What’s it like dating Tom Hiddleston

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  • You are Stan Lee’s only grand-child
  • You’re in charge of casting Marvel movies
  • You started dating after The first Avengers movie
  • “(Y/N) do you know where Tom is?” “Why does everyone assume I know where Tom is but he’s over by Roberts trailer”
  • Breakfast’s together before starting the day

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“Oh everyone loves a villain. An excellent man, like precious metal, is in every way invariable; A villain, like the beams of a balance, is always varying, upwards and downwards.”

Imagine Loki meeting you for the first time during the events in New York.
He wouldn’t pay much attention to whoever happens to be in his way, just the fact, that he wouldn’t allow anyone to stop him.
Well, in fact, he was the one to stop himself. His eyes just passing all the scared faces, but as soon as they landed on you, he’d freeze. Recognizing the soft figure and those eyes full of light, which he had only seen in several dreams of his, never knowing what it was they tried to tell him.
You looking at him in fear would set free a strange ache in his chest, it felt so wrong. He wouldn’t be able to do anything but stare at you, wondering what strange kind of power it was you seemed to have over him.

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