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Are you calling the laws of this land dumb? - Tuffnut
You don’t like “dumb”? - Astrid

… we could make quite the team. How’s that sound? - Alvin


Some other pics I took at the Dreamworks expo, some of my personal favorites.

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I am torn between the love of my favourite characters getting happy endings and the love of seeing said favourite characters broken and crying on the floor

HTTYD FanFiction: Fighting the Bounty

Summary:  After returning to Berk from rescuing Hiccup from the Bounty Hunters, the riders think everything will return to somewhat normal life. But when Hiccup goes missing again, not three days after his first capture, Astrid, Gobber, and Stoick set out to find Hiccup yet again, while the other riders stay behind to take care of Berk.

               Chapter 1.          

               “Hiccup, are you sure you’re alright?”

               Hiccup sighed and turned around, succeeding in hiding his grimace at the sharp movement which sent spasming pain up his abdomen and chest.

               “Yep! Perfectly fine!” He responded cheerfully to Astrid, who at this point was looking at him doubtfully.


               “Fine! Totally fine!” He continued, cutting her off as he fumbled to grab onto Toothless’s saddle. It had been only about fifteen minutes since they’d arrived back on Berk from his rescue, and he’d been bombarded with questions and worried expressions and voices of help. He’d taken it all well in stride, but the last day of being tossed from Bounty Hunter to Bounty Hunter was beginning to catch up with him. As much as everyone’s concern touched him- deeply- he just wanted to go to bed and sleep for days straight.

               “You don’t look fine…” Astrid rested a gentle hand on his shoulder, and he involuntarily leaned against her touch. Gods, that felt so nice, her small but strong hand resting against his arm sent shivers of excitement racing through his veins. He thought he’d overcome this feeling a while ago, but obviously, he hadn’t. Either that or he was just extremely tired and too tired to try and hide anything.


               “Hm?” He murmured, his fuzzy brain coming back into focus.

               “You dazed off for a moment… are you tired?”

               “Nuh…” he tried to answer, but it came out as a low groan. “I’m… fine…”

               Toothless cooed, and Hiccup ran his hand over the dragon’s scaly head to comfort him. The dragon bumped his head against Hiccup’s side, making him hiss in pain.

               “Careful, Toothless! Hiccup’s sore and tired-“

               “He’s- you’re fine, Toothless.” Hiccup interrupted her, patting the poor dragons head. Toothless whined and licked his riders hand worriedly.

               Astrid placed a hand on Hiccup’s forehead, and he smiled dazedly before leaning into it, liking the feeling over her skin against his.

               “Gods, Hiccup, you’re running a fever!” Astrid explained in worry. Hiccup mumbled incoherently, trying to disagree but failing in his muddled and exhausted state. All the adrenaline was wearing off, and all that was left was pain, exhaustion, and unnatural warmth.

               “We have to- Hiccup!”

               Hiccup jerked his eyes open, blinking down at the floor before realizing that he’d nearly tipped over and into Astrid’s arms. Toothless’s head was nearby, and the dragon was moving closer to his bruised stomach.

               “I-I’m fine..” Hiccup mumbled, repeating what he’d previously said. It was the only thing that really made any sense at the moment, and even that thought was blurry.

               “You are going home.” Astrid ordered. Hiccup just nodded in reply, to weak and tired to object. Bed was what he wanted, so if they went home, perhaps he could lie down and rest for a little while.

               “Hiccup, you… can you try and… walk? I… I can carry you but I doubt you want that…”

               Hiccup forced his eyes open again, pushing away from Astrid and leaning instead against Toothless. People who passed glanced at him worriedly, but he ignored them, to groggy to say anything reassuring.

               Toothless nudged Hiccup’s leg, making him wince again. That was his left leg, which was bruised and sore from all the jostling of his prosthetic all throughout the day. His leg had been jerked, pulled, hit, and cut from all the jostling and rolling about.

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May the Valkyries welcome you and lead you through Odin’s great battle field. May they sing your name with love and fury, so that we might hear it rise from the depths of Valhalla. And know that you’ve taken your rightful place at the table of Kings. For a great man has fallen: A warrior. A chieftain. A father. A friend.

I’m not the chief that you wanted me to be and I’m not the peacekeeper I thought I was. …

Which Fic?

I’m trying to decide which fic to start posting first:

The Prince and the Duke 

(Prince Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third of Berk becomes fast friends with a duke of Meathead Island, Duke “Aster” Hofferson. But there is something odd about the young duke… a secret he is reluctant to share…) 

AKA: (SPOILERS kind of but not really) Astrid crossdressing in order to survive in a male dominated political landscape and not give up her rightful inheritance to the next male relative just because she’s a woman

or Fake Pregnancy AU?

Astrid is a journalist, who goes under cover at Haddock Industries, pretending to be pregnant to experience sexism towards pregnant women in the workplace. She thinks she’s got a pretty good opportunity to advance her journaling career, and if she can just keep herself from falling in love with her boss, Hiccup (who thinks she’s actually pregnant,) this might just be the breakthrough assignment she’s been looking for.

Both of these are kind of silly ridiculous au’s, like… they’re both more romantic comedies than anything else. So they’re not the most serious/realistic of stories. 

If you’re interested in either of those stories please feel free to reply with a vote :)

My Hero: chapter 3

[ModernSoulmateAU As Astrid is about to find out herself, nothing goes as planned when Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third is involved.]

Huge thanks to residentmotherhen for proofreading!

Long time, no chapter, heh. It’s finally here, though!

Quick update:

1.     First two chapters have been rehearsed and updated.

2.     This three-parter turned into a four-parter, so there’s still one more chapter left after this one.

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CHAPTER 3: Misapprehended

“You look like crap.”

Hiccup grudgingly looks up to see Ruffnut Thorston leaning lazily over his desk, her nose scrunched up and a pencil shoved carelessly in her mouth. He cringes inwardly and automatically leans away a little as she removes it, all slobbered and dirty, to jab it his way to emphasize her point.

“Thanks,” he mumbles, eying it from a safe distance. “You know just how to cheer a guy up.” She narrows her eyes at his obvious sarcasm, placing the pencil back into her mouth where it apparently belonged. Something about this glare is too Astrid for Hiccup. He ignores the cold feeling running up his spine and buries his face into his folded arms, sprawled across the whole desk and trying to not think for a moment. Gods know he needs it; at least he wants to believe so.

The gods have made some questionable choices recently.

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Mericcup Week Day Two:

“Duty means doing the things your heart my well regret.”

“But Hiccup, I-” She paused for a second, not sure if she should say what she was about to say. “I don’t want some other unknown suitor, I- I want you. I love you Hiccup.”

someone shoot me for not drawing these two dorks in so long omg- i missed them so much

did i ever mention how much i love hiccup’s design in httyd2?? because i d o- and yet it’s like, the second or third time i draw him in it lmao

i didn’t entirely colour this because i wanted it to be simple and relaxing- also because it’s really late

it’s transparent tho!

Mericcup Week Day Five:

“She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice. It was supposed to make you feel something.”