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Golden Kamuy TV anime main staff revealed. The new project will be produced by Geno Studio.


“In the early twentieth century, Russo-Japanese War veteran Saichi “Immortal” Sugimoto scratches out a meager existence during the postwar gold rush in the wilderness of Hokkaido. When he stumbles across a map to a fortune in hidden Ainu gold, he sets off on a treacherous quest to find it. But Sugimoto is not the only interested party, and everyone who knows about the gold will kill to possess it! Faced with the harsh conditions of the northern wilderness, ruthless criminals and rogue Japanese soldiers, Sugimoto will need all his skills and luck—and the help of an Ainu girl named Asirpa—to survive.”


  • Director: Hitoshi Nanba
  • Series Composition: Noboru Takagi
  • Character Designer: Kenichi Oonuki
  • Animation Production: Geno Studio
Divination: Symbolism


Acorn: youth; strength; man; small start for a large accomplishment
Airplane: travel; new projects
Anchor: voyage; rest; problem solved
Arrow: news; disagreements; direct action


Baby: new interests; security; new beginnings
Basket: gift; security; comfort
Bees [hive, comb]: fertility; industry; community; self-sacrifice
Bell: celebrations; news (good or bad depending on other indicators)
Bird: psychic power; flight; luck; friendship end; communication
Boat: discoveries; travel; companionship
Book: wisdom; learning
Bottle: celebration; success
Bridge: crossing to new endeavors; transition; partnership; travel
Broom: Goddess; purification; healing; end of a problem; changes
Butterfly: the soul; spiritual contact; frivolity; insincerity


Cage: isolation; restriction; imprisonment; containment
Camel: long journey; need to conserve energy or goods; relocation
Car: local travel; movement in business affairs; overcome obstacles
Castle: financial gain; security; inheritance; life of bounty
Cat: wisdom; spiritual access; female friend; domestic strife
Cauldron: Goddess; transformation; endings/new beginnings; vitality
Candle: illumination; innovation; inspiration
Chair: relaxation; pause; comfort; entertainment
Clock: time indicated for a spell’s completion; change
Clouds: mental activity; thoughtfulness; problems; hidden obstacles
Clover: good fortune; success; rural location
Coffin: end of a matter; lengthy but not serious illness
Cornucopia: Goddess; abundance; fertility; prosperity; protection
Cow: money; property; comfort; tranquility
Cradle: newcomers; beginning of a new idea or project
Crescent: Goddess; wish granted; newness; freshness
Cross: [Solar] God; nature works with power [Roman]; suffering; conflict
Cup: love; harmony; close friendship; gift


Dagger: complications, dangers, power, skill
Death / Dying: birth; marriage; long life; prosperity
Distaff: creativity; changes; sexuality
Dog: fidelity; friendship; companionship; faithfulness
Duck: plenty; wealth; success


Egg: increase; fertility; luck; creativity; new start; hoarding
Elephant: advice needed; obstacles overcome; good luck
Eye: introspection; awareness; evaluation; spirit


Fan: indiscretion; disloyalty; things hidden; inflammations
Fish: riches; luck; sexuality; productivity
Flag:  warning; defensiveness; identification w/ group / ideals
Flame / Fire: purification; change; domination of the will
Flower: marriage; unhappy love affair; passing joy


Gate: opportunity; advancements; change; new directions
Glove: protection; luck; aloofness; nobility; challenge
Gun [any type]: power to gain goals; discord; slander; infidelity


Hammer: hard work rewarded; building; creativity; fortitude
Hat: honors; rivalry; independence; self-assertion
Harp: contentment; spirituality
Heart: love; pleasure; confidence; strength of will
Horns: God; fertility; spirituality; forces of nature
Horse: travel; strength; work; grace; power; success; prosperity
Horseshoe: protection; luck; start of a new enterprise
Hound: advice; help given; companionship; trust
Hourglass: caution; passage of time
House: security; authority; success; comfort


Key: understanding; mysteries; opportunity; gain; security
Kite: warning for caution; new ideas; plans made public
Knife: duplicity; misunderstanding; direct action
Knot: restrictions; marriage; bindings


Ladder: initiation; rise or fall in status; connections
Lion: power; strength; influence; ferocity; pride; domination
Lock: protection; concealment; security; obstacles; sealed


Man: visitor; helpful stranger
Mirror: reversal; knowledge; Karma
Moon: Goddess; intuitive wisdom; guidance
Mountain: hindrance; challenge; obstacle; journey; steadfastness
Mouse: poverty; theft; frugality; inconspicuousness
Mushroom: shelter; food; business complications; Fairy contact


Nail: labor; construction; pain; unity


Owl: wisdom; spiritual communication


Palm Tree: respite; relief; security; protection; blessings
Parrot: gossip; ostentatiousness
Peacock: [all with little foundation] luxury; vanity; arrogance
Pineapple: hospitality; good things hidden by harsh exterior
Pipe: truth obscured; concentration; comfort; ease
Purse: monetary gain; possessions kept close


Ring: eternity; containment; wheel of life / year; wedding
Rose: love; lost or past love; fullness of life; healing; caring


Salt: purity; stability; cleansing; grounding
Scales: balance; justice; careful evaluation
Scissors: duplicity; arguments; separation; division; strife
Shell: Goddess; emotional stability; luck; artistic ability
Ship: travel; news; material gains; romance
Skull: consolation; comfort; personal hurts; endings and a new life
Snake: God and Goddess; wisdom; immortality; knowledge; prophecy
Spider: good luck; industry; entrapment; secrecy; cunning
Spoon: luck; sustenance; the basic needs of life secured
Star: good luck; divine protection; opportunity; success; destiny
Sun: God; success; energy; power
Swan: good luck; love; evolving beauty; noble spirit
Sword: power; strife; conflict; overcoming adversity


Tree: blessings of Nature; good fortune; stability; power; security
Turtle: fertility; security; defense against obstacles; slow gains


Umbrella: temporary shelter; limited protection
Unicorn: purity; nature; Fairy blessings; Otherworld intervention


Well: blessing from the Goddess; inspiration; spirituality; health
Wheel: completion; eternity; season / life cycles; rebirth; gains
Windmill: business dealings; factors workings together for one goal

Let me know if I miss anything or there are any errors!

I Trained Crows To Bring Me Quarters

By reddit user LeoDuhVinci

In college, I struggled to make ends meet.  Most of my meals consisted nearly entirely of ramen noodles, garnished with a scrambled egg if my finances were stronger than usual, combined with the weekly splurge of a candy bar and soda each Friday.  I worked a part time job, but city rent was expensive, my classes were too tough to work more than twenty hours a week, and my parents had cut me off the year before.

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A Rationalist No Longer

Horace, Odes 1.34

Note: “a mad philosophy”: Epicureanism, which attributed physical phenomena to the movement of atoms rather than divine intervention.

Once I worshiped the gods in a fashion
Miserly and rare,
While I went astray, so learned
In a mad philosophy;
Now I am compelled to sail
Backward, and take up
Afresh a course before abandoned.
For the Sky-Father,
Usually wont to rend the clouds
With his flashing lightning,
Drove his thundering horses and
His flying chariot
Through a clear sky.  And with that driving,
The heavy earth, the rivers
That meander, the Styx, the dreadful
Seat of hated Taenarum,
And Atlas, the world’s western limit-
All of them were shaken.
The god has power to exchange
Lowest things with highest;
He dims the glow of the famous man
And brings the hidden to light.
Greedy Fortune, with a shriek
That pierces, snatches off
The crown from one man’s head and joys
To set it on another’s.

Parcus deorum cultor et infrequens,
insanientis dum sapientiae
    consultus erro, nunc retrorsum
    vela dare atque iterare cursus
cogor relictos: namque Diespiter
igni corusco nubila dividens
    plerumque, per purum tonantis
    egit equos volucremque currum,
quo bruta tellus et vaga flumina,
quo Styx et invisi horrida Taenari
    sedes Atlanteusque finis
    concutitur. Valet ima summis
mutare et insignem attenuat deus,
obscura promens; hinc apicem rapax
    Fortuna cum stridore acuto
    sustulit, hic posuisse gaudet.

Landscape with Lightning, Gaspard Dughet, 1667-69

Official Treasure Island Headcanon

~Billy finally got off the island a few decades later. He hitched a ride with the crew that marooned Ben Gunn. From them, he heard Gunn’s tale of Flint’s retirement in Savannah. 

~At his Savannah book store, Thomas hears gossipers discussing a raggedly pirate going across the city looking for Captain Flint.

~At a brothel, a distinguished gentleman approaches Billy, throws a map on the table and tells him that is what he’s looking for. But know one thing – Flint is dead.

~Others see/hear this and soon the rumor spreads that Billy Bones has Flint’s map to hidden fortune and he becomes hunted for it.

*Treasure Island happens, ending in Silver being arrested but conveniently escaped before trial*

~The night of Silver’s escape goes a bit like, “I can’t believe I had to come all this way to save your ass. Even worse, you actually fell for that fake map Thomas drew? Where the hell is Madi? We’re going to need her help stealing my cache back…..”

skelltales  asked:

Hnnnnnngghh general Mafiaswapfell headcanons pls? Specifically my husband Rus

So I’ve got another request for Mafiaswapfell skelebros, so I’ll do Papyrus here and Sans in the other one.


-Tired ™

-he didn’t set out to become a member of the mob, but when you’re saddled too early with a little brother to raise and two growing skeletal bodies that desperately need food, there isn’t much you can do

-He tried to keep to the straight and narrow but in the end, he was 14 and there weren’t many places hiring that would also give him time to take care of Sans like he needed to

-Toriel caught him stealing from her car and, impressed that the little sneak had busted the lock, menaced him into doing some basic housebreaking for her. Less because she needed it and more as a test. Papyrus agreed because he knew her reputation and had to stay alive for Sans.

-In the end the pay was too good to turn down jobs. He worked as a low-level foot soldier for a while, trying desperately to keep this side of his life hidden from Sans. Fortunately his work was at night, so he would just drop him off with Muffet and disappear as soon as he fell asleep

-Sans found out when he was a little older and finally snuck out to follow his brother. Papyrus’ worst nightmare came true. He wanted in. Bad. And unfortunately Paps isn’t in the practice of denying his brother.

-For now his only goal is to protect his brother and help him accomplish his dream of ruling the criminal underworld. Whatever he dreams he may have of reintegrating into honest society are put on hold for now. Sans is more important

-He gets the usual mockery for being his younger brother’s trained dog, but truth be told he’s probably a little more respected and feared than Sans will ever be. He’s one guy you don’t want sent after you. He won’t leave off until you’re caught. He’s also a gifted lockpick and pickpocket

-Constantly drowsy, but never sleeps. Also, he has a penchant for booze but Sans hasn’t let him drink in a while. He needs him in tip top shape. He’ll sneak the occasional shot at Muffet’s, but his real vice is expensive cigars

-Faintest hint of Irish in his accent, although its muddled at this point with a more Brooklyn-esque one

-His neckties are never tied. Ever. Unless Sans makes him for a meeting. He does have a lucky hat though, riddled with old bullet holes.

-He’s not much for guns. He prefers his own fists and crowbars, but his weapon of choice is a reliable baseball bat with nails driven through.

Some random musings for the GF BatB AU, concerning Gideon and the Pines’ royal lineage…

I definitely think he’d be pining after Mabel in this, but since he’s still a kid I HC that Bud Gleeful would be the more threatening of the bunch- willing to go to any lengths to please his son and secure the girl he wants as his betrothed to-be wife. Gideon probably still has his dad wrapped around his little finger, but his dad is the one who actually carries out most everything. Bud’s probably the one who actually fights beast!Stan… while the little troll Gideon messes with journal!Ford.

Ooooh, y'know?? Sudden idea. What if the Gleefuls were from far beyond the village- and never had their minds wiped of the existence of the royalty in the area?

I HC that Dipper and Mabel ARE in fact royalty… but don’t know so. Their father (Shermie’s kid- and Shermie was a prince) was only a child… out of the castle in the local village with Shermie when the curse fell onto the rest of the family and their servants- so while he wasn’t cursed as an object, he did forget about his family and thus his royalty entirely. So Dipper and Mabel don’t learn about their lineage until they meet Stan and Ford…

Despite that, perhaps Bud Gleeful never forgot because he came from outside. He remembers their grandfather Shermie being a prince. He thinks Dipper and Mabel’s family have simply hidden this royal fortune, and is determined to marry Gideon into this line for his own monetary benefit…

anonymous asked:

So, I recently re-examined the hidden frames in Fortunes and holy shit, it's fucking awesome that you had everything planned years in advance! Really goes to show how much passion you have for your work.

i’d like for as many things as possible to be connected and have a purpose, it makes the journey feel much more substantial and worth the time

anonymous asked:

I saw your post about what Jamie telling LJG about the treasure not being true. I'm reading Voyager right now and don't mind at all being a little spoiled. In fact, I love when you explain passages in the book, so would you mind telling what Jamie told LJG vs. what really happened (about/with) the treasure. I know it's the gold/jewels from seeing on another blog. Thanks Lenny!

Hi there Anon and sorry for the delay (it took longer than I intended to put this post together).

This is possibly my favorite aspect of the French Gold plot as it appears in Voyager. LJG specifically starts trying to befriend Jamie in order to find a way to use him to discover where the French Gold has been hidden and when it comes down to it, Jamie lies about what he did with the treasure when he found it––though we don’t discover the full truth about it until a little later in the book.

I’m going to throw this all below a cut not so much for Voyager spoilers as for length.

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as ur friendly neighbourhood resident tzka news/merch commentator, (alternatively titled, ‘hope focuses on the last character anyone else would care about in this announcement, is painfully out of touch w/ the rest of the fandom’) i must have you know they made ybj keychains and FINALLY, THE BOY!!! LAMP MERCH….truly i live. the nasty 7 year rose bud of pestilence and hidden fortune has bloomed and we have received this offering 

i mean im not the biggest fan of ybj lamp but u know i will support this boy in all his Current Day Endeavors no matter how buff and ugly hat’d. but would you just look at those tender toes….! 

anonymous asked:

Do u now there’s a new anime called “Magical Girl Raising Project”? Ep 1 is released, r u interested?

I’ve checked it out and I gotta say that I really enjoyed it.

I was afraid that this new magical girl anime was going down the Gakkougurashi! route and just be boring and dumb and not even scary spooky (let’s be real, Gakkougurashi! pretty much sucks and I quit around episode 3 when I spoiled myself and learned that you’ll never get to see the zombies because they’re always ~hidden~ censored.).

Fortunately, my mind changed when I watched the very first scene of this new anime.

You’re barely 2 seconds into Magical Girl Raising Project and you’re welcomed by a pile of magical girl dead corpses.

Then you get the opening sequence and the rest of the episode which is your average magical girl first episode:

Cute and innocent girls whom want to become magical girls:

Basically at this point you can already figure out that

Then a cute and presumably evil pet which wants you to become a magical girl

Which has gotten with the times btw:

With a twist at the end of the episode:

So yeah, they now have to kill each other.

And you perfectly know what this means:

So we’re off to a good start!.

Magical Girl Raising Project (Mahō Shōjo Ikusei Keikaku) looks really promising and I hope it delivers and differentiates from the rest of the so called ~suffering magical girl anime~ by having their own twist.

They already have something different by allowing very few (and lucky) boys to become magical girls.

La Pucelle is 100% female in their magical form but they’re actually a boy in their ordinary life.

I don’t think you can take into account Sailor Moon’s Starlights since their male persona was a disguise.

There’s a lot to discover and enjoy about this new anime so I’m ready to witness the inevitable suffering of these poor sis and let that rip me apart.

If you wanna join me in this new kawaii yet painful adventure don’t hesitate and go watch the first episode right away!.

♕ Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 01

my favourite novels aesthetic (6/?) Otilia’s Enigma (Enigma Otiliei) by George Calinescu

In art, will is a secondary element, everything depends on talent. The laziest of poets can crate great poetry, almost without wanting and realizing.

“Felix” said Otilia “you are still too young. You mustn’t think about love before building a great career for yourself. Love […] is a big word, but then you will realize that alone, it isn’t enough.”

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You cannot tell whether a person is good or bad by his vicissitudes in life. Good and bad fortune are matters of fate.
—  Maxim from Hagakure (In the Shadow of the Leaves), Yamamoto Tsunetomo (1659 - 1719)
What Happens in Vegas (pt.2)

Well thanks for all the super positive response and feedback on the first one.
Guess ya’ll liked it - so here’s part 2
Again, if you like it let me know, so I know whether to continue with this story.

Note: I think I’ve decided there will be a (pt. 2.5) - which will be a sex situation that continues on from the end of this part, but wont effect the story - and a (pt.3) that will continue the story on from the end of this one.
That way, for those of you who aren’t smut fans, the story wont be impacted and you can skip 2.5 and pick the story right back up in3

Focus: The Sidemen (+ friends) Vegas crew
Warnings: A bit of swearing
Storyline: You finally get your chance to meet most of the Sidemen in Vegas, but will it be everything you imagined

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