hidden in the open

Kiss on the shoulder. VALUES.
(I’ve seen some of you have suggested that he wanted to kiss her, but stopped ‘cause if he hadn’t  stop in that moment he wouldn’t have stopped a long time . In part you are right so! :)

Further responses of men with a forums which asked the question “What means to you to kiss on the shoulder that you make to woman?”

1. The manifestation of tenderness and hidden passions.
2. With open arms - the reluctance to leave
3. Prelude to more
4. One man wrote that it is “in transition” between a friendly kiss smack on the cheek and a unique mouth. Ie, is the transition from friendship to love
5. The desire to love and fear of being rejected. Kiss neck allows you to discreetly for woman
6. Extreme love and trust.

There’s still a lot, I think the general sense of the catch.

What I understood so that Daryl would very much like to share with Carol tenderness and stay longer so. But he was afraid that can’t stand it. He had to interrupt hug, cause he can’t to tell the truth to Carol. He couldn’t hold her for a long time and at the same time to lie. Thats why he leave her house and hugs

P.S. Sorry for the use of the gif. I just don’t remember whose it is, I would have to ask permission, but I need the text to be supported by the image.

when i was in like third grade i went to this science camp and one night at campfire they told us a story about a ufo crashing into a lake nearby and then later in the middle of the night they woke us all up and told us the aliens were back and this time they’d laid eggs in the woods !! it was our duty to arm ourselves and go destroy the eggs, so we armored up in tinfoil and shaving cream ( ????? ) and marched into the woods ready to save the planet. the ‘eggs’ were whole watermelons hidden around the camp and we had to smash them open on trees and rocks and eat the alien fetus/watermelon goo as fast as possible. i cannot emphasis enough the raw joy of digging into a watermelon with your bare hands and stuffing it into your face in the middle of the night in the woods, barely taking time to chew so that you can save the planet from hostile aliens, and i think i became the person i am because of that night.

So, as per the usual, Breeding Mechanics have changed once again for Sun/Moon.

Or, rather, I should say that they’ve IMPROVED!

Prior to this generation, a bred Pokemon only inherited it’s Pokeball from it’s mother.

Now, there’s a multitude of ways that Pokemon inherit Pokeballs. If a male and female Pokemon breed, the resulting child has a seemingly 50/50 (might be 60/40 or even 70/30 favoring the female parent’s Pokeball) chance of inheriting either of the Parent’s Pokeball! The biggest advantage to this situation is that you can now take a male Pokemon with a rare Pokeball (like the Safari Ball, Dream Ball, or Sport Ball) and breed it with a female with it’s Hidden Ability to get the best of both worlds. This opens up tons of combinations that were previously impossible.

But that’s not all! Now Male and Genderless Pokemon that breed with Ditto will also allow their child to inherit their Pokeball. This means that Pokemon like Porygon, Tauros, Rufflet, Rotom, etc. can now be bred with inherited Pokeballs.

Not a particularly big game changer by any means, but for people with specific aesthetics, it opens up a lot more possibilities!

Armed and Ready
  • Armed and Ready
  • Jeff Williams & Casey Lee Williams
  • RWBY Volume 4 OST

It happens every night
I watch my world ignite
But there’s no waking from this nightmare
The stage is always set
The place I can’t forget
The hidden eyes that I can feel there

My eyes are opened wide
I’m racing to her side
there’s nothing that I won’t do for her

but this is not a dream
my mind repeats the scene
I can’t forget it and it’s torture

That was before
but not anymore
I’ve left it behind

As much as I’ve lost
Once I’m across
I’ll find

I’ve found the strength to grow so much more
A whisper to a roar
No more crying
It’s time for me to soar

Feel like I’m finally unbroken
Feel like I’m back from the dead

My strength back and confidence growing

Out of my way cause I’m armed and ready!
(Armed and Ready)
(Armed and Ready!)
I’m Ready!
(Armed and Ready!)
Ready! Ready!
(Armed and Ready!)

Remember all too well
My time of living hell
The night my enemy would conquer

But now I’ve been set free
Lived through the tragedy
You’ll wish you’d killed me now I’m stronger

I am the Golden one
Who burns just like the sun
Next time we meet is your disaster

I’ll bring the punishment
Your song won’t be lament
Revenge my happy ever after

My misery
My agony
Have taught me to fly

The pain I went through
Left me with a new war cry

I live my life like every day’s the last
No living in the past

Best Day’s ever!

I’m never looking back!

Feel like I’m finally unbroken
Feel like I’m back from the dead

My strength back and confidence growing

Out of my way cause I’m armed and ready!
(Armed and Ready)
(Armed and Ready!)
I’m Ready!
(Armed and Ready!)
Ready! Ready!
(Armed and Ready!)

Call me “sweetheart” and I’ll tear you apart
Just call me “sir”

Try to resist
Once you meet my new fist
Bye, Bye!

Just look at the fire in my eyes
And bring my strawberry sunrise

It was you who began it
now you’re saying “God dammit!”

Next time there’s no compromise

Feel like I’m finally unbroken
Ooh, Now I’m back from the dead

My strength back and confidence growing

Out of my way cause I’m armed and ready!
(Armed and Ready)
(Armed and Ready!)
I’m Ready!
(Armed and Ready!)
Ready! Ready! Ready!!!
(Armed and Ready!)


So guys, I’ve waited for this a lot! 

And finally the lyrics is out… *////*
I ve took my dictionary and started to translate, btw I don’t know how this could be accurate!Because the last translation I did was 8 months ago after my final exam !!

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Sic mea vita est temporaria, / Because my life is temporary, 

cupit ardenter caritatem aeternam. / it desires ardently the eternal love.

Credam, dabo, sperabo,/ I will belive, I will give, I will wait, 

Honorabo, laborabo, gratias agam! /I will honour, I will work, I will give thanks

et denique aperiens fores occultas,/And at the end, opening doors hidden 

nobis, grandis et clara, nosque curabit/ to us, solemn and famous, it will take care of us

nobis, grandis et clara ,nosque curabit / solemn and famous, it will take care of us

magna, magna caritas, / The grand, grand Mercy.

Ah! Audio vocem tuam! / I hear your voice.

Adest mi libertas! / My freedom is imminent/near

Mea vita amabit, / My life is going to love 

Caritatis pacem, / the peace of benevolence

Hanc felicitatem aeternam esse oro. / I pray this is the eternal happiness.

N.B. Caritas,atis has the meaning of LOVE, but it is the Latin corrispondent of AGAPE so is a divine and perfect love: I used to translate this with the words: Love, benevolence, mercy

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The story in this song is pretty simple, is about a guy who spents his life for the eternal peace, he works hard, pray and belive to find the supreme peace.
The song finish with the death of the guy, his freedom is near and finally after living all his life for this moment, he praise that what he has done is useful to catch the eternal happiness.

Reletable doesn’t it?

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In quanto la mia vita è di breve durata, desidera l’amore eterno.

Crederò, darò, aspetterò, onorerò, lavorerò, renderò grazia.

e infine, aprendo le porte a noi nascoste, solenne e famosa, si prenderà cura anche di noi

la grande, grande misericordia.

Sento la tua voce

la mia libertà è imminente/vicina

la mia vita amerà la pace della carità

Prego che sia questa la felicità eterna.

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Translation: littlechubbyyuuri = Lia @lia-the-chubby-unicorn

I translated this roughly from the latin so SURELY There will be some errors!

Thank you for all the support in these months, I really feel the love and the appreciation from everyone

and TY SO MUCH TO @lalunaticscribe and @klass1196 for helping me to find the lyrics!! ( http://klass1196.tumblr.com/post/154751892262/look-what-came-in-the-mail-today-and-we-finally )


Lia !

What I want for Yurio

At first I was like “Otabek x Yurio OTP, please let them be a couple” and stuff like that…but now I realize that what I really want is:

+Yurio and Otabek should be really good friends and then best friends for years and years.

+For them to be soulmates and they would understand each other and know everything about each other.

+He’s his very first friend so with that should come the develope that comes with a friendship they’ll be their firsts in everything 

+The first sleep over

+The first time he’s gonna tell someone else his very hidden secrets

+And with that comes trust and Yurio willing to open his heart to someone else besides his grandpa 

+Yurio showing his Agape even more

+So after many years of friendship they come to the point when they realize they can’t live without each other

+And like that they can start to develope a different feeling “LOVE”

+More first times 

+First time holding hands with the new feeling of sweaty hands and heart beating fast while face turns red

+Yurio being able to do Eros for the first time

I just want my baby to grow up happily because he deserves it

It’s scary isn’t it?
When you realize that you’ve created a home in someone who can so quickly kick you out and then you’ll be left homeless.
Home makes you feel safe, and comfortable. You’ve already opened up,
and shared all the hidden,
raw parts of you,
and they’ve chosen to love you no matter what.
The love is unconditional,
and there is a level of acceptance.
You are certain that there is nothing either one of you could do to change one another’s mind about the other.
I’ve created a home in someone whose arms have never turned me down,
and whose words have never hurt me.
It’s scary to know I’ve moved in,
I think I’ll stay as long as you’ll have me
—  Thanks for having me

you guys have all most likely seen the video of Stefan dancing with Yo Gabba Gabba in True Jackson– so I took it upon myself to watch the whole episode and I almost CRIED
He steals a ring so he can blackmail them into making a dress for his bratty daughter, and keeps them captive in his GIANT CASTLE where he works being an “INTERNATIONAL FANCYPANTS”
he also has yo gabba gabba captive so that they can teach his daughter to EAT HER VEGETABLES
I swear to god though, he first appears when a hidden bookcase door slides open and he was just tHERE and I SWEAR TO GOD I FELT MY SOUL LEAVE MY BODY.

Moon Stone

Moon Stone - It is strongly associated with the Moon and it’s energy gets more powerful when the full Moon is shining in the sky. It’s meant as lover’s stone and brings peace in relationships, also helps to see the future and can bring a good fortune. Can help with hidden talants, opens the mind to hope and wish, inspiration and impulse. It can’t be useful for the person, whose character is quite strict and rough.

Moonstone is used by healers to stimulate the functioning of the pineal gland and balance internal hormone cycles, also powerfully affects the female reproductive system.  

Planet - Moon.

Zodiac Signs - Cancer; Taurus; Pisces.

Opening - hidden meaning..?

Let’s see the opening song’s lyrics. While Yuuri is on the screen:

Can you hear my heartbeat?
Tired of feeling never enough
I close my eyes and tell myself that my dreams will come true

While Victor:

There’ll be no more darkness
when you believe in yourself you are unstoppable
Where your destiny lies, dancing on the blades,
you set my heart on fire

And everything else while the three skaters on the screen.

So, I think the beginning of the song is a dialogue between Yuuri and Victor. Yuuri with the “ Can you hear my heartbeat? “ line, and after when he says “my dream will come true”, Victor comes! Awww… And of course Victor says “ you set my heart on fire “.

I love it.