hiccup and stoick


Stoick GASPS as if seeing a ghost… and drops his sword with a clatter. Valka stands some twenty paces ahead of him, blocking the path. She lets out an audible SHUDDER upon seeing him. He removes his helmet slowly as Hiccup, Gobber, and Toothless appear at Stoick’s side.

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So there are three ways Stoick could find out about Hiccstrid

1) Hiccup tells Stoick he’s dating Astrid:

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2) The Gang tells Stoick about Hiccstrid:

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3) Stoick finds out about Hiccstrid himself:

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BONUS: After Stoick finds out

Telling everyone about his future daughter in law:

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Making Berk go all like:

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Things that i loved in season 4
  • Hiccup quoting Dagur
  • Heather joining the berserkers. 
  • The whole of “The longest day”
  • Heather and Dagur becoming proper siblings.
  • Hiccup calling Dagur ‘brother’.
  • Mala and Throk.
  • More plot development and less filler episodes. I felt every single one had some connection to the big battle instead of some just being episodes like “reign of the fireworms” 
  • The gang’s group hug at the end.
  • The Triple Stryke being back.
  • Stoick and hiccup scenes.
  • And finally of course all of the hiccstrid moments we got so many and i’m so so so happy.