So I was rewatching rtte season 3 the other day and I got to thinking.

Does anyone else think that Viggo might use Hiccup’s feelings towards Astrid against him in Season 4?

I mean Viggo saw how much he cared about her and what he was willing to do to save her in The Buffalord Soldier. Then, in Defenders of the Wing, Part 1, he asked Hiccup how her leg was doing after getting shot with one of their arrows.

It’s just a thought but I could totally see Viggo using Hiccup’s feelings for Astrid against him in the next season.

fanfic matters

The power of fanfic is that it can take characters that you might not have thought about that much, or characters who might not have been your favorites if you’d only ever watched a TV series or read a book series, and absolutely turn them into your favorites.

Case in point for the HTTYD on-screen franchise (I haven’t read the books): until I started reading HTTYD fic and joined this corner of tumblr, my favorites were Hiccup, because he’s specifically designed to be likeable and relatable (at least in the movies) and Gobber (who has always owned my heart due to a hearty affection for Craig Ferguson).  But outside of that, I didn’t think too hard about the other characters.

And now, thanks to a few tumblr posts and drabbles about Stoick as a dad, I appreciate him so much, even more than I did in HTTYD2 (shout-out to @kingofthewilderwest for always providing such amazing meta and analysis), Snotlout and Eret have grown up in my eyes due in large part to @tysonrunningfox’s unflinching devotion to them, and sure, I liked TJ Miller before, but now I’ve seen more art and meta about the twins than I would ever have expected, and what I previously considered a pair of great comic relief characters has morphed into a deep appreciation for their unique brand of intuitive intelligence.  Y’all even got me liking the villains!

As a Hiccstrid shipper first and foremost, though, the main thing for me is Astrid.  Before fanfic, I might’ve seen Astrid as the standard “strong female character”–which, I’ll admit, is a cliche I don’t hate!  I love warrior women in my media; I love seeing ladies be physically strong, I’m old enough that I still remember battle-ready women being A Surprising Thing from television, so it’s something I welcome, and sometimes that’s enough (and sometimes it isn’t).  So Astrid could’ve easily been the love interest who kicks butt with her axe and has little else to round her out.  If that had been the case, I think just the progression in their relationship between the two movies would’ve probably sufficed to make me love Astrid.  I adored the way she softened towards Hiccup from the first movie to the second, while still keeping the banter and competitive spirit that are the ambrosia of my OTPs.

But all this wonderful Hiccstrid fanfic, by smart, talented writers like @oh–you–pretty–things and @tysonrunningfox (to name just two of my favorites) has helped me relate to Astrid and appreciate her as such an incredibly complex, interesting character, that I love her fully as much as Hiccup now.  

And sure, some of that characterization that deepens the characters might be made up by fic authors, but most of it is on-point and in character because it is based in canon, because fic and meta writers are so goshdarn good at taking these little things, these details, seedlings if you will, from the source material and growing them into full-fledged head canons that often end up being confirmed by canon.  It’s because y’all didn’t make it up.  You interpreted the tiny amount of data we had about these “secondary” characters, and you interpreted it correctly.  Good for you folks, seriously.

So thank you to @oh–you–pretty–things, @listentoyourdragon, @midoriko-sama, @tysonrunningfox, @funkytoes@thatsnicebutimmarried,  @e–wills, @wilderwestqueen@astridthevalkyrie@jadeandsunsets, @kirnkardashian, @katergator84, @jaksandrow, @writers-spark, @blue–o, @sleapygazelle@jennis41digsdragons, ​@dyannehs, @astrxd@nefertsukia@finnicklovesannie and @hiilikedragons (who I know won’t see this but that’s okay, they are a huge Hiccstrid fave for me and I’m only sad I wasn’t around when they were active) and even more authors that I’m sure I’m forgetting. 

A few of you, I’ve read everything on your blog and FFnet and AO3.  Some, I have you on my list to check out when I get time because what I saw looked promising (big thanks to @hiccstridsource for all the excellent recommendations!).  Some I’ve sent messages to or left comments when I had a minute; others I’ve simply enjoyed while scrolling through my dash.  But whether I’ve read through your entire archive or just seen your posts around tumblr, you guys, who make up this delightful fandom, have played a role in helping me love pretty much all the HTTYD characters as much as I love Hiccup.  

Y'all are important, your stories are important, and you might be borrowing from an existing world but you create something.  

Don’t let anyone tell you fanfic isn’t worthwhile.

I Knew You Were Trouble

Modern AU. Jerkcup/Nerdstrid. After getting knocked out, Astrid could only hope that she was beginning to imagine things. Because being stuck with Hiccup Haddock for a week HAS to be a delusion…right? Rated T for language and sexual references.

Is this a real story that I can carry through with? I hope so. Also, I am not bashing any canon character, book or movie. Some people may seem bad, but trust me, no one is a jerk just for the sake of being a jerk. The only people who are bashed are minor OCs, and the ones who are supposed to be bad in canon.

Astrid was pretty good at basketball.

Not as good as she was at, say, badminton, tennis, or soccer, but she was good enough for people to whisper about the nerd having a sporty side. They weren’t being mean, Astrid was a self proclaimed nerd. She was damn proud of being studious; it was not something people bullied her over. High school had definitely changed since the 90’s, nerds were pretty appreciated in this time and day. Jocks were appreciated. Drama club was appreciated. Musicians were appreciated. The adults could complain about this generation all they liked, but the truth of the matter was that this was probably the most accepting generation ever.

Not that it didn’t have its’ problems. There were still bullies and idiots who got drunk every weekend (and weekday). There were still pathetic people. Douchebags. Jerks. Losers.

People like Camicazi. And Heather. And Snotlout. And Hiccup.

And then of course, there were the lunatics, like Dagur, who only seemed to want to terrorize everyone in the school. Luckily, she had never been a target, and probably never would be, of one of his insane plans.

Speaking of target, it seemed that it did not matter if she was good at basketball or not. Hiccup Haddock didn’t seem to care. Astrid saw the smirk on his face when she was standing in front of him, guarding the hoop. The problem was, he was not aiming at the hoop. Her glasses were knocked off and a searing pain entered her head, and before she hit the ground and closed her eyes, she realized just exactly what the jerk’s target had been.

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We all start out in life wanting to be the Hiccup’s 

or Astrid’s of the world…

And then at some point you realize…

We are all Tuffnut.

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Yeah… Definitely Tuffnut.