hidden flower fields

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When and with who it was your first time? Red

#Red Sinners:

“Uhm… well… I was 17 when it happened. It was with Wolf, we were in an hidden flower field that he knew in the Black Forest at the sunset… it wasn’t planned, it just happened, and it was… beautiful”

a lady in the garden

Summary: A chaotic god stumbles upon a girl in his secret garden. Plakki AU

This is for my lovely @piku-chan and our art trade. Piku made me Plakki trash. She wanted a Plakki! Greek God AU and I am here to deliver!!!

Thanks to @true-spirit-spear-chastiefol for beta-ing! :D

What the fuck?

Plagg fumed as he hid. His green eyes narrowed down on the oblivious woman that was sitting in the middle of the field. Her slender fingers plucked several flowers, which she laid on her lap.

“What are you doing?” a familiar voice whispered. Plagg yowled. He fell to the floor, quickly hiding himself behind a boulder. A young man snickered next to him.

“Wayzz, ssh.” Plagg hissed. Wayzz ran his hands down his russet brown face.

“Plagg, why are you spying on some random girl?” Wayzz asked. Plagg growled at him.

“Because, you simple health god, she is in my garden!”

“A garden in the middle of nowhere.” Wayzz laughed at Plagg’s pout.

“I found it first.” Plagg muttered. Wayzz rolled his eyes. Both looked over the boulder and realized that the girl was gone. Plagg walked to the middle of the field where she was sitting and found a flower crown.

Wayzz picked it up.

“Aw,” he cooed. Plagg glared at him.

“This is so cute!” Wayzz placed the flower crown on Plagg’s head. Plagg ripped the crown off his head. Wayzz patted Plagg on the head before departing, leaving the God of Chaos to fume.

“Stupid…” Plagg muttered. Plagg’s eyes widened when he noticed a fresh patch of red chrysanthemums.  

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El’s first Valentine’s Day is the color of pastel candy conversation hearts. It’s soft and gentle—her way of, as Nancy described it to her, doing nice things for someone you love very much. It’s buying those little cheesy drugstore Valentines with cartoon characters on them to give out to her classmates and favorite teachers. It’s getting her fingers all stuck together and her overalls covered in glitter and a bit of permanent marker on her face when she makes handmade paper heart cards for the people she loves the most. It’s insisting that, yes, all the boys get Valentines because they’re the Best Friend Kind. It’s personalizing Hopper’s card with a loving drawing of the two of them and Lucas’ with a carefully cut camouflage paper heart. It’s poring over new books from the library to find just the right words to express her boundless love. It’s riding her bike into town with Dustin the day after for all the chocolate that’s on sale. It’s the proudest, brightest smile on her face when she shows Will the drawing of their family that she did for him. It’s El’s sweet giggling that lights up the room when Mike sheepishly reveals the delicate flower crown he braided together and places it in her fluffy hair. It’s the moment right as their friends are heading home when Mike hands her his own homemade Valentine and recites the dorkiest, heartfelt poem that he wrote specially for her, while his cheeks turn redder than the heart shaped lollipop taped to the back of the card. Perhaps when they’re older, Mike will put together an elaborate plan for a romantic Valentine’s Day with his El that will be ultimately scrapped in favor of cuddling under a pile of blankets and pillows while watching movies and eating dollar store chocolate because El came down with a cold. Perhaps El will take Mike gently by the hand as they visit all the little spots around Hawkins that have been important to them over the years, ending in a miraculous and hidden field of flowers in which they spent days of their childhood picking flowers and tellings stories. But for the first one, Eleven reciprocates all the love in her life with a warm embrace