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13 (sad kiss) marichat

So, 13 was “sorry kiss” so I kind of turned it into sad/sorry kiss. As much as I could. I am not good with angst or anything approaching angst. Also, this is my first time writing Marichat, so we will see how you like it.

Marinette jumped when she heard the knock on the window. There was only one person who would be knocking on her window this late at night. After quickly checking that Tikki was safely hidden in her basket of fabric scraps, she turned to the window to let Chat Noir inside.

Her smile faded when she saw his face.

“What’s wrong, kitty?” She asked, concerned. His eyes were puffy and red as if he had been crying.

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2x13 “Houses of the Holy” // 5x01 “Sympathy for the Devil”
5x10 “Abandon All Hope” // 5x18 “Point of No Return”
5x22 “Lucifer Rising” // 12x12 “Stuck in the Middle (with You)”

“You’re Chosen…” - Dean Winchester as Michael’s Vessel and the Thing about the Colt

“There was a gun that won the west. There was a man among the best. The fastest gun or man alive. A lightning bolt when he shot that Colt.”

- Lucifer in 12x12 “Stuck in the Middle (with You)

So after this episode I just felt the need to make a gifset on Dean’s ties to Michael as well as the Colt, because in this week’s episode both of these themes were directly brought together by the visual of Mary retrieving the Colt from a safe hidden behind the famous painting of Michael striking down Lucifer. And while I have little faith that the show will truly let Dean play an integral role as the one who is Michael’s vessel and should be perfectly able to wield the lance to get rid of Lucifer once and for all and rather think the possession allusions surrounding Mary may frame her possibly being the one heavily involved here , I keep holding on to a tiny bit of hope that probably is ridiculous to hold on to. But what can I say? Dean picking up the lance and taking it with him at least left room for possibility.

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Hiding Secrets Spell

a spell specifically to protect one’s gender or orientation, to keep it safely hidden when you can’t be out. 

gather: a small box, a root from a garden (something nonpoisonous), something that represents what needs to be hidden, and rainwater. 

clean the root with the rainwater. dry as thoroughly as you can.

put the object in the box, wrap the box up with the root

place the box in the left corner of a cupboard, closet, desk, etc. keep it as far back as you can, under many things. 

take it out and open it when you don’t need it anymore. 

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While the magical world as long since retreated into obscurity, the magic users of the world are far from safe. A shadowy government agency is hunting them down, forcing the world to go deeper into hiding.

Alice Tomkins spent most of her life cut off from this hidden world, safe in her own bubble with her mother, until their home was invaded and Alice’s mother was forced to send Alice away and sacrifice herself to save her daughter.

Fast forward a year. Alice is living on the streets of San Francisco, struggling to survive, when she meets Riley Nichols, another magic user in a similar situation. They find themselves drawn together after Alice saves Riley from the mysterious men in black. As it turns out, however, the men are the least of their problems. Alice is in the cross hairs of a maniacal magic user, determined to use her and her magic to fight back. In her attempts to get away, Alice and Riley find themselves thrown deeper into the world they’ve been living on the edges of their entire lives, and quickly learn that nothing is what it seems.

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☽Witchy Hint☾

☽ If you don’t want a massive altar, or you are in the broomcloset, consider a few of the more quirky options:

- Create an altar in a shoe box, perfect for when you want to pack away and keep is safe and hidden, also great for those who travel a lot.

- Create a mint tin altar, an even tinier option for those who want to carry their altars around with them, or practice a lot in the great outdoors.

- A virtual altar, created on a computer, tablet or phone, it could even be your desktop screen, simply create something with the colours, tools and other items you would usually have on an altar, but in virtual form.

- Make a whole room an altar, not the most conventional idea, but great for people who use a lot of space when casting, such as those who may dance, or cast large circles. As the seasons change, decorate the room as you would an altar, with foliage and flowers, have your ritual tools scattered around the room and candles on safe worktops. It allows you to be more discreet with your altar and use a larger space and is great if you use a set room in your house to cast in.

I know these are not the most conventional of altars, but if you would like one, but don’t have the space, are in the broomcloset, or find an altar in a single set space too confining, then these may be great ideas for you. ☾

  • <p> <b>Me, enthusiastically singing along to Red and Black:</b> They will come one and all! They will cOME WHEN WE CAAAAAAAAALL<p/><b>Me, as the Barricade Boys' voices fade into silence and the song ends:</b> [SNIFF] They won't, though. They won't come when you call. They'll stay hidden safely in their houses and they'll leave you all to DIE<p/><b>Me, wiping my eyes:</b> I'm fine<p/></p>

so if you romanced anders hawke mentions in inquisition that they don’t like to leave anders behind, but they have him hidden in a “safe place”

and if carver’s a grey warden hawke mentions that they had aveline hide him

imagine carver and anders being reluctant roommates

carver and anders holed up in some tiny cottage in the anderfels, trying desperately not to kill each other


She loved the way he looked at her so much, she kept him in her dreams. She wanted to feel needed. Isn’t that all we want? Someone to look at us like we made the sun shine a little brighter today. Someone to kiss butterflies back into our stomachs. Someone to sweet talk the purity back into our eyes– the spark, the sparkle. Someone to hold our hands as if we were keeping trust safely hidden away from the cruel, cruel world. The only way we could ever break it was to let go and even then… our love matched our hands forever. As soft as a pillow after a long day of work– I could use your lips for any bad day. As a whisper. As a kiss.

– so she loved him enough to take the pain away

Capturing The Moment

“Maybe we should turn back…” Zoe says, trailing off as she looks at the looming dark clouds above.

“Scared of a little rain?” Joe teases, glancing over his shoulder at his sister.

“C’mon Zoe,” Y/N spins around to face her, walking backwards. “Just a little longer?”

“If we catch a cold, I’m blaming you.” Zoe sighs while Alfie wraps an arm around her shoulder, pulling her close.

“I’ll take care of you if we get colds. Don’t worry.” He tells her, watching as Y/N turns back around, giggling as Joe says something to her.

He was tempted to pull out his camera to start vlogging, but the threat of rain made him keep it hidden safely in his pocket.

The four of them were currently walking along by the beach, having decided to venture out after being cooped up in the Zalfie household all day, filming and editing videos.

Y/N and Joe had come out for the weekend, spending some time with the other couple, and so Joe and Zoe could have some much needed sibling time. Alfie had been looking at the comments from yesterdays vlog before they had come on their little adventure, noticing the comments that popped up from the small moments he had captured between Joe and Y/N. He knew that when today’s vlog went up, there’d be more moments; all their viewers loved them together.

“Oh no!” Zoe lets out a squeal as the first few drops began to fall. She quickly pulls her hood up and over her head, everyone following suit, just before the sky opens up and the rain begins to fall.

As Zoe tries to hide from the rain by burrowing against Alfie, Joe starts laughing. He’s watching Y/N spin around, arms wide open, face turned to the sky.

“You’re a bloody nutter!” He calls out to his girlfriend, but there’s a loving smile on his face.

“Come dance with me, Joseph!” She calls back, reaching out for his hand. He shakes his head at first, but Y/N pulls him further along, spinning under his arm, before moving in close. Joe automatically wraps his arms around her, and their bodies start swaying to the non existent music, the rain still falling around them.

Alfie shares a small smile with Zoe as they watch them dance. He pulls his phone out of his pocket, snapping a quick picture just as Joe spins Y/N back out, capturing the moment.

“Okay, time to go home! I’m freezing!” Zoe decides, turning and heading back in the direction of the car, pulling Alfie along. He laughs and glances over his shoulder, ensuring that the other two are following.

It’s later on, and everyone is changed into dry clothes. Alfie and Zoe are both editing on the couch, leaning against one another. Y/N and Joe are curled up together, talking softly, with their phones in their laps, scrolling through various social media.

“Why is my twitter blowing up?” Joe suddenly asks, and Alfie smirks to himself, keeping his eyes locked onto his computer screen, his phone now placed innocently beside him.

“Mine too..” Y/N mumbles, pulling it open. “Oh gods!” She laughs, looking over at Alfie. “We look like crazy people!”

“Cheers, mate.” Joe says, scrolling through the comments.

“I think you two look cute!” Zoe joins in, having pulled it up on her computer.

The fans are going crazy over the photo Alfie has posted to instagram, the moment he had captured earlier in the day of Y/N and Joe dancing in the rain.

“I think it’s time for everyone to freak out over a couple that isn’t Zoe and I.” Alfie shrugs, grinning over at his friends.

I had a dream that Edward Norton was my brother and we were two kick-ass secret agents. We got in trouble with this government/criminal organization and we had to hide in the mountains in a secluded house. When we were perfectly safe and hidden, Edward decided that he life or death needed lavender lotion so we got ready to risk our lives to get this damn lotion. I woke up right when we were about to be found by the police.

And Then He Smiled...

In light of Andrew Lincoln’s little revelation that we would see Rick smile in the midseason premiere, I decided to do a little speculation.

A long day was finally over. 

For Rick, it had begun with a galvanizing reunion at the Hilltop, followed by frustrating calls to arms with reluctant leaders, a dangerous mission down infested roads, and topped off by the appearance of Simon. Negan’s men again took up space in Alexandria, seemingly unenthusiastic about leaving. Instead, Simon spent most of his time swaggering from house to house, collecting knick knacks and leering a couple of women. 

It was an unnecessary show of force that Rick tolerated for now. With Michonne’s words still ringing in his ears, a new zeal to eventually revolt, and his Colt Python safely hidden in their home, it was only a matter of time. 

For now, it would be business as usual.

“Rick, I talked with Tobin about extra guards posted,” Father Gabriel informed him as they trailed behind Michonne towards the Grimes’ residence.

“I think that’s a good idea,” Rick replied quietly, pleased that the clergyman was slowly and surely growing into his own. “I’ll take first shift…” He watched Michonne disappear into their home. “Just give me some time to change and I’ll take the gate.”

Gabriel nodded and offered a comforting smile. “Good… Rick, I’m glad you’ve changed your mind about this. You have always been at your best when you’re fighting for your family…” Rick raised an eyebrow and the man demurred. “I didn’t always recognize that.”

Rick nodded and pat Gabriel on the back. “You’re a good man,” he muttered, stopping on the porch steps. “You’re a good friend.”

He noted the watery eyes and slight twitch in Gabriel’s face at his words, but the man sniffed and looked away quickly. “Thank you,” he mumbled before heading off towards Tobin’s house. 

Rick watched him for a moment and then turned to enter his own home, the exhaustion of the day quickly falling upon his shoulders as he left the cool night air behind. 

Immediately laughter struck his ears and he was drawn to the kitchen. Carl stood at the island, scooping something into four bowls while Michonne relayed to him what she and Rick had accomplished after separating from him at Hilltop. As they conversed, Michonne held an excitable Judith in her arms. bouncing her a little and occasionally stopping to address Judith’s more immediate questions about Shiva. 

It was a beautiful sight that caused his heart to swell.

His children and their mother, enjoying each others’ company, seemingly for the first time since Glenn and Abraham’s deaths. Hopeful for the first time since then…

“Daddy!” Judith managed, waving at him as she continued to cling to Michonne. 

When he came over to give his daughter a peck on the cheek, Michonne snuck in quickly and landed a languid kiss on his lips, winking cheekily at him as she handed Judith to him before turning to help carry a couple of bowls of food to the table. Carl hid a smile and followed after her while Judith just reached up and tugged cheerfully at his beard. 


Rick looked down and saw the happiness in her chubby face, and then he smiled, moving to join his family at the table.