aww, i took the pups out for a walk & came back to find an early birthday package on the doorstep from britt & chris! earrings from redwoods in muir woods- native american made! the most perfect color skirt from a thrift store on haight street, plus they wrapped it in magazines- a bob dylan article! there’s nothing i love more than recycled wrapping!!

i teared up.

our gifts to brittany & chris are getting shipped off! better late than never.

(wrapped in a toms magazine that we got in the mail after we ordered shoes from them- after all, we were just going to recycle it anyway. why make more waste with wrapping paper?! also, doilies, a bracelet made by children in guatemala, and a vintage magazine of an artist britt loves but i can’t tell you who cos it’s a surprise! & wait til you see what we got chris..)

this is funny to me. long-ish story: the kid who got hayes & i to go on a first date in high school (we are forever grateful) is now married & their little boy is about to turn one. we got an invitation to that party in the mail. however, the wife addressed it to myself and chris. (hayes’ first name is mike, his older brother’s name is chris.) so i was laughing, and laughing cos she spelt my name wrong, but whatevs!

so i was thinking about how this mistake could be made, cos we only met the addressor/our friends wife once, however she did go to our high school, but was in the grade above us (like, we only had 500 kids in our school & i knew everyone except her, crazy to me). so i think back then, she vaguely knew of chris, who was two grades above us, yet she had no idea who my hayes was; she knew i was married to a hayes that went to our high school, so she must have just assumed it was the older brother? whatever the reason, here’s a long post about it! & i’ll be attending the party, hayes has to work, of course, but i’ll ask her about it!


Solo day today. I went to Strawberry Banke, the local museum in Porstmouth, for free since it’s free museum day! Even though I’d love to give them all my money. I also picked up a pumpkin spice latte at Breaking New Grounds, along with a gift that’ll be flying across the country with me to San Francisco on Monday! & I got some sweet tunes at Bullmoose- support your local music stores!