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A major problem here I’ve talked about before is the fact that a lot of welfare benefits are hidden in the tax code in the form of credits, deductions, and so on instead of being delivered directly through a government program. This conditions Americans to think of welfare as something that other, lesser people are on, leaving them more hostile to the concept of welfare than they would perhaps be if they were aware that the vast majority of them are, in fact, on welfare. [See Suzanne Mettler’s “The Submerged State” for more on this].


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Every story has a tragic prequel that explains or gives an excuse for the future. Not this one. Our story has four tragic prequels that at some point join together in order to create a new beginning. Four lost people, in one car, with no one asking for past records, but each of them seeing the other in their future.

It all started on a street. One of those miserable streets, where prostitutes and thieves outnumber the citizens. One of those streets, where the really rich go to buy themselves another human life. It’s dark as any other tragic street. No lights, except from the lighters that help them light up a cigarette or weed. On this street there is a building. A very invisible one. It’s where all the useless scum of the society lives. Here lives our main hero.

Don’t try to find him in the small apartment on the sixth floor. He won’t answer. He is not there. He is not coming back ever again.

If you catch a glimpse of him, it would be more likely to be at a very important event. Where all the guests bath in gold. He laughed at those poor souls. They may have money, but they are all still the exact same scum as those living in his neighborhood. Kim Woojin despises those people from the bottom of his heart. He didn’t want to be part of their play of fake happiness. Yet, they were the ones that were going to help him survive.

He knew why he was here. To find himself a nice new ride. And what better occasion than a mask ball. No one could see his face. No one will know. Everyone will be too drunk to remember even why they came to this place in the first place.

For months Woojin was going through the lists of guests. All, filthy rich and in need to be robbed, people. And there he was. The selfish Robin Hood. It took him quite some time to choose himself a car. After all he didn’t want to get caught. But at the end he did choose. A Lamborghini. It belonged to some assholes wife that was coming to the party to find herself a sugar baby boy. Very sad indeed. But what made him decide that this was the car is when he found out she keeps cash of thirty thousand dollars in the back of the car. “Just in case.” She had told her husband, who was too busy with his cheating affairs to even acknowledge the disappearance of the money.

Dressed in his only suit, the twenty-three years old looked absolutely breath-taking. He was indeed a tall and nice build man, giving off a very rich vibe he learned to fake when he first started stealing from the rich…without giving to the poor.

At the event everything went according to his plan. Mask ball or not, there was too much alcohol. After less than an hour ninety percent of the people were high and drunk as fuck, so he just took the keys, kissed his passed-out ‘fairy god mother’ on the cheek, left her a note ‘say anything about the accident and I’ll spill the beans about the four millions’ and disappeared with his new car and thirty thousand dollars.

‘Say anything about the accident and I’ll spill the beans about the four million’ is something Matthew, our character English name, found about as if God sent it to him. This millionaire whose car he now owned actually had around four million dollars in hidden taxes.  All the evidence he got from a whore the rich dude slept around with for quite a long time. At this point, Woojin knew no one will touch him and he can finally fly away and start a new life.

The night is still young, hot and dangerous. Not far away from where Matthew will soon cross with his new car, there is another story going on.

“Give me back my money, you little shit. In this world you are no one. But again, so were your parents when they died from my hand.”

Taehyung couldn’t listen to this. He have put up with it for too long. Being punched, being called all kinds of names, being used as a stress reliever, and being punished for his own existence and mainly for his parents death. Which honestly had nothing to do with him. They died from an overdose when he was fourteen and left him nothing but the price of their deaths. He walked the streets, selling whatever he was told to sale. For nine years he walked the streets of this town, looking at the world’s lowest and highest buying the same drug in order to survive. It made Taehyung sick to the gut to know that no matter how much money you’ve got, you are the same pig.

But this time, while the gang tried to kill him for the tenth time this month, something was different. Something in him told him to endure and then just to go on the street, steal the first car that stops and run. He knew they’ll find him sooner or later, but just for a little while he wanted to run far far away.

And that’s exactly what he did. When his ‘boss’ decided that it isn’t worth it, he let Taehyung on the ground, suffering from his own wounds as always. “I expect better behavior from now on. I raised you J.seph, be fucking thankful. Leave him, enough for today.” And they all left, as they usually did.

J.seph, his street nickname, stood up, clutching his side, trying his all to concentrate on breathing and finding the streetlight. He was good at surviving and when the black Lamborghini stopped on the streetlight, Taehyung didn’t hesitate for a moment, opened the door, slid in and caught up at the driver. “Drive, go out or die. You choose.”

Matthew looked up at the bloody boy, trying to understand what the fuck happened. Then, something in him just clicked. This man reminded Woojin so much of himself so he just started the engine and drove. “More like you tell me what’s going on so I can know from who are we running away?” Woojin said offering the stranger a tissue to wipe out his bloody face and hands.

Taehyung heard the word ‘we’ for the first time that night. It made him want to share with this stranger, without caring if he’ll go into prison after it or die. “I…from the Italian gang. I’m selling…I was selling for them for about nine years. I just ran away.”

Woojin bit his lip. This boy just told him something he shouldn’t have, something that could cost his life, yet he said it. It made Woojin feel like someone trusted him for the first time in his twenty-three years on this Earth. “My name is Matthew, Woojin or just BM. I…am not that good of a person also. This car is not mine. I stole it.” The bloody boy laughed at BM sincerely. “Taehyung or J.seph…whichever you like.”

“Well, Taehyung, I’m running away from here too. Would you like to join me? We may end up dead, but…” “I’m in. At this point I can only go two ways and those are - up or even deeper. I’ll be happy to join you in both. BM, we careful! In front of you!”

The car abruptly stopped making the two boys hit their heads in the front on the car. J.seph was first to look up. “It’s a girl. And she looks afraid. Woojin, she is saying something. Woojin? You okay?” BM shook off the shook and looked at his newly found buddy. “What were you saying?” “The girl, in front of us, she is saying something.”

Both Woojin and Taehyung exit the car fast, slowly approaching the girl, obviously afraid of them hurting her. “Please, please help me.” She cried out. The boys noticed the blood on both her hands and knees, but she didn’t appear to be hurt anywhere. “What’s your name?” asked J.seph “So-Somin. My name is Somin.” Woojin quickly caught on Taehyungs act and questioned “Somin, can you tell us what happened?” barely heard the question, the girl bursted in tears, hiding herself behind J.seph. He quickly turned around and caught her wrists. “Somin, if anything is wrong, you can tell us. You have to. We are here to help. My name is Taehyung and this is…Woojin. All we want is to help you.” Somins hick ups slowed down, she looked at the tall men in front of her. “There…there was a man. He chased me and tried to rape me, but I had a pocket knife and just stabbed him. I…I’m sorry. I didn’t know what to do.”

J.seph, aware of the very complicated situation laid out in front of him, hugged the girl. She was so scared from him, she tried to resist, but then understood he didn’t want to hurt her and just hugged him back, crying her eyes out. “You won’t call the police, right? I don’t want to go to jail.” She sobbed in his hoodie. BM, for whose existence was almost forgotten, knew exactly what he had to do. When he prayed for friends, he didn’t thought he’ll end up with an accidental killer and a dealer as friends, whom he met the same night, but it somehow felt like fate to him. They were real. Speaking their emotions and he had a strong desire to keep both of them till his death.

“No. We won’t call the police. Where is the body?” Somin, not letting go of J.seph hand showed them the way to a dead man lying on the ground. Woojin froze looking at the body in front of him. He knew this man. A professional pimp, taking girls from the streets, making them prostitute and taking all the money. They were neighbors. BM knew Somin is safe. No one will ever look for this excuse of a breathing organism. He had no family, no authority, and no nothing. “Taehyung, help me with the body.”

Both men swiftly took the body and stuffed in the back of the car. Somin looked at them in terror, while her crime was being taken care for by total strangers. “Where are you taking it? What are you doing? What about me?” J.seph held the girls hand tightly. “We will burn him. Somewhere far away from here. No one will look for him. He was a pimp. An outlaw, whose existence no one knew about. When it comes to you…Somin do you want to come with us? We, me and Woojin, are going on an adventure. I can’t tell you to trust us, because…” “I trust both of you. I’m coming. Nothing holds me here.”

The ride was quiet. Each of them was deep in thought about how for exactly two hours their life’s changed forever. Matthew just couldn’t shake off the thought that for the first time he didn’t feel lonely and wanted to share. Taehyung was thinking about how he drives in a car with people who are just as fucked up as him and that made him feel like he is not lonely anymore. Somin was thankful and very afraid. She has been alone all her life. Ran away from the orphanage at a very young age, working since she was ten, now at the age of twenty, she randomly kills a person and meets two men who are willing to take the blame with her for no actual reason.

And no one noticed the purple-pinkish hair girl, crossing the road, trying to kill herself. She, she was the one who had really given up on life in all its forms. First to react was Matthew, who saw the girl crossing the road in the same moment he was about to drive through her. Like a miracle he managed to stop, only hitting her leg lightly. Pink locks moved and piercing blue eyes stared at the car. “I was going to kill her.” Woojin sighed unbelievably. “No, she tried to kill herself.” Somin gentle voice filled the car. “I have tried it also. It’s not an option honestly. I’ll go out to see her.”

Somin opened the back door, exiting the car, looking straight at the girls eyes. Soon her shocked face took a form of an angry one. “Why did you stop?!” she shouted, obviously mad. “We are not killers. We won’t kill you. You shouldn’t kill yourself. What’s your name?” Somin tried to talk some sense into her. “Why would I ever tell you my name? So you can call the asylum and for them to take me? I’m not crazy!” Somins heart related to the girls pain and held on the tears gathering in her eyes. “I won’t do that. Why would I? With what am I better than you? I don’t even know you, but I feel your pain. You shouldn’t die. My…my name is Somin.”

The boys, not able to hide their worry, got off the car and just watched the scene in front of them. “Jiwoo.” Somin smiled a little seeing that her words had some effect after all. “Hello Jiwoo. I’m Somin. This is Matthew and that’s Taehyung.” Both boys offered a smile to Jiwoo. “Hi fella. Rough night, huh? Wanna tag along? We…we have no idea where are we going, what is ahead of us and how our lives will work out. We three know each other from an hour but something in three of us makes us want to stay together. I think you feel it too. We are misfits. All of us. I’m Matthew, the car is stolen and there are thirty thousand dollars in the back, I stole those too.” Taehyung didn’t want to stay behind with the self-introduction. “My name is Taehyung. I’ve been a dealer for nine years because my parents died from an overdose and failed to pay off their debt. I ran away two hours ago when I met BM.” Jiwoo was left speechless. “I’m Somin. I accidentally killed a man.  He is in the back of the car. He tried to rape me and I just stabbed him with my pocket knife. I’m running away with those two now, because my life can’t get any worse anyway. At least I’ll have someone to die with me.” Suddenly Jiwoo felt shame. Shame because of her selfish nature. She taught she was the only one that felt alone in this world, that no one could understand her and so on, but people with tragedies were right in front of her. Just like any of them, Jiwoo had no one and nothing. Suddenly dying just wasn’t an option anymore. Shaking the cotton pink cloud on her head she turned to the others. “Is there a way for me to join you? I’m all alone in this world.”

BM offered a warm smile. He knew he won’t feel alone in this world from now on.

“No you are not. You have us.”

“All I’m saying…King, is that my goods are like no other. You won’t be able to replace my port with no other.”

The King, Woojin, is lazily sitting on his leather throne in his office trying to concentrate on the overconfident weed seller. His head hurts honestly. For hours he had been listening to idiots saying one and the same thing – ‘I’m irreplaceable.’ Each of them added more confidence to the phrase. It made the twenty-six years old mad. Not only have they wasted his time, but the smell of weed stuck on his blue velvet suit. Every now and then when it all got too much for him, Matthew lightly ruffled his dirty blond locks.

“First of all, you are replaceable. I think you mistake your job. Your job is to choose the best shit and to offer it to me on a good price. I own the port any way. I can’t do that anymore. Just take him out. And one more really, really important thing – King, say it with respect.”

The bodyguards dragged the seller out of the room while the poor man shouted in protest. On the doorway J.seph observed the situation. When the bodyguards were out of the room, he entered the room visibly irritated. “You should stop doing this. We are losing sellers and territory. I don’t like it Woojin.”

For two years the bond between the two boys became so strong, it was almost unbeatable. But of course, being so close made them bicker all the time. With time they became the contrast of the other. Just like in this moment. BM’s dark blue velvet suit contrasted J.seph bloody red one.

“They are all way too ignorant. I feel like they don’t know to who they are talking.” BM massaged the sides of his head in hope of the headache to lessen.

“I know. But when we started out, we were exactly the same. With nothing in our hands and handful of dollars. For two years e created heaven. I know you are the King, but sometimes you should just let us handle things. It becomes too much for you and you are not rational. Should I call a doctor?” Taehyung was truly worried about his friend. These days he was tenser than ever and no one could talk to him normally except from him, Somin and Jiwoo. At such times the girls thought it was best if they don’t show themselves too often.

“Don’t call a doctor. It will fade away. I’ll go to sleep soon. So, back on the matter. We were different. We knew what we had to do when we created K.A.R.D. Our goal was ‘keep adding real damage’. Now we control the damage in all of Asia. At some times I don’t think it’s real. We met on the streets having nothing but the clothes on our backs and now we put clothes on whole nations. We destroy as if it is a revenge for our childhood.”

“That’s why it is indeed a revenge.” Honey voice, small beams blinding the room, Somin entered the room, looking gorgeous from head to toe.

“We are the revenge. If we wanted to end out misery we would’ve done it a long time ago. Although I can argue with myself. It started as revenge, now is more of family business.” She laughed making the boys smile warmly. The moment was ruined by a husky voice shouting in the back. Soon a very mad Jisoo entered the room. “Who the fuck they think they are to try to disrespect me like this?! I can buy and sell them today if I want?! I seriously can’t believe this!” BM knowing his little sister very well looked at her seriously and the shouting stopped. “Sit. Calm down. Tell us what happened.”

Jiwoo sat down obviously still mad, crossed her Gucci pants dressed legs and huffed in the air. “I went to the private meeting with the parliament as usual. As we know there is a new Minister of Interior. I heard he is quite a though nut, but I never imagined him being this ‘righteous’. He haven’t even been studying law, why is he trying to tell me I can’t control the Parliament. I can and I do. Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean they have the right to tell me what I can and can’t do.”

Somin was actually happy to listen to Jiwoo, having so many emotions and being able to express them. Recalling the memory of their first meeting made her heart feel pain and proudness. They grew together so much for the last two years. Jiwoo didn’t want to kill herself anymore and that made things so much easier for everyone. Somin herself stopped feeling guilty about that night. Together as K.A.R.D they were able to make contracts with the prostitutes and help them all live a somewhat normal life.

“My boys actually ran a background check on this dude. He is a nice man really, with a family and till now a very happy life. Stable finances and stable relationships with both his wife and daughter. I think that…” “Wait Somin! Rewind. Daughter?” said Woojin playing with the chess figure of the King, concentrated on the upcoming crisis. J.seph was fast to speak with a smug face knowing what was going on in the head of his best friend. They all knew.

The king only played with his figure when he was about to drop a bomb of a command. By now they knew their body language so well they couldn’t play poker together.

“Yes. A daughter. First year college student. Number one in all her classes. President of the school parliament, charity volunteer. The full ‘goodie two shoes’ package. She is quite a visual actually. Why are you asking?”

BM slammed the glass figure on the mahogany desk, smirking evilly.

“Bring me the girl. Alive. ”

A/N: After lots of thinking,sweat and literal tears, I’m finally able to present you “Rotten”. My heart is in this fic. It’s inspirated by Triple H “365 fresh”. I…I just hope you all love it, because I really want to continue writing this and my last try was a Jimin-father fic and it wasn’t digested by people okay. So now I’m really afraid you all won’t like this one too. I was going to write it with BTS, but that would’ve been very selfish. I love my boys, but I really want to provide content for all fandoms, since I’m a multifandom hoe. My askbox is always open for your love and insecurities. I love you all <3

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The "Paradise Papers" are out -- 13.4 million files on offshore banking.  The Queen, Trump secretary of commerce, Vladimir Putin, Justin Trudeau, Nike, Apple, Twitter, Facebook among those implicated.
(5 Nov 2017) The world’s biggest businesses, heads of state and global figures in politics, entertainment and sport who have sheltered their wealth in secretive tax havens are being revealed this week in a major new investigation into Britain’s offshore empires. The details come from a leak of 13.4m files that expose the global environments in which tax abuses can thrive – and the complex and seemingly artificial ways the wealthiest corporations can legally protect their wealth.
By Juliette Garside

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The Official List of Activities for the 2017 White House Easter Egg Roll

This year’s Easter Egg Roll will take place at the Winter White House, Mar-a-Lago! Non-members are not actually allowed on the lawn or anywhere near the main property, so participating families should please meet in the back of the estate near the employee service entrance. It’s going to be a terrific day!

The Hunt

This year, instead of Easter eggs, kids will hunt for President Trump’s used golf balls! Any child who finds a golden golf ball can choose between a full scholarship to Trump University or an open cabinet position.

140-Character Zone

At 8AM, children will have free reign of the president’s Twitter account! Like any other day, there are no rules. Anything goes. At 8:30AM, Kellyanne will slap the phone out of your hand.

Spicer Storytime

Sean Spicer will tell a fantastic story about the administration having everything under control. Questions may only be asked by children with conservative parents. Please do not correct Spicer’s mispronunciations or overreact to Holocaust references.

Rock ’n’ Egg Roll Stage

Enjoy a special performance by the band from the 1–877-Kars-4-Kids commercial. Plus, rock out all day to unbiased coverage from Fox News!

Republican Obstacle Course

Make your way through a variety of fun drills! Climb over qualified democrats, dodge tough questions, jump through hoops for sexual predators, roll over on healthcare reform and more! For liability reasons, children on Obamacare cannot participate.

Marshmallow Wall

The fun is never-ending! Kids and adults can tap into their creative side and build their own mini version of the border wall — using only Peeps! If you are Mexican, this activity will cost $10.

Egg Roll Troll Patrol

Join the First Lady in anti-bullying efforts! Help Melania locate and remove anyone being a shitty little asshole. (Presidents excluded.)

MAGicAl Hat Decorating Station

Boys and girls will have a blast decorating these fun, festive, red trucker hats! Please note: No decorating materials will be provided and hats should remain in their original condition.

Spring Fashion Fun

In an effort to bring jobs back to America, Egg Roll participants can help manufacture and sew pieces from Ivanka’s new Spring collection! Only children with small and nimble fingers will be considered for this event.

Chocolate Bunny Eating Contest

With Michelle Obama gone, kids are free to stuff their fat faces with all kinds of delicious treats! (This year, we only have white chocolate.)

Face “Painting” Booth

This is actually just a chance to give Steve Bannon a facial. Please, scrub off as many layers as you can. Everyone’s a winner.

Drain the Swamp Challenge

Due to staffing cuts around the property, this is a unique opportunity for Egg Roll attendees to grab a skimmer and help clean out the Mar-a-Lago main pool! Thank you in advance.

Hide-and-Go-Seek Game

The president has hidden his tax returns! The first kid to find them will be DESTROYED. No exceptions.

Meet the Easter Bunny

Fake news. The Easter bunny will not be in attendance this year. (He voted for Hillary.)

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With the BC NDP party some of my friends are worried if the NDP is elected, to fulfill their platform would require tax hikes, what's your opinion?

Its fully costed and the only added taxes will be to reverse a tax cut for the wealthy, increase the Corporate tax by 1%, increase the Carbon tax (in line with the Federal Government’s plan) and a speculation tax for people who buy houses but don’t live in them:

B.C. NDP platform: Tax hikes on rich and housing-speculator levy

These are very marginal taxes, that will only effect the rich and corporations. Plus 80% of people in BC will get tax rebates back from the Carbon tax (the 20% who don’t again are the wealthy who don’t need a rebate).

And you can read their fully costed platform here. There are no hidden taxes, and they project the budget will be balanced:

BC NDP: A responsible fiscal plan that works for you

The BC NDP’s plan also plans to freeze ‘hidden taxes’ like hikes to BC Hydro, ICBC and Ferry rates. So under an NDP government you’ll be paying less, not more.

Lawsuit accuses Donald Trump of violating Constitution by retaining ties to his global empire
Officials in Maryland and the District of Columbia on Monday filed a federal lawsuit against President Donald Trump, accusing him of violating the Constitution by retaining ties to his vast, global empire.

Officials in Maryland and the District of Columbia on Monday filed a federal lawsuit against President Donald Trump, accusing him of violating the Constitution by retaining ties to his vast, global empire.

They said his actions breached the “emoluments” clause ensuring the President did not receive gifts or payments from foreign governments while in office, protecting him any conflicts of interest.

Constitutional historians described their legal action as unprecedented while the White House denied any wrong doing.

“President Trump’s continued ownership interest in a global business empire, which renders him deeply enmeshed with a legion of foreign and domestic government actors, violates the Constitution, calling into question the rule of law and the integrity of our political system,” the complaint states

The action raises the tantalising prospect that Mr Trump’s long-hidden tax returns could be revealed as part of the discovery process if a judge allows the case to proceed.

Unveiling the case, Brian Frosh, attorney general of Maryland, said: “Elected leaders must serve the people, and not their personal financial interests.”

They cited foreign dignitaries booking stays at Trump hotels or Trump businesses negotiating copyright deals with overseas authorities as examples of possible conflicts of interest.

The District of Columbia includes one of Mr Trump’s latest ventures, the Trump International Hotel, which opened last year on the site of Washington’s former main post office - making the President essentially both owner and tenant of the site.

Although private individuals or not-for-profit organisations have already lodged complaints, Caroline Fredrickson, president of the American Constitution Society, said it was unprecedented for states to accuse the President of breaching the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

“Certainly attorneys general have been part of lawsuits against the federal government but this one is unique in focusing on the president himself and his personal financial entanglements with foreign governments,” she said.

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Is it wrong to selfishly ask for my own birthday drabble? You'll have plenty of time as my birthday isn't until the 24th of August. :) No harm in trying. I don't have any particular requests, just everlark finally finding the life of a victor. Thanks in advance.

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Happy Birthday @moviefangal! Your little slice of Everlark perfection was written especially for you by the incomparable @alliswell21. We hope you enjoy!

The Hammock

Prompt: Life of the victor (Post MJ, canon compliant)
Rated: G
Author’s note: Happy Birthday! I hope you have an Everlarking awesome day!!! A little longer than I had planned. I hope it measures up to expectations. I apologize for any mistakes (this piece hasn’t been proofread). I could go on and on about growing together!Everlark, but hopefully this will do.

Again, happy birthday!!!


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In Latin America, 32 million people could escape poverty if this capital, hidden in tax havens, were subject to income tax that corresponds to it. All this not only generates corruption, but also deepens inequality and social differences. The fight against tax havens should transcend all ideology. It is time to move from speeches to action.
—  Rafael Correa, President, Ecuador

We can’t let corporations take away American jobs AND hide their profits. You can’t let them have it both ways. Tax their hidden offshore profits, change the corporate culture. #obama #2015

As it has become politically less attractive to vote for  higher taxes to pay for higher spending , legislatures have resorted to financing spending through inflation  [by printing money], a hidden tax that can be imposed without having been voted for; taxation without representation.
—  Milton Friedman, Free To Choose