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An Open Letter On Why Sonic the Hedgehog is (Actually) A Good Franchise.

Alright children, settle down, it’s time for Scholar Vivi to teach you a thing or two about a certain game franchise – and why a lot of you should probably do a little searching before you deem an entire series bad because of some popularly perpetuated stigma passed around the internet like the word of god.

A lot of you chuckle and grin at memes at the expense of this franchise, to the point where now you’ve got somebody like the guy in charge of Sonic’s social media practically embracing it and making just as much fun of the series as you all are, that’s…horrifying, but okay.

It’s perpetuated mostly by the dark period of Sonic games, as it is referred to by series veterans, that rests around the 2005-2006 marker. Seeing the release of two of the series’ most notoriously terrible games (Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, respectively). Both of these titles did cause quite a stir and upset among fans and press alike, but - let me first start off by saying this.

Those games? Eleven to twelve fucking YEARS ago, those were made. People claim that ever since then the franchise has been dead and that Sega should really just kill one of their most financially successful properties on the market - while ignoring that fairly recent followups were pretty good, such as Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, and Sonic Generations, the latter of which was regarded by many as stellar!

Interested yet? The rest goes under a readmore so I can continue to ramble, but do please keep reading if you’re interested.

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Why Carlos de Vil is a Badass

I mean yeah, in the movie and the novels he’s portrayed as the Designated Weakling who has all manner of bad things happen to him because it’s funny to watch him scream and be scared, but remember:

This kid survived Cruella de Vil for 14 years, since birth.

More so than Jafar, The Evil Queen, and hell, even Maleficent, Cruella is objectively the WORST parent, treating him as an unpaid and overworked slave, probably using him as her own personal punching bag and frustration lightning rod, not to mention he doesn’t have a bedroom proper, just a tiny alcove in Cruella’s bear-trap laden fur closet.

He may be seen as the “smart guy” who’s useless in a fight, but make no mistake: Carlos de Vil is a badass. He’s a survivalist, he’s incredibly smart and intelligent, he can cobble together working electronics from literal scrap and use advanced technology less than a day after he gets his hands on them for the first time in his life.

If ever you had to choose one VK to have with you if you were trapped on the Isle, choose Carlos:

  • He knows all the secret shortcuts and hidden pathways that can cut through all the dangerous alleys, the hangouts for all the gangs, and the trap-laden streets of the more paranoid residents
  • He can build whatever you need out of literal junk
  • He’s a great scout and a spy, being small, hard to detect, and agile
Mental Institute: BTS 101 | Pt. 6

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A/N: Merry Christmas everyone !! Ironically, it is also my birthday so I am updating a few fics as a present from me to you. Also, I hope you are still enjoying this story :) Let me know what you think and thank you for supporting me <3

Genre: Angst, Mental Institute au, mystery 

Pairing: BTS x OC

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Word count: 4K

Summary: “She was special. She was dangerous. Her parents admitted her into an abandoned mental institute. Little did she know it was a place where they experiment on people like her. Inside this institute she meets seven other boys who aren’t keen on her arrival. They believe there is something off and that she can’t be trusted. As the story continues, not only does she discover their reason for their stay, but she’ll end up choosing the one who gets to live.”

My heart beat in my throat when we followed Hoseok through hidden pathways of the building.

I wondered how he knew about these paths.

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Just a few pointers to avoid death by art.

(Basically just stuff I wish I had known pre-CSSSA. A long read, but if you don’t know what to expect at CSSSA, worth the time.)

Be present. Michael Fields told us this in his opening speech, and it was the most important piece of advice I received. It’s easy to get caught thinking about how many days until you have to leave or the project that’s due tomorrow - which is a foolproof way to miss out on all the good stuff. Always be present, in class and out. Be a sponge. Soak up what it feels like. Soak up all the incredible stuff you’ll learn in your classes. Soak up what it looks like, smells like, everything. Soak it up and never forget. Trust me.

CSSSA is a self-made experience. Yes, there are incredible people and experiences and everything. But in the end, those who were the most successful were those that jumped into the culture, embraced every minute, and found the positive side in everything, no matter what. It’s all what you make of it.

Let yourself be surprised. I know lots of people don’t like surprises, but for me, this was the most exciting part of CSSSA. We didn’t know what to expect each day when we woke up, and it kept us sharp and, most importantly, it kept us creative. Don’t overschedule or overplan or ask alumni for details of every freaking thing. Seriously, just let stuff happen. If you hear someone playing music, go listen. If that art gallery looks inviting, seriously go look. You’re going to be surrounded by spontaneous creative people. There’s always something to do. My favorite nights were ones where I’d just grab my dorm keys, lock up, and go for a walk around campus. I’d always run into music kids in a jam circle or theatre kids playing a group game in an empty classroom or people painting in the sublevel. If you don’t find people, there’s so many exciting things on campus - hidden pathways, grand pianos in tucked-away practice rooms, or movies playing on the film greens. If you’re an introvert like me, there’s plenty of tucked away places perfect for curling up, sunset watching, and deep thoughts.

Don’t freak out on the first day when you get lost a thousand times - you will learn to find your way. Remember in the first Harry Potter when Ron and Harry first arrive at Hogwarts? They’re late to all their classes because the staircases change spots and the doorknobs disappear. This is EXACTLY what CalArts will feel like at first. All the hallways are freakishly long and the same shiny white. When in doubt, keep walking because the buildings have a great way of circling around and spitting you out somewhere familiar (eventually).

CSSSA runs on a different time zone than the normal world. Each day will be jam-packed with three and a half day’s worth of work and fun, so subsequently every two days will feel like a week, a week will feel like a month, and the month will feel like a whole semester. You’ll see this in many ways; the friends you’ve known for a month will feel like childhood pals, even if you ate an hour ago you’ll feel like it’s been all day, and you’ll feel like you haven’t slept in days even if you slept last night. Emotionally prepare yourself for this.

Obey the rules. They’re simple things that are easy enough to follow. Wear shoes, don’t lose your ID, no breaking curfew, don’t lie to the important people. They might seem like small things, but they’re just trying to give everyone a safe experience. Really. I incessantly broke, like, all of them, and these people are like mother bears - they love their cubs, but you’ll feel their wrath. Plus, you’ll disappoint your teachers, who you will deeply respect and want to impress.

Pick your friends. This sounds like a strange thing to say, and when someone told me this before I left  for CSSSA, I didn’t know what to make of it. But the thing is, there are 500 creative, smart people living in the same building, so you’ll never have a shortage of wonderful friends. That being said, you might find yourself spending time with people you don’t get along with so well because you met them on the first day or they’re in your class. Don’t do that, because you will regret it. Seek out people that make you feel special and loved, not people you feel like you have to hang out with. This is one thing I really regret not figuring out sooner. The right friends will make or break your CSSSA experience. You don’t owe your time to anyone. I guarantee this will make sense about two weeks in.

Overpack. You and EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON going to CSSSA is going to be paranoid about overpacking. You don’t want to be that person that looks materialistic when you bring too much, right? Wrong. First off, you could bring in a semi truck on the first day and no one would blink an eyelid. It just doesn’t matter to these people. Really though, you’ll think “it’s just a month, I’ll get by”. But you’ll share your snacks and lend your paintbrushes to your suitemate and get invited to an impromptu costume party, so… Throw it in. If you don’t use it, a friend will need it.

Bring a TON of stuff to decorate your dorm. They’re gray-carpeted, brick-walled blocks. Seriously, bring some posters and stuff or you’ll feel like you’re living in an insane asylum. The large expanses of flat white industrial paint will drive you crazy. I didn’t bring anything cause I figured it wouldn’t matter, but coming home to a wonderful room filled with things you love feels a lot better than unlocking a door to a jail cell. Speaking of, the lighting sucks so bad. Bring a lamp. Or two.

The food is okay. Take care of yourself and eat what will keep you going, instead of just grabbing what everyone else is eating. Oh, and my biggest secret to success: the guy that stands by the dessert counter and says “only take one”? Befriend him. Buddy up to this dude and you’ll get as many cookies as you want, plus you’ll be popular because you’ll be like the cookie god.

I’m not going to tell you anything else. I could talk for hours, but that’ll ruin it for you. Be a nice guy. Find a happy medium between not being pretentious and not being self-sabotaging about your work. Be a nice guy. Live your CSSSA life to the fullest, because the only thing you won’t regret is not having any regrets. Be a nice guy. Respect everyone. Let yourself change and become a better artist and person. Did I mention being a nice guy? Because seriously that’ll get you farther than anything else.

See you on the other side, in the real world. I’ll be ready with tissues, because I’ll put my life’s savings down that leaving will break your heart, and a lot more than you’ll ever expect. Have fun, kiddos.

NCT on a Roadtrip (hyungline)
  • Taeil: the one who suggested to go on a roadtrip. wants a healing trip for everyone
  • Hansol: got seated at the third row. tried to crack jokes but no one heard him. also missed out some jokes because he can't hear them from all the the vroom vroom talk show to johnny's station
  • Johnny: evaluated everyone's fashion before departing. is being their personal DJ. starts FM Radio Johnny's Station. keeps everyone awake
  • Taeyong: the mom. made sure to check everything before leaving. cash? check. cards? check. clothes? toiletries? chargers? gum? food? check. febreze? check
  • Yuta: the tour guide. the navigator. probably a human compass. been to almost everywhere. knows which place is best to go. knows all the shortcuts, secret routes, underground tunnels, hidden pathways, etc
  • Kun: keeps his followers on sns up to date. "on a roadtrip with the members!"
  • Doyoung: tries to revive the Vroom Vroom Talk Show. can't say he succeeded, though
  • Ten: in-charge of documenting. with his phone and selfie stick, no one needs to take theirs out and take photos of the scenery or selfies. just leave it up to him
  • Jaehyun: brought extra food aside from the food Taeyong brought. a ton of extra food. chocolates, donuts, drinks, chips, each kind of snack. probably consumed half of it by himself. still wants to stop ate every convenience store to buy snacks
  • Winwin: "are we there yet?"
Zodiac Wars I


“Keep him silent!”


“Hold still! You’re just making it harder for yourself! No one can hear you anyways!” Sagittarius exclaimed in an annoyed tone, trying to tie a band around the captive’s mouth. Aries was standing in the corner, pacing up and down the room. 

“We got one, and we’ll make him speak. It’s time to know what good old scorp is up to.”

“I will not tell you anything,” Virgo spat in his chair, angrily trying to shake his head free from Sag’s grip, who was still unsuccessfully trying to tie the band on his mouth.

“Sag you’re so useless sometimes,” Aries sighed, and grabbed the band out of Sag’s hand. He tied it aggressively around Virgo’s mouth while Sag held his head still. Virgo stopped trying. He understood that he wasn’t going to escape the room any time soon. “Stay with him. I’m going to hold a meeting with the others, and I’ll send Leo to fill you in afterwards.”

“If you say so, captain,” Sag responded with a slight smirk as Aries left the room. She sat on the floor across Virgo in the square, grey room, and stared at him. It was going to be a long night.


“I can’t deal with this anymore!” Aries yelled out in frustration, “we’re not getting anywhere! You couldn’t take a single goddamn risk in your life, and all you do is walk around and gloomily sulk in a corner! Can’t you see we’re falling apart?”

“I trusted you,” Scorpio shot daggers from her eyes, “you threw it away! You have zero patience, zero logic! If I asked you to do anything reasonable you wouldn’t even be half as able to understand it!”

“Who wouldn’t leave you? You’re toxic! Your systems are destroying us!”

“Then start your own group! Let’s see who follows. Let’s see how long you last.”

“Last one to stay alive wins. Also, f**k you.” Aries took off his badge and threw it on the ground, as he turned his back on Scorpio, and began walking away.

“Everything is a game for you, isn’t it?” Scorpio muttered, and walked the other direction. Aries would pay the price for his betrayal.


It had been three hours. Sag was getting bored sitting and watching Virgo. By now, she had looked at Virgo for so long, she could easily participate in a “how well do you know what Virgo looks like?” competition. Soft, brown and long hair. Almond brown eyes. Oval shaped face. Straight nose. Medium sized hands with long fingers. Black gear. Overly pale face. Sag found herself listing the features over and over again in her head. Finally, she heard a knock on the door.

“Sag?” a voice from outside echoed. Leo,

“Hey Leo. Thank god you’re here. I was getting so bored, looking at this loser. You’re my saviour.” Leo beamed as she entered, her golden hair flowing behind her. 

“Aries wants me to tell you what’s up. Come talk with me outside for a moment.”

“Please, get me out of here.” They stepped outside the room, and Sag closed the door behind her.

“Aries decided to lay low for a while. Keep our base hidden so they can’t track us while we have Virgo. He says they’ll be looking for Virgo, and we can’t give him back to them. Instead, we’re going to try and get Virgo to talk. And he says he wants you to do it.”

“Me, why me?” Sag felt her soul sink. She did not want to spend her days locked up in that room with Virgo.

“Well I suppose it’s because you’re good at being likeable, convincing, and trustworthy. If I were Virgo, i’d want to talk to you,” Leo smiled.

“Thanks Leo,” Sag smiled back at her, “so I guess I’ll still have to watch guard?”

Leo nodded. “If you ever get bored, just shout for me,” she laughed and walked away, winking. Sag laughed and miserably returned to the room.
“So it’s you and me now,” she said to Virgo, closing the door. “Are you hungry?” she asked. Virgo did not budge.

“Really, you think you’ll survive like this?” No response. She walked over to him, and carefully lifted the band from his mouth.

“So, are you hungry then?” Still no response. “Oh come on, don’t be such a bore. We’ll both be stuck in here if you keep going on like this.”
“Good. I’d rather die than give you any information. And if I go, I’m taking as many of you down as I can with me. Besides, they’ll find me.”
“What makes you so sure?” Sag raised an eyebrow, smirking. There was no way Scorpio’s team could ever locate their base, or be brave enough to come close to it.

“Because Cap will find me. Cap always finds me.” Virgo smiled, and went back to his mode of silence.

Sag wondered how Virgo was so determined. The Cap she knew would never risk her life for someone else. Never.


“They have Virgo.” Scorpio angrily slumped onto her chair. The five of them, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Gemini were sat around a round table, discussing their next move. Scorpio’s eyes drifted over to the empty seat next to Capricorn where Virgo would normally sit. She turned to Gemini.

“What happened Gemini?” she asked.

“We were searching for their base, when someone attacked me from behind. I couldn’t tell who– they immediately covered my eyes with a cloth. I fought back, but I could hear Virgo yelling. Then the yelling stopped. Cap found me, but I dunno what happened in between.”

“You don’t know, or you didn’t pay attention? Were you too busy chatting with your captor?” Scorpio sighed. “What next? Cap?”

“I’ve been thinking, Aries is smart enough to know we’ll be looking for Virgo. They’ll lay low. I know it. He’s so predictable. We can take the advantage and dominate the area. We’ll turn the place into our battlefield. Study each pathway, each hidden entrance and exit. Set up traps, take the upper hand. When they finally give up, they’ll step into our domain.”

“But won’t they suspect it?” Pisces asked, “I mean they won’t shut themselves in.”

“No, they won’t, but they’ll be carful,” said Scorpio. “And that’s exactly why I’m going to have Cap look for Virgo. While we take control of the field, Cap will try to invade their base. You are all free to leave. We’ll meet again tomorrow.” They got up to leave, but Scorpio held Capricorn by the arm.

“Capricorn,” she said in a low voice, “I don’t care what it takes, but you’re going to get Virgo back. Die for him if you must, but I’m not letting you back in until you have him.”

“I’d do anything for him.”


that’s it for part 1! 

let me know your thoughts on this, and whether you want more? 

more is to come! 

That Damn Door

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Author: Arfrona-and-Marvel

Word count: 765

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Type: Angstish???


That and cursing. 



Steve: Line Prompt 41. “Please, take me instead!” 

I will most likely not write a part 2. Idk yet. 


Steve’s POV:

Going to war with Tony was one thing, going to war against the government was another.


I hold my breath and open the door.

There was Steve sitting on the edge of our shared bed.

I let out a sigh.


“I really don’t want to hear it Y/N,” he starts to get up and walk out.

I walk in front of the door to block his way.  

He doesn’t look at me, but I try my best to get him to look at me anyway.  

“Steve,” I beg for something, some kind of attention, reaction. Truth was, since the passing of Peggy, Steve hasn’t been the same.  At least the same to me. He was quieter. He didn’t spend much time with me anymore.  He was colder, making sure to show the least amount of affection as possible.  He was never home, and when he was… he really wasn’t. He would do anything to avoid me. He wouldn’t even touch me anymore when we slept. It was as though there was a wall in between us. He never kissed me anymore,  sometimes when I’m lucky…a kiss on the forehead.  

And now he is going to war with Tony and the government.

“Please don’t go,” I whisper. I hug him close to me and wait for him to relax in my arms like he used to.

He doesn’t.

I sigh. I have had enough. I let him go. He quickly moves out of the room to get his bag.

I follow him and he feels my presence.

“This is for Bucky, this is for you too. What if you’re in trouble and the government won’t let me protect you? If I don’t do this I let myself be a puppet for the government,” he explains. I nod, I heard it all before.

“Like Bucky was for Hydra,” I finish.

He doesn’t respond and finishes packing.

“I’m a fugitive now, be careful, there’s a safety kit under our bed with a way to escape, passports, anything you need. I swear I’ll look for you when this is over. Don’t look for me in case it isn’t over. If they get to you before you can escape or leave this house, there’s a hideaway behind our dresser. There’s also a kit in your car too. Don’t trust anyone, but Bucky, Scott, Clint, Wanda, and Sam.”

My heart aches as I realize I couldn’t trust Natasha or Tony anymore.

I stand in front of the door to our apartment and wait for my goodbye kiss.

Or maybe just a goodbye.

I hear him sigh,

“Y/N, you know I love you right?”

I nod, scared that if I start talking, I’ll beg him to stay back.

I look down to avoid his stare, but I hear his footsteps getting closer to me. His arms wrap around my waist and he holds me close. This is the closest we’ve been in a while. I breathe him in and place my hands on both sides of his shoulders.


“Y/N, I swear I’ll come ba-”

The door next to us bursts open and Steve blocks the dust and rubble from hitting me with his body.

He lets me go and activates the magnets on his arm to grab his shield.

“Freeze Captain!”

He looks at me briefly, and I understand. I run to our bedroom as quickly as possible.  I push open the door to our room. I slide under the bed and grab the kit before running towards the dresser, pushing it slightly. The side of the dresser opens up to a hidden pathway.

I wait a few moments in hopes of the chaos downstairs to end. I hear the slam of metal from Steve’s shield and bones crushing. My heart gets caught in my throat when I hear footsteps running upstairs. I step quickly into the opening of the dresser and close it hearing the hinges mechanically close the opening. Darkness swallowing me.

Then I hear it, a loud thud.

And Steve yelling,

“Please! Take me instead!”

“Steve?” I whisper. I hear more loud thuds and I hear Steve groaning. I go back to the door and try to open it.

Screw getting caught, Steve might be hurt

But the door never opens.

Not when my hands were sore and I lost sight of the kit in the darkness.

Not when my eyes were puffy from the dust and my  crying.

And definitely,

not when there is no more sounds of fighting outside of that damn door.

And there’s just silence.


I will most likely not write a part 2. Thank you for reading :) .


She sat just off the main pathway, mostly hidden from view behind the trunk of a large tree. Jasper was busy – he had hundreds of things to do on this planet, and Coriander had sprained her wrist in one of his heists. He’d insisted she stay safe in the mean time, which meant she would spend her days sitting in the park, admiring the flowers and thinking of home.

How was her mother doing? How were the fields? She would be missing the harvest celebrations all over Cresce for the second time now, and it tugged on her heartstrings. She plucked another flower, humming a song from home, and added it to the chain she had been weaving all afternoon.

genjis-girlfriencl  asked:

"Do you think you could show us the way?" pirate au 2.0 Moirin and Beth (+ kids?) to ghost!

“Anything for you two,” Ghost smiles. He links his arm with Moirin’s and leads her and Beth down a hidden pathway at Pock Point, through an almost forest-like area. When the walk almost feels that it’s been too long, Ghost pulls back some shrubbery and reveals the back of Neva’s home.

“She liked being hidden,” he chuckles. “Always loved having an air of mystery about her. This way also has the best view of the beach, not cluttered with ships coming in and out. She was a peculiar woman. Very specific.”

Beth tries to hold back a squeal and rushes past the bushes to see her mother’s abandoned, grand house. Moirin looks at it curiously. It was certainly beautiful, yellow with blue accents, an overgrown garden with vines and ivy consuming the walls. Beth looks down at the roses amongst all the different flowers. She approaches one, smelling it with a smile.

“Here,” Ghost steps forward and offers help, wincing and frowning for a split moment when he pricks his finger, but hands a rose to Beth, and one to Moirin. “Don’t be shy. The roses were for everyone. She loved to spread them. They reminded her of Lord Collins. She grew different colors because of him.”

“Lovely,” Beth sighs sweetly, touching the soft petals and imagining her mother’s gentle touch caring for the plants. Moirin looks at her rose and squeezed Ghost’s hand.

“I concur,” she whispers. Ghost smiles, his fingers sliding to hold the rose with Moirin, sharing a kiss.

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@cloak-and-arrow)) Richard lawrson is running form angry red pryo who he manage to nick in the shoulder and now is running for safety. he jumped down form a ledge down to a hidden pathway in hope to hide. he grunt in pain as he land painfully but scurry away to the shadows in hope to hide form the pryo, didn't think he would run into anyone else form Red here

Jacques was idly refilling his ammo, out of the way from main battle as his watched finished charging. He looked up when he heard a loud thud, seeing the enemy Blu Sniper in a frenzy before watching him scurry away. Keeping his gun close, he approached the shadows quietly. Obviously the Sniper hadn’t noticed him while running.


Old ash and yew trees in an abandoned park from the 19th century

The trees grow atop arranged rocks, underneath is hidden a small cave. The park’s landscape has once been planned carefully and in alignment with prominent buildings, such as the steeple of the Auferstehungskirche. Channels once lead water through the protracted park scape, which stretches along the  Weißeritz river. Most of the paths and arranged parts are overgrown and the original park’s landscape is only slowly re-emerging, due to the thoughtful work of conservationists. Thus are revealed oddities such as gnarly, half dead - half alive trees and previously hidden pathways… Herbs such as hollowroot (Corydalis cava), wood squill (Scilla sibirica) and thimbleweed (Anemone nemorosa) are currently in bloom, covering the grounds in purple, blue and white. I did an incense offering between the huge stems of two ash trees, which are merged by their roots, as the sun was setting…

Lazy Day at the Compound

Ok so SHIELD agents are always busy, right? WRONG.

Daisy: Disney movie marathon. Lincoln hasn’t seen Hercules? We’re watching it. The SING ALONG version. A bunch of agents attend, and everyone tries to compare the characters in the movie to the Agents. When they watched Mulan, everyone had a field day.

Lincoln: sits in on the first few minutes of the movie, then sneaks out and plays video games with Mack and Hunter and Bobbi. Usually they play a call-of-duty-style game, but occasionally they play Mario Kart, and Bobbi kicks their butts. She happens to know a bunch of secret pathways hidden in the game.

FitzSimmons: Simmons does a bit of light reading in the lab to keep Fitz company while he’s working. She’s currently reading The Odessey- in Greek.
Fitz: working. Always working. But on days off, he works on his own special projects. He’s currently building a mini-version of the TARDIS that teleports. Unfortunately, he sometimes accidentally sends it random places. Coulson’s desk, Daisy’s dresser, on top of May’s head…

May and Coulson: play chess. Since moving to the Compound, it’s May 41, Coulson 40.

At the end of the day, before going to bed, there’s a huge game of poker. May has the best poker face, closely followed by Bobbi and, surprisingly, Simmons.

Ward: sits down after a long day of being a terrible person to watch some Netflix, only to see that Coulson and May hacked his account and placed a parental lock on it. He’s now only able to watch My Little Pony and Dora. Hail Hydra.