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Friendly reminder that Percy Jackson is such a powerful demigod that the smallest gestures and sneezes can cause damage.

Sleepover Confirmed Starco

I’m really late to the celebration party, but Sleepover basically confirmed that Star has a crush on Marco. 

And I’ve already seen the fandom’s reaction to THAT. 

While the shippers of Starco are happily rejoicing in the fact that half of their OTP is canon, the anti’s are salty as fuck because they don’t want another “cliche” romance. 

Just tell me: How is a well progressed and developed romance “Cliche”? 

The best kind of romances start out with the two being friends and that’s because they get to know about each other on a personal level. With time, those feelings become something more because they realize they care about each other more than they thought they did. 

We also had SEVERAL if not many hints in Season 1 that Starco was going to become a thing in this series. ESPECIALLY with Blood Moon Ball and the whole hidden prophecy they’re building up to with Star and Marco. 

And it also really bothers me how some people are like “If Starco becomes canon, I’m dropping the series.” 

Like? Are you not interested in the other qualities of the show? Are you not interested in learning more about Mewnie and about Marco’s family? Are you not interested in learning more about the hidden prophecy they’re building up to? Was your whole purpose for watching this show to ship two characters together? 

Like you can drop the series if that’ll make you happy but I think that’s really fucking stupid. Especially when this series is focused on so much more than just romance. 

There’s also so many episodes left of Season 2 so we’re not even half-way through the whole Season yet. And we still have Season 3 that is still on the horizon so a lot could happen in that time span. 

So calm the fuck down and enjoy the series. 

shaded-iris  asked:

I'm curious if you wanted supports of some form to return in SoV. Even subtracting the direct gameplay benefits used with both pair-up strategies and adding child units, there was so much character development and world building hidden in them that I feel they would be missed, but I'm not sure how supports were handled in older games, especially FE2.

There was only one support in FE2, between Alm and Celica.  If they stand beside each other, Alm gets guaranteed critical hits.  That’s it.

I really want supports in SoV, for a handful of reasons.

Only a handful of characters have any personality in Gaiden.  Most enemies don’t have lines, most named bosses only have a few, and most recruitable characters only speak upon recruitment.  In a game with about 40 major characters, maybe 35 are blank slates.  That’s boring.  Supports would give us reasons to care about certain characters specifically, not just because they’re our best character at the time.

Additionally, anything that increases depth is good for a game.  The more options the player has, the more ways they can approach a situation, and the more reasons they have to play the game again.  Replayability adds value.

Those are my two “big” reasons.  Everything else falls under one category or the other.


It had been a long long day for the Black Goats as they were on a search mission for a certain object. But of course the way to get it was through the CCG as they knew that the Black Goats would be searching for this object thanks to Furata. When plans were certainly falling as soon as they got their hands on the object they were looking for. Kaneki yells at everyone to split up before the CCG could infiltrate them.

Kaneki and Touka were separated from Banjou, Hinami, and Ayato after Kaneki had taken a huge blow for them to escape but sadly Kaneki and Touka we’re separated from the rest of the group. 

Kaneki bleeding and wounded pretty badly was not in his state of mind as he suddenly went kakuja to help him and Touka escape from the CCG. He was stressed, hurt, and tired because of Furata’s antics. 

Grabbing Touka in his centipede like tendrils he climbs out of the area and runs to a  building hidden where the did not find them at all. 

Gently placing Touka back on the floor after he knew they weren’t around anymore. Kaneki was in full on alert as he hisses and grunts as he searches around as he keeps an eye out for the CCG, hoping everyone else was safe.

When CCG agents were he tried to hide Touka but no avial as the woman was too stubbron.


i hate walking around very rich buildings looking up at them like, “wow i wonder what it’d be like to live there?” and then looking down and realizing the family walking in front of me is going in because they live there. like my wildest fantasy is their reality. please let me pretend these buildings are just empty or full of spiders or something, anything would be preferable. you should have to hide when you’re that rich. i’d be goddamn terrified of waltzing out of a golden tower in front of all the regular people. like one day they’re gonna snap and just eat me or something. please enter and exit your building via hidden tunnel in disguise, head shielded from the sky because even god is looking down like, “fuck, you live in this building?? and now you’re walking slowly in the middle of the sidewalk??”

Let me just say that I have never explored my neighborhood once in my entire life nor have I willingly stepped outside into daylight since 2008, which is incidentally when I last had recess

Since Pokemon go has been out, I’ve discovered a stone alligator in my campus pond, a cube sculpture hiding behind the musical arts building, a hidden fountain dedicated to the founders of the college, and also some weird people trying to collect 400 magikarps, all wearing full nerd gear.

These are things I wouldn’t have found nor cared about without this app

:: the big day

Steve can’t stop FIDGETING. Bucky is hidden away inside the building behind them, the guests all sat in their seats, waiting. Steve, meanwhile, is wearing a hole into the deck he’s stood in, constantly SHIFTING, looking from the priest to the altar to Sam to the aisle, and back again, in an infinite loop. He isn’t nervous. Hell no. What has he got to be nervous about? He’s excited, that’s what it is. He just can’t wait to see Bucky.

They’ve been planning this for so long now, at first it felt like the day was NEVER going to come, but now? Now he can’t quite believe that it’s here. That the day 70 years have been building up to has finally arrived. He’s going to get to marry Bucky, the love his life, at LAST. 

The music starts, and Steve looks to the aisle, his heart leaping, pounding so hard Steve is sure everyone can hear it. Sam gives his elbow a gentle SQUEEZE as the bridesmaids began to walk down the aisle, Natasha in front, leading the way. When Steve finally sees Bucky, he’s sure his heart STOPS. He’s so beautiful. His boyfriend. His soon to be husband.

When Bucky finally meets him, there are TEARS in Steve’s eyes.


The fuck kind of school is Beacon Hills?? Doors are unlocked, kids are writing all over bookshelves, it’s the site of like three murders, the soccer team practices in the middle of the day, and the actual Hale family vault is hidden underneath the building???

Hiding out in a small dark alley way, hidden between building - Adam was brewing something and it was going to be good. With a small glance down at his spell book, he rubbed his hands together and laid his head back. His hands slowly separated and he held them up as he began to chant and recite the spell in Latin. Smoke began to surround him and everything around him began to go black.

If he succeeded in this - he would be great. His power possibly near to endless. The trouble was he could hear footsteps coming down the alley. He had to hurry. To break his concentration could be very well deadly for not only him but others. Black magic consumed quickly without thought and without hesitation. It cared not whether you were pure of heart or black of heart. It would eat until nothing was left. The spell he was playing with was something that if failed - would consume everything in its wake.