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I'm a sucker for angst and you guy never fail to deliver XD the bosses (ttsuna, dino, byakuran) trying to cheat on their SO because they are scared of how deep in love they are but failing??


I take no responsibility for the anger and pain that you may experience because of this ask.

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It really was a spur-of-the-moment impulse. Tsuna was not someone who could hold himself back from temptation all that well, so seeing this beautiful woman stroll pass him, her long legs on display in all their glory, was a sin waiting to happen. Your face briefly flickered into his mind, your alluring smile that had him captivated by you from the start was shining at him, sending a sinking feeling deep down in his gut.

The guilt was washed away by the whiskey in his hand.

Seducing the young woman was easy. A sexy smirk and a peek at his Rolex watch had her sitting in his lap in record time. They had went to a hotel to keep the affair from the others, where Tsuna unconsciously compared every twist and arch of pleasure to you.

The woman’s voice was lighter and higher than yours, but it was unpleasant to Tsuna’s ears. Your moans and cries of pleasure were music to his ears, yet this woman’s noises were mediocre compared to yours. The places he touched you to make you squirm and whimper had no affect on this woman. It was honestly frustrating.

After the affair was over (the woman had given Tsuna her number, yet he left the piece of paper in the trash pin while the woman slept), Tsuna returned home to you. The mansion was quiet when he entered, and he removed his coat, giving it to the butler that greeted him at the entrance.

It was eating him up. Tsuna never regretted anything in his life. However, when you had walked in to greet him, the way your eyes traveled over his form, how your smile didn’t reach your eyes anymore, hit him right in the heart. Your usually enticing lips trembled with hidden anguish, your beautiful, glowing eyes had lost their light.

Tsuna was terrified of losing you.

He didn’t want to acknowledge his feelings before. He loved you so much. Everything about you made him want to protect you and keep you all to himself. It only showed now that he had fucked up your relationship.

“[Name], I-” His voice had barely managed to come out, before your hand had silenced him.

“I-I think we need to talk…” Your words had shattered his heart.

Yet, Tsuna knew he deserved it.


Her eyes were nothing like yours. Your eyes were beautiful, and your emotions flashed through them as if there was a movie playing right there in the irises. The flecks of colors always had Dino in awe, and he could go hours staring into your eyes. That’s how much he adored them.

Her body never compared to yours. You had soft and delicate skin, and he loved brushing his hands over it. Dino always took pleasure in dragging his lips around your stomach, watching the muscles twitch and hearing you laugh was music to his ears.

Why was he here? Why was he laying in his bed with a woman other than you? Dino loved you so much, there should be no reason to be having a sexual encounter with anyone other than you. The thought of you walking in on them was enough to make Dino’s heart jump to his throat. He didn’t want to see that betrayed expression on your face.

As the girl’s cherry red lips sucked at his neck, Dino realized that he couldn’t do this. He couldn’t fuck another woman, and expect everything to be okay afterwards. Your face kept popping up into his mind as his hands roamed the other woman’s body, his lips sealed onto hers.

Pushing the woman off of him, Dino let out a frustrated sigh. He wasn’t supposed to fall so deep into you. He was supposed to pull himself out of your light before it was too late. Someone like Dino didn’t deserve to be in the presence of someone so pure and warm like you. Mafia bosses were supposed to be cold and ruthless killers, who were doomed to be alone for all eternity.

But, Dino realized, he wasn’t willing to let you go. You were his Persephone, Dino was going to drag you to hell with him so you could be together forever, whether you liked it or not.

“Where are you going, baby?” The woman’s voice halted his thoughts, her fingertips dragging down his arm as Dino sat on the edge of the bed. Dino smacked her hand away, standing up from his seat. Grabbing his pants, he pulled the black slacks on, fastening the belt back around his waist,

“I obviously don’t need you anymore, please leave.” His voice was cold, the iciness of it making the woman freeze. Her hands turned into fists on the comforter, bundling up the fabric.

“Wow, so you were just using me? Why don’t I go tell that pretty little girl of yours how you just had your tongue down my thro-” Her sentence wasn’t even finished before Dino had his hand around her throat, cutting off her oxygen.

“Don’t even step anywhere near her, you filthy whore.” A dark atmosphere settled into the room, the woman clawing at Dino’s fingers. After a few more seconds, he finally let go, her gasps filling the room as air was circulating in her lungs again.

Before anything else could continue, the door creaked open. There you were, wide eyed, staring at Dino, before they singled out the girl on the bed, coughing her lungs out. You rushed over.

“What the hell, Dino? What did you do? Oh my god, are you okay?” Your worried voice was all Dino could register. You were on the bed in seconds, patting the girl on the back. Dino reached out to you, intending to pull you away from her.

“Don’t touch me.” You whispered, not looking at Dino.

Dino wanted to cry.


Byakuran, at first, wanted to see your reaction. Wanted to witness you burst into tears and scream and curse at him. Byakuran told himself that it was because he was tired of you, but really, he just wanted to be able to see all your expressions and actions. He wanted to be the only one who had witnessed all these sides to you.

Seeing your face turn red with humiliation, the way your eyes filled to the brim with tears, and how they trailed down your face gave Byakuran a burst of pride. You were saying something, yet Byakuran didn’t process it. The woman beside him was hurriedly trying to cover herself up, hiding behind Byakuran’s naked body on the bed.

A smirk started to spread across his face, his voice still calm and smooth.

“Why didn’t you knock first, [Name]? How rude of you.” Your hands were balled into fists, your nails digging into your skin. Your body was visibly trembling, and the tears were nonstop. There was no suppressing the flinch when Byakuran got up off the bed, his naked body full on display, and grabbed one of your wrists.

“I’m sorry, I really wish you hadn-” Your fist connected with Byakuran’s face, blood gushing out of his nose, and running down his face. A curse burst from his mouth, and he hurriedly held his broken nose.

“Don’t ever come near me again, don’t call me, or even think of me. We are over.” You wiped at your face, and turned out the door, slamming it shut in Byakuran’s face. He was left there, with an angry yet anxious feeling in his gut.

What do you mean you’re breaking up with him? That’s not how it was supposed to happen. You were supposed to scream and cry, yet you would ultimately forgive him. The feeling started to claw up from his stomach, going to his throat, making it hard to breath.

You weren’t supposed to leave. You were his.

Byakuran wanted to puke, like he was being crushed by the cold, hard reality of it all. It felt as if he was being dragged down into a black abyss, and he was so desperately trying to claw his way back up to the light. But, there was no more light anymore. He was surrounded by darkness now, and he was only now realizing that he really had loved you so much.

& memories, ours, are
so vague in this glow,
hidden behind smoke
& superfluous diction.
here, conversance is
convergence no more.
here, the flickering is
the flashlight that you
use to scare me away,
as if you, standing so
close yet so silent, is
a strange horror story
that’ll scare away ‘us’.
but, fuck, i don’t think
you’ll ever be able to.
breathe obscurity into
your lungs, & tell me
that it isn’t death, that
those aren’t your tears
falling so silently now.


Manaphy (OU)

Manaphy @ Leftovers  
Ability: Hydration  
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
Timid Nature  
IVs: 0 Atk  
- Tail Glow  
- Surf  
- Hidden Power [Fire]  
- Psychic

Moves:  Tail Glow, the signature move of Manaphy, increases Manaphy’s special attack stat by three stages, allowing to smash through most opposing Pokemon. Surf is Manaphy’s strongest water stab move. Scald can be used, as the damage difference isn’t that big a deal, but with Misty Terrain and the burn nerf, Scald isn’t quite as good as it used to be. Psychic provides super effective coverage on poison types like Toxapex and Mega Venusaur. Hidden Power Fire hits the grass and steel types like Ferrothorn and Tangrowth super effectively. Ice Beam is a decent option for hitting Grass-types harder and Energy Ball is a good option for hitting other water types like Tapu Fini. The coverage options that you choose really depends on what your team needs to be weakened.

Spread: Max speed with a Timid nature allows Manaphy to use its decent speed stat to outspeed the bulky Pokemon in the tier, while speed tieing with other base 100s. Max special attack gives Manaphy an easier time when breaking through the opponent’s team. I generally prefer to run Leftovers on Manaphy, allowing it to take advantage of its natural bulk when setting up, especially when you don’t really need a power boosting item at plus three. You can also use the water z move, but usually, I like to pair Manaphy with another z user like Gyarados or Landorus that, who can sweep in the late game. Manaphy only gets one ability, so we’re stuck with Hydration. 0 attack IVs decrease the damage taken from Foul Play and Confusion recoil.

Team Support/Usage: Manaphy is an excellent breaker that can smash through most bulky teams out there, making it perfect for most offensive builds and some balance builds. A bulkier set might be better for Balance, though. Manaphy does suffer from four move slot syndrome, forcing you to have some support for it to completely break through some teams, and an average speed stat at best, weakening its viability against offense. It isn’t completely useless against offense because it can usually pick up a kill or two thanks to its natural bulk. Manaphy appreciates being paired with sweepers like Gyarados, Landorus-t, and Zygarde, who appreciate Manaphy’s wall breaking capabilities. You are also going to want some things that can deal with offense, like Greninja. Lastly, hazard support is huge for Manaphy. Having Stealth Rocks and Spikes gives Manaphy an easier time against walls, and Sticky Webs allows Manaphy to destroy offense on its own, basically.

Thanks everyone for reading! If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or requests, don’t hesitate to leave me an ask, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

fridge horror realization that may have no actual bearing anything and may in fact just be a neat coincidence but Hey You Never Know With This Guy:

so it looks like there’s text hidden in this glow-in-the-dark handprint from Alex’s promo pics of the limited edition journal:

flip it around and you get what seems to be “LET THE GAMES” and, plausibly, “BEGIN” (or possibly some ciphered text; this last word, if it is a word, is unclear)

however, here’s Alex’s tweet of the first Cipher Hunt clue:


(Spanish Version)

I think I’m gonna make this into a sort of series? Unconnected drabbles/scenarios based off sleeping featuring the members of NCT.

Ten/Reader slight fluff

Length: 1.1k


Your ear twitched at the sound.


You sighed, trying to ignore it. It was irritating you.


Groaning, you turned over onto your side. You clutched at the sheets…wait. ‘This isn’t right,’ you thought, ‘Why is my bed so rough? Why can’t I grab the linen? Did I by chance…?’

“Fucking Hell!” You yelled, or at least tried.  A dry throat prevented you from exploiting your vocal cords to the full extent. You breathed much too fast for it to be healthy, sitting forward with your palm to your temple. Your hand felt dirty, as if it had been slicked with oil and rubbed in dirt. It had happened again.

You were in the middle of Seoul, sitting on the cracked asphalt of a rundown alley tucked between two shabby, poorly designed buildings. Actually, you didn’t even know if you were in Seoul anymore. It’s not like you hadn’t wandered so far before, after all. It wouldn’t be a first.

You let your head lean against the bricks of the wall you leaned on, observing the night sky. The night sky was beautiful although void of stars due to light pollution, but you had learned to find beauty in what you cannot see. They were out there somewhere, hidden by the glow of skyscrapers and streetlights, just like you were hidden in the maze of concrete that you called home.




The irksome noise lifted you out of your thoughts, calling attention to the fact that you might want to find your way back to your apartment by or preferably before dawn. You sat up, slowly getting up off your ass and brushing yourself off as best as you could. Your hair was damp from the warm steam rising from some sort of grate, and your butt was wet, but besides that you were good. There was a little dirt on the elbows, and some obviously on your clothing, but no physical injuries. That is the important part.

You’d never gotten hurt when sleep walking, at least badly. A torn clothing article or a small scratch was not uncommon, but you had grown used to it. It motivated you to learn how to sew, at least. You laughed, ‘Always look for the silver lining.’

You patted yourself down, checking your waist band for your phone because you sometimes tucked it there. As it turned out, you hadn’t taken it this time. Or maybe you did, but it felt out. You groaned, hoping it hadn’t. You weren’t in a good financial situation right now and couldn’t afford to buy a new one if you had. You pushed your hair behind your ear, sighing. You should start walking.

As you took a step in the direction of a street light, a figure appeared. They were a bit taller than you, clearly belonging to a male. Their body was backlit by the yellow light, making their seemingly midnight hair reflect an amber glow. You took a step back, preparing to run.

“Are you okay, Miss?” Their voice was higher than you expected, but not absurdly pitched. The pounding of your heart seemed to slow a bit. The figure held both of their hands up, showing they meant no harm, “Are you lost?”

You were hesitant, but went ahead and nodded anyway. They put down their hands and gestured for you to follow them, “I’ll get you a cab.”

You knit your brow and frowned, “No! I mean thank you, but… I don’t have my wallet on me. I’ll just walk, its fine.” You tried to brush past him.

“Wait!” He grabbed your wrist with a loose grip, his fingers slipping around you like silk, “It’s not safe to be alone at night. Someone could… you know, do terrible things to you.”

You sighed, “It’s not the first time I’ve walked alone at night.”

“It doesn’t have to be the first time for something bad to happen,” He said, already pulling out his phone, “I’m not letting you get hurt, okay?”

You pulled your wrist away abruptly, taking a step back to be in the light of the street, “You don’t know me.”

“Do I have to know you to care about you?”

You had bit your lip, turning your back to him and sitting on the curb of the road, “Fine.”

He chuckled as he went through his wallet, sitting on the curb beside you, “How far do you live from here?”

“Depends,” You said, “Where are we?”

“You don’t know?” He asked critically.


“Oh,” He muttered, “We’re in Itaewon, just so you know.”

“Really?” You mused, “I thought I wandered farther than that…”

He responded with a hum, turning to the side and thumbing through his wallet. You told him roughly how far you were, careful not to tell him where you lived exactly. You felt kinda bad as he handed you the folded up currency, feeling like you were exploiting him. ‘It’s not polite to be ungrateful,’ you reminded yourself, ‘Say thank you.’

You opened your mouth to thank him only to be caught off guard by the cab pulling up beside the two of you, rolling down the window, “You two order a taxi?”

The man gestured to you, giving the old driver an eye smile, “It’s for her.”

The old man nodded, “Get in the back.”

You sighed, glancing at the raven haired boy. He nodded towards the car and gave you a small smile, “Alright…”

Getting in the car and telling the man where to go, you found your mind wandering. The cab pulled forward with a hasty lurch, making the standing figure of your savior grow ever smaller till you turned the corner. His eyes lingered on yours till the very moment you went around the bend unwavering, unblinking. The neon of signs reflected dully off the roads as you passed store front to store front.

You wondered if you would ever run into him again. He left an impression. An annoying, oddly charming, deep, impression.

Sooner than you could conclude your thoughts, you arrived at your apartment block and paid the man. His rough, dry fingers fumbled to get a good hold on the bills as you left the car, something falling from in between them. You were about to close the car door when he called for your attention, “Miss, you left something!” He held out a small white card.

You squinted, confused, but took the card anyway. Thanking the man, you watched the cab go off into the distance before you inspected the sturdy cardstock. It was a… Business card? You flipped it over.

The damn guy had written his number.

Another part caught your attention, though. At the bottom in thin, messy hand writing was a short note, ‘Call me when you get home.’ You snorted, telling yourself you wouldn’t call him. It itched at you though, the thought pestering you endlessly. When you reached your apartment, the first thing you did was pick up the cell phone you had left behind, and called his number.

“Hello, this is Ten speaking,” His sweet high voice flowed through the speakers.

You smiled, “Just calling to tell you I got home safe.”

He chuckled and his smile could be heard through his voice.

You could get used to that.

Better Than Me

Author: Emma 

Characters:Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: Smut, swearing, sad feeeels

A/N: If this fic makes you sad please blame Mikala. She forced me to write this based off the song “Better Than Me” by Hinder. And by “forced” I mean she casually suggested it and I was all over it. Enjoy!

Originally posted by duckbuttt

Tony’s POV

You know, I’ve done a lot of stupid things. The tabloids, the papers, they’re all full of my regrets. But none of those things compares to this. It’s like a physical pain somewhere in my heart, hidden behind the glow of this arc reactor. I never should have left but she deserved better. Doing the right thing doesn’t always feel good in the end. In my case, it hurts like hell.

Reader’s POV- One Year Earlier

“Tony, stop. We’re gonna get caught,”, you giggled as Tony’s lips sucked at your neck, his hips pressing you against the wall of the tiny dressing room.

“C'mon,” he mumbled against your skin. “This is not the worst thing we’ve been caught doing.”

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Summary: You the reader are going to accept a dare Bucky Barnes has inadvertently presented to you….what could go wrong?

Warning: Slight smut ( Hee hee), Heated kissing, partial nudity, swearing (It’s in there like twice lol), angst-ish 

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Word count: 1323

A/N: I decided to add some slight touching in his one yall. I’m easing my way into writing full fledged smut. I am at least 98% Sure @fvckingbuckyandsteve is going to be sick of me and my fics by the time I am done entering this contest lol. To be tagged in future fics Let me know! 

Originally posted by aesthetic-marvel

“This is not exactly what I had in mind Y/N.” Bucky spoke, a look of pure fear on his face. You had your back facing him, so naturally he missed that legendary eye roll you always gave him if he was being over dramatic.

“Well this is exactly what is happening, you should not have dared me.” You called looking behind you as you began taking off your shirt. 

“It wasn’t meant as a dare! I was joking you can’t seriously be considering this.” Bucky called out watching as you now removed the dark blue jeans you were wearing. 

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<< Phases // New Moon >>

Summary: Jungkook was just a boy who was in love with the moon. And you were a girl who thought you could be his moon, but you were nothing except a phase. 

Genre: angst

A/N: um. wrote this on a whim. pretty proud of it tbh lmao. considering making a sequel but idk. hmu

Jungkook was always fascinated, enthralled, by how the moon works. Its ivory glow that comes and goes, carefreely cascading down the landscapes and galaxies. He was mesmerized by how it could wax and wane so easily, just slowly present itself and then leave without a word, no promises to come back even though it always does. Its phases transform throughout the nights, illuminating the starless skies in an unforgettable milky glow, but eventually fading like a beautiful dream.

Jeon Jungkook was your moon, your beautiful dream. But the only difference was that dreams were not made to linger on to. They were made to be forgotten.

Yours was just like any other love story, breathtaking, unforgettable. You met him the summer of your sophomore year in college at a party. The night was sweltering and humid, the exact opposite of prime conditions for a house party, yet that’s exactly where you were. You were watching as your friends swayed on the dance floors, politely refusing any handsome strangers that approached you, asking for your hand in a dance. It was just like any other night, with you sulking in a hidden corner of the room as others were spotted with neon blues and greens by the flashing strobe lights.

Jungkook approached you just like he did any other girl. His hands were slipped into his pockets, striding confidently towards you. The cushion of the couch sunk with his weight, and your gaze shifted from the brilliant colors of your phone to his sparkling eyes.

“Hey, I’m Jungkook, what’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you muttered.

“Why are you just sitting here by yourself?” he had inquired, one corner of his mouth slanting up with each word.

“Because I don’t want to be a part of whatever’s going on” you casted a sideways glance over to the middle of the room where sweaty bodies collided, “over there.”

He chuckled lightly, sounding like the soft chimes of wind bells in a light breeze, and that was the moment when the moon of your world started glowing, although it was just a sliver of gold in the darkness. You knew then that he would not be just any other boy.

“Well, do you want to get out of here with me?”

He stood and peered at you expectantly, and you eyed his outstretched hand. You weighed out the pros and the cons in your head, rating on a scale of one to ten how awful an idea that would be. It would just be like any other short trip, you told yourself as you laced your fingers in the gaps between his.

He led you out of the stuffy room, although the atmosphere outside was identical to the heat inside, just quieter. You trailed silently behind Jungkook, his tall stature casting you in complete shadow from the flickering streetlights around the campus. As he turned around the corner of a looming structure, leading you up the stairs of the fire escape, the streetlights finally shined upon you before you escaped into the building behind him and was in darkness again.

The climb up was silent, and you kept on questioning yourself on why exactly you were here. You didn’t know him, he didn’t know you, yet here you were climbing up the steps of the astrology tower with your fingers interlaced in his. You asked yourself again and again what his motive might be on the way to the top, and with each step sprouted a new answer until your head was filled to the top with growing insecurities and threatened to overflow. Then he started to slow down his pace, and you knew that there was no backing out of this now as you were already at the rooftop.

The moment he opened the door was still a moment that you can see behind closed lids even until this day. A gleaming full moon was hanging in the sky before you, made closer by the dozens of steps that led you up the building and set your calves on fire. Yet the second you laid eyes on the glowing circular disk that was plastered against the deep hued backdrop, your breath hitched in your throat before it was completely robbed away.

“It’s beautiful,” you breathed, careful not to talk too loud as if your voice could shatter the peaceful scenery.

Jungkook didn’t answer, and you glanced up at him. His face was bathed in the moon’s luminous shower of white, setting half his face in shadow and the other half ablaze. He wordlessly pulled you behind him again, and led you to the center of the rooftop. He shrugged off the jacket on his shoulder and splayed it flat on the floor, lying down without a hint of hesitation. From his spot on the cement floor, he eyed you expectantly, and you lower yourself to rest on your back besides him.

You just lied like that for a good ten minutes, listening to the sounds emitted by the night and the rhythmic huffs of Jungkook’s breathing. He stared, starry eyed, at the sky, and the few stars that decided to appear tonight reflected in his orbs. His arms were tucked behind his head, pillowing his skull and making him utterly at peace and, to you, gorgeous.

“I love the moon.” he murmured after the long period of silence.

You turned your head to look at him. “Why?”

“I mean, just look at it. It’s so free, so unrestricted. It comes when it wants, and goes at its heart’s content. It waits for no one, and leaves no traces behind except for its beautiful glow that is engraved into people’s memories. But when you think about it, it’s also so mysterious. Its cycle around the earth takes 29 days, yet 25 of the 29 are only fractions, phases, of this celestial being. And when it’s whole, it never remains so. It dissipates with the wind, and disappears a bit with every sunrise.” Jungkook glanced back at you. “That’s how I want to live. I want to see every margin of the world like the moon, yet leaving nothing but memories in my wake. I want to travel to and fro with the breeze, and change course as often as the moon changes phases.”

“Why don’t you?” you asked, intrigued by this boy and his dreams.

“I don’t know, really. Responsibilities?  Money? I’m not quite sure what’s holding me back yet. But I will surely overcome it before it even shows itself. One day, I will just pack my bags and go, I swear upon that.”

“Why did you bring me here though?”

“I don’t know, you seemed bored at the party, and I wanted to share this with someone.”

So the two of you lied there in stillness after that, no words exchanged and no questions spoken. And this routine was repeated every other night afterwards. It became your ritual with him, even when the moon had hidden its glowing body from your sights or showed you only a sliver of its marvel. You came every night to that same spot on that same rooftop to find Jungkook already resting there in that same position with his hands behind his head.

He took you to many other places too. Places like the peak of the nearby mountain, where the view only came from the price of hours of climbing and heavy breathing. Places like the ocean, where the moon appeared especially bright against the dark roaring waves that crashed against your shins. Places like his small apartment where he kissed you for the first time, just to try it out, but then continued to do it again afterwards. You liked visiting those places with him, letting yourself experience a different kind of ambience every time. Each departure happened just the way he liked, with nothing in your trails except memories and maybe the echo of your steps.

Soon enough, you were falling in love with him just like how he was falling in love with moon, just like how he loved imprinting nothing but his footsteps in a new place. You fell in love with the way the wind sifted through his hair, tousling them in every direction. You fell in love with his passion and fire for adventure, his desire for spontaneousness. And maybe he was just as in love with you. Maybe he also loved the way your eyes glazed over every time he brought you to a new place because you were so mesmerized. Maybe he loved the way you would cast lingering glances at the scenery because he wouldn’t let you take any pictures, as he said those will only make you miss the view even more dearly.

But however much he may have loved you, he loved adventure more. And however much you may have loved him, you couldn’t stop him.

He left on a bitter, winter night. You had gone back to your family during Christmas break for tedious reunions and feigned smiles. Each day you spent away from him made you more anxious to weave your fingers through his thick strands and place constellation kisses on his sweet lips. So when the day finally came, you could swear that everyone around you noticed the spring in your step. The crisp sound of your knuckles hitting against the wood of his door was a symphony to yours ears, and you couldn’t hold your excitement as you detected footsteps coming towards you from the inside.

But those footsteps did not belong to him. Instead, they belonged to a slender young man whose almond shaped eyes gave you tingles down your spine.

“I’m sorry, but who are you?” you asked, trying to peek past the man’s shoulder for a glimpse of Jungkook.

“I live here.” he answered.

Your blood froze in your veins, and you knitted your eyebrows at the reply. “No, Jungkook lived here. You know, a boy about this tall with really sparkly eyes?” You motioned wildly as the panic began to set in.

“Ah, he moved out two days ago.”

“What?” Your blood began to flow again, but faster and faster until it roared in your ears and made your skull pound. “He just left?”

“You must be Y/N! He said if you ever came around to give you this.” The man retreated back into the small apartment, and reappeared with a small envelope in his hands. You snatched the white material from his grasp, and checked the handwriting on the surface. It was Jungkook’s, there was no mistaking it. The unforgettable curls of his J’s and the slash of his T’s were all too familiar to you. You felt the tears rush to the frames of your eyes, but refused to let them fall before forcing your legs carry you away from the stranger’s doorsteps in a sprint.

You tore open the letter madly, and your eyes scanned frantically on the few lines that Jungkook messily scrawled.


I left. Yes, I finally did it. I have figured out why after all these years I couldn’t just drop everything and go. Are you ready for the answer, because I promise you’re in for a laugh. It’s nothing. The answer is nothing. Nothing had been holding me back, I didn’t care about responsibilities, and I realized that I had enough money to send myself on a journey. It was nothing. Just me and my stupid brain thinking that I actually had something to stay behind for. But I don’t. I have lost faith in this barren land of fake people and fake dreams, this university, long ago. I should’ve left way before. And then you came along. You came along and made me think that, hey, I might actually have something to hold onto now. And I’m sure that I can rely on you with my life, but I don’t belong. I had to leave and sacrifices must be made, and I’m sorry that those sacrifices turned out to be you.

Jeon Jungkook.”

That was it. That was all he left in his wake for you, and it surprised you that he even left anything. He had chosen to live his life like the moon, to embed his traces to even the edges of the Earth, to wax and wane to his heart’s content, thinking that he could be nothing but a memory.

Oh, but how wrong he was.

He was indeed the moon, but the moon is what creates the rumbling tides on the glassy ocean surfaces. Its gravity, along with other planets, is what holds Earth together so that it doesn’t go plunging in the ball of fire and gas that was the sun. The moon is what illuminates the night sky every single night, and what everyone around the world can lift up their heads to admire.

And he thought that it could just come and go without any significance.

He was your everything. He was what held your world together, brought you closer to the stars than you will ever be, and his absence was what left your world spinning off its axis into chaos and confusion.

He was the moon of your universe, yet you were just a phase to him.

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Artist Bogi Fabian Creates Hidden Bedroom Murals Using Glowing UV Paints

Many of Fabian’s creations reveal themselves in three kinds of light. A conventional mural can be seen in daylight, a glowing mural only with UV light and phosphorescent paint reveals itself when the lights are completely off. 

I Want Out Pt.4

Catch Up: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Group(s) & Member(s): EXO’s Sehun ft. Got7′s Mark & BTS’ Jungkook 

Genre: Gang AU, Angst, Fluff 

Warnings: cursing

Summary: Your boyfriend Jungkook has promised to escape the gang world with you. But when he breaks his promise because of a secret you kept, an old flame reignites in the form of your childhood friend, Sehun

“I don’t want to talk to you”

“I know that’s a lie”

“Nothing good can come from this”

“You don’t know that” 

“I have the chance to be happy”

“Yeah. With me”

“No. Not with you”

“You don’t mean that. I thought you loved me?”

“And i thought I was dead to you?”

“I wish I had never said that…You know I don’t mean that”

“I don’t believe you. Why should I trust you again?”

“Because you love me”

“No. Not anymore”

“I know that’s a lie”

“Who are you talking to?” Sehun asks, drying his wet hair with a towel as he exits the bathroom. 

You hastily hang up the phone, doing your best not to be flustered. 

“Mark. He wanted to make sure I was doing alright” You lie, the guilt poking you in your chest. 

Sehun leans down to meet your face with his. He looks you in the eyes, his dark pupils searching yours. 

“What’d you tell him?” He asks, a hint of a smile on his damp cheeks. 

You lifted your face up to connect your lips with his. 

“I told him I’ve never been better”

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