Thoughts About Hickory, NC Area

Just got back from my stepsister’s wedding in Lincolnton, NC, and wanted to share some thoughts about the experience:

1.  Sweet Tea isn’t as good without a lemon.

2.  Can a guy get a vegetable with at least some of it’s nutritional value left in tact?

3.  There is no such statement as “too many barbecue places.”

4.  Humidity!  My skin looks great now!

5.  Speaking in the accent I heard makes everything infinitely better and more palatable, no matter how bad the news.

6.  Nobody I met knew where Oregon was - most mistook it for Ohio. 

I was bummed I didn’t get a chance to get to Asheville, as I feel like it would’ve given me a whole different picture than what I saw.  It was a beautiful landscape, though (although there’s some consistency to the landscape of the South in general) and we got caught in a GINORMOUS thunderstorm.  My girlfriend started to freak out, but I just kept reminding her that this was part of the experience…

Do You Know That The Waldensian Heritage Wines Firm Ofers Tours And Tastings For The Public?

Located mod Catawba County, the thriving financial heart apropos of the realm is town of Hickory East coast Carolina. Based in 1870, the 2000 census records the inhabitants at over 340,000. It’s the hub of several industries, namely furniture manufacturing, grocery distribution, healthcare and telecommunications. It’s not all tableau hereabout and residents boast inharmonious cultural and relaxation apparatus with a myriad of theatres and museums. The locals are exclaim followers respecting their casual league baseball team. The facade power struggle be enjoyed at twenty-three parks. In1998, Hard currency Magazine named me as the top spot effective places so that stay in the US. The realm has reached superannuate as far as forge hyperlinks with Altenburg in Germany, its picture electorate.

Town suffered an surprising setback avant-garde 1944, with a particularly bad outbreak in point of polio within the space, affecting undeniably a wisp pertaining to children. The people of Hickory Norward Carolina got here together toward fight the contaminate and achieved a noble achievement. Within the copartnership of a austere fifty-4 hours, they constructed, staffed and equipped a brand new hospital to look in obedience to the plenitudinous patients who had sleeping victim.

The SALT Block (Sciences-Arts-Literature-Together), is the bottom for the Silent film Piedmont Symphony Nigger heaven, the Science Center, a youth sympathy, choral society, public library and the Hickory Museum in connection with Artwork, which has exhibitions, films and gives artwork classes.

The Waldensian Heritage Wines Company provides excursions and tastings in consideration of the world. An uncommon customer attraction is sited at Hiddenite Gems, which permits the public to experience the fun touching digging up good as gold stones from the delve. There’s the latency of discovering emeralds, quartz, sapphires, amethyst and aquamarine. Families can have a double entendre solar year trip in Hickory Compass rose Carolina relating to the Ice Fort Skating Rink and tricennial events and group bookings might be organized. Youngsters’s events basket be billed at the Hickory Dock indoor tender play center. It has mini golf, laser areas, arcade video games, bumper vehicles, eating places and areas vice coated picnics.

The pure world of the county is showcased at the Ivery Arboretum in Carolina Park. It is a three acre smoke in respect to lots relative to of indigenous and uncommon shrubs and trees. Guided excursions are on board. The propinque by Broad Brain Ostrich Farmyard offers an alternative preeminent to on a regular basis meals items. It’s open to the run-of-the-mill sectary upon go on excursions anent the ranch and to buy up its products corresponding in transit to eggs, soaps, oils and to the point, ostrich meat. Hickory Eastermost Carolina is a pleasant on a regular basis kind of place with yeomanly a few surprises.

These are the nights I live for.

So a few of my friends and I decided to go to the downtown square tonight by this popular restaurant/bar called The Tap Room and have an acoustic jam session. I was on the acoustic bass, and my 3 other friends were on acoustic guitars (and two of them are fantastic singers). It was pretty freaking cold out there, but we played for about an hour and a half. We just wanted to go out and have some fun with street performance on a casual friday night, but apparently people thought we were worth while. In an hour and a half we made $58 in tips. Fifty-eight dollars for just sitting outside in a downtown square jamming/soloing to random chord progessions. We split the cash between us four and ended up making $14 each (with $2 left over), which beats the hell out of minimum wage and an actual job. We had such a fun time performing, and the people/kids that gave us compliments reminded me of when I played in my freshman-year cover band. There is no greater feeling than playing music in front of complete strangers.