Superzilla’s message for Milestone Wrestling and Hickory NC

Thoughts About Hickory, NC Area

Just got back from my stepsister’s wedding in Lincolnton, NC, and wanted to share some thoughts about the experience:

1.  Sweet Tea isn’t as good without a lemon.

2.  Can a guy get a vegetable with at least some of it’s nutritional value left in tact?

3.  There is no such statement as “too many barbecue places.”

4.  Humidity!  My skin looks great now!

5.  Speaking in the accent I heard makes everything infinitely better and more palatable, no matter how bad the news.

6.  Nobody I met knew where Oregon was - most mistook it for Ohio. 

I was bummed I didn’t get a chance to get to Asheville, as I feel like it would’ve given me a whole different picture than what I saw.  It was a beautiful landscape, though (although there’s some consistency to the landscape of the South in general) and we got caught in a GINORMOUS thunderstorm.  My girlfriend started to freak out, but I just kept reminding her that this was part of the experience…

These are the nights I live for.

So a few of my friends and I decided to go to the downtown square tonight by this popular restaurant/bar called The Tap Room and have an acoustic jam session. I was on the acoustic bass, and my 3 other friends were on acoustic guitars (and two of them are fantastic singers). It was pretty freaking cold out there, but we played for about an hour and a half. We just wanted to go out and have some fun with street performance on a casual friday night, but apparently people thought we were worth while. In an hour and a half we made $58 in tips. Fifty-eight dollars for just sitting outside in a downtown square jamming/soloing to random chord progessions. We split the cash between us four and ended up making $14 each (with $2 left over), which beats the hell out of minimum wage and an actual job. We had such a fun time performing, and the people/kids that gave us compliments reminded me of when I played in my freshman-year cover band. There is no greater feeling than playing music in front of complete strangers.

So anyone on the route from Hickory North Carolina to Miami Beach Florida who wants to go to the pierce the veil sleeping with sirens world tour this Tuesday send me a message please we need more people in my car it’ll be super cheap less than you can usually get a ticket for just please

AHS JROTC Drill Team wins brigade championship - The Cayce West Columbia News

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The Airport High School JROTC Drill Team won their first ever 4th Brigade BEST OF THE BEST Drill Team Championship in Hickory, North Carolina February 21.
The JROTC Drill Team competed against the top Army High School Drill Teams from seven different states (South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Delaware).
In addition to the 1st Place Overall, they placed: 4th Platoon Exhibition w/o Arms, 3rd Duet Exhibition w/Arms, 2nd Color Guard, 2nd Platoon Regulation w/o Arms, 2nd Platoon Exhibition w/Arms, 2nd Exhibition Overall, 2nd Individual knockout w/o Arms (Jamsion, Shaniece), 1st Platoon Inspection w/Arms, 1st Platoon Regulation w/Arms,1st Regulation Overall, and 1st Individual knockout w/Arm (Hickox, Christian) winning a Drill Rifle. The AHS JROTC Drill Team is under the leadership of CSM® Harry S. Ferguson and Major Daniel Jones.
In addition to the 4th Brigade BEST OF THE BEST Drill Team Championship, the AHS JROTC Drill Team has taken first place overall in four other drill meets this year: the Palmetto State Best of the Best Drill Team Championship, The Greater Midlands Area Drill Team Championship, The 4th Brigade Best of the Best South Carolina North West State qualifier, and The Citadel Bulldogs Drill Meet. The Drill Team will  compete again nationally in April and May.

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Fishburne squad competes for regional honor
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The 4th Brigade of Junior ROTC programs consist of 318 schools in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina and South Carolina. Fishburne Military School is one of three to achieve a distinguished opportunity.

On Saturday, the FMS color guard, exhibition drill team and regulation drill team will compete in the Best of the Best 4th Brigade Championship in Hickory, North Carolina, where all three teams will compete for top honors in the region. 

“It’s teamwork, discipline, hard work, overcoming obstacles. This is so hard,” said Lt. Col. Robert Hunt, senior army instructor at FMS and exhibition drill team advisory.

The FMS color guard, as most have seen at events such as sporting events, present the flags. The exhibition drill team has tasks such as flipping and tossing their rifles and the regulation drill team is focused on close order drill. 

FMS, who will send 20 cadets down for the competition, is one of three schools out of the 318 in the region that qualified both their raiders team, which will compete in spring, and drill teams for the championship.

On Wednesday, the exhibition drill team held its daily practice in blistering wind and snow in front of the school. 

“It’s a testament to the kids and their commitment to their activity. It’s also a testament to the JROTC instructors. It’s difficult to get into the Best of the Best to begin with. To get into two categories, it likely means that our JROTC program is one of the best in the country right now,” said the school’s superintendent, Col. Gary Morrison.

The 4th Brigade is headquartered at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Coaches have prepared the kids and will continue to do so up to the day of the event, but as 1st Sgt. Color Guard Advisor James Hensley says, it’s up to the kids. The coaches prepare them and once it starts, they let them lead the show and do the best they can. 

“It is nerve racking, because I know they look good, I know they perform well, but it’s like gymnastics,” Hensley said. “You really don’t know how the judges are calling it, and you won’t know till it is all done.”

The FMS Raiders will participate in their Best of the Best in the spring. 

Will Goshgarian, a member of the exhibition drill team, knows that the school has one goal. 

“To win. Definitely to win,” he said. 

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