There are about 900 reasons why I shouldn’t have Photoshop.

Hiccup would have a green lightsaber, indicating he is a Jedi Consular, one who is keen on studying the Force and seeking peace and diplomacy. It could be argued that Valka is a Sentinel, yet I gave her the blue lightsaber of a Jedi Guardian.

“I will never get over the way that Hiccup looks at Astrid at the end of HTTYD2 after he finishes talking to his mom and she approaches him. The way his expression softens with warmth and affection as he eyes fall upon the face of the girl he’s grown to love and appreciate so much….if this is how he looks at her now, just imagine him at their wedding. My feelings and I won’t make it.”


One of the things I like most about Eret is that unlike other enemies, he was one at the beginning so it still counts, is that he never mocked Hiccup in any way.

Alvin called Hiccup “Stoick’s little embarrassment or runt.” Mildew treated him horribly and blaming the dragon problems on him. And Dagur always pokes at Hiccup’s size. Remember “this little runt of a… well you know what you are.” Even Drago said that Stoick must feel same for having Hiccup as a son! 

Eret never did anything like that. He showed no signs of underestimating Hiccup, and the only thing he though was ridiculous about him was that he thought he could change his opinion on dragons. 

I really hope Eret’s going to be in the third film, though I’m pretty sure he will be. There’s so much they can do with his character!

paigeylou asked:

I had this thought, and was wondering what your personal opinion is on the possible future titles of the characters? What do you think Hiccup's title as chief would be? Stoick the Vast because he's so vast. Dagur is the Deranged because...well...you know xD Any theories or ideas? I always imagined Astrid would be something along the lines of "the Fierce" and I always saw Snotlout as being "the Loyal" or something to that effect (and I could ramble for days about why I think that xD).

Oh this is fun! This is really fun! Long ago, I’d seen fellow tumblr friends postulate what Hiccup’s title might be, but I don’t think I’ve heard too many suggestions about other characters. Here are some of my own thoughts. I’d love to hear other ideas, too!

Hiccup the Peaceful

I’ve seen people suggest Hiccup the Daring, Hiccup the Dragon Whisperer, and Hiccup the Peaceful. Personally I like the last the best of any idea I’ve heard. Peace is extremely integral to his idealistic philosophy. “We are the voice of peace, and bit by bit we will change this world,” he says at the end of HTTYD 2. Even throughout HTTYD, Hiccup’s main drive is finding peace between Vikings and dragons. I think that this title would be wonderful, an extremely apt descriptor of who he is and what he stands for.

Snotlout the Tenacious/Loyal

“Snotlout the Loyal” makes me very happy to hear. I *love* it, and I’d love to see your week-long ramble about why you think it would fit him. XD For an alternate title, I think that “Snotlout the Tenacious” would work as well. He is a bit of a mushy warm heart on the inside, but he definitely also is a bold soul who screams out, “Never retreat!” He fancies himself a bold warrior, and where it counts, he delivers. Perhaps I fancy “Snotlout the Loyal” slightly better, but “Snotlout the Tenacious” was the first one that popped to my own mind.

Tuffnut the Nutty

This is self-explanatory, isn’t it? Tuffnut even calls himself “truly disturbed” during one episode of Race to the Edge. He’s quite a nutjob in this world. And the Vikings tend to enjoy a lot of titles that use alliteration or related, similar-sounding words… Dagur the Deranged, Oswald the Agreeable, Nobber Nobrains, Norbert the Nutjob, Madguts the Murderous, Baggybum the Beerbelly, and so forth. So “Tuffnut the Nutty” fits right in.

Ruffnut the Rambunctious

Going along with the idea of alliteration, I think “Rambunctious” works for Ruffnut. She has a little bit more of a level head than her brother, but she still enjoys chaos. A little too much.

Astrid the Fierce/Fearless

I love your idea of Astrid the Fierce! I also think that Astrid the Fearless would be apt. She calls herself “Fearless Astrid Hofferson” during the Defenders of Berk episode “Fright of Passage.” Intentionally, she is associating herself with her uncle “Fearless Finn Hofferson.” I could imagine her taking on a title like this, but having it vary slightly from his. “Astrid the Fearless” might be one way to do it… or as you so beautifully suggested… “Astrid the Fierce.” Headcanon accepted. :) I like your idea the best.

Fishlegs the Fond

Fishlegs is a sweet, sensitive, and tender individual. While he is an intellect, I think it would be something else if they titled him after his big, sentimental heart. Fishlegs is an emotional personality, which makes him sometimes a bit skittish… but also quite affectionate to people like Meatlug. He’s a good, kindhearted, and utterly benign personality, so something like “Fishlegs the Fond” would be a fair fit for him.