Kagami as an Expecting Dad Headcanons

Hello~ Admin Kai here! I hope everyone is having a great day! I’m loafing around and hope to get some things out of le ask box! I had these hanging out for awhile and I thought I would post them. I hope everyone likes them! Enjoy~

-Was super excited to find out he was going to be dad but then threw up the next morning with his wife feeling the pressure

-Bought a ton of stuff all themed basketball

-His wife insisted she do the baby room so it’s also not the color of a basketball.

-They decided to find out the gender of the baby and Kagami leaped for joy when he found out it was a boy

-He bought even more b-ball stuff for his little boy

-He cooked his wife anything she wanted. The late night grilled cheeses tempted him so he gained some weight with his wife

-Closer to his wife’s due date he was constantly awakened by her with false alarms this went on for 2 weeks

-He needed some time to himself so he played some ball with his old Seirin members. His wife went into labor as he was on his way home.

-He hollered into the phone when he got the call. He was so frantic while his wife watched him and laughed until a contraction hit

-He refused to meet his baby funky from playing b-ball so he showered but he almost ran out the house in only his towel

-His wife had to call him back into the house and promise not to have the baby on the kitchen floor

-He dressed and rushed his wife to the hospital. In the car he screamed with her whenever she had a contraction.

-He stayed with his wife the entire 19 hours. He tried to nap but her surprised yelps and groans of birthing pain brought him back to reality

-After hours of waiting his wife was finally ready to push and bring their baby into the world

-He had his hand bandaged after the delivery. He was proud of his wife for the flawless delivery and giving him a hairline fracture

-The tiny cry made the couple eyes tear up. Their little son was finally here and healthy as can be.

-Taiga held their son while his wife slept. He was so amazed at little human he was holding. He promised to never let any harm come to him

I may have been looking a little too hard at refs for Reaper because the color of his skin showing on his arms is a LOT more pale than “old-skool” Gabe, but while I was I noticed a few more things:

  • Reaper’s mask is bolted to his head
  • If you look at Gabriel’s face and then look closely at what is under the mask, you can see partial outlines of his facial features, including the bottom of his nose, his brow, cheekbone, and a partial jawline
  • His eyes are white-on-white
  • No more facial hair, including eyebrows, at least from what I can see
  • Can’t see any sort of lip outline either? But there might be some kind of mesh or partial mask covering the lower part of his face

Idk just observations that I found really interesting, I just want to see his undead face so bad…


You guys keep acting like Hanzo has no sense of humor, but you are forgetting he makes the shittiest jokes, then laughs at his own shitty jokes.

“My enemies fall like heh.. cherry blossoms”

“My enemies fall like hahaha broken piniatas!”

Hanzo would low key be right on all McCree’s shitty jokes.

Edit: also “All your bases are belong to us” And “I choose you, spirit dragon”