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The Ballad of Dorks

A lone seadweller sat on the rock of a beach, hair still moist but puffing as it dried in the Alternian evening heat. She watched the blaring sun finally dip over the horizon and the moons start to drift lazily into the night sky. She sighed, twiddling her curly hair in her hands. As she sighed, a tooth popped out…again. Another lonely night…alone. As she started to get up, she noticed another troll on the beach. A blue blood! What was he doing here? She just kinda posed, trying not to pay attention but there was something hypnotic about this guy…she tried to make herself look interesting, so she sort of side-lied on the rock and propped her head up with her shoulder.

Aubade was listening to his headphones (which were hidden under his volumous hair) and singing under his breath.  he saw the purpleblooded female posing on the rock and couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“What are you doing?”  He asked as he popped out his buds.  "Uh, Is there a camera or something i don’t see foxy mama?“  he put his headphones away.  SHe was cute to say the least.  And a seadweller.  Exotic.