The Unknowns: Eight

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This is a continuation for The Unknowns.  Which was a one shot and is now a long ass Prologue.  Part One.  Part Two. Part Three. Part Four.  Part Five. Part Six. Part Seven. 

Dean x Psychic!reader

Teaser/Summary: An AU sparked from a songfic challenge, The Unknowns is based on Season One Episode Nine, Dean met reader in Lawrence as a child and they created an unbreakable bond. At the end of The Unknowns, reader decided to stick with her boys because she felt something coming but she holds secrets; one she holds close to her heart and a few that she doesn’t even really know yet.

Word count: 4719

Lines borrowed from season one episode eighteen, “Something wicked this way comes” in Bold.

Dean parked the car on the side of what appeared to be the main drag of Fitchburg, Wisconsin. “Coffee with a few questions. Anything else?” He turned to Sam and then me with a wink. “Do something productive while I go to work.” He got out feeling awfully good for such a long ride but then that usually was a good thing for him.

Sam and I each took a side of the street and strolled a lap around. We met back up at the Impala and leaned against the side of the hood. The walk hadn’t brought any insight to why John sent us there or relieve any of Sam’s annoyance which was my main concern.

“Alright, get it out before he gets back.” I glanced at him with his tamed emotions muffled yet screaming through his body language.

He uncrossed his arms then crossed them again. “He always pulls the I’m older card… like that really means anything.”

I bit down on my bottom lip and elbowed him. “At least he doesn’t pull the man card on you. ‘Oh, you shouldn’t go up there alone. Who knows what these backwoods hillbillies have up there. I’ll go.’ And whose ass got taken out by a little girl?”

Sam chuckled, “to be fair, she was really creepy.”

“Says the man that got jumped by Terence and Clarence hickboy.”

He was already starting to lose it, the laughter bubbling up in his chest airing out some of the tension. “Terence and…”

“Shut up.” I crossed my arms but didn’t bother hiding my own delight that I had been successful in distracting him. Something that Dean had tried to do by pulling the I’m older card, a joke that he couldn’t wrap his head around that it was only funny to him.

Sam’s laughter was contagious and no matter how hard I tried to ignore it, it never worked. He always had that effect on me when he was laughing with such abandon and I hadn’t seen him do that in too long. oO course, the sketchy sleep patterns of late may have had something to do with it. Sleep deprivation has a lot of different side effects for people, it turned Sam and me into happy drunks.

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