hidden agency

ya know, they really missed a trick in Agent Carter.

so, the SSR Base in LA is hidden as a theatre agency. They could have had Angie try to join it and as Rose is about to kick her out, Peggy walks in. Then, they could have had a big reunion and Peggy asking how Angie’s doing, etc. etc. and Angie asking why Peggy’s at an agency and then Angie realising that it isn’t a real agency.

OMG then Jarvis could walk in talking about Howard’s movies and then Angie could be in Howard’s movies and Peggy and Angie will be best friends again.

Then, cut to the musical dream sequence, Peggy wakes up and is actually at home, with Angie, and everything is fine. Peggy gets into movies and Broadway with Angie and then they get together and everyone is happy (except Sousa, but he’d actually still be with Violet so everyone *is* happy)!

(this is actually just a really long thought process put into words)
(I might write a fic for this OMG exciting!)