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Surely it wouldn’t be a bad idea to come and visit the mainlands for a while. She did have the intention of returning back here. Wendy thought that by visiting she could have ideas to tell stories to Peter and the lost boys for when she returned. She did always get good stories from her own adventures usually. She flew up and headed for the second to the right. Wendy then found herself not in London like she expected but in some foreign land. Despite not knowing where she was she was eager to explore.

Ceasing the silence | Jim & Hiccup

The Benbow Inn had definitely seen better days, than that of today. It was quiet. DEAD quiet. There wasn’t a single sorry soul around, except for Jim and his mother. Even Dr. Doppler wasn’t here – though he usually had work to do. 

He was sat at a table, a look of boredom upon his weary face as he spun around the salt shaker. The container rattled against the table top, before falling over, spilling salt onto the surface. Sarah let out a disapproved sigh, gesturing for him to clean it up.

After wiping the table clean and fixing the table décor  Jim looked up to the sound of someone entering.