hidden places

I’ve seen a lot of posts about forest aces and space aces

and I felt it should be elaborated on, since it’s really a lovely concept.

Space aces: all the great wide universe out there, all the mystery and the unknowable empty spaces, trillions of miles of it, interrupted with brilliant points of hot, burning light fusing atoms together. Pictures in the stars, gigantic cloudy nebulas, quasars, binary systems (two stars in orbit around each other), black holes. Even, looking out as far as you can, the leftover soup of radiation from the big bang, billions of years ago. Space is constant in its laws and long-reaching. Everything up there in the sky will be there long after we’re gone, but we’re glad to just get a look at it.

Forest aces: oases of green, all the secret, tiny places hidden where only a few will ever see them in a sprawling mass of life. There’s mystery there too, but familiarity. Everywhere around you, everything moves: birds hop through the trees, small animals stir in the undergrowth, the leaves rustle in the wind. And it changes with the seasons, always in flux with the weather, going into stasis at the end of fall and waking back up in the spring. And when something dies, it goes right back into feeding the life in the rest of the forest. They’ll be there for a long time too, but the forests change every day.

Basically: space ace / forest ace metaphor = perfect.

It’s kind of an extended metaphor, and perhaps this is too much waxing eloquent for a positivity blog, but they’re both so beautiful and and full of secrets and mystery and wonder, just like all of the aces out there should believe that they are too. 

You’re all just as wonderful as both of these things, and all of you are awesome. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

Took a quick screenshot of one of the Overwatch videos. This shows where many of the members were located when Winston searched for them. And for the most part, it makes sense. But…. Genji… What are you doing in Canada? Enjoying Canadian festivities? Enjoying the changing colours of the Maple leaves? Or is there some secret place hidden under the frozen Canadian Shield?

Also, I like to think that Reinhardt has some kind of cottage by the ocean in Greenland that he goes to when he wants to relax and fish.


This place is one of my favourite places in Kyoto :3
I call it the cemetery of Kamidana or where Kamidana go to die.
While this might sound negative or sad it really isn’t. Everathing comes to an end. I came across this place while aimlessly walking around Kyoto.
It is hard to describe this place it is in the middle of Kyoto but it feels like it is far away in a different time and dimension.

Basically I just took a path that led up a small hill and on to of the hills amidst the shade of trees was this place covered in old rotting or deteriorating Torii and Kamidana while new ones stood right next to them.
Despite being a place where things didn’t look new and shine it felt warm and as if nature was there telling you it is okay and you are safe.

Discovering places like this is one of the reasons why I like to walk around cities or through forests in Japan :3
It is like the city of Fujiyoshida in Japan that most people just pass by to go to Kawaguchiko or to climb Fuji-san.

I wonder how many Gaijin actually find this path :D
The house is actually a cafe that serves great ice cream and tea while offering a superb view of Kyoto :3

Kyoto really is a wonderful place (^-^)

P.S. there will probably be fewer post about things I make during the next 2 weeks as I need to write my exams during this time :)
I wish you an awesome new week (^-^)/

Freeman Alley and Freemans Restaurant. Lower East Side, Manhattan.

Freeman Alley is one of my favorite alleys in New York City. At the very end of it is a restaurant aptly named Freemans Restaurant. While I have never been to the restaurant since it’s a bit out of my price range currently, the lights that indicate life for wary first-time patrons are a warm sight for cold eyes on a bitter winter night.

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