house. They tend to be very emotionally available but also slightly emotionally unrealiable as they often keep everything at a distance especially publically. Since Neptune is the weak spots in ones life, Neptune in this house can show that the natives have a more rigid and tight grip on how and what sensitivities are expressed. These natives usually need to practice expressing their softer emotions without feeling the need to retreat or step back! A common trait is usually soft and or rather domicile/submissive hair!(hair that seems to lay low and doesn’t really fall back into place once you touch it)

Neptune in the 11th house:

  • Nearly oratorio - devonport
  • Nearly oratorio - tin

The faces of many

For Neptune in the 11th house natives there can be a rather anonymous aura to them. The need to stay hidden is very apparent here. Friends are often plentiful yet kept at arms reach as in most cases these natives have a strong need for space in any interaction they experience. They often find themselves immersed in their own pursuits be it work, art, be it cinema or acting the talents are often plentiful here. In most cases these natives are attaching worth to what they choose to create which can often make them come across as blunt and rather unapproachable without meaning to. They don’t like to waste time in meaningless affairs as often their emotional side is highly developed allowing them to pick out who and what is worth expending themselves for. These natives tend to reflect Decisions quite a bit often preferring to understand the motives behind what they do and why they do it as a means to present themselves in the list authentic way they can. Realism and integrity are high moral codes that these natives Adhere to which often makes it harder for them to be around groups and or organizations that lack that. These natives are very picky about who and what they choose to support but can also brake out into tears if they know a movement or group can actually make a difference in someone’s life. Despite the outwardly spacey demeanor these natives are tremendously loving. You can always tell when you’re around one when you see there friends! They’re usually very soft and light towards the native!

Neptune in the 12th house:

  • Young galaxy - stay for real
  • Sleeping Jesus - alley dream

The last door

Neptune in the 12th house natives are purely vibrations. Emotions are felt like a heavy wave crashing ashore, whilst the thoughts and feelings of others are channeled and soaked up by these natives like a galaxy sponge. Clairvoyance, premonitions and spiritual direction through dreams and day dreams is common for this placement! These natives can often overwhelm themselves easily with how much they pick up in the world and all around them. Taking naps, or even constant lethargy is usually a manifestation and often times these natives can find that they need to recharge quite a bit as they run the risk of emotional depletion. The emotions are usually highly developed and very intricate almost like and endless series of cables and wires over an long extending tunnel. They often process information and body language in ways entirely different from the rest of us. In most cases these natives don’t usually struggle with boundaries from the outside world, rather the real struggle lies in their own psyche. The psyche is often very vulnerable and in some cases these natives can be so overcharged with energy that their mental and brain functions can zone out or stop as a means to catch up and collect themselves. Plenty of care and rest should be occurant to ensure that the body is in top shape! These natives have a very powerful healing capability once they learn to channel their intense neptunian energy but usually this takes time to truly get the hang of! Dreams are often signs and speak on future events or even connections established in real time.