“Sometimes you have to lose someone in order to find them again

I tend to wonder how a fight between these two would look like? Not that I like or long for teenage-drama, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen these two in a serious conflict between eachother? :o

Doodle of the cute dorks…
Hmm, i’m wondering about what they are whispering in eachother’s ears…
Ps: Astrid playing with Hiccup’s hair is the cutest thing ever amirite?


Stoick GASPS as if seeing a ghost… and drops his sword with a clatter. Valka stands some twenty paces ahead of him, blocking the path. She lets out an audible SHUDDER upon seeing him. He removes his helmet slowly as Hiccup, Gobber, and Toothless appear at Stoick’s side.

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