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You don’t need to save me… but would you run away with me?

By Skyler10

Summary: Lady Rose attends a masquerade ball where she meets a mysterious stranger who she doesn’t mind spending a magical evening with. But who is behind the mask?

Notes: For @doctorroseprompts Human AU masquerade where they meet at a masquerade and dance all night, then the reveal… how does it go? And Fireworks, a broken clock, a toast.

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In late autumn, gilded carriages delivered their noble passengers to the massive “country house,” as it was called. To Lady Rose Tyler of the Powell Estate, it seemed more like a fairytale palace.

It overwhelmed Lady Rose as she stepped inside. She had never been to a masquerade, especially not one hosted by the Grand Prince of Gallifrey. The Grand Prince’s youngest son was back from university. The ball was announced as a harvest celebration, but everyone knew it was secretly to introduce him to all the eligible ladies of the land. He might not be the first in line for the throne, but he was still wealthy and, rumor had it, handsome. Nearly every girl in the land was eager for his affections.

Lady Rose didn’t come with any such expectations. She was happy as the daughter of a lower-ranking earl, studying her art and French and the celestial bodies. She knew the day would come when she’d have to marry, but for now, her frazzled mother and enterprising father were only hinting, not demanding, that she find a suitable mate. So instead of focusing on ways to woo the handsome prince, she helped her father with the bookkeeping and rode horses and gardened to fill her days.

She was still high enough in rank, however, to be invited to such an elegant gathering. The splendor of it all spread out before her as she crossed the threshold from the entry hall into the Hall of Saturn. Colors swirled throughout the enormous ballroom, each couple masked and moving in perfect synchronicity to the orchestra’s call. She gasped as her gaze rose to the painted ceiling. The gods and goddesses reveled along with them, lit by the largest chandeliers Rose had ever seen.

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