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The Challenge : Captain America First Avenger WWII costume

For Edinburgh Comicon 2015 this was to be my ultimate challenge - I’ve never cosplayed properly before, not to this extent, so this is how I made (IMO) cap’s coolest costume. Everything here purchased off eBay unless otherwise specified. I’m based in the UK so getting WWII US army kit was really hard!

1. The Jacket

Replica imitation leather jacket (£45). Cost a bit more to buy from the UK rather than china but worth it for the shipping time and without hidden import tax costs.

2. Trousers

WWII Replica Paratrooper Pants (£50). These have a generous fit and I needed a belt so maybe buy a size down.

3. Helmet and Goggles

M1 Helmet with liner (USED) (£25) US Paratrooper Leather Chin strap (£10)

I couldn’t in the time frame find the correct goggles so pictured above are Genuine 1940 issued RAF ski goggles. (£24)

4. Accessories 

M1938 WWII Replica Canvas Gaiters (£19) They didn’t have US army shoes in my size (5) so I used some spare brown leather rocketdog boots I had lying around.

US Leather Pistol Hip Holster WWII Repro (£17) US Canvas Webbing ammo belt and suspenders WWII Repro (£34)

Leather US Paratrooper Repro Gloves (£19) I didn’t end up getting the last part which is a bandage pouch x2 - I’m so small if I’d added these to the webbing it wouldn’t have worked. But they’re around £7 each.

5. Making the Shield and Spraying the Helmet

Made a template from paper and then cut the shape out of thin plywood (£15 from B&Q) 

Attached two leather handles at the back - one adjustable with a wingnut. Also attached an upside down picture frame hook for attaching onto the back of the webbing.

Used System 3 Acrylic paints, masking off lines with insulation tape.

For the stars used a paper template then off-white model spray paint. Finished off with clear matte varnish spray.

Sprayed the helmet directly with navy model paint. Used same off-white paint as above for the “A”. Dented it about a bit afterwards and didn’t use any varnish.


In Latin America, 32 million people could escape poverty if this capital, hidden in tax havens, were subject to income tax that corresponds to it. All this not only generates corruption, but also deepens inequality and social differences. The fight against tax havens should transcend all ideology. It is time to move from speeches to action.
—  Rafael Correa, President, Ecuador

We can’t let corporations take away American jobs AND hide their profits. You can’t let them have it both ways. Tax their hidden offshore profits, change the corporate culture. #obama #2015

As it has become politically less attractive to vote for  higher taxes to pay for higher spending , legislatures have resorted to financing spending through inflation  [by printing money], a hidden tax that can be imposed without having been voted for; taxation without representation.
—  Milton Friedman, Free To Choose