hidden stars and an ignored sun

I was not born to drown

July 21: Popsicles / One More Night / Lust @bakudeku-week

One more night, Izuku thinks. He’ll stay with me one more night.

Note: Heavy angst, ambiguous ending, cancer, hospitalization. Literally just super sad, I hate this fic.


They sit across from each other in perfect, awful silence. Katsuki’s hands are in his hair, head bowed, and still. Izuku can’t see his face, just the subtle clenching and unclenching as Katsuki works his jaw. He watches him, because right now, Katsuki is the only thing Izuku can see. He can still smell the stale air of the hospital. It clings to their clothes and their skin, and Izuku has to stop himself from trying to wipe it away from his cheeks and neck. Their apartment should smell like homemade food and the flowers on their windowsill, but the quiet nothingness has followed them. It fills their apartment, a white noise tension that spreads to every corner.

It’s blank. A sudden shift of gears, a whole life that had been spread out before them suddenly dropping away, and all that’s left is a doctor’s soft, regretful words and a stack of prescriptions.

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