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Sorry for this potentially NSFW-ish ending, haha! But this is exactly how I imagine it: Stoick being excessively excited and open about the Astrid-talks :D (And, man, the lines from the movie just made it so tempting (sorry :p couldn’t help it!))

I’ve been way too productive today :p

How did I come to join the HTTYD fandom?

So, in celebration of the week of HTTYD’s birthday (It’s on the 26th, in the US anyways) I thought I’d tell you how I got into the HTTYD fandom.

It’s… *sighs* actually really terrible. I’m still frustrated with myself for not FINDING HTTYD SOONER! Why had I never seen it before!? WHY!?

Ahem, anyways. 

So, the first time I ever saw anything HTTYD was back in 2014… I think. I think I was like eleven or twelve at the time, I’m really not entirely sure. All I know is that i was sick with the stomach flu around Christmas time and I had absolutely nothing to do but watch tv. So I was going through Netflix, watching all the Christmas stuff I could find, and what did I come across? None other then the DreamWorks Holiday collection. And of course, what was in that collection? 


Yes, that was the first HTTYD… thing… I ever saw. And let’s just say, I wasn’t that impressed. (WHY ME!? WHAT KIND OF SICK CHILDHOOD DID I HAVE THAT I DIDN’T REALLY LIKE GOTNF!?) I watched it like once, and never went back again. I thought it was weird, (If I had watched the first film I might’ve had a different opinion, but back then I didn’t even know HTTYD existed) like, then entire time I was thinking: “Vikings? I don’t like Vikings. Hiccup? What kind of name is that?” And I didn’t even really comprehend anything else, i was kinda out of it since I was sick.

So, that was all for the HTTYD in my earlier childhood, and here’s where we get to the good part. 

So, last Fall in October, my Aunt came and visited us. She’s in her early twenties so she still really likes animated movies and stuff. So she was the one who brought the HTTYD movies out for my younger siblings (and me, although I didn’t really plan on watching it since like I said, I hadn’t been very impressed with The Gift of the Night Fury two years ago) to watch. I went on and did my own thing while they started it, popping in every now and then but never really paying attention. Finally I finished whatever it was I was doing, and I went in and sat down with the kids. I dropped in at about “Forbidden Friendship”. I started very doubtful like “yeah, this is a movie about dragons, like I’m gonna like it” blah blah blah (STUPID MEEE!!!!!) but then, I was like, “Wow, Toothless is really cute.” and then “This music is really beautiful”, then “Hiccup’s such a dork.” and then I was like, “Hm, I actually really like Hiccup’s name. It suits him in a way.” and then at the “Test Drive” I was like “OMG THE MUSIC IS SO AMAZING!” after that, I was hooked. all the way until the credits I was so in love with the animation, and the movie. I liked Hiccstrid, but I wasn’t really “shipping it” yet. 

That night, my aunt and my parents went out to eat and I stayed home with the kids, and they all wanted to watch HTTYD 2. Me, I’m trying to just kinda hide the fact that I LOVED  the first movie, because, I mean, IT’S A KIDS MOVIE FOR GOSH SAKE!

So I was all casual like “Oh, sure, go ahead.” And so they put the movie in and I was like, “Hm, I wonder what this is about?” The first thing I noticed was the animation. And how AMAZING it was. Then, I was like, “I’m really starting to like these dragons! They’re so pretty and playful!” and then when Stoick shouted “That’s my daughter in law!” I literally stood up and started cheering in my excitement. XD I loved the flihgt scene with Hiccup and Toothless, and was rather stunned by how much Hiccup had changed. I had really imagined him looking like- or more similar- to how he looked in HTTYD 1. But hey, I’m not complaining. XD

Then that Hiccstrid moment. AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

The rest of the movie I just got more and more into it, and I was in tears at Stoick’s funeral. I was, no joke. The music was just so POWERFUL, and Gobber’s speech (starting to cry as I type) and how sad Hiccup was and he was actually crying…. it hit my right in the feels.

Then the battle, and Hiccup becoming chief, I was just I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!

Screaming that silently inside me of course. XD

 yep, that’s how I got into HTTYD. I didn’t see RTTE until the until the middle of November, and I was instantly hooked. I LOVE RACE TO THE EDGE! I started writing FanFiction at the beginning of December. :D

Now what took me so long to finally see HTTYD… I HAVE NO IDEA! WHY DID IT TAKE ME 6 YEARS TO FINALLY SEE IT!? 

But, i’m now in the fandom, and am very happy about that! I’m glad I finally found it, or… well my life would be a lot different at this point. XD 

So, there’s my story. If you want to tell yours, please do! :D

Sorry for the long post XD


Rtte comic!

I had an idea for season 5: Stoick knowing about HICCSTRID

Because I think this is important. I love Stoick.

Best daddy and best hiccstrid shipper too xD

Anyway, enjoy!

(I did it in English so that everyone could understand but I’m sorry if there are mistakes. English is not my birth language ^^)

(Also: Please do not repost my art without crediting me)

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