“People call Hiccup a jerk but honestly everything he did he did for the riders. He was nothing but selfless when Snotlout lost his axe he did everything to help despite astrid’s reluctance. He even offered to take the blame. He dove down the storm to rescue astrid. He recognizes the value of the twins when others dont. He never abandons a dragon whether its a speedstinger or a deathsong. HE FREED CHICKEN. Granted he pushes the riders to work hard but only because he wants to keep them safe and prepared for the hunters. Their lives are his responsibility so its only natural that he wanted them prepared. If this is the definition of a jerk then what do you call Snotlout??”

How To Train Your Dragon and How To Train Your Dragon 2

I love how Hiccup and Toothless are like, the main characters but they birth have prosthetics and they are not seen as weak

Do you understand how inspirational that is that DreamWorks did this.

It makes people, kids, handicapped people believe that they can do anything. Because they can. They don’t see themselves as a nuisance to anyone anymore.

Just something I wanted to point out.

I Need To Find A Fic?

So I remember reading this “Hiccup leaves Berk and returns” fan fiction, and it was really freaking good. I totally forgot what the title is because I haven’t read it in almost two years, but I need help finding it again. Something I remember about it are that when Hiccup returns, he keeps himself a secret, and remains a stranger. There’s a part where Gobber and Gothi find out who he is because he was in some sort of accident and they had to take off his helmet to heal him. I also believe that Astrid, sooner than anyone else, finds out who he is, and Snotlout sees them sometime together and freaks out at a meeting (I think) about her letting her hair down, or undoing her braid for him. They might’ve had an arranged marriage, or Snotlout wanting to marry her, but I’m slightly less sure on that. Also I think that after Hiccup left, Astrid taught the truth about dragons, but that might be a different one. If you know which one I’m talking about, please help! I really want to find this again because school pulled me away from the fandom for a while but I’ve recently jumped back in

The best part of the How to Train Your Dragon movies isn’t even the plot.

It’s the emotions, the reactions, the expressions, the details.

They don’t follow cliches.

When he found Toothless, it wasn’t the fish that made them friends. It made Toothless less murderous, but he still wouldn’t let Hiccup near him. It was a moment of bonding that let them be friends. A drawing, a dance, and patience. That’s what it took.

When he was in the battle arena, Hiccup tried to make Toothless leave after he saved him. But Toothless wouldn’t budge. He wouldn’t listen because he thought Hiccup was still in danger. But when Hiccup yelled no, Toothless listened then because of the way it was said. When he told him to leave, he was worried. When he told him to stop, he was scared.

When you see a loved one you thought you lost, or you are the loved one. It cliches them running, and hugging and crying. But these movies show a different reaction. Hiccup is confused, Stoick is quiet and careful, and Valka is afraid.

Things that usually make movies boring, re-imagined. All of these things that you sometimes know are coming, and they do. But they come in a different way. Instead of when someone dies, the MC immediately attacks the cause, or killer, Hiccup went over and cried over his dad for a moment. He never attacked or yelled at Drago about it. He never even mentioned it to him. 

Hiccup didn’t hold a grudge against Toothless. He yelled at him a moment, but that is a natural reaction. You can tell he regrets it very fast. He tries to save Toothless before being held back.

These movies showed so much love and trust between Hiccup and Toothless. Toothless tried harder to get out of the place where he fell to save Hiccup then he did to save himself. Hiccup trusted Toothless to save him from pillars when he was flying top speed towards them. 

Hiccup challenged his tribe, and his own father, for Toothless.

Toothless challenged a dragon 1000 times his size for Hiccup.

This is why I love these movies so much. This is the reason I have watched them at least 20 times this month alone. 

This is what Dreamworks needs to aim for every time.

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