hickies laces

Lacey bra, golden chain
Cigarettes covered in lipstick stains
Bright red lips, jeans all blue
Arms covered in tattoos
Leather jacket, something floral
My smirk is absolutely adorable
Smudged eyeliner, heavy rings
I’m not afraid of anything
Combat boots, little skirt
Let’s act like we’ve never been hurt
Pink hickies, black knee socks
Your touch gives me electric shocks
Sheer shirt, a bandeau
In the morning, please don’t go
Messy hair, stolen darts
Don’t you break my fucking heart
—  Me, to you
tease / michael clifford

it’s not exactly what you wanted,but i hope you like it.



“you mah cutie,“ my boyfriend,michael,said adjusting me on his lap.people called us the cutest couple in school,because both of us were about a lot of pda.he cared about me and i cared about him.he was gentle and nice to me,but when it came to sex,he was always in charge and he never failed to please me. 

our sex life was amazing.he showed me new stuff,new positions.we’ve had sex in victoria’s secret dressing room.in starbucks’ staff room.ashton’s bathroom.and all because i looked good and teased him

we were sitting with few friends and it was about to ring for next period.i,of course,decided to play a little with him. "when i come over after school,i want to be in control.i wanna ride you,” i whispered to him,smiling like i said something cute,but i felt his whole body tense.i knew it gave him ideas and something to fantasize about until school is over,but i also knew he couldn’t contain himself.after couple of minutes i felt something poking my ass and i laughed. 

“i’m gonna wreck you when we come home dirty little girl,” he said,chills passing through my body. “you’re making me hard.how am i going to walk through school now?” i sat beside him. “that’s none of my business.” i smirked and he immediately put his backpack on his lap.that’s when the bell rang. 

our friends gave us weird looks ; i laughed and michael was getting redder every second. 
i left a kiss on his cheek as he whispered into my ear. “you are going to regret this princess,” he smiled and kissed my lips.i walked to my next class making sure to sway my hips as much as possible,knowing that he was looking. 

i zoned out in class today and the knock on the door was the thing that woke me up from my daydream. “yes?” mr. henderson said and door opened.michael was there,finding me with his eyes.when he did he smiled and i stood up straight. “sorry to interrupt your class mr.henderson,but mrs.mathews wondered if y/n could come with me to her class,she needs to tell her something about competition.” he said politely,almost making me laugh.we didn’t do anything special in this class,so i wanted him to let me go. 

“okay,you can go y/n,just be quick.” my biology teacher said. “oh,she will be quick,” michael smirked and i looked at him with wide eyes. “i-i mean,she will return soon.”  "get it mike!“ someone yelled and the whole class laughed. "quiet class!open the page 364 from-,” michael closed the door and we started walking down the empty school hallway. 

“in which classroom do you have history?” i asked and he just pulled me into the school bathroom. “what are you doing?” i asked and he opened the door of one of the cubicles,looked left and right and pulled me in.  
“you’ve been a really,really bad girl,” he pinned me to the wall.he turned me around and slapped my butt,making me gasp.he brought me back to face him and grabbed the back of my thighs.i jumped and put my legs around his waist.

“we shouldn’t be doing this,” i panted between kisses and hissed as he bit a spot on my neck.he pushed my skirt up and ground his hard onto my core.i moaned and he covered my mouth with his hand.he undid first few buttons of my school button down and made few hickies above my lace covered breasts. “wearing this in school,my naughty girl.” he moved my panties to the side and teased my clit with rough pads of his index and middle finger.i moaned in his hand,which came out muffled to him. “bit my fingers when you feel the need to moan,” he said and i instantly bit hard. “already making you feel that good?” i nodded and he slipped two fingers in.i squealed and bit him,making him groan.

  “i’m close michael,” i mumbled into his palm. “you’re gonna cum like a good girl you are,huh? you’re gonna cum for me?”  i nodded again and screamed out. “oh i want to fuck you against this wall so bad,” he whispered into my ear leaving a trail of kisses while he rode out my orgasm.he let me down and that’s when the bell rang.  "you’ll take care of me later,“ he said.i quickly buttoned my shirt as i heard students enter the toilette.

 i wondered what people thought when they saw us.my shirt buttoned wrong,untucked,wobbly legs and messy hair.him licking his fingers,smirking to himself and then laughing at me because i almost fell in front of everyone. "oh,come here you,” he pulled me into him and i smiled with him,which turned into laughter. “we almost did it in the school,” i whispered and laughed into his ear.  "next stop,janitor’s closet!“ he laughed and we went to our next class. 


 the key is under the door mat,wait for me there 

michael sent me a text.he had one class more than me so i did as he told me.no one was home.i got to his room,stripped out of my clothes and just put on his flannel,that went little bellow my hip,over my white lace underwear.i got down and grabbed something to eat and then went to bathroom to get myself together a little bit. 

about 20 minutes later i heard his front door open and i immediately layed onto his bed,as seductive as possible.he rushed inside his room and stopped in his tracks when he saw me.flannel unbuttoned to my bra and bottom part rising up to the waistband of my panties. 

he dropped his bag and immediately jumped on his bed. "w-what is this-what are you?” he admired making me laugh. “you are so hot baby,gosh,” he kneeled above me letting his palms roam all over my body.he ripped his flannel open and continued his actions. “mine,just mine.” he ripped my panties off and slammed two of his fingers inside of me. “m-michael," 

"yeah princess?you want more?” he said adding another one. “oh michael,” i moaned loudly.he then slowed down his actions,just in time i was close to the edge. “no,go faster,” i whined,but he pulled his fingers out and just rubbed me softly.i tried to grind to his hand and buck my hips up,but he just pinned them down.he slipped his clothes off and slammed inside of me,both of our mouths leaving groans and moans.i was close again and i informed him about it,but he pulled out. 

“michael p-please,let me cum,” i whined again and he chuckled kissing a trail down my stomach.when he got to my core he immediately sucked on my clit,making me arch my back. “baby,” i moaned feeling my orgasm build up again as he gently bit on my clit and then thrusted his tongue into me. “i’m cumming,” i moaned and he sped up as i pulled his hair.just when i was about to reach my peak,he got up and slammed inside of me again. 

i came as he hit my spot and continued to hit it. “you gonna cum again for me?” he said going faster and rubbing my clit,making me flinch away at the uncomfortable feeling. “i-i can’t,it’s so sensitive,” i said but he continued to pound into me.  “i know you can take me,c'mon baby,” he went faster and harder and i felt a known knot form in my stomach again,this time feeling more intense. “y-yes michael,right there,” i whimpered as he hit my spot once again.  "oh princess,you are perfect for me.i’m so close mm,“ he groaned deeply,twitching inside of me. 

"i’m cumming,” i moaned and let go as he pulled out and stroked himself couple of times before he came on my stomach.i closed my eyes trying to breath normally again. “holy fucking shit!” he yelled making me open my eyes fast. “w-what?" 
"you squirted!you fucking squirted!” he smirked to himself trying to regain his breath.i looked down at the damp sheets,and few drops leaking down my thigh. “i-i what?” i said,my face reddening and my cheeks flaming up. “that was so fucking hot,oh my god.” he said as he plopped down next to me. “can you tell me what i did?”  

“i edged you and your orgasm was so intense and good,” he explained. “yeah it was great.” i said snuggling to his chest. “sorry for ruining your sheets,” i said and he chuckled. “no problem princess,i’m glad i made you came that hard,” he smiled into my neck.

Embracing Life Part 4

Summary: Knowing when everyone you knew would die is difficult, but it also forces you to live your life with Jaebum to the fullest.

Length: 2539

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Jaebum lifted me into his arms, and I just let myself feel weightless against his body. He had a way of making me feel okay for a moment, and I knew that if I leaned the weight of my secret again him, I would be able to breathe again. However, I was worried he would suffocate him in return.

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Is it just me or…

…do fellow autistics get really skeptical about products marketed directly towards autistics when the company owner/creator isn’t autistic themselves or at least neurodivergent/developmentally disabled.

Like I have seen ads for SnapLaces on Facebook that are marketed directly at us and the page uses the puzzle piece ribbon, calls it a life changing invention (as if there aren’t similar products on the market). It still requires you to be to open and close them.

I saw a general ad on Facebook for the Hickies laces that once you put them on your shoes, they turn into slip ons and never need to be undone again. I have them on my sneakers and I love them. I will order more when I get new snow boots. They advertise as an option for everyone