hiccup is totally thinking that


Plot: You and Yoongi are best friends for years but now you’ve to leave for studies. Italy, your biggest dream. What’ll happen to your friendship with him once you’re gone?  

Pt 1; Pt 2; Pt 3; Pt 4; Pt 5; Pt 6; Pt 7; Pt 8; Pt 9; Pt 10

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It was impossible.
It was impossible for you to think that Yoongi had feelings for you. Your friendship had always been something extremely strange but perfect in its own way.

You understood his most hidden feelings and even though he did not show him, he could understand your moods and find out what thoughts aroused your concern. You watched the conversation with Seokjin on your phone, sighing slightly and taking your head in your hands.

The memory of the last nighte took your breath away, while for a moment you could feel his hands on your skin and his breathless breathing that caressed your ear.

Yet he had just admitted that he was wrong, so thinking about it would not help you and above all went to disprove Seokjin’s theory. But the main point was another. You had feelings for him?

“Y/N, what’s going on?” Katia asked you in Italian, by now you had begun to understand many things in that language that you have been studying for some time.

Lifting your face she saw your and her face turned, because without realizing you had begun to weep. Immediately she wrapped you into a hug, you laid your head against her shoulder and she start to brushing with sweetness your hair trying to calm you down.
That crying didn’t seem to want to stop in the immediate, so you just let go and throw out all the frustrations, negative thoughts and pain you had experienced in those long and estenuant weeks.

“Darling.. Is that your friend’s fault..? ”


“Jeez, I want to kill him though.. Can I say something? ” she murmured and you had to nod, because the umpteenth series of hiccups had begun to shake you totally, “I think he feels something for you.

At that phrase you quickly lifted your head and looked at her in the eyes, wiping yours with the palm of your hand because they were filled with tears.
She was the second person who expressed the same thought and now the doubt was slowly creeping into you.

“Why.. Why do you say it..? ”

Katia sighed and strokeded your cheeks with the fingertips of her fingers, just as she would an older sister and she was somehow.

“You didn’t notice it but.. The way he looked at you.. It was something I always see in my father’s gaze when he looks at my mom. ”

You debuttocks, feeling a small knot in the throat and the mouth completely dry. What did she mean by “the way he looks at you”? You couldn’t think, the tears kept slipping on your cheeks quietly and your head began to pulsate too hard, because of the thousand thoughts.

“Y/N.. That guy is in love with you and I don’t think what happened last night was a mistake. On the part of both, I mean. ” Katia murmured, pecking a little kiss onto your forehead and rising from the chair on which he had sat just before;

“Try to think about it, mh?”


When your friend left your room, Luca appeared on the door watching slightly intrigued. You lifted your gaze and met his green eyes. You weren’t much in the mood to see someone, but you couldn’t stop others from coming to your room.
By turning the head you’d better dry your face, then feeling his hand resting on his shoulder gently. He was all too kind for your liking, too accustomed to Yoongi. Not that Yoongi was not nice, but he had his ways to prove certain things.

“What’s going on, y/n?”

“Nothing that.. It’s okay. Do you need something?? ”

“To say the true yes.. I mean, I wanted to ask you if you’d go out. You and Me. ”

That took you completely by surprise. His mile was sweet and his eyes full of hope, but you?? What did you feel at the time? So without thinking too much you simply nodded, trying to figure out why you had accepted if you just wanted to take the first plane back to Seoul.


ALSO KNOWN AS: THE “HICCSTRID KISS IN THE END” EPISODE. Because nothing really happens in this one……………

Drunken Review Masterpost!

-Throk my beautiful soul!

-Hiccup hiding something :) YASSSS Why am I not surprised

-Astrid giving Hiccup bed eyes. They’re totally fucking if that’s what you’re thinking………..


-Searching Vanaheim on Google……


-Of course it is.

-Shut up Hiccup you Hypocrite Dbag……………….

-FORECHSHADOWING MUCH????? Anybody????????????

Can someone please pass me the vodka….


-I can definitely sense some Chiefup???????? AAAAAAND then back to Princess Outpost……

-LOL Make sure to check this place out after HTTYD3….. Am I right???? OH wait…………………………….


-”They’re blind” You don’t say………………………………….

-Wow they went full Walking dead on this one……….. NO FRUIT KINKSAHMING!

-Failed attempts to make connections to HTTYD2…. Sorry no………………………………

-Obligatory Hiccstrid scene like:


*Me right now*:








OH JEEZ……………………… 

do you ever just think back to a person you briefly encountered in your life? could be someone you had an intense conversation with online once, or a stranger who said something profound to you in the grocery store, or some random jerk you just really wish got their comeuppance. I think about people like that a lot.

the one I wonder about most, I think, is the guy who was next to me in the emergency room when I had to sit there for three and a half hours waiting for them to stitch up my wrist after an accident involving a glass door and tacos. he had been hiccupping for four days straight and was so angry about it. 

he kept yelling at the nurse about how the muscle relaxers weren’t working and how he couldn’t go to work or make love to his wife while hiccupping but it was interspersed with little hics and all I could think of was “well my hand is basically ruined forever now but at least I don’t have the hiccups”. It was bizarre and hilarious and when the nurse wasn’t there trying not to laugh at him he would just sit in frustrated silence behind his privacy curtain until that little hic happened and then he’d whisper “…damnit” and he was just so angry about his hiccups.

I wonder if he’s ok.

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httydbooks-doodler  asked:

Do you think Gustav has similarities with Hiccup? I mean, the whole runt/troublemaker/is one thing, but his meeting with Fanghook has some parallels to Hiccup and Toothless(Not to mention Gustav also keeps training with his dragon in secret)! I was actually surprised to find that Hiccup didn't find connections between his old self and Gustav. Those Gustav episodes were probably the ones that made me a bit disappointed about Hiccup... What do you think?

This is really fascinating. To be honest, I had not made the correlation myself.

But you’re right. Gustav and teenaged Hiccup have many things going on for them.

  • They screw things up. They catch public buildings on fire. They irritate everyone around them. Hiccup knocking out Vikings and knocking down watch towers in HTTYD is akin to Gustav lighting topiaries and Snotlout on fire in RTTE.
  • They usually screw up when they’re trying to be their rolemodel and when they’re trying to fit into society. Hiccup in HTTYD wreaked disaster when he tried to be a dragon killer like everyone else on Berk. Gustav in the television series wreaks disaster when he tries to be a dragon rider.
  • They’re both trying to fit into their peer group. Hiccup wants to be with the other youths his age, accepted as a dragon fighter. Gustav wants to be with the Dragon Riders and be a Dragon Rider.
  • If they’re rebuked, they go out and try to prove themselves. Even when it’s completely disobeying authority. Hiccup runs out behind his father’s back to try to kill Toothless at the start of HTTYD. He continues doing that once he befriends the dragon. Gustav is told by Hiccup not to train Hookfang yet because he’s not ready. Gustav does it anyway. And after Hiccup tells Gustav not to play with the Dragon Eye, the kid snatches that Dragon Eye and goes off on a very unauthorized adventure.
  • They’re emotional and impulsive. They act upon how they feel.
  • They’re both intelligent, clever boys who can make smart decisions during danger.
  • They both are better than they are perceived by society.

This makes me really excited the more I think about it. Thank you so much for bringing this idea! I think it’s a really fascinating parallel.

And it makes one moment in Race to the Edge even better for me.

I always loved the scene where Hiccup rebukes the Larson boy in “Gone Gustav Gone.” It’s fascinating irony how Hiccup rants about irresponsibility and placing lives in danger… when Stoick rants about Hiccup being irresponsible and dangerous in both HTTYD and HTTYD 2.

Placing an analogy between Hiccup and Gustav makes this RTTE moment even more a parallel.

First, Stoick’s rant to Hiccup in HTTYD is as follows:

Stoick: Stop! Just… stop. Every time you step outside, disaster follows. Can you not see that I have bigger problems? Winter’s almost here and I have an entire village to feed!
Hiccup: Between you and me, the village could do with a little less feeding, don’t you think?
Stoick: This isn’t a joke, Hiccup! Why can’t you follow the simplest orders?
Hiccup: I can’t stop myself. I see a dragon and I have to just… kill it, you know? It’s who I am, Dad.
Stoick: You are many things, Hiccup. But a dragon killer is not one of them. Get back to the house. Make sure he gets there. I have his mess to clean up.

Now read the RTTE script in “Gone Gustav Gone”:

Hiccup: Of all the irresponsible, insubordinate… of all the kind of stunts you could have pulled, this was the worst. Do you know what Dagur would do to get his hands on the Dragon Eye?
Gustav: I just thought if you came back with the treasure you guys would accept me.
Hiccup: First of all, there is no treasure. Second of all, we’ve already been there, and that entire island is honeycombed with the most unstable caverns we’ve ever encountered.
Gustav: I’m sorry, I just -
Hiccup: You could have been killed, Gustav. Fanghook could have been killed. Look, this isn’t Berk. Gustav, the rules are different out here. You have to be smarter than this.
Gustav: I just wanted to prove myself.
Hiccup: Ohhh you have. You have proven that you are not responsible enough, you’re not mature enough, and you’re not trustworthy enough to be one of us. Now, it’s - it’s been a long day. We all need some rest. We’ll talk about this in the morning.

These two conversations totally have the same format. I’m going to call the two roles “Authority” and “Rebel” just to simplify things and talk about both conversations simultaneously.

So the first line the Authority states has the following points: rebuking the Rebel for their poor actions, asking the Rebel a question to see if they understand the gravity of their mistake, and pointing out to the rebel the significance of the situation. In HTTYD, Stoick complains that disaster follows every time Hiccup steps outside, that Hiccup needs to figure out Stoick has bigger problems to worry about than his son getting in trouble, and that the big problem is feeding an entire village before winter. Hiccup in RTTE complains that Gustav is irresponsible and disobedient, and that the big problem he needs to consider is that Dagur possessing the Dragon Eye would be dangerous.

The second line in the dialogue is the Rebel’s response. It’s an attempt to deflect the Authority’s tirade. They try to lessen the situation and get the Authority to quit thinking about the big mistake. Hiccup tries to crack a joke about the village needing less feeding, thus lessening the severity of Stoick’s worry of gathering food before winter. Gustav tries to point out that his action could have gotten him accepted by the others. 

Now it’s the Authority’s turn to respond. And they’re not pleased. They cut down the Rebel’s first reply and point out how poorly it is in taste. Hiccup shouldn’t be making jokes about the village getting food. Gustav shouldn’t be trying to go after the treasure since there is no treasure in the first place. 

The Rebel responds by trying to defend themselves. Hiccup says that killing a dragon is who he is as a person. He can’t help himself. This is all about Hiccup wanting to prove himself. Gustav, in turn, outright admits that, “I just wanted to prove myself.” They’re both accepting that what they did had negative impact, but they’re still defending themselves, too. It’s because they wanted acceptance and applause, not criticism and segregation.

But the Authority gives the final say. They tell the Rebel that they haven’t proven good things. They’ve proven that they’ve failed in this area and aren’t trustworthy. Stoick says that Hiccup is not a dragon killer - after all, Hiccup has wrecked up the situation. In RTTE, Hiccup tells Gustav he’s not a dragon rider - since he also screwed up his situation, too. The Authority excludes the Rebel from the group they want to be a part of, and then they end the conversation. They dismiss it. Stoick sends Hiccup off to his house. Hiccup sends everyone off to sleep for the night.

Hiccup has just done exactly what his father did in HTTYD.

The sad thing is… Hiccup doesn’t learn. Somehow, he doesn’t internalize who he is, how irresponsible he can be, and how his choices can negatively impact others.

After all, Stoick berates Hiccup in the second movie, too. It also follows the same general format as the two conversations I describe above. And, what’s even more painful… Stoick uses the same language to begin his rant in HTTYD 2 as Hiccup does in “Gone Gustav Gone.”

“Of all the irresponsible…” Stoick begins, ranting about his son’s insubordinate behavior.

“Of all the irresponsible…” Hiccup begins, ranting about Gustav’s insubordinate behavior.

So how can Hiccup literally keep doing this? If Hiccup knows how frustrating it is for a kid like Gustav to be mutinous and irresponsible, why does he do the exact same thing in HTTYD 2? Why hasn’t he learned from HTTYD, and why does he rant like his father does in both movies?

I think the thing with Hiccup is that he doesn’t fully see it. Hiccup can see Gustav’s disobedient behavior clearly because he’s the leader in RTTE. He knows he knows best because he’s met Dagur face-to-face. But in HTTYD 2, Hiccup fully believes he is doing the right act by defying his father and speaking to Drago. He hasn’t met Drago face-to-face. The difference is that Hiccup can’t see he’s somewhat in the wrong in the second movie. He’s just living by experience, and he hasn’t mentally connected how alike these experiences are.

It makes for a really fascinating cycle of events. In the first movie, Hiccup hates being rebuked by his father. In Race to the Edge, he rebukes others just like his father did for the same problems. But he still continues to do rebukable actions in HTTYD 2.

Hiccup and Gustav really are alike.

It makes me wonder who Gustav is going to become in the future. Will he berate little kids for being irresponsible with their dragons? What will he be like once he leaves that role of being the rebuked, but instead becomes the leader? Does he have the potential of leadership before him because he’s bold enough to go forward with his own thoughts.

And if we want to defend Hiccup, we can recall that he learns his lesson in “Gone Gustav Gone.” He admits his own responsibility. And after the events of HTTYD 2, I doubt there’ll be any stupid repeats. Or at least I hope not.

Dear Thor. I love Hiccup. I love Gustav. And your observation made me love the little Larson kid even more. Thanks so much for bringing this idea of paralleling Gustav and Hiccup. I totally think there’s something cool in this analogy.

astridthevalkyrie-deactivated20  asked:

Definitely a spoiler question, do you believe Hiccup actually accidentally killed that hunter in Enemy of My Enemy? Cause I totally flipped out about that...

I think it’s technically possible, but my ultimate conclusion is that Hiccup did not kill the man here.

One of the things that has intrigued me, and which I enjoyed about the latest season of RTTE, is how little they shied away from violence compared to previous seasons. Especially when DreamWorks Dragons was on Cartoon Network, you could see a lot of visual restraints about how they depicted violence-related themes, especially in hand-to-hand combat. We could see dragons shooting fires all we wanted, but when it came to something like Alvin and the Outcasts roughing Hiccup in “We Are Family Part 1,” it was remarkably restrained for what it should have been realistically. Swordfighting scenes were not that intense; we saw stunts and tricks far more than we usually saw blows (with the exception of that one fight scene with Stoick and Alvin).

This season of Race to the Edge showed an interesting and unprecedented amount of violence-related darkness. I like it because it makes it feel more real, gritty, with realistically higher stakes. It can be a little awkward and cheesy when the animation is light instead of showing the gravity of someone manhandling another. This season, we did see Hiccup literally shoved around, pushed to the ground, thrown to the ground, forced down physically. And it was highly effective for storytelling purposes.

And this season, we also saw some other gruesome things. The hands of a dying human reaching out toward Astrid. Explicit mentions of many deaths occurring within the plot. Two deaths that were only flashed off screen last minute - that man attacked by the Changewing definitely died in the first episode, and we heard his bloodcurdling scream as the dragon slaughtered him. On top of this all, we heard death threat after death threat after death threat, from good guys as well as bad guys… and we know, as with the case of Hiccup in this same episode… they mean it.

So for Hiccup to have accidentally killed that hunter in “Enemy of My Enemy”? Given what we’ve seen of this season… it’s possible.

The fighting was really cool and realistic in this episode, more realistic than I’ve seen elsewhere in the television series. What’s so cool about it is that the fights are raw in “Enemy of My Enemy”. It’s not this neat, dramatic dexterity of the heroes magically making every move work. Hiccup legitimately struggles in hand-to-hand combat, as is the nature when you’re fighting someone else.

And as is the nature with these sorts of skirmishes… a lot of accidents and unintended chain of events happen.

Here, we see a man charge out toward Hiccup with a mace. Hiccup, last-second throws forward another nearby mace with lightning-quick defensive reflexes. The man groans and falls over backwards while Hiccup stares, slightly traumatized, straight ahead of him.

We might want to say that only a killing blow could have stopped the man in his tracks, but I don’t think so. It would only have to be a sufficiently incapacitating blow in order to get the effect.

To make a better judgment of what occurred, we can peer closer at some sceencaps.

The first screencap I have below shows Hiccup holding his mace out right upon being attacked. The man holds a mace right to Hiccup’s head while Hiccup holds his mace right at the man’s belly, where presumably he hit the man. Note that right where Hiccup’s mace is being pointed, the man has this enormous metal belt. That would protect him a lot from being torn open by a mace. It could mean that he is not bleeding, or at least not bleeding much.

Of course we could also argue that perhaps we have to consider the area right above the belt. Hiccup’s mace is pointed at the belt, but arms tend to lower when they’re held outright for a while. And I bet that mace is heavy. It’s also the case Hiccup would have thrown the mace upward to defend himself, so it could have struck higher than what we’re seeing it being held now. Third, the man is stooping over Hiccup. He might have been leaning further down, or about like this, and either way, it’s very feasible that the mace would have hit the torso area where the man was leaning down. For people who want to argue Hiccup dealt severe injury, you might want to argue along the lines of the information in this paragraph.

The next screencap we can look at somewhat maaaaybe clarifies the evidence from what I discussed above. The man drops his weapon and puts a hand toward the injury. Most people would hover their hand directly above the wounded area. His hand strays toward the belt. You might want to try to argue it’s hovering a little below the shirt if you want to say Hiccup pierced him there, but it seems like most of the evidence from the screencaps is pointing toward Hiccup hitting the metal belted area.

This means that the man might have been severely winded, severely shocked, and blacks out from the sudden impact… rather than actually dying. That interpretation is what I side upon myself. The somewhat-pained grunts the man makes when he falls over and collapses backwards are not those of a dying man, but one who has been momentarily incapacitated. Hiccup gave a hard enough blow that he halted the man mid-action, but was nowhere close to killing him or fatally injuring him.

The last thing we can talk about is Hiccup’s facial expression after it happens. It is one of the most notably gritty facial expressions we ever see of Hiccup in the television shows.

Hiccup’s mouth remains open, his eyes wide but vacant, his eyebrows furrowed in obvious shock and concern. He seems a bit more… traumatized… than usual, which could fall in line with a theory that Hiccup killed the man. We could say Hiccup’s expression is from him being in a near death experience, though some people might argue Hiccup has gone through many near-death experiences before. Why then would this one catch him so off-guard compared to others? Whereas if Hiccup just saw someone die by his own hands, an expression like this would make complete sense.

Personally I do think this facial expression can be explained without any deaths, and it can be explained well. It is a combination of Hiccup being incredibly winded, trying to process events (remember, he’s siding with Dagur right now), and having undergone a very near-death experience. This is a near-death experience that is pretty traumatic and shocking compared to much of what Hiccup has experienced… whereas Hiccup has been up close face-to-face with a lot of dragons, it’s an entirely different experience to see a mace a few inches from your head. It’s another experience to barely throw up your own weapon in the nick of time to knock the attacker away. There’s going to be a sense of surprise, relief, rushing adrenaline, and more coursing through Hiccup, and I believe that’s the emotion we’re seeing here. He’s got a good reason for being stupored from just defending himself from a rushing armed man.

One last bit of argumentation we can do meta-wise is that RTTE is, technically speaking, a family show. Are they actually going to show the main character kill a man with a weapon on a simple television show? I mean, animated shows have gotten away with far worse (ehehehe Legend of Korra), but it is context to consider. RTTE has not been very edgy and outgoing when it comes to these sorts of portrayals, so it has me suspect they won’t start doing that now… even if we are getting a lot grittier with the violence and maturity in S3.

So ultimately I conclude that Hiccup did not kill the man here. It would be really interesting to see him do that on a variety of levels, and I think it’s totally feasible to imagine Hiccup killing someone like this. He’s had years of combat training. He has the potential to kill. For crying out loud, he actually did try to kill Dagur this episode. So it’s not to say that it isn’t possible, and it’s not to say that we can’t maybe make an interpretation where the man who falls here bites the dust (say, from internal injuries later). But I suspect, between where the mace hit (on the belt), how the man grunted when he fell (not very death-like), and how Hiccup’s expressions can be explained without talking about killing… mean that the man Hiccup felled is still alive. He’ll wake up well after the incident is over with a horrible, horrible pain in his stomach… but probably completely recover and go back to sail on ships another day.

anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who thinks Hiccup still seems totally interested in Heather? It sort of bugs me too. Obviously, there's already something going on between Hiccup and Astrid. What is he doing? What's going on? These kids are so confusing.

I haven’t heard too many people talking about Hiccup being attracted to Heather in Race to the Edge, but there could be other individuals with your shared perspective! As I see Race to the Edge, Hiccup is not interested in Heather in a non-platonic way (I mean, he’s only platonic with her). I don’t know if me sharing my perspective makes you feel less bugged by how he interacts with her.

As I see it, Hiccup is there genuinely attempting to help someone clearly emotionally troubled. He is willing to give her a hug after all she has been through and rest a comforting hand on her shoulder, yet that physical touch alone is something that platonic individuals can do as well. I admit that Hiccup is not typically a tactile individual, but then he is someone who does not build many incredibly close relationships, and that could factor into what we tend to see with him.

As I see it, Hiccup seems somewhat unsettled about Heather rather than romantically inclined to her. The other Hooligans at Dragon’s Edge find Heather’s new boldness and edginess exciting, charging off to spar with her and see her new skills. Hiccup seems a little off balanced by what he sees, feeling like something is wrong. And when he talks to Heather later, just the two of them, he tells her, “This can’t be you.” As thankful as Hiccup is to see an old acquaintance again, he does not seem sold on how she has changed.

Hiccup also does not seem to try to spend time with Heather alone, as he likely would were he interested in her. Hiccup seems content to let Heather and Astrid have their girl time. When he talks to Astrid about Heather leaving, his primary concern is about how Astrid feels, losing someone to whom she has grown close. This sort of reaction suggests that Hiccup was not interested in Heather in that sort of way.

And he seems completely at ease when Heather leaves and Astrid pulls in close to him, showing there is no cognitive dissonance going on consciously with him, as there might be did he have conflicting emotions between Astrid and Heather.

I am not inside Hiccup’s head so I cannot say he totally is or is not interested in her. I simply can say I am strongly inclined to believe he is not interested in her during Race to the Edge. You’re always free to think otherwise, though here’s my interpretation! Maybe my dialogue can make your mind at least rest a little more about this and feel less bugged about him interacting with Heather?

anonymous asked:

Can you do one when you're super drunk and being clingy and Harry thinks it's cute but wants to take you home cause you're getting out of hand

As much as Harry loves when you’re super touchy-feely and loving, he knows that usually, if you’re drunk, it’s a sign you need to get home and get to bed soon.

You’re sitting on a comfy couch in the corner of the club with your head on his shoulder, and you’re holding one of his big hands in your own and playing with his fingers.  You tug a bit at one of his rings and slide it off, then on to your own finger.  It’s enormous, naturally, but you smile contentedly.  “Harrryyy?” You slur.  “Can I have this?”

He chuckles.  “It’s a little big on your fingers , babe.”

You frown.  “But it’s cute.”  It slips off your finger and lands on the ground with a little clinking noise.

He sighs and bends over to pick it up, playing with it in his fingers.  “Tell you what.  Why don’t we go home and get a chain for it, and I’ll put it on a necklace for you.  Yeah?”

You gasp.  “YEAH!!! What a good idea Harry!”  You stand up a little too fast and nearly topple over.  Harry has to stand and take hold of your hips in his hands to steady you.  You giggle once you feel steady on your feet again, then look up at Harry.  “M’not drunk.  I just… stood up too fast.”

He laughs, pulling you forward to press a kiss to your forehead.  “Okay, baby.  Let’s get you home, yeah?”  He interlaces his fingers with yours and pulls you through the crowded club.

You see a group of people that you’d been talking to earlier that night and wave.  “BYEEEEE!” You say.  “Harry and I are going home now.  It was really nice talking to you.”  Harry chuckles but doesn’t say anything.  He just continues to lead you through the club.  He stops however, when he feels you stop walking.  He turns around to see you talking to a couple dancing rather shamelessly.  “HEY!” you say.  “That’s… kinda gross. But it’s also kinda sexy.  You think you could teach me and *hiccup* Harry how to dance like that?”

He sighs, tugging on your hand a little.  “No, baby, c’mon.  They’re very busy.”

“No they’re not!  Look.  They’re basically having sex on the dance floor right now.”  You grin up at your boyfriend.  “Can we have sex when we get home?”

His cheeks go red instantly.  “Sure,” he says quietly.  He puts his hands on your hips to steer you out of the club.  “C’mon now.  We have to go.”

Once inside the taxi, you sigh contentedly.  “This is so comfyyyyy,” you say, turning your body so that you’re spread out across the backseat with your feet in Harry’s lap.  You reach up and tap the driver on the shoulder.  “Hey.  This is really comfy. Congratulations.”

He nods.  “Thank you.” 

Harry can’t help but chuckle.  You were so cute when you were drunk, but such a piece of work.  So he places his hand on your calves.  “How are you feeling, babe?”

You scoff. “Not drunk, if that’s what you’re thinking.  I’m *hiccup*  totally fine.  Sober as a cucumber.”

“A cucumber?” He says, raising his eyebrows.  “Never heard that before.”

“Yeah well…. nowwwww ya have.” You hesitate, blinking multiple times as you glance around the cab.  “My feet hurt,” you say after a while.

Harry snorts.  “I knew that was coming.  You shouldn’t have worn those shoes.”

“YEAH WELL…. I DID. So. There.  And besides, they looked really sexy didn’t they?”

“They did.”

“You’re biased.  You’re supposed to say that.”  You tap the driver on the shoulder and turn your body once more so your foot goes up in the front seat.  “Scuse me.  Are these shoes sexy?”

Harry snorts, trying to pull your leg back.  “Y/n, oh my god.”

“What?! I just wanna know!”

The rest of the taxi ride goes almost exactly like that, filled with lots of giggles and lots of trying to get you to chill out.  And once you get back to the hotel, it doesn’t take long before you’re fast asleep in the bed, curled up in one of Harry’s tshirts.  And when you wake up the next morning, you find that Harry has so lovingly taken your makeup off with one of the makeup wipes you packed, and he actually HAS put that ring on a necklace for you.