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A brief comment on “The Companion’s Companion” by Clara Oswald

A brief review of this new book written by “Clara Oswald” (actually Craig Donaghy). It’s a guide for the next companion written by Clara and hidden away within the TARDIS for the next one to find.

There are four pages of Clara cataloguing the Doctor’s expressions. Much like how the Doctor said he catalogued Clara’s in the “Girl Who Died” deleted scene. There’s a big arrow pointing to one: “I love this face” is written.

On another, she writes about how she’s taken up playing with the yo-yo to kill time while locked in alien prison cells.

We also see a couple of the cue cards that were never shown on TV (or they were created for the book), one of which had me kind of going “wow.”

And then there’s the last page, which I won’t spoil for those who haven’t seen it.

These are just random pages I’m mentioning. If Whouffaldi is your thing? Yeah, buy this book.

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Nine/Rose, costumes, treat :)

“Doctor, the invitation specifically said masquerade ball. That means you have to put on a costume,” Rose said, exasperation seeping into her voice.

“And I told you I’m not going to wear one.” He replied stubbornly, crossing his arms over his chest.

They were both in the wardrobe room and Rose already had a gorgeous blue and silver ballgown with a matching mask laid out. The Doctor was balking at either picking a costume or dressing up and just adding a mask.

“You’re the one who wanted to bring me to this party. ‘Best Halloween ball in the galaxy, Rose,’ you said.”

“It is,” he insisted. “Just never said I was planning on makin’ a fool of myself in a costume.”

“Please, Doctor,” Rose pleaded, eyes wide and hopeful. “You can just change your jumper and wear a mask and it’ll be fine.”

He huffed but he knew as well as she did that he couldn’t say no to that look of hers. “Fine, but don’t take forever getting ready. I don’t want to be late.”

“Time machine,” Rose reminded him with a wink as she shooed him out of the wardrobe room. 

Two hours later he was impatiently waiting in the console room. The TARDIS had hidden all of his jumpers except the dark blue one that would match Rose’s dress and then provided a simple black domino mask. It had taken him almost no time to get ready but his ship was apparently on the side of his companion and wouldn’t let him disappear under the console to tinker or go pester Rose to hurry up. So he was left sitting on the jump seat and hoping she’d be ready to go before he regenerated from boredom.

He snapped his head up when he heard footsteps and his jaw went slack when he caught sight of Rose. This put the Cardiff dress to shame and he had no clue how he was supposed to keep his hands off of her tonight when she looked like that. (He’d not done a stellar job of keeping his hands to himself in Cardiff when she’d last been dressed up and every second she was in his line of sight his chances of escaping the evening unscathed dropped dramatically.)

“Look alright?” She asked, tugging at the skirts and giving him a shy smile. “I feel kind of silly all dressed up like this when you’re still in a jumper.”

Oh Rassilon, he couldn’t lie to her this time. Not a chance. “You look gorgeous,” he said honestly, using the excuse to run his eyes over her.

“For a human?” Rose teased, catching his lingering gaze and the spark of heat in his eyes.

“For anyone.”

trick or treat!

plot twist: Missy has actually been hidden away in the TARDIS all this time because turns out she was teleported there at the end of DiH and she’s been having copious amounts of angry sex with the Doctor as well as having romantic dates with him 

Bearsnakes: A History

It all started when I was 4 years old.

It was my first Halloween as a reasonably conscious being who had the volition to make his own choices about what to wear. My mom casually asked me what I wanted to be for Halloween, no doubt expecting a normal answer.

“A bearsnake!” I replied  


“A bearsnake.”

“Honey, I have no idea what a bearsnake is.”

“I want to be a bearsnake!" 

"How about a gorilla or a prince or a -”


*Sigh* “So what exactly is a bearsnake?”

“Well… A bear, and a snake of course.”

And so, after hours of motherly toiling and sewing - oh, the things moms do for us kids! - this was created:

Look how ridiculously smug I look in that costume. I totally knew I had totally gotten my way on this one. Getting my mom to make a crazy costume: success!

Me and my mom still have that outfit to this day.

I went to school, proudly showed off my bearsnake costume to friends (who all, of course, asked what I was and I smiled and said, “A bearsnake!”) and that was that. That was my fourth Halloween.

Flash forward about 20 years. 

Everyone is connected. It’s oddly fun to show all of your friends snapshots from your childhood. And, rummaging through old pictures around Halloween, I found that one of me as a bearsnake. I posted it on Facebook with the story.

I did not expect what happened next.

My friends adored the picture and started up quite a long thread talking about it. Conversation continued. Questions ensued. People wondered if I still owned the costume.

Then my birthday (AKA Gavincon) happened. 

My incredible friend Mel drew this: (Which now sits framed prominently above my fireplace, I might add)  

There are many great things about this picture. You may note the alot (of Hyperbole and a Half fame) striking the same pose as one of Magic: the Gathering’s Grizzly Bears. You might even spot the TARDIS sneakily hidden in the background.

But more than anything: Bearsnake, brought to life, front and center.

Of all coincidences, my mom was at Gavincon and present when this was revealed to me - and she could hardly believe it! The costume she had slaved away on 20 years earlier had suddenly made a resurgence. 

And that was just a harbinger of things to come.

Soon my friend Elise handmade a bearsnake plushie for me as a gift: 


And another of friend of mine crafted one out of clay!

And, of course, I’ve taken to positioning these various bearsnake totems around my house in various… scenes, shall we say.

Here’s where you can spot these two currently:

Run stegosaurus, run for your life!

And then, of course, there are constant references online.

Of the latest batch, you may have seen this photo taken of me at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. This version has been appropriately altered to reflect the quest I’m actually on out there:

Hey, I’d certainly play it.

When it comes to the zodiac calendar, for me 2014 was the year of the bearsnake.

Somehow, in just one year, something which was some random part of my past created by 4-year old me became relevant again.

And you know what? I’m glad life is like that sometimes.

People ask me all the time: When will bearsnakes show up in Magic?

Well, we don’t do vanity cards. I’m not just going to get a bearsnake made by snapping my fingers and without a good reason.

But I will say this: as a Magic designer, someday when I lead a Magic set I’m going to put in a bear snake creature or two. Creative will almost certainly change them… But maybe they won’t. Maybe, just maybe, bearsnake will make it all the way in a fashion I could have never even imagine.

We’ll see.

But most importantly to everyday life, I think back to that original Bearsnake. Back when I was 4. Back to something I said that reflects a mindset I still have 20 years later.

My mom told me at one point while discussing the idea, “Bearsnakes don’t exist - you know that, right?”

“Well, they should.” I replied, nodding. “Let’s make one.”

Lunch Date

Fobbed!Twelve, Rose Tyler

Rose has lunch with an old friend as she grapples with her new circumstances.

rated mature for language, but no smut in this one.

“Mister Tucker, did you need anything?” Rose asks, popping her head into Malcolm’s office.  “Only I was just about to take lunch, if that’s alright.”

“Yeah, fine,” he says without looking up, waving a dismissive hand at her.  She watches him for another moment, smile faltering a bit. He stills, sensing her persistent presence, and looks up at her sharply.  “Something else?”

“Nothing,” she says quickly, rallying and smiling brightly once more.  “Just wondered if you wanted me to bring anything back for you.”

“A hammer to beat someone with would be nice,” he says, looking back down at his desk.  “Or myself.  Maybe if I hit myself harder enough, I’ll be as fucking stupid as these other fucking cunts, and I won’t be so bloody annoyed all the time.”

“How about a ham on rye?” she asks.

“Yeah, fine,” he says with a sigh.  “But don’t be late!”

“Wouldn’t dream of it, Mister Tucker,” she says, smiling when his head snaps up again to eye her suspiciously.  “See you soon.”

She retreats from the office, picking up her bag at her desk before making her way through the building.  For the past two weeks, she’s let Malcolm and everyone else think she leaves the building on her lunch breaks, but really she just crept down here, where she’d hidden the TARDIS once she realized who this new man wearing the Doctor’s face was.  She glances around as she reaches the doors to the abandoned storage closet, pulling out his sonic and unlocking the door.  She locks it again behind her, then smiles up at the familiar blue box.

“Hello, old girl,” she murmurs as she steps closer, pulling out her key.  “Did you miss me?”

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So as you all know it was my birthday on monday. And my boyfriend woke me up with a thing of chrysanthemums cause those are my favorite flower, and they’ve been sitting on my desk for like a week now and i just looked closer at them and found a LITTLE LIGHT UP TARDIS HIDDEN IN THE FLOWERS

so basically I think he’s the one.


Requested by my dear and way too patient friend, bibliophiletimelady :) xxx

Gif Credit: Unknown, please contact me if this is yours!

You had never been so nervous in your life. You had gone through good and bad with the Doctor, had endured pain and enjoyed happiness, but this was just something on a whole new level.

It wasn’t something the two of you had talked about, either. It had never really accured to you that this could happen. But it could happen. And it did happen.

You held onto the pregnancy test you were holding, while also clutching the baby shoes you had found hidden deeply in the Tardis’ closet. And you just looked at him, watched him circle his console, with an excited, peaceful smile on his face. How would he react? Would he be happy? As shocked as you were? Mad, even?

Only one way to find out, you thought to yourself and took a deep breath, before you stepped forward and cleared your throat to get his attention.

“Doctor? Can we talk?”