hidden building

Hidden within an office building in Munich, a staircase seemingly leads you up… to nowhere. “Umschreibung” is in fact not a staircase at all, but an ominous sculpture by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson. The sculpture, which is made of steel and is over 30 feet tall, is a staircase in the shape of a double helix. The bottom of the steps has a small opening, so you can actually climb the stairs yourself. “Umschreibung” is a German word which means “euphemism,” or “circumlocution.” Is it a reminder that no matter how hard we work, we might all be going nowhere? Or perhaps that life isn’t a destination but a journey? Your call. 📸: Photo by @anabel_mmn - thanks for using #atlasobscura!

I get that it’s kind of cool to be getting all these stories about the new kids and Newt and whatnot, but all I really want is the origin story of Hogwarts. I want to see Helga duking it out with Salazar about students’ worthiness, and Rowena and Godric drawing wands when they get into arguments about which students have which qualities. I want to see Salazar building that hidden chamber and watch the castle build the room of requirement. Where is that 5-part series??

(graphic made by @panicoenlondres!)

In A Spacebeat

Guess who is back?? Yup its me! So i was inspired by the cutest short story video ever “In a Heartbeat” and decided to do my own little klance version of it. It took me a while cuz i did half of it and never got to finish it until now Well, anyways i hope you guys like it!!!

His heart had exploded. It had gone “BOOM” and exploded. Well technically speaking, it had jumped out of his chest and was now making its way towards a certain mullet-haired someone.

“What the- Hey!” Lance exclaimed as he chased down his runaway heart.

He couldn’t believe it. His heart finally had enough of his coward-self and decided to act out on his true feelings. (And in an unbelievable way?? Pidge was going to love this)

Yeah sure, he had been crushing on Keith for months now but Lance was sure Keith didn’t even know of his existence. So he did what he had to do and ran for it. He ran to catch up with his heart before it did something he would later regret. No way, was he going to experience rejection again.

As his heart inched closer and closer to Keith, Lance managed to grab a hold of it and pulled with all his might. Grunting, he quickly hid behind a trash can when Keith turned around at the noise.

He was breathing heavily and was using all his strength to stop his heart from getting away.

“Dios mio, that was close. Why is this happening to me?” Lance thought to himself. “Why?”

After a few seconds, Keith’s footsteps started again and his heart decided to once again make a run for it. This time, Lance noticed, Keith had taken out an apple and was tossing it up and down on his hand while casually looking around the hall. Lance’s heart took the opportunity and exchanged the apple for itself. His heart was now being tossed up and down by the one he liked. Up and down it went. Oh god, Lance had to get it back.

He hastily made up his mind at the same time Keith went in for a bite to his “apple” and Lance grabbed his hand.

Silence. Silence and Keith’s eyes were all that Lance noticed as he held Keith’s warm and soft hand.

“Uhhhh,” Lance managed to murmur as he quickly pulled his hand away from Keith, turned around, and bolted down the hallway, heart in hand. He didn’t need to see Keith look after him, but he felt it. Probably with disgust, Lance thought.

“Shit, shit,shit,” Lance chanted under his breath. He had just held Keith’s hand. He held his hand. He couldn’t believe it. And his eyes, his eyes were so beautiful. It was like he was looking at a whole new world. He barely processed these beautiful thoughts, when his heart bolted AGAIN. (Maybe Lance had to work out his arm muscles cuz damnnn that’s the third time)

And, maybe the third time was the charm, because as Keith went into the library, Lance’s heart managed to slip in after Keith as the door was closing.

Now he was in trouble. Lance didn’t know if he should just run in or run away and never look back. He didn’t need his heart anyway. (hahaha he did)

But he made up his mind and he slowly walked back towards the library. When he opened the door, he thought Keith would be the only one in there and his heart (obviously) but what he didn’t expect was Keith on the floor with his heart on his cheek and a group of people staring at him. 

Lance wanted to die. He made a dash for his heart and grabbed the end of his heart and pulled HARD. However, he didn’t expect for his heart to be firmly latched onto Keith, not giving up on his crush. He kept pulling. He pulled and pulled until he heard, and saw, his heart break in two. One piece in his hand and the other on Keith. He looked around and saw the faces of the other people staring at him. He had made a fool out of Keith and an even bigger fool of himself. 

With the half piece in his hand, Lance ran (hes doing a lot of running aint he?) out the library. He felt tears form in his eyes but he wouldn’t cry. He couldn’t. He knew Keith would never feel the same way. So he ran, until he was out the building and hidden behind a tree.

Lance sat down and cradled his broken heart in his hands. He sat there for what felt like eternity. Trying to control his breathings and his thoughts. What would people say about him now? What would Keith think about him? He was too focused on taking control that he did not hear the footsteps approaching him. He didn’t realize that someone sat next to him until it was too late.

“Lance?” a voice whispered.

He swears his neck snapped when he realized and looked up to the owner of the voice.

“I-uhh. Keith?” Lance stuttered surprised.

“I… uhh. I have something that belongs to you.” Keith pulled out the other half of Lance’s heart and cradled it in his hand. (HHHAHAHAH GET IT??) He gently took Lance’s hand, the one with the other half, and carefully put both pieces together while grabbing his hand. Lance literally felt his heart beating happily once again.

“Lance, I like you too.” Keith shyly declared to him.

Lance was soaring. His heart was soaring. 

bc anons have sent in asks, @evenandsana and i have expanded on our theories abt even in s4. keep in mind these are theories and that i am typing this all quite messily on mobile whilst faiza speaks into my ear.

so we’ve been talkin for a couple hrs on the phone abt this whole season and how the continuity has been… bad. for e.g. with even. we were talkin abt how gross it is for even to be used as a plot device but then we really thought abt it and theres quite a lot of hints showing how he doesnt seem to be doin so well right now. and this isnt us being all ‘yay angst!’ lol no. this is us analyzing mental illness, which is something we have experience with.

if even was so worried abt isak and sana talking abt mikael and the balloon squad in episode 3 then he should still be worried, perhaps even more so now especially after the fight, when isak and sana in episode 6 had the entire afternoon where it was just them two alone, where isak and sana could openly talk abt everything.

but some people will say that it could have happened off screen but then, all these little details that we’re gonna point out directly parallel the situation back in s3.

ONE. we kno that even wears white when he’s elevated. (e.g. 3x03, 3x04, 3x08)

TWO. we know that even smokes weed (and drinks heavily) when he’s stressed (e.g. 3x01, 3x02, 3x03, 3x04, 3x05, 3x08)

THREE. special emphasis on isak saying in episode 6, “your sweater smells like weed.” - there was no need to include this line but its there for a reason, so we know that even has been smoking again. and if his sweater smells like weed, it means he’s been heavily smoking bc i know from being around people who smoked weed, it doesnt tend to stick as strongly afterwards, it kinda blends in with the smell of the person/clothes/deodorant.

deflection - we’ve seen it in s3, where even deflects topics heavily and this season if the above signs are anything to go by (him wearing white and smoking weed + added stresses e.g. maintaining a relationship, last semester at high school/exams, new job and a new apartment. and also seeing the balloon squad again and trauma resurfacing) could all cause him to deflect telling isak all the things he wants to tell him.

examples of elevation this season include: the insta picture (the before and after - directly paralleling 3x08), when he greeted sana in 4x06 (normally why would even be this elevated if he knows that isak and sana have all afternoon to talk - which sounds repetitive but as i said they all link together and overlap)

there’s been a clear shift in mood that we can see in even from episode 3 onwards this season. in episode 1 and 2 he was fine, his usual self, and then in ep 3 he confronted sana and was anxious, and ever since then its like all of that has been suppressed and it feels like its been put on the back burner - which also kinda reflects how even is handling all of this internally. (once again directly parallels back to how even dealt with everything in s3, even tho we’re seeing things through sana’s eyes this season, it still feels the same in that sense.) which doesn’t make sense because after seeing the balloon squad, it doesnt make sense that he doesnt seem the least bit fazed or triggered by something he was so completely anxious about just 2 weeks earlier which, we found out from yousef, was something that had a major impact on him. (which then makes sense why he’s also smoking again)

the first clip back from hiatus this season - the emphasis on the shot of even with the lyrics “he’s crazy he’s crazy/boy is crazy.”

so far this is what we’ve discussed and the observations we’ve picked up on, especially using our own experiences with mental illness. the fact that we’ve seen so little of even but only now we’ve picked up on all these things, shows that there’s a lot hidden under the surface, building up to something.

What I really think about Sakura

I decided to write down my thoughts… they are half serious and half…not.

Who found my older post, also drawings, probably understood that I’m a NaruHina shipper and I’m pro SasuKarin (however i draw everything ahah). But I want to share the truth about what I think of Sakura and about Naruto’s ending.

At the beginning I didn’t liked Sakura, it was the opposite! I was immediately enchanted by her looks (well she is the only pink haired pg with shiny green eyes) because I always loved the girly color pink. She was perfect to me: pink long hair contrasted with green eyes dressed in red. I also found her personality really cool because I loved when she got angry and punched everyone.

But little by little my opinion changed.

It wasn’t her fault but Kishimoto who grew up her.

Most of the people were surprised when in the chunin exams she cut her hair to save her team. It was a important moment… but it had an horrible hidden message: a feminine kunoichi can’t be also strong. It was more than one time told in the manga. Even Ino copied Sakura but also here all was hidden building a plot to explain it….

I never accepted that… it would have been more cool and honest if Sakura, going bersek, told something like “well, I’m just like this I love caring of myself and you’re just jelous of it shannaro!”. Maybe it is a little trashy but fuck it I would have loved her…

Then things got even worse: she couldn’t beat Ino, he got almost killed by Gaara for protecting Sasuke, she was intended to betray Konoha just to follow him who never cared of her but she was egoist also because she always wanted to change the person she “loved”… she stressed Naruto beging him to save Sasuke for her…

This is a focal point.

That poor blonde guy always loved her… really. Ok I respect Hinata for her kind soul but often even if there is someone caring for us this doesn’t mean that we have to fall in love with him/her. Naruto is always been honest and she loved Sakura for who she was even knowing that she had eyes only for Sasuke… he accepted that from the beginning to the end. He suffered in silence.

But what I didn’t really understand is: if Sakura was fixed only with Sasuke why give the readers hints that she loved Naruto instead? Yamato and Sai tried to help Sakura admitting it. But then there is that horrible chapter when Sai literally told her “wake up you silly chick Naruto LOVES YOU (and you love him) the guy you “love” is a freaking psyco that is going to kill everyone so we’re going to kill him first but Naruto probably doesn’t want it”. So God Kishimoto whispered her “lie to Naruto tell him you love him and say to him to forget Sasuke… and then go to kill the last Uchiha betraying everyone and risking your life again poisoning that poor fox guy”. This also a thing I don’t understand… Sakura can be not mature but she isn’t weak! God she can’t destroy all with a finger, save her and other lives (but not Neji’s because if not Hinata could’t approach definitely Naruto…) and she has a inner talent for genjutsu. So why she has always the need to be saved? Where is the logic on this?

Ok if you read all this you’re thinking “well why do you ship NaruHina?”.

The fact is that I simply accepted that at the end Naruto choose her. However, i would really liked if Sakura accepted her true feelings and stayed with Naruto.

It would have been the coolest thing when in the end, when she was healing both Naruto and Sasuke, when Sasuke apologise to her she said something like “the one who has to say sorry is me. I always complicated things without helping. Sasuke, I understand now. I’m really annoying. It’s hard to deal with someone so stubborn like me. But now i understand what how I really feel like. This is not a lie anymore… Naruto”.

Awwww, Kishimoto why you didn’t do this?

I’ll write only a few things more… “WHY”?.


- She was his first love and even if I loved The Last movie I disagree with Sakura when she tells Naruto that his feeling for her were false; again she lied to herself…

- Sakura is very similar to Kushina and even Minato sees this;

- She spent more time with Naruto than Hinata so she can understand him better;

- Sakura can look him in the eyes without fainting (lol).


- Because Neji died to make them canon…

- Because there is a NaruHina movie that is canon…

- Because Kishimoto loves Hinata and also his staff do

- Because Hinata almost died for him… but Sakura did this before in a different way

- Because Hinata is stalkers-Hime

- Because any other things other than her big breast (lol)


- Fandom.

- Platonic love.

- Reborn of the Uchiha clan even if you don’t know if Sasuke betrayed Sakura


- Sexyness.

- Uchiha + Uzumaki is the perfect combination

- Painful past

- Twisted minds

- Tomatoes,


- Because this is a shounen viril manga (like Haku)

- Because they are the reincarnation of two brothers. Oh well fuck this

- Because two males can’t do sons

- Because this manga it’s a total lie

And finally…


- Hinata is beautiful and quiet like Mikoto

- They have similar colors

- Two blue blood families

- Sharingan + Byakugan= Kaguya

- Ah ok they also somehow kinsmans

- I don’t have other reasons lol

That’s all! I just say a last thing: all the ships are beautiful. This is what makes them interesting and stimulating! So let’s respect each other it’s not bad to have different ideas.

Nessian Anniversary Headcanon

 Nessian Anniversary Headcanon

Nesta spends the day walking along the Rainbow with her sisters and searching Velaris for the perfect dress to blow the socks off of the bat she calls mate and husband.

Cassian spends the day building with Rhys and Az, trying to make his “perfect anniversary gift” come to life.

Nesta and Cassian spend more time getting ready that than they would care to admit.

 Nesta in a navy gown that has a deep neckline and delicate lace sleeves, she wears no jewelry but her wedding rings. Her hair is elegantly pin above her head in a crown. She paints a sharp line of kohl on her eyelids, a slash of red on her plump lips, and finally a highlighter to further accentuate her high cheekbones.

Cassian wears an all black tux that he had tailor made for the occasian. He even shaves his trademark stubble and cuts his hair an inch.

When night comes the two link arms at the threshold of their apartment and head out into the night.

Cassian abruptly picks up Nesta and flies away into the mountains.

Nesta is the furthest thing from cool and collected, she begins screaming “ PUT ME DOWN YOU OVERGROWN BAT, PUT ME DOWN”, needless to say, he does not.

They land in a secluded pavilion in the frozen peaks of the mountain, yet it is not cold at all.

Within the pavilion is a dining table set for two, filled with spicy Illyrian delicacies that make Nesta’s mouth water.

As the walk closer to the pavilion Nesta realizes there is small building hidden in the snow.

“What is this”, Nesta exclaimed lacking her usual bite.

“You’ll find out soon enough sweetheart.”

Nesta rushes in, curiosity pushing her forward.

Nesta almost collapses when she sees that it is a library with all her favorite books, even the ones from the mortal lands she could no longer access.

The library is a tiny cottage, but still holds as many books as the House of Wind. It is made of old wood, but is sturdy. It smells of fresh paint, old paper, and a crackling fire. There are two plump chairs and a rug in front of a roaring fireplace that are all-too inviting.

She pours over each shelf examining every book. When she is done she notices a certain illyrian waiting in the doorway.

“How did you find this place.”

“I built it for you.”

With that she rushes over to kiss him, the food forgotten outside.

Skin to Skin

Jughead Jones doesn’t know how the crimson crescents ended up on his palms.

Betty Cooper is clueless when it comes to the messages on her arms.

Soulmate AU where all the little marks and injuries belonging to Betty and Jughead start finding themselves on each other’s skin. 

A/N: I’m always a sucker for AUs! Hope you enjoy this!

Chapter i

Jughead Jones is almost done with an incredibly important meeting when it first happens.

Jason Baltimore, the editor of the Long Island Publishing House, is sitting across him, fiddling with a ballpoint pen as he addresses Jughead. They’ve been in this windowless room for about two hours now, and Jughead can’t help but curse whoever designed this building. Hidden away in the streets of Manhattan, this place took an arduous amount of effort to find, and the sort-of dingy exterior almost made Jughead do a one-eighty and turn back. Sure, this is the first publishing house that liked my book, but I’m sure I can find another. He’d thought, but he’d shaken his head and made his way in.

“Mr. Jones, are you listening?”

Jughead’s head snapped up, blue-green eyes meeting brown. “Sorry, yes, it’s just a bit stuffy here.” He said.

“Well, I’m sorry, Mr. Jones, but we’ll have to conduct the rest of our meeting here.” Mr. Baltimore says, visible sweat stains peeking out from under his armpits.

Jughead nodded and fiddled with his watch. “Yeah, that’s okay. I’ll manage.”

“So we’ve got two problems.” The blonde, slightly chubby man, says. “One, your name is Jughead.”

Jughead raises his hands defensively. “So what?”

“You’re going to risk ridiculing yourself. People will end up laughing at your name on the cover instead of noticing the title.”

“Or,” Jughead says, leaning forward, “I’ll take them by surprise. ’The Anatomy of a Murder’ will be all the more unique, considering the fact that its content is so serious.”

Mr. Baltimore mimics his movement, resting his elbows on the desk between them. “At the acquisitions meeting, this issue was brought up, Mr. Jones.”

“So I will convince them.” Jughead Jones was a stubborn man.

Mr. Baltimore wipes away a droplet of sweat. “Let’s say you don’t succeed. Would you, maybe, consider an alternative? I don’t suppose your real name is Jughead.

Oh, no. No way was ‘Forsythe Jones’ going to be put on the cover of his first book; there was a reason he preferred ‘Jughead’ over that ridiculous name. (Ironic, considering the fact the Jughead was pretty ridiculous, too.)

Jughead shakes his head. “Let’s just say my real name is worse.” He eyes the editor in front of him. “It looks fine on paychecks and insurance forms, but not on a novel.”

“Perhaps a pseudonym, then?”

Jughead sets his mouth into a thin line.

“No, then.” Mr. Baltimore says, gauging his reaction. “Mr. Jones, I advise you to think this over, and get back to me on Wednesday.”

He flips open his laptop. “Now, the next issue I want to discuss… well, it’s not an issue, but something I would like you to know…” He turns the laptop face towards Jughead. “You’re twenty two years old. You’re a senior at NYU. Probably the youngest among a huge community of authors.”

Jughead nods. “I’m well aware of that.”

“Mr. Jones, your style is unique, and your writing is brilliant, but generally, books by younger authors don’t tend to be as successful as others, and I hope you’re prepared for such a situation.”

Jughead bites his lip. “I know, Mr. Baltimore. I hardly expected this book to get picked up by a publisher in the first place, and I’m thankful to you, I am. But, I think that the masses will like it. I truly do.”

“I am hopeful, too, Mr. Jones- can I call you Jughead, by the way?”


“I am hopeful too. Just preparing you. Moving on,” Mr. Baltimore says, fanning himself with Jughead’s manuscript. “Oh, for God’s sake- someone get the Air Conditioner working!” He yells after stalking to the door and sticking his head out.

Thank you, Jughead thinks, because he doesn’t feel too comfortable about the fact that his manuscript is now a makeshift fan. Plus, the need for fresh air is only increasing.

“Now,” Mr. Baltimore says, once he’s settled in his chair again, “You need to create accounts on social media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Reddit if you want to discuss theories with your readers, and all the likes.”

Jughead internally groans at the Twitter and Instagram part, but he knows it’s necessary. The Tumblr and Reddit part he’s fine with, though. He’s been on those sites for years now.

“Could I borrow a pen?” Jughead asks. He needs a reminder, and writing on his forearm is a habit he’s had for many years. Once he Mr. Baltimore gives him one, he jots down a sentence onto his pale skin- Remember to succumb to the true giants of social media.

“And finally, Jughead, we’re assigning you an agent. Though you won’t need him as much if your book, well, doesn’t gain popularity, it’s still better to have one at hand. I’m giving you his number, shall I text it to you or will you write it down?”

Jughead’s phone is currently at a repair shop- it’s an iPhone 3, he’s been able to survive with that archaic thing for years now, but finding a store that actually fixed them was a huge task. But his screen had cracked badly, and Jughead has too many notes on it to buy another one without recovering stuff from this one.

“I’ll write it down.” He grabs the pen, once again, and etches the set of numbers Mr. Baltimore dictates to him.

“Well, Jughead, I’ll see you on Wednesday. This meeting was a pleasure, and I’m glad that I’ve decided to publish your book. But, think the name over.”

Jughead smiles, blushing ever so slightly. “Thank you, Mr. Baltimore.”

He grabs his bag and shrugs his leather jacket (courtesy JB) onto his shoulders and stands up. He has a shift at Barnes and Nobles’, and then a paper to write for his film study course, so he needs to hurry.

That’s when it happens. His palm suddenly stings, like it’s been cut, and Jughead winces with surprise. He opens his hands, palms up, looks at them, and sees that they’re bleeding. His fingernails have cut open the skin of his palm, and smears of blood marr the white skin.

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[Bruce & Dick Panels] Outsiders #21 (2005)

When I first came across this issue, it was in one of those “sale” shelves. Apart from Batman himself, I wasn’t as intimitately familiar with the rest of the Batfamily just yet. The cover intrigued me, though, and a few pages in, I was sold.

In hindsight, it was ridiculously cheap for such a gem (plus, in fairly good condition)! It’s one of the first single issues I’ve ever bought, and one of the first to solidify my growing addiction to moments of Batfamily angst.

So, I guess the cover can clue you in about what this issue might be about, but here’s a little backstory (and some spoilers):

Outsiders #1 is set a while after the Titans parted ways following the loss of Lilith and Donna Troy (Wonder Girl). Roy Harper (Arsenal) approaches Dick Grayson (Nightwing) about forming a new team of superheroes. Dick, still brooding over their loss, is uninterested. It’s clear that he isn’t ready for the emotional burden of leading a team, then putting their lives at risk again. 

Roy reminds him why they formed the Teen Titans in the first place (to be heroes in their own right, and not just sidekicks), and that this time around, they didn’t have to be as emotionally invested as they used to be. They didn’t have to be a “family” like the Titans were, just a team.

Reluctant but convinced, Dick eventually becomes their leader.

Note: Now, if the “Outsiders” sound familiar to you, remember that Batman led his own version of the team?       


“So… who pays for this team?”

In the previous issue, Outsiders #20 (2005), following Metallo’s attack on the Outsiders’ headquarters, Indigo makes an incidental finding in the wreckage: the high-tech cables hidden in the building walls aren’t supplied by Optitron (the corporation they believe to be financing their vigilante operation), but by one with much deeper pockets

Now, onto the current issue again (and a little more backstory):

“They keep close tabs, but they have allowed the team to be autonomous.”

Optitron, which was once merely a syndicated cable company, eventually acquires three of the largest cable companies in the world. As a way of giving back to the people for its immense success, the corporation becomes involved in global philanthropy. To step it up a notch, it funds a crime-fighting unit of superheroes (yes, the Outsiders). 


Cue dramatic suspenseful music: *DUN-DUN-DUN DUUUUUUNNNN*

“He did this again. He always does this.”

And, by “this”, it’s safe to assume that he means Bruce - to put it lightly -  interferes. Ask any member of the Justice League - he’s notoriously controlling!

Now, you’d think that Dick would be more grateful, right? While other vigilantes conduct their operations in cramped hole-in-the-walls, worrying about their day jobs to carry on their night ones, he and his teammates are gettin’ paid

But, this is a father-and-son, not benefactor-and-beneficiary, kind of issue. It has nothing to do with money. As it usually is between Bruce and Dick, it’s a matter of principle.

So, brace yourself for some DramaTM, Wayne Manor style…

“What the hell is the matter with you? I mean, aside from the obvious!”

So, here’s Dick, dropping some heavy truth bombs…

Part of Bruce’s parenting style is to absorb his children’s rage (over him, over anything), then channel it into a teaching moment (eventually). As long as they’re not in the middle of a life-threatening scenario, he’ll hear them out. He’ll let them say what they want to say, how they want to say it.    

Then, he’ll seem detached and uncaring. But, see, he’s not exactly Mr. Heart-on-His-Sleeve. When you’ve become as hardened by years of pain and loss such as him, it becomes a habit to tuck any semblance of vulnerability away. 

It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his children - he clearly does,1000% yes - but sometimes silence is all he has to offer. A moment to listen. A mind that isn’t racing towards the next case. Because he knows that there are problems a utility belt just can’t solve. (Plus, he’s not always the best at words when emotions are concerned.)

He has his moments when he’ll let his guard down, too. When he’ll act like their father-father, not just their mentor-father. A tight hug. An affectionate hair tousle. Forgoing patrol to watch a movie (*cough* Jason *cough*). The little things. Rare, perhaps, but they do happen.   

But, yeah, then there’s moments like this, too (where we’re extra thankful that Alfred’s around):

“As hard as it may seem, Dick, I saw the Outsiders as a good idea. I believed in you.”

Anytime Bruce keeps something from him, Dick gets hurt. Because he’s always thought highly of Bruce and the bond that they share is sacred to him.

Now, keep in mind that part of why Dick became Nightwing was to shed his sidekick persona. Much of his adult life has been spent trying to step out of Bruce’s shadow and become his own kind of superhero.  

So, understandably, he feels betrayed. In his mind, Bruce lied to him and is still closely keeping tabs on his endeavors. 

(That act of “omission” on Bruce’s part? I guess we can chalk it up to his habit of not-needing-to-explain-himself.)

For some reason, the next set of panels reminds me of that episode from the first season of Young Justice in which Bruce requests a private meeting with Kaldur’ahm (Aqualad) in which even Dick (then Robin) isn’t invited. Dick gets jealous and takes it out on the (concrete?) gym wall. By the end of the episode, Bruce makes it up to him by challenging him to a one-on-one basketball match - undivided attention! - which Dick gladly accepts. 

Bruce’s opinions matter very much to Dick, whether the latter agrees with them or not. In both instances (Young Justice and this issue), he’s expressing his insecurity (though, he seems to be denying it in the fourth panel). Where does he stand with Bruce? (A question which every Batfamily member has probably asked at least once in his or her life.) 

“You expect too much of me.”

Bruce. Ever the pragmatist. Always punishing himself with reminders of his failures, of people he wasn’t able to save.

And, Dick, ever the optimist. Always trying to give others the benefit of the doubt.

For the purpose of closure: At the end of the issue, we find out that it wasn’t actually Bruce who’s been giving Roy intel all this time, but Slade Wilson disguised as Batman.

Bruce and Dick… they’ll have these fits of rage, then calm down as if nothing happened. Neither needs to say “It was my fault” or “I love you” or whatever. It’s all just kind of understood somehow.  

Like, you know, a family.

Muse A goes to the countryside on summer vacation with her family as a small child. They don’t like it there very much, and are extremely grumpy about it. Then they meet Muse B, who’s been living there all their life in a house next door to the vacation home. The two become inseparable friends— running barefoot through tall grass, playing pranks on everyone, picking wild strawberries, building a hidden hideout so they can hang out there.
     Then Muse A is taken away back to the city, and the two are devastated, pining for each other’s company for months after the separation. Years pass and they forget that summer. They’re now grownups, and Muse A is a successful business owner in the city, while Muse B takes up an artistic job ( musician, painter, poet, etc. ) near his home.
     So one day, a bad breakup leaves Muse A heartbroken, and when their work goes downhill, they decide they need a break and go to the countryside. In the same rental vacation home from all those years ago, they spend their days trying to chill. Bad memories and nightmares wake them up from sleep and they take a walk through the grounds around them when they hear music//see someone?? They follow everything to their old hideout, where Muse B, too, has been spending a restless night in need of inspiration.
     Muse A watches them for a while in secret, but then something scares them or they trip on something, and the two just go Whoa, hello..?! and Muse B offers their hand to Muse A…. and then realizes that birthmark//scar on their hand looks familiar??

Title: The Breakthrough

@a-girl-interupted​ requested: I always felt Max was a very sympathetic  character. I’m not sure if thats bad screenwriting or because I love JDM or what but I always felt he really tried to fight his urges and if she had given him a chance he could have been a wonderful boyfriend. I wouldn’t mind a play on that :) maybe if she hadn’t pushed him away that night (smut) or if she found out he was watching her and instead of getting creeped out played and teased him a bit ya know? Just off the top of my head.

Character(s): Max and Juliet
Summary: What if Juliet didn’t stop Max? Would that have changed everything?
Word Count: 2,251
Warning: SMUT!!! 
Author’s Note: Thank you, @a-girl-interupted for this request! I agree one hundred percent that Max could have been a wonderful boyfriend if given the chance. So, I hope this is okay! It has been a while since I’ve written for Max, so hopefully it’s not too out of character. Enjoy! :-)

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First Time - Roy Harper (Arsenal-Young Justice) x Reader

Requested by Anon -  a first time with Roy Harper

“Are you sure this is the right warehouse?” you asked as you and Arsenal observed it from a neighboring roof. There was no movement within the warehouse.

“This is the place. I tracked the girl’s cell phone here,” Arsenal stated coldly, frowning at your second guessing. “I didn’t invite you along to doubt my every move.”

“I don’t doubt you, Arsenal,” you answered quickly, slipping a hand onto his shoulder.  You squeezed it gently, noticing how his shoulders relaxed under your touch. “I just don’t like how there isn’t movement down there.”

Arsenal had been hired by a local business man to find his missing daughter. He followed the trail to here before he decided to call you for backup. Even though Arsenal was no longer on the team, you made sure he knew he could always call you. 

“Yeah, it makes me nervous too,” Arsenal muttered, not liking the funny feeling growing in his chest. However, he felt reassured by your presence. Despite everything, you were always ready to help him when he called. He stood to ready his grapple gun as your hand slipped off of his shoulder. “Want a ride down?”

You smiled at him before hugging his waist. He wrapped his human arm around you before firing the gun to send you both flying through the air.

Rolling to your feet when you hit the ground, Arsenal signaled you to enter the warehouse through a side door. You nodded your comprehension before moving towards the door. It was locked, but luckily you were pretty skilled at lock picking.

You slipped inside, silently closing the door behind you. The warehouse was eerily empty as you got a sour feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach. Moving from shadow to shadow, you explored the building while hoping to find the missing girl at some point. 

Suddenly, you came upon a large metal container with a lock on the door. You started to pick the lock while sending a coded message to Arsenal through the comlink. The lock was easy, and soon you were opening the door only to find you wished you hadn’t.

While you wouldn’t go into too much detail, the business man’s daughter would not be coming home. Turning away from the sight, you tried to calm down as the sight inside of the container was flashing behind your eyelids. Your stomach curled from the smell, tears stinging into your eyes.

“Arsenal,” you said into the comlink. You both agreed to keep radio silence, but this was an exception to the rule. “I found her.”

“(Y/S/H), we’re on radio silence,” Arsenal scolded as you heard him approaching. You nodded your head as your breath came out in gasps.

“I know, but she’s…she’s…”. You couldn’t say the words as a sob burst out of you. 

Arsenal broke into a run, appearing at your side with concern on his face. “(Y/N), are you okay….”. His voice drifted off as he took in the sight of the girl within the container. “Oh.”

The sobs kept pouring out of you as you fought to keep quiet. You kept thinking about how the girl must have suffered and what she must have thought as she died. Unaware of your surroundings, Arsenal dragged you out of the building. 

Once you both were away from the building and hidden in some dark alley, he called his employer. Doing his best to be professional, Arsenal relayed what happened thus completing his mission. He called the police afterwards to let them find the girl’s body. 

Meanwhile, you did your best to calm down by focusing on taking long, deep breaths. You sank to your knees while you listened to Arsenal’s phone calls. Part of you was amazed how he could be so calm about this sort of thing, but you knew it must be affecting him in some way too.

Arsenal finished his calls to find you in a semi-calmed state. He fidgeted a little, not sure what to do before simply holding out his metal hand to you. You took it, trapping him in a tight hug. Arsenal gasped in surprise before gently hugging you back. 

After some time, Arsenal grabbed your hand to guide you out of the alley. “Come on,” he prompted, despite his awkwardness. “We can go back to my place.” You nodded, grateful he didn’t leave you alone. Somehow, you suspected he didn’t want to be alone either.

Arsenal’s one-room apartment was a simple and rundown with an attached bathroom. The only pieces of furniture was a bare mattress on the floor, and a moth-eaten armchair. Arsenal’s grip tightened on your hand as he pushed you to sit in the armchair. You complied, taking in the place with wide eyes.

Suddenly Arsenal was forcing a glass bottle into your hands. You looked at it before glancing up at him with your question reflecting in your eyes.

“Drink it, it helps,” Arsenal insisted before taking a drink of his own. You copied him, choking at the bitter taste of the drink.

“Is this beer?” you asked as you forced yourself to swallow. Arsenal chuckled at your struggle.

“Yeah.” He smirked at you, taking another drink of his own. You took another sip, noticing the taste was something you could tolerate. 

Finishing your bottle, you set it aside before getting to your feet. You gave him a half-hearted smile. “You were right, it did help,” you commented before you began to walk around his apartment.

Arsenal watched you, his eyes lingering on your hips. He never knew why, but he loved the way they moved when you walked. It was almost hypnotizing to him. His heart clenched as he watched you entered his bathroom, closing the door firmly behind you. 

He knew you thought he must be unaffected by the sight of the missing girl, but he wasn’t. His heart ached with the fact he didn’t find her in time, but oddly the thing that unsettled him the most was how he kept envisioning you in the same situation as the girl. It made him sick to think of it, but the fear he felt was real. 

Arsenal would never admit to anyone he was in love with you, but he was. To think someone could hurt you in such a way, Arsenal wanted to murder someone just for the thought alone. 

As if you knew you needed to reassure him, you exited the bathroom to walk over to him. Arsenal shook his thoughts out of his head, assuming the alcohol was messing with him. However, you noticed the trouble on his face.

“Are you okay?” you asked, taking his human hand. Arsenal’s heart warmed at your touch causing him to gaze down at your entwined hands. His hand tightened around yours as his fears came back to haunt him. “Arsenal?”

Arsenal met your eyes before wrapping his metal arm around your waist to pull you closer to him. You gasped in surprise before you felt his lips on yours. With a tingling in your stomach, you kissed him back with vigor. 

 “I didn’t know you liked me,” you mumbled as Arsenal backed you up against the wall while moving his lips to your neck. 

“You’re the only one who cares about me, (Y/N),” Arsenal whispered before sealing his lips back on yours. Arsenal desired to show you just how much he cared about you as he guided you towards his mattress. You tripped on it, falling onto it with a fit of giggles. The bottle of beer made you a little silly.

Arsenal paused to take off his metal arm, setting it carefully on the floor before climbing onto the mattress with you. The both of you fell into your passions, consumed by the desires to prove how much you both cared for one another and to erase the horrors of the night. 

You woke the next morning with a mild headache and a content feeling you had never experience before. Arsenal was still asleep with his limbs entangled with yours. Not wanting to disturb him, you watched him sleep while studying every aspect of his face. The horrors of the night before seemed like a distant nightmare. 

Time passed until Arsenal’s eyes fluttered open to meet yours. You smiled at him, pressing a kiss to his lips. “Good morning,” you breathed, loving the smirk growing onto his lips. 

“Morning yourself,” he mumbled, wrapping his arm around you to pull you closer. He ran his arm up and down your back to enjoy the feel of your skin. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, did you?” He chuckled in response, pressing another kiss to your lips. You both kissed each other for a while until your stomach growled. “You don’t happen to have any food here, do you Arsenal?”

“Roy,” he answered, making you frown in confusion for a moment. He turned away from you. “You can call me Roy, (Y/N).” A smile grew on your face as you treasured the fact he was finally letting you call him by his real name. Due to the situation with the other Roy Harper, Arsenal struggled with people calling him Roy. 

“Okay, Roy,” you began, watching a blush burning onto his cheeks when you said his name. “Do you have any food here?”

He turned back to you, shaking his head. “I might have a can of soup?” You gave him a disapproving look before standing up from the mattress to grab your clothes that were scattered about the room. “Where are you going?” His voice cracked as you noticed the fearful undertone of it. 

You turned to give him a playful look while slipping on your pants. “I’m going to get food.” Grabbing your shirt, you slipped it over your head before giving him a smile. “Are you going to come, or are you going to make me bring something back for you?”

At your words, Roy sighed in relief before scrambling to get dressed. You laughed at his enthusiasm, knowing this was the start of something amazing. 

IDK how this fits with canon, especially the timing of the fairy hill appearing, but I was in chapel this morning and happened to wonder if EU ever had one, and what the Fair Folk thought of it if it did - I can’t imagine they would have approved at all.

The absence of a chapel on the Elsewhere University grounds intrigued observant visitors in the 20th century. They were taken (always before noon and never on a Sunday) to look at the ruins of the once-beautiful building, hidden behind a swathe of trees. The students, returning after the summer the fairy hill appeared, found it in this condition; the staff and professors who remained behind had no clear memory of anything happening but, through discussion, were able to pin the timing down to the summer solstice. If you were brave enough, or drunk enough, to steal a fragment of stained glass on a moonless night for a dare, it would make a strong lucky charm - and of course a great story. But not many people wanted to go anywhere near the territory of any of the Fair Folk who were strong enough to completely ignore the protection of the hallowed ground, instead curdling its sanctity to feed their own power. Deals with the right creatures could get you stories told in hushed whispers of the rituals that took place there, as well as the power struggles over the place - it was not often that a church was claimed by the Fair Folk.


shadow of your heart

a sequel to [falling star]

“Quit that incessant pacing girl. The delegation won’t get here any faster with you paving a path in the carpet,” Tsunade says, smile belying her words.

Sakura pauses, looks around, and flushes, ducking her head. “Sorry shishou,” she says quietly, unable to keep from curling her toes with worry. “It’s just…we haven’t seen each other in years.”

“You exchange letters every week, oftentimes on a daily basis,” Tsunade says, standing from her desk and pulling her anxious student into a warm embrace. “You know each other just fine.”

“But, but—”

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anonymous asked:

Can do you do an Elliot x Reader where the reader is very shy and when Elliot hacks her he sees a side of here which is very similar to him

A/N: Here you go! I hope you enjoy it. Some of the content describes anxiety and panic attacks so please be warned.

Elliot could already feel the nausea building in the pit of his stomach as he watched the new girl shuffle in. He absolutely despised changes like this, even entertaining the possibility that his work routine might be altered. What if she’s another Ollie.

The girl in question looked positively terrified. She threw her bag down on the desk and quickly emptied the contents. After a while Gideon sidled over and began giving her the basic Allsafe induction all employees received on their first day.

‘Okay everyone listen up! Y/N here is joining our team from today so don’t be shy.’

Elliot watched the girl sink into her chair as Gideon spoke and he almost felt a pang of sympathy - resonant of the same humiliation he’d gone through on his first day. She certainly wouldn’t be receiving an introduction from him though, she was no different than anyone else in that godforsaken place.

Regardless he began observing her anyway. Her first week told very little - she never ate in the office, she spent most of the day with her headphones in and timed her visits to the water cooler to avoid bumping into anyone else. Her lengths to avoid human interaction piqued Elliot’s interest and he decided to go deeper.

Flexing his knuckles Elliot began his search for Y/N Y/L/N in the dim light of his apartment. His fingers skimmed across the keyboard as he started with the usual channels - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Nothing. Elliot chewed the inside of his lip. He was going to need more than a name.

The next day Elliot was in sleuthing mode. He watched Y/N’s every move, waiting for the moment where she’d leave for lunch. Her computer password was already tucked away on a piece of paper under his mousepad. He’d logged everyone’s passwords as soon as he started working there in case he ever needed them, she was just a new addition to the collection.

The difficult part of course would be going unnoticed.

After what seemed like an age Y/N stood up, headphones jammed firmly into her ears as pulled her bag on and made a swift exit. Elliot waited 30 seconds before deciding to make a move.

Elliot gave a small stretch and walked slowly towards the bathrooms in a bid to remain casual.

Once inside the restroom he knew his time was limited before someone knew something was up. Elliot quickly entered the stall, choosing to leave the door unlocked as he clambered onto the toilet seat. He wasn’t a big dude by any means but the seat still creaked loudly under his weight as he reached upwards towards the ceiling - one hand fishing around in his pocket for a lighter.

Elliot held the flame under the fire alarm tentatively, half holding onto the stall door as he stretched his arm out as far as possible.

A few moments later and the alarm was blaring out, the sound causing him to recoil slightly as the sound bounced off the walls of the lavatory.

Now for the difficult part Elliot told himself as he turned against the wall whilst attempting to maintain his balance on the toilet seat. He opened the stall door, effectively sandwiching himself between the stall wall and the door to remain hidden as the building was searched.

Elliot waited a few seconds after the bathrooms had been searched, holding his breath as the alarm continued to blare loudly. He couldn’t hear whether they’d gone or not but he’d had to risk it.

Making his way into the deserted office, Elliot quickly rushed over to Y/N’s computer and typed in the password which he’d memorised while he was in the bathroom.

The alarm was a constant reminder of how little time he had to find out about her as Elliot’s hand flew across the keyboard, through her search history, her frequently visited, her applications. It was nearly all clean - too clean in his opinion.

That was until he noticed the VPN software carefully tucked away inside a string of mundane folders. The software in question was complex and more than enough to pique Elliot’s interest. Her IP address was useless now so Elliot noted down no less than 14 email addresses she’d littered throughout her system to peruse later.

‘Where the hell have you been?’ Gideon snapped, sounding more anxious than anything as Elliot emerged from the building.


Gideon huffed and turned around to continue counting the employees lined up outside. Elliot could see Y/N emerging in the distance - she gave him a quick glance, her expression vacant as she got into line.

The following evening revealed more to Elliot than he ever even imagined. Y/N was a hacker, a brilliant one. She’d been inside Goldman Sacchs, the FTSE, the New York Stock Exchange. She went on the most insane rants on forums - forums that Elliot used regularly. He’d been worshipping her this entire time without either of them knowing it.

Elliot turned the monitor off on his computer. He needed time to process all of this. It was rare that people ever impressed him - in fact it was usually the exact opposite.

The next morning as Elliot was exiting the subway station, he knew he wouldn’t be able to go on without telling her what he knew. A small part of his heart warmed at the fact he didn’t feel so alone, that there were others like him who understood his struggle.

Elliot felt overwhelmed by the time he got to work. His breath was coming out in small sharp exhalations and his face began to feel hot as the adrenaline coursed around him. He breathed in and out deeply to try and quell the anxiety, focussing on Allsafe’s beige carpet as he placed himself in his surrounding. Allsafe. Foyer. Tuesday Afternoon.

Y/N entered suddenly which made Elliot’s chest clench as he watched her round on him. She looked positively thunderous as she made her way over.

'Have you been looking through my computer?’

Elliot kept trying to look back at the carpet as the accusation hit him. He could feel his vision beginning to blur around the edges.

'Uh Elliot, are you alright?’

Elliot wheezed slightly as he felt his throat tighten up. Y/N glanced down at his scrunched fists.

'Come with me.’

She really was like him then. Y/N gently took Elliot by the sleeve of his hoodie, leading him towards the fire exit. Elliot barely looked where they were going but he was aware that they’d descended a few sets of stairs as the air slowly grew cooler around him.

Y/N released Elliot’s sleeve and beckoned him to sit down on one of plastic boxes scattered around the empty basement room.

'No one comes down here. I think it’s used to store maintenance equipment.’ She spoke hurriedly, laced with anxiety as she watched Elliot put his head in his hands.

'I come down here to think. It’s too busy everywhere else.’ She breathed out as an afterthought.

Elliot was slowly began to relax now. He focussed on the feeling of the rough concrete underneath his feet and the slightly musty taste of the air around him.

'I’m sorry.’ He muttered shakily after a few moments of just breathing.

'Don’t apologise. It used to happen to me a lot.’ Y/N replied quickly.

'I meant about your computer.’


'I’m not going to rat you out.’

'I know.’ Y/N began to pace a little as she chose her words carefully. Elliot noticed that she seemed far more confident now that the mask was off but she still had the same nervous energy as him.

'I know who you are. You’re the reason I went for the job, I wanted to learn.’ Y/N turned to face him and Elliot felt his face flush. She was pretty, even in the dimness of the basement.

'You don’t need to learn from me you’re very good at what you do.’

'But I don’t have anyone else…’ She trailed off, her brow furrowing.

'Welcome to the club.’ Elliot breathed out and instantly regretted it. Something about this girl made him reactive.

'Is that my inauguration?’ Y/N asked sarcastically, moving around him now as she gave him a bitter smirk.

'I don’t have an organised thing.’

'Neither do I. But we could do great things.’

Elliot bit his lip as he considered her. He was very tired of being alone, both physically and inside his mind. She was a risk, yes. But one he was willing to take.

'I think we should get to work.’

'I’m glad I met you Elliot Alderson.’