TS Flew Home On Private ✈️🤔

I received this tip earlier today:

Hey one of my friends works for a private jet company here in Oz and said that Taylor and Tom flew out last night to Hawaii! Btw my friend said he looked really old and haggard haha.

Private jets cannot typically reach the US from Australia so they stop in Hawaii to refuel. Tom has to be in the US on Saturday so I am confident that the Hawaii stop is not a vacation. It looks like Taylor is already back in LA.

The fact that they flew back on a private jet indicates to me that, in light of the Kim/Kanye backlash, Team Swift wants to keep Taylor out of the media while they strategize their next move. It also tells me that the Kim/Taylor feud is not a staged PR stunt as some have speculated and I had briefly pondered myself. Tom and Taylor flew commercial to Australia and made sure they were pap’d in LA and Australia …… so changing plans and spending a lot of money on a private jet to bring them back is interesting indeed. Notably, Taylor has not been seen with Tom since the Kim/Kanye stunt happened.