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Can we see your version of Modern Bron, Modern Adult Meirmi and Davius?

And finally, the series is complete. :)




I should point out that Bron’s outfit owes much to this drawing made by lovely and talented @rainsong777 - go check it out! :)

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Zero Married Life Headcanons (M!Kamui)

So I have no sense of self control when it comes to headcanon length since baby is about long as Camilla’s headcanons even though it has three parts (I had written a fourth part but it ended up as NSFW so I’m saving that for later ;)) It was interesting coming up with romantic scenarios for such a sadistic character but I had fun with it. Thank you all for your patience and without further delay, here’s your precious pain lover, Zero! 

For more headcanons, click here! For a status on upcoming works, click here! 

❤️ The aroma of blood permeated throughout the battlefield, basking Zero in its glorious pungent scent, filling him with adrenaline and lust. This is where he belonged, amidst the chaos and destruction of mankind. Each twang of his bow releasing sweet endorphins of pleasure as the arrow hits its mark on an unsuspecting victim. Each swipe of his daggers sliced in rhythm with his heartbeat, evoking the cries of pain in his enemies and sung in harmony with the cries of war.

Licking his lips to wipe off the blood, he took a moment’s breath to notice his partner beside him, roaring fiercely in his draconian form. White claws dipped in crimson razed through armor and bone alike, crushing them beneath the all mighty power of a dragon, the cries of agony being beautiful songs to Zero’s ears. ‘How wonderful it is to have such a wild, untamed lover,’ thought Zero as he released another arrow to finish off the warrior aiming to attack Kamui’s flank, ‘To cause such cruelty and destruction, perhaps I need to reward him tonight for bringing me such pleasure.’  

As the prince finished off the platoon of troops in front of them, his form waivered for a bit, unable to maintain the transformation else he lose his sanity to his inner beast. With a small cry rumbling from the dragon’s throat, scales shifted into skin as horns melted into soft hair ending with Kamui having returned to his human form once more. 

“Show off!” Zero called out as he threw Kamui’s sword toward him, who caught it with one hand, “You were trying to seduce me, weren’t you? I can see it in the way you strangled the cries out of them like you serenading with songbirds!” Kamui laughed as he carved through nearby warhorse’s legs, Zero taking out its rider with a swift arrow moments later, “Only you would compare the cries of pain to birds singing, Zero!” 

“Ahh, but don’t you hear it? That beautiful orchestra!”

They moved in unison, sword and bow taking turns in their cruel conduction of death, evoking a lovely symphony of shrieks and howls in time with each beat of their hearts. A strike to a man’s stomach lead to a deadly arrow into his heart. An arrow to a woman’s knee, lead to her head being swiftly cut off. A stab in the back lead to an arrow in the throat. Right, left, forward, and left again, Kamui’s mind was a blur of routine strokes and deadly swipes, the blood of his victims staining him with a shade of blushing rouge that Zero found to be utterly adorable.

 As another group of fighters enclosed on them, their bodies were forced to glide across each other like a lover’s caress, smearing their grime and gore on the other’s armor, hair and skin in a sense of sick possession. It was intoxicating, arousing and disgusting all at once and Zero could not get enough of it.Breathing heavily as Kamui dispatched the final victim, Zero dropped his bow to reach out and grab his lover’s waist, catching him by surprised as he was pulled into his embrace. 

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Lipstick and Leather: The Four Seasons Con Artist AU

It’s a fairly regular process for a Saturday night sucker.

The perky brunette has a signature finger-in-mouth puppy-dog-eyes hair-twirling look that immediately gets nearly every guy in the joint asking “Can I help you with something, Sweetheart?”  A little giggle, some small talk about how she’s never been to a place like this before.  When she starts walking her fingers flirtatiously up your arm, you’re done for.  Don’t bother checking your pants pocket, your wallet won’t be there.  The tanned leather is already twirling between the fingers of that innocent little pixie-cut brunette.

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