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honestly people are (as usual) giving the writers too much credit in suggesting that regina’s discomfort w/ the engagement reveal was somehow intentional. we waited six years for a single fucking hug and they shoved one into this scene because honestly at this point, emma is only really in scenes with or about hook, like where else were they gonna put it? it’s not that deep, it’s not a hidden message, the writers genuinely are that oblivious and hateful, that’s it. if anything, lana might have thought back to “you’re too good for hook” and tried to act it w/ a little more nuance, but even if that’s the case, it’s not going to have any narrative repercussions…we’re still gonna go on like everyone’s fine with this even though half a season ago no one was 

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Tell them you live in the North Pole, you work part time in Santa’s workshop and rent a room behind the reindeer stables. Tell them that you were born to pirates at sea and no country in the world will grant you citizenship, so you just float around in the ocean on your pirate ship all the time and you have to order groceries on-line and they are delivered by a plane that drops them from the sky.

Tell them you once testified against the mafia and are in a witness protection program so you can’t disclose your location. But you have secret messages hidden in your stories to communicate with your family so they know you are okay. 

@noona-la-la-la this made my day lmao yes, i hope my family sees the secret messages in my smut, you heard it here first folks :D

Taylor Swift - Hidden Messages

Taylor Swift (Debut Album)

Tim McGraw - Can’t tell me nothing
Picture To Burn - Date nice boys
Teardrops On My Guitar - He will never know
A Place In This World - I found it
Cold As You - Time to let go
The Outside - You are not alone
Stay Beautiful - Shaken bake
Should’ve Said No - Sam Sam Sam Sam
Mary’s Song (Oh My My My) - Sometimes love is forever
Our Song - Live in love
Tied Together With A Smile - You are loved


Fearless - I loved you before I met you
Fifteen - I cried while recording this
Love Story - Someday I’ll find this
Hey Stephen - Love and theft
White Horse - All I ever wanted was the truth
You Belong With Me - Love is so blind you couldn’t see me
Breathe - I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry
Tell Me Why - Guess I was fooled by your smile
You’re Not Sorry - She can have you
The Way I Loved You - We can’t go back
Forever&Always - If you play these games wrong we’re both going to lose
The Best Day - God bless Andrea Swift
Change - You made things change for me
Jump Then Fall - Last summer was magical
Untouchable - We always want what we can’t reach
Forever&Always (Piano Version) - Still miss who I thought he was
Come In With The Rain - I won’t admit that I’d wish you’d come back
Superstar - I’ll never tell
The Other Side Of The Door - What I was really thinking when I slammed the door

Speak Now 

Mine - Toby
Sparks Fly - Portland Oregon
Back To December - Tay
Speak Now - You always regret what you don’t say
Dear John - Loved you from the very first day
Mean - I thought you got me
The Story Of Us - CMT Awards
Never Grow Up - I moved out in July
Enchanted - Adam
Better Than Revenge - You thought I would forget
Innocent - Life is full of little interruptions
Haunted - Still to this day
Last Kiss - Forever and always
Long Live - For you


State Of Grace - I love you doesn’t count after goodbye
Red - SAG
Treacherous - Won’t stop till it’s over
I Knew You Were Trouble - When you saw me dancing
All Too Well - Maple lattes
22 - Ashley, Dianna, Claire, Selena
I Almost Do - Wrote this instead of calling
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - When I stopped caring what you thought
Stay Stay Stay - Daydreaming about real love
The Last Time - LA on your break
Holy Ground - When you came to the show in S.D.
Sad Beautiful Tragic - While you were on a train
The Lucky One - Wouldn’t you like to know
Everything Has Changed - Hyannis Port
Starlight - For Ethel
Begin Again - I wear heels now


Welcome to New York - We begin our story in New York
Blank Space - There once was a girl known by every one and no one
Style - Her heart belonged to someone who couldn’t stay
Out of the Woods - They loved each other recklessly
All You Had To Do was Stay - They paid the price
Shake It Off - She danced to forget him
I Wish You Would - He drove past her street each night
Bad Blood - She made friends and enemies
Wildest Dreams - He only saw her in his dreams
How To Get The Girl - Then one day he came back
This Love - Timing is a funny thing
I Know Places - And everyone was watching
Clean - She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything 

Have you ever thought about how in the Fellowship of the Ring...

In the film’s prologue, Galadriel narrates the forging of the Great Rings. But there’s a really cool hidden message in how the shots are set up…

The shots of the elves only show them looking at their rings, nothing else…

The shots of the dwarves only show them looking at their rings, nothing else…

But when we get to the nine rings given to men “who above all else desire power”….the men don’t look at their rings. They look straight into the camera.


And while other shots are composed to make you look at the magic rings,  everything in this shot is designed to make sure you look back into the eyes of the man in the center. 


Because these men are looking at you, the audience: because you are one of them.

It’s a reminder that you are also a member of the race of men, and before you call The Nine weak-willed and evil you must remember that you are just as fallible and could be corrupted by power just as they were…that their flaws are only a dark reflection of your own flaws, and the flaws common to all of mankind

I might start using Xros Wars! Peri to illustrate how I currently feel :3c *imtotallydeadandtiredicanteventypeproperlynoridkwhatimdoingugh* but probably she was just planning a new strategy to overcome the Death Generals or something~


“Women got to understand, we work better together”


Why can we find geometric shapes in the night sky? How can we know that at least two people in London have exactly the same number of hairs on their head? And why can patterns be found in just about any text — even Vanilla Ice lyrics? Is there a deeper meaning? 

The answer is no, and we know that thanks to a mathematical principle called Ramsey theory. So what is Ramsey theory? Simply put, it states that given enough elements in a set or structure, some particular interesting pattern among them is guaranteed to emerge.

The mathematician T.S. Motzkin once remarked that, “while disorder is more probable in general, complete disorder is impossible.” The sheer size of the Universe guarantees that some of its random elements will fall into specific arrangements, and because we evolved to notice patterns and pick out signals among the noise, we are often tempted to find intentional meaning where there may not be any. So while we may be awed by hidden messages in everything from books, to pieces of toast, to the night sky, their real origin is usually our own minds.

From the TED-Ed Lesson The origin of countless conspiracy theories - PatrickJMT

Animation by Aaron, Sean & Mathias Studios


Can you crack the typographic code?

Barry Spencer makes letters that may or may not look like letters. A Type Designer and Doctor from Melbourne, he labels himself, a ‘Speculative Type Designer’ and explores the boundaries between letterform and symbol.

Clara, his latest typeface is no exception. It’s design and message are encrypted. Below, Barry issues you a challenged to unlock his design…

Cryptic Clara and her Search For Clarity

Within this text lies the key to decoding my cryptic artwork. A few subtle clues are riddled throughout the information, so attention to detail is important for decrypting the letterforms.

The first person to decode the type and tell me how I created the letterforms will be rewarded. Good luck!

The Natural Order…

Clara is a typeface that is specifically designed to be challenging and against the natural order of things. However, from experience I know that it’s considered a great sin to sever the ties to the existing Latin alphabet in this way, even when born from twisted typographical fun and entertainment.

Letterforms like these are prime to invite adverse reactions from those prone to more traditional perspectives of type design because making shapes that are intentionally hard (or near impossible) for people to read adds another level of abstraction onto the already abstract Latin forms that we have become familiar with in our daily lives. Essentially, this makes them lose their purpose — communication. However, what if this was the intention from the start? Does that re-imbue the shapes with an assigned purpose? The challenge of decipherment.

Divided Time…

In my work I enjoy the challenge of pushing my perception and understanding of letterforms. I constantly to advance my knowledge (and appreciation) for the potential of letters every day, in each and every project I create. However, I did not arrive at this approach overnight.

My letterforms started out as small experimental deviations away from the existing shapes and these small changes led to larger and more experimental trials, before finally moving into far removed speculations that explore what might happen if we follow more extreme and unusual ideas.

This led to the completion my doctoral thesis “Speculatype” in 2014 and I have spent the last couple of years divided time between a mixture of three things: creating, writing and teaching (with public speaking and workshops thrown in for good measure).

Out of Our Comfort Zone…

My argument revolves around our ability as designers and creatives to explore our professions and outcomes more than what we might think possible. Creatively, we have the ability to question the status quo and the existing understanding of what we do and make.

Asking, “what if I did it this way instead of this way?” is a simple question that leads us to try new things and allows us to potentially innovate. Removing ourselves from the comfort of doing things the same way as everyone else (which might be considered another “sin”), challenges us in new and interesting ways.

Because We Can…

If there is something to take away from this text and the connected artwork, is that our creative gifts should be seen as a prized possession. It is not an easy thing to go against what we see as the “right way to do things”, we fear the “wrong” because it does not always lead to success and more often leads us to failure, ridicule or simply dead ends.

Be brave in what you do and how you create. If it doesn’t work, at least you tried. Existing letterforms, design and art will not go away, so it is not going to destroy the world you take the time to have a play.

 Barry Spencer


that green gentleman (things have changed for me) // panic! at the disco