hidden glyphs

A Lexicon of Liches, Witches, Wizards and More! (Part 1)

Fire sweeps across the battlefield, burning and immolating everything in its wake. waves of fire thrown everywhere as a lone figure plans where to place his next fiery explosion. in the end nothing remains except ash and the smell of burning flesh;

With a single command the dead rise, husks of unholy energy being directed by the will of another. ghouls, bones and shadows march endlessly at your discretion to devour all that lives. in the end, entire cities fall and are raised as a lich creates his army;

Madness is released on the world as eldrich horrors are born and studied. methodologically transmutated experiments creating something more adept at killing then the world has ever seen before. the mad experimenter opens the cage, realizing the beast to the populace to document its effectiveness.

To certain individuals, only one thing matters. Power; the power to destroy, to deceive, to attain absolute grasp on those of lesser merrit. yet, when magics have the ability to bend even reality, naught one is above the mastery of the spellcaster.

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Fringe S2E18 White Tulip: I spotted a seahorse in Robocop’s bathroom cabinet while Olivia was searching his apartment. This seahorse was what started my search for examples of other hidden glyphs in episodes….which of course means I’ll have to go back through Season 1 and 2 and start all over again with the episodes that I missed :-)