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Apparently a new RTTE trailer shows dragon winged people. Thoughts on this?

I was totally waiting for this ask to enter my inbox heeheehee.

My thoughts are mostly “Sure, why not?” with a bunch of XD XD XD XD’s after the cheeky question. I imagine there are going to be a number of individuals who feel hesitant about it for various reasons, but me, hey! I’m not going to judge it before I see it! I think it could be fun! FLYING DRAGON WARRIOR WOMEN. I mean, when you say it like that, doesn’t that sound major cool?

I am rather excited about seeing it’s women who are gliding on these wings. It’s something that should be a minor detail, but given as how ROB, DOB, and RTTE haven’t shown many women, it’s become a refreshing observation to me now. As I’ve commented in seasons past, the television show hasn’t given us many background (or foreground) female butt-kickers to enjoy on screen. It looks like these goddesses warriors of the sky are going to tip the balance some in favor of giving me badass ladies as I’ve wanted for years. We’re not seeing painfully stereotypical defenseless women here in this screenshot. THese are women in POWERFUL ARMOR and women doing some AMAZINGLY GUTSY STUNTS up in the sky. Not just anyone goes up in the sky like that. These women are specialists, these women are skilled, these women are paving out new opportunities!

Not everything about their garb is technically “practical” given as they’re wearing full plated metal armor while gliding in the sky - something that would weigh them down. But if they’re gliding shortish distances, maybe they can get away with the armor (regardless, this is fantasy, so I’d rather see badass heavily armored ladies than skimpy bikinis, heehhhhh). And if they’re gliding in to do heavy fighting, they’ll need armor to protect themselves! If it’s Gronckle iron or some other light alloy, we could get some explaining power in there, too. There’s also something to say about how their hair is very practical worn - buns, tied back, etc. - and I also appreciate that women, who are statistically a little lighter and smaller than men, are the ones who are gliding, where larger size could possibly be a disadvantage.

I’m rather curious about who these women are. Their armor is yet again a distinct style, though if I have to compare it to anyone’s armor, I’d say it’s the closest to Heather’s. Given as Heather grew up in a random unnamed Viking tribe, I don’t imagine these people came from Heather’s foster family group. But Heather also did a bit of traveling in her years, would have seen a variety of armor aesthetic styles, and… well… basically… who knows? The appearance similarities could be (and likely are) entirely incidental.

Are they protagonists who side with Hiccup? Given the armor differences, I don’t think they’re Defenders of the Wing coming to Hiccup’s aid. They have to be someone new. Are they the antagonists mentioned in pre-S5 summaries? Their facial expressions don’t “suggest” antagonists, but who knows? Either way, I’m game for flocks of power women in armor doing dramatic stunts in the skies.

To respond to some qualms I imagine individuals might have, since I know lots of people are going to react to this screencap with “ehhh” or “please no”:

First, there’s nothing about people gliding on dragon wings that actually takes away from Hiccup’s ingenious gliding device from HTTYD 2, which is where I think most people might have an “objection.” Hiccup’s development of gliding wings is already well in progress by RTTE; the basic mechanism of jumping off a dragon and gliding on his own is already established, and he just needs to do some tweaking to get his flight suit the way it is by the second movie. His flight suit is nothing like the gliders that the people in the screenshot have; the flying squirrel-like contraption that can be released directly from his clothing and used as gliding fabric is a wholly new, inventive, and Hiccup-esque idea that no one else has.

I’m guessing the other common objection other individuals might have is that it seems “unrealistic” or too much of a “copy” of what we see Hiccup invents. For me, neither of those things are a concern. Again, I feel that the flying squirrel-like clothing Hiccup invents is nothing like what I’m seeing in the screencap, and besides, the fact Hiccup developed it independently means that he’s still as inventive as ever. The fact that other people groups can be inventive and come up with novel ideas on their own is… well… it’s not that surprising, given as the Barbaric Archipelago is exploding in dragons. With the large number of small, semi-isolated people groups across the region, it’s not surprising they’ve all come up with their own unique ways of adapting their culture to dragons, be it with religious reverence, war-like vengeance, dragon riding, dragon traps, dragon hunting, wares crafted from dragon parts, live dragon fighting matches, dragon architecture, dragon-inspired swords, dragon-inspired gliders, or even, as we see in “The Serpent’s Heir,” living on dragons. To me it’s just good-natured fun to imagine how different people groups, civilizations, militias, etc. might look at the dragon and become inspired by them. So again… why not? More people than Hiccup have a right to be inventive! Even in the books, there are people like Norbert who are more inventive than Hiccup.

There’s nothing that concerns me too much about “realism” so long as the story makes “sense enough.” We are watching a television show where non-Viking-like Vikings are riding giant firebreathing (or ice breathing or acid-spitting or…) winged lizards. And for what it’s worth, the book series has always been charmingly less realistic than the movies… full of anachronisms like steamboats and clashes with the somehow-contemporary Roman Empire. There’s even a scene where thousands of insect-sized dragons cover Hiccup like a suit of armor and fly Hiccup into the air so our protagonist can pretend to be Thor God of Thunder. Another time, Alvin the Treacherous survives falling into the lava of a freaking volcano because he gets trapped in a gas bubble. Nothing realistic about it, but still whimsical, still fun, still good-natured, and still captures the fun spirit of a world with Vikings and dragons.

One invention by one people group in a television show written for largely juvenile audiences… isn’t going to upset me or something. It’s not like we’re depicting something really racist or misogynistic or horrendous that would get me upset for a reason. I’m totally chill with this. Television shows and movies and stories are sometimes wacky, but they’re all written to be adventuresome, creative, storytelling fun. And for people who might say “Well doesn’t this take away from the quality of the movies?” ….friendly newsflash, a television show adaptation from a major movie is always “not-as-good” as the movie itself. Doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! I prefer to enjoy my recreational television and find fun positives about it rather than get caught up on minor details that really aren’t that important to my health, life, future, and well-being. ;)

I say don’t dismiss it before you see it! And you don’t have to like everything about a television show. That’s totally chill. I don’t like everything about everything myself. XD I just ask you not to crap on things others might enjoy. :) Fandoms shouldn’t be groupthink where we’re all forced to like the same things. We’re allowed to like something and we’re allowed to not like something and we’re allowed to express what we feel regardless because our personal emotions are legitimate and real. I do think that whining hurts the fandom community and fandom temperament, though, so I personally recommend people talking about things they don’t like with constructive criticism. 

But anyway!

Sorry about pointing out potential negative fandom dynamics. <3 You all are awesome and I’m happy to be in the HTTYD community with ya’ll.

I personally am fine with this and am interested to see what the writers do with these flying dragon warrior ladies! To reiterate on a more positive front…

1). Female warriors taking the front in RTTE at last!

2). Their armor is major cool looking and has a nice aesthetic to it.

3). This is a bunch of ladies in armor flying on dragon wings! I mean, when you actually think about that, isn’t that sort of cool? Flying dragon warrior ladies?!! I mean, what’s not to like about any of those words in that phrase - “flying dragon warrior ladies”? XD XD XD