Migrant children in Texas were forced to endure "ice boxes"

Imagine being taken into a room. It is cold – very, very cold – and you shiver under the single layer of clothes that is all you are allowed to wear. The room is concrete and entirely bare: nothing on the walls, no furniture, no bedding of any sort other than the thin sheet you have been given. The only window allows guards to look in at you, but gives you no view of the world outside.

You sit in the room, huddled on the cold, hard floor, seeking warmth under the sheet. The room is lit by neon lights that are kept on 24 hours a day, and after a while you lose track of time. Is it day, is it night – you no longer know. Though there are many other people in the room with you, they are all strangers and no-one speaks to you. You are utterly alone.

And you are 7 years old.

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#YaMeCanse2 Hidalgo: Asesinan granaderos a campesino anciano y reportan desaparición de 10

- Pobladores del municipio de Ixmiquilpan, corazón del Valle del Mezquital en el Estado de Hidalgo, reportan el asesinato del campesino de 65 años Quintin Simon Ñhondhe y la desaparición de 10 horticultores más, tras la presunta retención de un funcionario del Gobierno estatal derivado de un conflicto gremial que suscitó la respuesta violenta de granaderos estatales. “Ya basta de la represión de Francisco Olvera, responsable directo de la muerte de Quintín Simón”, reportaron pobladores en referencia al gobernador hidalguense, mediante una relatoria publicada por el portal Regeneración. Los nombres de los presuntos desaparecidos son: juan Hernández Escalante, Ismael l. Villedas, Juan lavad Mendoza, José Miguel Otero, Miguel Gonzales Reséndiz, Francisco Simón Martínez, Taurino Palma Reséndiz, Rufino Chavarría Salvador, Marcelino Ramírez Barranca y Gabino Hernández Lara.

Prismas Basálticos | ©Guillermo Palacios  (Huasca, Hidalgo, Mexico)

These basaltic prisms are located in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico, just only an hour and a half from the city of Mexico. It is a natural rock formation which was formed millions of years ago by the rapid cooling of lava; the stunning prisms are characterized by variations in gray and black color, besides having hexagonal shapes, pentagonal and quadrangular. The larger columns have a height of 40 meters.


M&TC: Check out this amazing project!

The Germen Crew has teamed up with the government of Mexico to rehabilitate Palmitas, a town in the Pachuca district in Hidalgo. The group painted 209 houses, or twenty-thousand square meters of facade, into a single rainbow mural.
According to Streetartnews, the impact has been extremely positive: 452 families, or 1808 people, were affected by this project, resulting in violence amongst youths being entirely eradicated. The group, whose name literally means “germ crew,” have made community involvement a priority, which could partially explain the good results.

A Video about this project:                                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhyvMs4ZEuI