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i’ve always tried to paint bruises as flowers with words, but i’m realizing that the marks all those fuckers left on me were not beautiful. they were not as soft as petals. they weren’t pretty colors. they were yellowed & a sickly blue; they were too dark & they hurt to look at.

so, no, bruises are not flowers.

flowers come from love bites, consent to suckle on skin & leave warm hickeys. those are lovely. those are soft shades, even when they look harsh & brilliant. those are flowers.

abuse isn’t a garden.

—  my metaphors for bruises have been fundamentally wrong
City Girl (Final)

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Summary: Laying in bed with a certain ginger leads to confessions.

A/N: The highly anticipated part 2 is here

Pairing: Archie x reader

Warnings: Archie being a little fluffball, panic attack

The sheets were wrinkled around your sweating bodies, still damp from the previous night. Sunlight peeked through the cream colored curtains and glistened in your eyelashes, slowly waking you up like a fairytale. You felt calloused fingers on your hips, and you slowly turned onto your side, looking at the charming Archie to your left. His eyes fluttered open, and you met his hazel eyes.

A smile creeped its way onto his face and you couldn’t help but give one back.

“Morning, Archiekins.”

Archie groaned slightly, his morning voice rough and deep. A smirk was on his face and he looked around the room, then back to you.

“Morning, City Girl… I’m guessing Veronica isn’t home yet.”

You snuggled into his chest and put your head onto his chest.

“No, I don’t think so. Can I ask you a question?”

You felt Archie nod against your head.

“How did you and Ronnie date?”

He let out a sigh, and you could feel it where your head lied. You brought up a hand to rub his back.

“One of my best friends said she loved me, and I didn’t wanna ruin what we had. So I said I didn’t love her and to prove it to her, later realizing I tried to prove it to myself, I dated Ronnie, that girl’s best friend. We really had something special, but I wasn’t fully there. When I noticed the girl I liked, her name is Betty, was moving on with my best friend, Jughead, I didn’t like it. I broke up with Ronnie so I could date Betty, but she was angry I lied. Then, when I went back to Ronnie, she didn’t accept what I had to say. My group broke up for a few months, and we just recently got back together, but nothing is the same.”

You tilted your head to look back up at Archie, seeing eyes slowly fall from his eyes. When some finally fell, you scooted up to kiss them away. Your hand lied on his jawbone and you kissed his cheeks. His breathing got slightly lighter and faster, his eyes clenched tight as hot tears began falling faster.

Slowly and cautiously, you began to straddle Archie and you took one of his hands and put it on your bare chest, over your lungs. Your other hand gently traced his cheekbone and face. You leaned down and put your forehead on his.

“Follow my breathing, Archie. In… Out.”

Archie opened his eyes and you could see the panic. You gave him a gentle smile and continued breathing. After a few minutes, you could tell the fear was gone and he was back to normal.

“Are you okay? I’m sorry I asked.”

Archie shook his head, taking his free hand and running it down his face.

“It’s fine. I’m sorry I-”

You kissed Archie soft and quick. When he tried to apologize again, you kept kissing him over and over until he stopped.

“Don’t you ever apologize for feeling, Archie. If you didn’t have feelings, you’d be a game show host.”

He let out a light laugh, and you slowly fell off his chest, still keeping your hands on his chest. He pulled you under the covers, so he could watch you. Your hair fell into your face, and he moved it behind your ears. The time stopped between you two. Archie leaned in to kiss you, and before it could go farther, he pulled away.

“You know what happened between me and Ronnie, and you know why I did it. And I get it because you know now why you’d say no. But, do you wanna go on a date with me?”

You felt a bright smile pull on your face and you leaned in, giving Archie a passionate kiss. 

“I thought you’d never ask.”

You said between kisses. Archie gave you a warm smile, and some pretty cool hickeys too.

(ties in with x)

“You think Sammy noticed the, uh, bruises?”

Castiel snorts lightly at Dean’s obvious attempt to evade using the more accurate term ‘hickeys’ to describe what is currently peppered along that little sliver of skin peeking out above his collar (as well as all around his nipples, down that soft swell between his navel and crotch and on the insides of his thighs).

“Probably,” Castiel admits in that entirely-too-truthful way of his. He seems unperturbed by this – as though still drunk on their confidence from the night before. Fleetingly, he brushes his shoulder against Dean’s, lets their fake rings clink against one another. “Do you mind?”

Sam himself is still deeply entrenched in conversation with their main witness, an old lady who lives in this gated community and who happened upon their current monster at least three times by now. Meaning Sam is too busy to notice the smile growing on Dean’s lips a couple feet away, as steady of a blossom as the color on his cheeks and down to where his hickeys are is already in full bloom.

As if coincidentally, Dean brushes his hand back against Cas’, and catches a few of his fingers with his own.

“Nah,” he replies, giddy almost, possibly just as drunk on their confidence from the night before as his fake husband is, when Castiel curls his fingers right back around his, warmed metal against warmed metal, and squeezes softly.

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Momma, some people are trying to shame me for having two hickeys, but I'm sorta proud of them since they're from someone I love. Why do people hate hickeys so much? Especially when it's not their body..? :\


(Some people don’t seem to understand the concept of it not being their business what you do in that way. Darling, it is your body, and you own it. You’re proud of the hickeys? Then you’re proud of the hickeys, good for you! Forget everyone else.)