hidden metaphysics

How the 8th House shows an interest toward Astrology, the Metaphysics and Hidden Tantric Sciences of the world

The 8th House in astrology rules the Hidden Tantric Sciences of the world like Astrology, Metaphysics and the Occult.  The sign on the cusp of the 8th house can show details of our tendency toward including these means into our life and core personality.  If there is interest in the Hidden Sciences the sign on the 8th house show how we use these Hidden Tantric Sciences in life.  Planets in the 8th house as well give details of how Hidden Tantric Sciences impact our lives.  A combination of a Sign and Planets can also give a more profound draw towards the depths of how the metaphysical nature of the 8th house works through someone.

When Aries rules the 8th House (Virgo Ascendant) / Mars is in the 8th House

Aries in the 8th house tends to be a person that may have a limited interest in the hidden tantric side of life unless a planet occupies the 8th house.  If the interest does manifest itself during the life this can be someone who likes to explore and put a lot of energy into discovering the hidden tantric sciences of the world.  Astrology, the occult, metaphysics and learning about life and death matters tend to come second nature.  

Since Aries is an independent and youthful energy we can see a person who likes to investigate these sciences on their own.  This can be especially true of the cases where the more introverted Virgo is rising at the time of Birth.  The person may like to read books or material on these subjects in private or their interest in this area may be kept rather personal and low key.  

Since Mars energy in either case (planet or rising) is influencing the 8th house there can be periods of ups and downs with interest in the hidden sciences of life.  There may also be a tendency to get impatient or bored if the person doesn’t seek the answers to what they seek through astrology.  If this occurs they may take a break from it or switch to another science to seek what they find.  Mars energy does burn out and go through ups and down periods but more than likely this ensures the person will eventually return interest to what they depart from.

The main use of astrology or tantric sciences can be to learn about the world; after all Aries is a youthful energy that likes to explore.   They may be interested in using Astrology to find ways to grow themselves and their influences in the world.  So it’s not too uncommon they can want to find out about career or anything pertaining to ways to grow their presence in the world.  This is especially pronounced in Virgo Rising because they work oriented and care about the services they offer.  

Astrology may be used to find out about their sexuality, potential sex partners or their life sex life in general.  Astrology or hidden tantric sciences may be used to discover the qualities of their enemies and how to overcome adversaries they face in their life as well for examples.  Alas since Aries is a restless energy the main use of tantric sciences can be generally summed up as “what to do next.”

When Taurus rules the 8th House (Libra Ascendant) / Venus is in the 8th House

Often a Libra Rising or someone with Taurus in the 8th house will not be much into the realms of the underworld the 8th house presents.  This is because Taurus being on the 8th house cusp is blanketed by the down to earth nature of Taurus itself.  However this of course can be modified if Libra Ascendants ruler specially, Venus, is placed in the 8th house.  Any other personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn) may trigger an interest in the underworld and 8th house matters as well.  The outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto can as well, but perhaps to a lesser degree.

If the conditions in the chart make someone with Taurus on the 8th house cusp interested in astrology one main focal point can be financial security.  They may use arts like astrology or hidden Tantric Sciences to fulfill their survival means.  This can manifest in several ways.  They may use something like predictive astrology to see when financial stability can come to them.  There can also be an interest in using astrology charts to find out where they can make money.  

Since Taurus is also a very possession oriented sign since it’s ruled by Venus the person may be interested in using the Hidden sciences of the world to uncover potential assets.  For instance Astrology or Tarot can be done in a way to see what items they may be interested in owning, the possibility of increasing their possessions and assets, and foresee what periods of life can bring with it gains or windfalls.  Finding stability tends to be very important for Taurus energy so anywhere they can find comfort can tend to be a place of interest with hidden Tantric Sciences.

Taurus also rules the comfortable and sensual side of sexuality so it would not be a stretch to see someone use Hidden Tantric sciences to discover the working of their sex life.  They may use an interest in this area to find a good lover or a partner for themselves.  Especially for the Libra ascendant that is socially oriented the person may use Astrology in general to find social contacts (also ruled by Venus.)  An interest in 8th house matters may show this person may like to own possessions showcasing an interest in astrology or hidden Tantric Sciences.  They may like to own Astrology Jewelry, Tarot Cards or themed Fashion items.

Taurus is also the sign of personal self-worth in its own merit. So this individual can perhaps turn to astrology to help fortify their values or even understand where they come from.  Taurus is ruled by Venus so sensuality and art tend to come naturally to the 8th house.  Astrology and hidden Tantric Sciences may be used to uncover the personal artistic talent a person may be possessive.  There may be interest in finding out if artistic talent can be applied to matters of career as well.

When Gemini rules the 8th House (Scorpio Ascendant) / Mercury is in the 8th House

With Gemini ruling the 8th house cusp tends to show a person becomes a natural fit for pursing 8th house matters.  This is quite frankly because Scorpio is rising in almost all cases (unless the house system used has interceptions.)  Scorpio Rising has a natural affinity and need to discover the underworld and this may very well be tied into the curious nature of Gemini Energy.  Even having Mercury in the 8th house brings these conditions since it brings the lower mind into the 8th house.  This will produce someone who loves to learn, talk about and meet people interested in the hidden tantric sciences.

Gemini in the 8th brings mutable energy into the 8th house which shows this person is naturally open to accepting more below the surface.  Reading, learning and diving into the occult, astrology, metaphysics and Tantric sciences is a burning need.  Since Gemini is restless there can be a need to keep finding the mind and seeing below the surface.  

This is often seen as a position of someone who is a deep investigator due to Scorpio Rising.  They can use astrology or Hidden Sciences to understand almost anything and everything.  One very important area it can be used for is understanding people.  Scorpio rising and the 8th house love psychology; and placing Gemini in 8 show someone who can astrology to understand people.  This can be friends, a potential lover and even themselves.  Thy may use Tarot or Astrology to understand events, where to move, learn about their parents; the possibility are really endless.  

Gemini itself is a very sexual sign, especially in the case of Scorpio rising.  So the energy in the 8th house can be used to satisfy their sexual needs through investigation with the hidden Tantric Sciences of the world.  If Mercury is in the 8th (as well as Gemini in 8) you can bet this person probably loves to communicate about these matters.  This can be a position of a whistleblower and someone who loves to or write about truths they uncover through the hidden sciences of the world.  They may also love to bring to light and teach everything they come to know about metaphysical matters.

When Cancer rules the 8th House (Sagittarius Ascendant) / Moon is in the 8th House

Cancer or the moon being placed in the 8th house is a very auspicious placement for an interest in the occult sciences.  The reason is simple, you are bringing a water sign into a house naturally ruled by water (Scorpio.)  As with all that is water in life things go deeper than that. Cancer in 8 in is placement for a Sagittarius Ascendant.  Sagittarius Ascendant loves to expand their horizons and Cancer (or the moon) brings instinct, higher mind thinking and emotional attachment towards 8th house matters.

An interest in the Hidden Tantric sciences may actually come from the early life, family and perhaps even from the person’s moon or more nurturing parent.  These is an inclination here the 8th house matters may of been a part of the persons upbringing.  This of course from the very start can make the person exposed and interested in the hidden sciences of the world.  This can even produce a person whose natural instinct (Moon rules instinct) is to turn to astrology or metaphysics as a means to get whatever they want out of life.

Using the hidden sciences of the world can be for anything that really interests the person on an inner level.  They may astrology to understand themselves on an emotional level.  It could possibly be used to discover their lineage, things about their mother, about their family traditions or even their early life or home.  Anything that really strikes a chord emotionally in the person can draw them to use any of the hidden sciences; especially when it comes to starting a family of their own.  

This can be a person who uses astrology to find out what can bring them emotional security.  They may use it also to discover details about a family of their own, or even maybe their own home life.  Since moon also shows private life any kind of occult science may be used to satisfy their interest in this area.  They may even use mediums, astrologers, tarot readers or occult practices to actually connect with the past.  For instance they may use a medium to connect with a passed on loved ones.  

If it is Moon in the 8th house a big difference can be that the individual uses the hidden tantric sciences to find more intimacy in their life.  They may also seek out their transformative side and use the metaphysics to understand more about the cycle of life and death.  The connection with the 8th house is stronger with Moon because it part of the person’s consciousness placed here.  This can cause a person’s moods to possibly fluctuate and draw them towards astrology to understand what makes them have ups and downs in life.

When Leo rules the 8th House (Capricorn Ascendant) / Sun is in the 8th House

Leo ruling the 8th house does not promise by any mean someone interested in the occult matters.  This is especially true because Capricorn is usually rising and is a down to earth sign. Usually it will take someone with planets in the 8th house or an aspected ascendant, sun or moon to Pluto to bring the 8th house interests to them. One primary way the 8th house can come out is through having Leo risings chart ruler placed in the 8th house itself.  This brings with an ego interest in 8th house matters and a strong flavor of Scorpio to the person.

When the Occult and Hidden Sciences of the world are sparked in this person it can manifest numerous ways.  Essentially you can see a person who uses these sciences as a way to make themselves shine.  This individual can take an interest in using astrology as a way to become an authority or be king-like in some area of life.  Leo itself is “king” but since Capricorn is rising with Leo in 8 this person can be heavily interested in using the hidden Tantric Sciences in bolstering their authoritative nature in life.  In summary they usually want to find a way to lead, and this can be done in numerous ways through the 8th house.

Astrology may be used to find out how to creatively express themselves and draw attention to themselves.  It’s not uncommon to use astrology to find out their talents or ways they use a career as a means to bolster a need for authoritative status in the world.  Leo energy is about more than just authority though.  There can be an interest in finding out ways to have fun and uncover their hobbies.  Maybe they even use Astrology to find out how to make their hobbies work best for them.

The occult Hidden Science interest can even be used in the area of children. Leo is a childlike energy so you’re bringing an interest in children to the 8th house with Sun or Leo’s presence in this area.  The results tend to be very broad.  This person may use astrology or Occult Sciences to find out about their own children.  When they will have children, if they will have children or the nature of their children can be examples of this in application.  One really distinct possibly is these sciences are used how to uncover the persons own “hidden child.”  Especially if Capricorn is rising as interest in astrology may be used to find out simply how to perhaps be the child they were never allowed to be.

Since Leo energy is so dynamic about self it can an interest in the persons own romantic life.  Occult sciences can be used to find out when the romantic partner they long for comes into their life.  When they do meet romantic partners they may be interested in doing romantic synastry through astrology to see how compatible they are with their partner.  Leo also rules over risk taking and speculating so the 8th house matters of occult sciences can aid them greatly here.  They may use Tarot to ask questions about risks they can take.  Since Capricorn rising is status minded this person may use astrology as a means to find out where to invest money and what risks may be worth taking or avoiding.

When Virgo rules the 8th House (Aquarius Ascendant) / Mercury is in the 8th House

Virgo on the 8th house cusp can be a bit of a conundrum on it’s own.  At initial glance it would seem like an earth sign that is practical should not draw attention to 8th house matters.  This is hardly the case however due to two unique circumstances.  The first is Virgo is ruled by Mercury drawing an intellectual interest toward matters of the 8th house.  The other major contributor is Virgo in the 8th is an Aquarius Ascendant.  Aquarius energy is influencing the person giving them a strong interest in esoteric sciences.

Virgo itself is analytical energy so a person with Virgo in 8 can take a strong interest in the analytical side of Astrology.  Wanting to learn about, read about and understand astrology can be a strong part of their nature easy.  They may like to learn about and detail peoples natal charts.   Virgo loves to perform service so this can be a position to show an astrologer due to the knowledge they will gain of the subjects.  Another manifestation is simply using astrology as a means to find out about their work.  Maybe they want to find out what work is right for them so they use hidden Tantric Sciences of the 8th house to uncover this.

Virgo is also an energy that likes routine so incorporating metaphysics into the daily life can be a no-brainer.  This might be someone who likes to check transit charts every day in astrology.  At a lower level of interest maybe they may even like to casually read their horoscope every day, month or even year to see how esoteric interests impact their life.  Virgo itself loves organization so anyway the person can help organize their life better may have its place in using occult sciences.

Virgo is also the sign of Health matters.  Occult sciences can be instinctually used to find out about their own health.  They may use medical astrology to discover why they have chronic diseases.  This is especially possibly if Mercury is in 8.  Virgo is a restless and worrisome energy so Astrology can be used to find what disease or condition may bring harm to the individual.  Not all is negative though because the person may find out what diseases and chronic conditions they can be susceptible too.  With that information they can have a leg up in the future and use preventive medicine.

Another area to consider with Virgo in 8 is animals and small pets.  While a bit outside the box (probably normal for an Aquarius Ascending) this person may be drawn towards pet metaphysics.  They may use astrology to help understand their own pets.   Small animals and pets have influences of the sun they were born under and this person may like to find a pet born under a sign compatible with them.

When Libra rules the 8th House (Pisces Ascendant) / Venus is in the 8th House

With Libra ruling the 8th house cusp a person can either naturally have an interest in Hidden Tantric sciences or altogether by pass it. This can be attributed to the effect of Pisces Rising when Libra is in the 8th house.  Pisces is a mutable sign and it tends either go two directions.  On one hand Pisces Ascendants can be very spiritual people and look toward esoteric sciences and the greater collective.  This can include metaphysics, astrology, dream study and things of that nature that can tie into 8th house matters.  

The other side of Pisces however can lead them away from the metaphysics. If the influences around the person are poor the person may be more interested in escaping reality through entertainment of self-detrimental behavior.  A Pisces Ascendant is a tricky Phenom; It tends to go with the flow of what is presented around it.  Since the sign of Pisces is so mutable it all comes down to the nature of the environment and relationships the person has around them.  That said other factors can play in whether this person can take involvement in the occult.

The Libra in 8 person’s natural inclination to have an interest in metaphysics can be seen from Neptune (and classical ruler Jupiter) in their own birth chart. The location of those two planets in signs or houses in the birth chart can point towards a higher individual interest in metaphysical matters.  If Venus in the 8th house interest in the Hidden Tantric sciences is pronounced.  However other planets in the 8th house, 9th house, 11th or 12th house may be needed to draw Libra in the 8th towards occult interests.  Aspects of the Sun, Moon or Ascendant to Pluto may be considered as well to bring Libra and focus towards 8th house sciences.  

If the person on their own merit does have an individual interest in the hidden Tantric sciences of the world they may use it in an effort to bring balance to their lives.  They may practice meditation or things like reiki healing as a way to restore order in their well-being.  There may also be an interest in astrology for them to seek partnerships as Libra rules this area of life.  A person may use astrology seeking the perfect marriage partner.  The same may be said for being on the prowl for business partners.  

Libra also rules contracts and negotiations so astrology may be used to look at transits to find out if negotiations may be more favorable at a certain time in their life.  Another possibility may lie in the Venusian side of Libra; the person may like to seek out their artistic talents through astrology or other metaphysical arts.  Since Libra energy is sensual in nature the person may also be interest in the aesthetic side of astrology through the 8th house.  This may include an interest in astrology influencing the person’s appearance or how they decide to dress themselves.

Libra is the sign of partnerships a person’s interest in the metaphysics may be heightened due to their significant partnerships.  For instance if they marry someone who is into the occult or astrology the person will be likely to tag along and engage in it with them.  This can be true as well if they make any kind of significant partnership where the partner displays an open interest in the hidden tantric sciences.  Pisces ascendants are mutable and like to go with the flow; so if the partners are into it the person will be into it too.

When Scorpio rules the 8th House (Aries Ascendant)/ Pluto is in the 8th House

Scorpio ruling the 8th house cusp is the home placement for Scorpio as it naturally rules the 8th house.  In many cases having Scorpio on the 8th house shows someone who has a natural strong draw to 8th house occult and Tantric Sciences.  This is also true of having Pluto in the 8th house as Pluto is in the house it naturally rules over.  Pluto and Scorpio in the 8th makes someone a truth seeker and someone who wants to uncover hidden motivations.  This tends to be done through looking into metaphysics, occult and the hidden side of life.  

This can be a person who likes to investigate secrets, sex, death, taxes and psychology as topics of interest.  That said when Aries is rising in the chart with Scorpio in the 8th this person can be independent and private about their interest in metaphysical matters.  This is because Scorpio is a private sign and does not like to reveal its true motivations openly; so more times than not the interest in the hidden Tantric sciences may be kept under wraps.

When it comes to what this person may use astrology and the Hidden sciences for are quite broad.  Astrology or the occult may be used to understand the process of life or death.  There may be an interest in using metaphysics to understand their place in the world in general.  Sexuality is big part of Aries and Scorpio energy, so When Aries rises and Scorpio is in the 8th the person may use astrology to discover their sexuality or learn about how sex works in life.  This may mean they use astrology to find a sex partner or maybe this use to find out how to be a better sex partner for example.

Often Scorpio in the 8th can also include someone who uses the hidden sciences to understand psychology.  For an Aries ascendant who likes to overcome adversaries and prove their worth in the world astrology can be used through the 8th house to understand their enemies.  They may also plot their moves in like by consulting Tarot Cards.  The 8th house areas of life and death may influence the person to consult a medium perhaps to talk they cared about who passed on.  The person may find in general the hidden Tantric Sciences are a way to cope with the process of death and Rebirth and transforming themselves as they move forward in life.

When Sagittarius rules the 8th House (Taurus Ascendant) / Jupiter is in the 8th House

Sagittarius ruling the 8th house cusp brings the energy of higher abstract thinking into the 8th house of metaphysics and hidden Tantric Sciences.  This tends to make someone who finds adventure in life when they look below the surface and seek what is hidden in the shadows.  Jupiter occupying the 8th house tends to bring the same results perhaps in higher quantities.  When the planet of expansion or Sagittarius occupies the 8th house a person’s philosophy’s and beliefs tend to be shaped or built around metaphysics or hidden Tantric Sciences.

Sagittarius and Jupiter rule the area of higher education and learning in life. Bringing them into the 8th house makes a person who can persistently look into to the hidden Tantric Sciences of the world.  This is especially true if Taurus is rising as the behavior tends to be persistent and stubborn.  Once this person forms a belief about occult or metaphysical matters they may be unwavering.  In some cases there interest in these matters may be shared with a dogmatic fire as their beliefs are deeply entwined in the deeper and hidden side of life.

With Sagittarius energy occupying the 8th house we can see a person who uses the hidden Tantric Sciences to understand the greater meaning of life. For instance Astrology may be used to find a soul mission or tarot readings can find a similar link to the meaning of life through a spread.  An interest in the occult may help the person understand matters of religion which is seen through Sagittarius.  Astrology or tarot may also be used to help the person understand what or when to publish articles if they so like to write.  Sagittarius also rules teaching so as this person learns about matters of Occult sciences they may like to teach about them naturally.  Astrology may also be used to find out when the best time to marry is since Jupiter and Sagittarius rule Religious ceremony.  

Sagittarius rules a natural inclination towards all things foreign like foreign travel and foreign people as well as cultures.  Astrology or Tarot may be used to discover the details or possible timing of a long distance trip.  Having Sagittarius in the 8th may also show a person who finds interest in 8th house matters come through their long distance travels.  They may travel to a foreign land and in their journey stumble across meeting people who bring an interest in occult sciences into their life.  It can certainly be probable that this person takes serious interest in other forms of metaphysics or tantric sciences that are not native to their home land. For instance this may be someone who finds interest in Vedic Astrology if they are born outside India.

When Capricorn rules the 8th House (Gemini Ascendant) / Saturn is in the 8th House

Capricorn ruling the 8th house cusp can produce a person who may lack the natural pull towards metaphysics and 8th house matters.  This can be born from the practical and down to Earth nature of Capricorn energy.  However this is not to be said the person may not find an interest in their life from learning about 8th house matters and sciences.  There are several ways the person can be introduced to the hidden tantric side of life.

The first can be seen in the case of Capricorn occupying the 8th often Gemini is rising.  Gemini is naturally mutable and can be influenced based on their social interactions.  If they meet the rite person Gemini’s natural desire to learn can be motivated to take interest in the hidden Tantric sciences of the world. Planets in the 8th house, and especially Saturn in the 8th, can show the pull someone towards hidden Tantric Sciences as well.  Sometimes Capricorn or Saturn in 8 can even show a father or authority figure influences an interest in 8th house matters for the person.

It is to be said however that Capricorn and Saturn represents limitations and delays in life.  If this is the case the person may be delayed the first 30 years in life from having deep or fulfilling access to the Tantric sciences of the world. Often if the person tries to dive into these areas of their own accord things tend to restrict them from pursuing the interest further.  However once Saturn lifts its restrictions later in life (after Saturn return) often these 8th house matters integrate into the structure of the person’s life.  The person can at that point can pursue the hidden Tantric Sciences of the world and incorporate them as they see fit.  

When this person is able or takes interest in the hidden Sciences it may very well be used for many things.  Since Capricorn is the energy that represents status in the world sciences like Astrology or Tarot can be sought for ways to boost personal status.  Astrology may be a key tool as the person can see ways in which to increase their reputation and find ways to bolster their standing in their communities they participate in.  Capricorn is also a very serious and career oriented sign so the hidden Tantric Sciences can be used to bolster their career.  If the person struggles in life Astrology may be used to find possible career paths for themselves for example.

Other possibilities lie in Capricorn seeking recognition where it lies.  Capricorn itself loves to become authority so seeking out the hidden Sciences can be used for the person to bring power to themselves.  Astrology, Tarot or metaphysics can be sought to help the person seek recognition for their efforts.  Sciences like Tarot can be sought so the person can find out whether they are do a promotion.  Vedic astrology can be another way the person looks to find out if they are due recognition in certain areas through researching maha dasha periods.  Capricorn also represents the father so the person may use the Hidden Sciences to find out things about their father.  It may not be far-fetched either they like to use these sciences to find out when they become a father themselves.

When Aquarius rules the 8th House (Cancer Ascendant) / Uranus is in the 8th House

Aquarius ruling the 8th house cusp can be an auspicious placement for an interest in matters of metaphysic and Tantric sciences.  The reason is simple as Aquarius energy itself rules over esoteric sciences and occupying the 8th house brings the person a natural interest in these areas usually.  Having Uranus in the 8th house is a natural fit as well as it is planet that rules astrology in the modern version of astrology.  Any planets in the 8th house or contacts of Pluto to the persons ascendant, sun or moon only bolster the draw to the Hidden Sciences of the world; but usually more times than not Astrology is the main draw of their interest.

An interest in astrology can be used to allow the person to understand the greater elements of mankind.  They may like to use astrology understand their friends, groups they belong to, teams they are interested in, corporations around them or society in general.  The person may like to use astrology to help find friends, groups or ways that they can reach out and be a part of something greater then themselves.  An interest in the metaphysical sciences can also lead them to either understand or in some cases as a humanitarian effort to aid the underprivileged in society.

Uranus and Aquarius on their own merit rule over technology.  So an interest in astrology may find that this person uses technology like computers to further their interest in this area.  They may read online articles, use social networking websites or even buy e-books as a means to investigate the hidden Tantric sciences of the world.  Astrology tarot or metaphysics may also be used as a way for a person to discover or bolster their innovative nature.

An interest in these sciences may even be used to help them pursue their own hopes and wishes in life as these areas of life are ruled by Aquarius energy. Astrology may in general also be used to help them look toward their future. Them may be interested in things like transits and chart progressions as a means to forecast what’s ahead.  It’s not too uncommon to see that Tarot spreads may be used to “ask about what’s to come.”  

Once the person comes to understand and get engrossed in the hidden Tantric sciences this person may like to talk about the hidden Tantric sciences with their friends, or join groups that share their common interests.  There is a possibility that the sudden upheaval and reversal nature of Uranus or Aquarius may cause the person to have an inconsistent relationship with the Hidden Tantric sciences of the world.

When Pisces rules the 8th House (Leo Ascendant) / Neptune is in the 8th House

Pisces ruling over the 8th house is a natural fit to bring the interest of metaphysics into a person’s life.  Pisces energy is intuitive and here intuition can inspire someone to seek something greater at work in the universe. Metaphysical interest tends to come natural here especially if it has a spiritual flavor to it.  An interest in the hidden Tantric Sciences of the world can be specially garnered to help understand the spiritual side of themselves.

Since Leo is usually rising in the case of Pisces in the 8th the person can have a distinct interest in finding where they fit in the greater whole of the universe. The person may find themselves naturally pulled to wanting to learn about the hidden tantric sciences to support their personal ambitions in life but also to understand all of life and how things fit together.  A major general want here can be to use metaphysics, astrology, tarot or the occult to help the greater good of mankind.  There may be interest in holistic healing specially as a means to help themselves or others.

Astrology can be an interest with Pisces on the 8th that comes quite natural to them.  The person can use astrology to help improve their life as well as others.  An interest in astrology can help the person understand the greater collective that makes up the universe.  They may specifically be interested in using astrology as a means to see that everything is connected and influences each other.  

In a sense Pisces is about letting go and merging into something greater then self.  Astrology can be a means to an end as this person may enjoy learning about the soul and the greater workings of the universe at large.  A sense of where the physical incarnation ends on Earth and where the soul and spirit differ can be understood through an interest in astrology.  There can be a strong pull toward merging the idea of reincarnation along with astrology. Pisces in 8 can take a strong interest in how the soul is seen through astrology charts and really like to search the moon nodes as a means to learn about the greater workings of the universe.

Dream interpretation can be another metaphysical area of life that draws interest from Pisces in 8.  The person may also like learning about energy and how the universal energies available to a person can influence their physical everyday life.  They may like to take a an interest in reiki healing, Chakra cleansing or any metaphysical science that influences energy levels.  Learning how to work with energy can be something Pisces in 8 can be motivated to do as a means to heal others who suffer in life.

All hidden Tantric sciences of the world can be used by Pisces in the 8th to help them through chaotic times.  Pisces rules over grief, sorrow and loss.  The hidden sciences like astrology or tarot may be used to help the person come to term with personal suffering and pain.  The person may be interest in using spiritual mediums as a way to talk to departed loved ones that caused them heartache as an example.

In some instances having Neptune or Pisces in the 8th can show a malefic nature.  Since Leo is often rising the person may be self-absorbed and turn away from the “higher spiritual calling” of Pisces energy.  In this case it is not to uncommon the hidden Tantric Sciences of the world are of no interest to the person.  This can be especially possible if Neptune itself is in the 8th house. Neptune can very well dissolve what it touches in the most malefic of cases and in this case dissolve a person’s interest in 8th house matters.


Extroverted Sensing (Se):

  • Strong real-world focus, with a desire to experience all life has to offer
  • Sensitive to physical stimuli, often seeking to engage with it
  • In tune with the immediate physical environment
  • Lives fully (and immerses self) in the moment
  • Thinks on the move
  • Steers away from contemplative lifestyles
  • Enjoys exerting their physical energy
  • Able to recognize others’ levels of motivation or willpower
  • Comfortable taking initiative when others cannot or won’t do so
  • Easily senses power dynamics
  • Often strives for dominance in professional or personal relationships
  • Seeks to minimize dependencies on others
  • Adapts quickly to the changing environmental needs
  • Frequently seeks new experiences, stimuli, or acquaintances
  • Lacks caution or reserve, may use physical force to accomplish things
  • Can appear impulsive, rash, or aggressive

Introverted Thinking (Ti):

  • Adept at formulating logical systems, models, and reasoning
  • Uses this model as a basis for understanding the world
  • Tends toward logical absolutes
  • Little faith in established rules unless they ‘make sense’
  • May find processing ambiguity difficult
  • Critical of anything that doesn’t match their established interpretation
  • Flexible in expanding or dispensing with infallible systems
  • Retains information deemed useful to their own ends
  • May reference facts, statistics or historical examples to back up claims
  • Eager to learn about a wide variety of things
  • Often motivated by the prospect of rewards and status

Extroverted Feeling (Fe):

  • Values highly vibrant emotional environments
  • Seeks to freely interact and be themselves without moral judgment
  • Often not good at relieving perceived ‘dull’ atmospheres
  • Can appear unfriendly, brusque, unwelcoming, or insensitive
  • Likes large group environments centered on a common shared goal
  • Enjoys surprising or provoking reactions in others
  • Often competitive or seeks positive attention

Introverted Intuition (Ni):

  • Tends to lack restraint or moderation
  • Perceives most situations through instinct
  • Often acts without considering the future consequences
  • May leap to conclusions quickly or haphazardly
  • Often unaware of a difficult situation’s subtle intricacies
  • Finds it difficult to slow down their thought patterns
  • Tends to seek a deeper sense of ‘meaning’ in life
  • Can be oblivious to deeper meanings, hidden symbols, or     metaphysical ideas
  • May aggressively seek answers from multiple sources
  • Often drawn to individuals who can express intuitive worldviews
  • Attracted to individuals more inclined to intuitive reflection than action

Compiled by Charity / the Mod. Based on MBTI and Socionics definitions.

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