hidden swimming pool

618. A muggleborn kid who started swimming even before he could walk and, sure, he wants to study magic, but he also wants to keep swimming and become a pro. The lake is no place to practice, so he cries and tells his parents that he misses it too much. His parents talk to the headmistress and turns out, there is, in fact, a hidden swimming pool! She even finds a retired certified coach who’s also a wizard to help him with his training.

Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts

HARRY: Underneath these stairs I hear the sneers and feel glares of My cousin, my uncle and my aunt.

Can’t believe how cruel they are And it stings my lighting scar To know that they’ll never ever give me what I want.

I know I don’t deserve these Stupid rules made by the Dursleys Here on Privet drive.

Can’t take all of these muggles, But despite all of my struggles, I’m still alive.

I’m sick of summer and this waiting around. Man, it’s September, and I’m skipping this town Hey It’s no mystery, there’s nothing here for me now

I gotta get back to Hogwarts, I gotta get back to school. Gotta get myself to Hogwarts, Where everybody knows I’m cool.

Back to wizards and witches, and magical beasts, To goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts. It’s all that I love, and it’s all that I need. HOGWARTS, HOGWARTS, I think I’m going back—

I’ll see my friends, gonna laugh ‘til we cry Take my Firebolt, gonna take to the sky NO WAY this year anyone’s gonna die, and it’s gonna be totally awesome

I’ll cast some spells, with a flick of my wand Defeat the dark arts, yeah bring it on! And do it all with my best friend Ron, 'cuz together we’re totally awesome

RON: yeah, and it’s gonna be totally awesome!


RON: It’s been so long, but we’re going back Don’’t go for work, don’t go there for class

HARRY: As long as were together–

RON: – gonna kick some ass

HARRY & RON: … and it’s gonna be totally awesome! This year we’ll take everybody by storm, Stay up all night, sneak out of our dorm

HERMIONE: But let’s not forget that we need to perform well in class If we want to pass our OWLS!


HERMIONE: I may be frumpy, but I’m super smart Check out my grades, they’re “A’s” for a start What I lack in looks well I make up in heart, And well guys, yeah, that’s totally awesome

This year I plan to study a lot…

RON: That would be cool if you were actually hot

HARRY: Hey Ron, come on, we’re the only friends that she’s got!

RON: And that’s cool…

HERMIONE: … and that’s totally awesome

HARRY, RON, HERMIONE: Yeah it’s so cool, and it’s totally awesome!

We’re sick of summer and this waiting around It’s like we’re sitting in the lost and found Don’t take no sorcery For anyone to see how…

We gotta get back to Hogwarts We gotta get back to school We gotta get back to Hogwarts Where everything is magic-cooooool

EVERYONE: Back to wizards and witches, and magical beasts To goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts It’s all that I love, and it’s all that I need at HOGWARTS, HOGWARTS

HARRY, RON, HERMIONE: — I think we’re going back… CHO’s POSSY: Cho Chang Domo arigato, Cho Chang Gung Hey Fat Choy, Chang Happy Happy New Year, Cho Chang


CEDRIC: Oh, Cho Chang I am so in love with Cho Chang From Bangkok to Ding Dang I sing my love aloud for Cho Chang


MALFOY: This year you bet I’m gonna get outta here The reign of Malfoy is drawing near I’ll have the greatest wizard career, And its gonna be totally awesome

Look out world, for the dawn of the day When everyone will do whatever I say And that Potter wont be in my way, and then I’ll be the one who is totally awesome!

GOYLE: Yeah you’ll be the one who is totally awesome.

HERMIONE: Come on guys! Were gonna miss the train!

ALL: Who knows how fast this years gonna go? Hand me a glass, let the butterbeer flow

HARRY: Maybe at last, I’m gonna talk to Cho,

RON: Oh no, that be WAY too awesome

ALL: We’re back to learn everything that we can It’s great to come back to where we began And here we are, and alakazam! here we go, this is totally awesome!

Come on and teach us everything you know The summer’s over and were itchin’ to go I think were ready for

NEVILLE: Albus Dumbledore! Oooooo Ahhhhhh.

DUMBLEDORE: Welcome, all of you to Hogwarts I Welcome back you all to school Did you know that here at Hogwarts We’ve got a hidden swimming pool?

Welcome, welcome, welcome Hogwarts Welcome, all you hotties, nerds, and tools Now that I’ve got you here at Hogwarts I’d like to go over just a couple of rules:


ALL: Back to wizards and witches, and magical beasts To goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts It’s all that I love, and all that I need. At HOGWARTS, HOGWARTS,

Back to spells and enchantments, potions and friends To Gryffindors! Hufflepuffs! Ravenclaws! Slytherins! Back to the place where our story begins It’s Hogwarts, Hogwarts,

DUMBLEDORE: I’m sorry, what’s its name?

ALL: Hogwarts, Hogwarts

DUMBLEDORE: I didn’t hear you kids!

ALL: Hogwarts, Hogwarts

HARRY: Man, I’m glad I’m back.

Okay so my sister and I were trying to find the swimming pool we had from last summer, and it was somewhere in the garage.

After searching for an hour I finally opened the last container in the garage and BAM! There was the pool.

So naturally I yelled “I FOUND THE HIDDEN SWIMMING POOL” and my sister has no idea what I was talking about.

I need more Starkids in the family.

Starters are hard. These days, you can’t just write “Hi” or “Hello” and expect to get some interesting replies, if any at all. It’s important to give roleplayers something to respond to! Here’s a list of 155 starters suited for Harry Potter roleplays. Don’t be afraid to edit any of these to suit your character. These are mainly just ideas to get your brain rolling. FYI, Not all of these are mine. I found about half through google or on tumblr gifsets! Please like/reblog if you use!

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Hidden swimming pool in the Sierra. This spot you can reach by hiking a few miles off the John Muir Trail and then Boulder hopping for another couple miles till you find the slope of a big pyramid shape mountain that isn’t far off from where a ranger went missing in the mid 90’s. Time to go back soon.
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