I have a chem test on Monday… and so, here are some nitrogen oxygen tellurium sulphur ft. some pink pens that sadly aren’t all mine (^◇^)

(that’s N O Te S hehehe)


[1.17.17] last week’s spread…..from 1/9 to 1/15 hehe 

rn i am so stressed about finals my brain hates me


Teacher: “So how do you like Statistics thus far?”
Me: “Erm…I probably shouldn’t answer that question haha…”


A MindMap in pink (oh my) on Archetypes~
Here’s a colour joke for ya:
The phone went “green green~”, so I pink-ed it up and said, “Yellow?”

“My life has no direction, no aim, no meaning. And yet I’m happy. I can’t figure it out! What am I doing right?” ~ Snoopy

Hello everyone! My name is Britney and although I’m not exactly new to the studyblr community, this will the start of me making my own original content. I’ve been inspired by many of the amazing blogs within the studyblr community to begin making my own works, one of them being the one that I share this account with, studywithinspo. I’m really excited about what’s to come, and I hope that you guys will like it!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Are there any cheap (but still nice) pens, highlighters, or notebooks you know of (and maybe where I could buy some)? Thanks!

Ahhhh, yes! I live for cheap, yet cute stationary. And since we’re almost into school season, I’ll throw in some school supplies! 


Target - Target is a very good store as it provides you with ordinary school supplies at a cheaper rate than Staples.. plus there’s a $5 and under section near the entrance of the store- it’s amazing. 

Daiso - I love, love, LOVE Daiso. It’s a high-end dollar store, well, $1.50 store. They have lots of cute sticky posts, journals, highlighters, pens, washi tape rolls and a bunch of other stationary goods. Daiso is literal heaven and they don’t break as easily as you think the items would! They also have various types of storage for stationary.  Found an off brand post it pack like this and post it tape like this at daiso before! 

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After completing this study guide for confidence intervals and hypothesis tests, I am confident that I have a better understanding of this topic (^◇^;)


aaaaaaaaaaand here’s finally the map of the kingdoms!

 kingdoms are basically worlds of different universes connected by an energy flow, the ancents discovered how to connect the world canalizing the flow in big portals in the capitals of the respective worlds , if the life conditions of a world are different from the one of provenience the  portal helps the visitor adapting   during it’s stay (es: kingdom of sea:ability to breath under water, kingdom of sky  flight spell tattoo ecc ecc… but they don’t help  for abilities like - higher inteligence in the kingdom of progress,ability to manipulate fire  inthe kingdom of sun  or abity to see in the dark and use dark crystals of the kingdom of moon*even if  people from the kingdom of crystal is able to exploit any gem’s power*)…. the world you see chained in the  center is the world of  pandora,  this world has been exiled 3000 years ago but this is another story and i’ll tell you more about this if i manage to properly go on with KoM

but now let me explain some   characteristics of the worlds

first of all, the kingdom of sun and the kingdom of moon are the key worlds, the more stable and similar ones, they’re basically almost the different face of the same medal and pandra was sealed thanks to the help of the  king and wueen of those two worlds.


  1. Kingdom of Sun: thanks to an irregular orbit  around the two suns is almost always day in the kingdom of sun, even during night  there isn’t complete darkness, we can compare this phenmena to a midnight sun? well  but the climate here is completely different, it’s really hot, and the  capital  i siuated between the sea and a huge desert also the architecture is similar to the arabic/indian one. Important note: the golden capital is almost always in war with the fire capital who’s at the other side of the sea  and wants to claim  the that territory,  commerce is the most productive activity, and the capital is full of markets and bazaars
  2. Kingdom  of Forest: we can say also this world is split in 2 we have the civilized part who resembles to asian culture and lives near  the water sources and exploits the  abbundant nature   for agriculture ,medicine and uses the materials to build  houses and boats.. in this side are also present mercenary clans , the other ide is the uncivilized one, people look more dark skinned and speak a different lenguage , they’re sometimes nomad and they build their houses on the trees creating beautiful floating cities, their knowledge of the medical herbs has no rivals.
  3. Kingdom of Sea: not much has to be said about this world, it’s composed by the 99% by oceans and his inhabitants  look like mermaids/mermen.. whn they travel in  other worlds they gain the ability to walk on ground but are bound to come back to their form if they enter in water. The kingdom of Sea is a pacific one even if from ome time has estabilished an alliance with the Kingdom of Sun. The atmosphere in this world is almost Atlantean
  4.  Kingdom of Light:  the kingdom of light is a quiet, silent ,steppy world,  it’s almost always cloudy but  some columns of light can be seen here and there, around that columns  there are  many small vilages , and there’s a statue for every column, the inhabitants venerate them and always dress completely in white, actually theyre all white… they seem to not have particular abilities or at least not so far…but at least they’re good shepherds
  5. Kingdom of Sky: the ground of the kingdom of sky is really unstable o the people since centuries  started living on  huge flying platforms where greek/roman looking cities are built, every inhabitant since they'r birth has given a spell tatto on their back who enables them to “”“summon”“” a pair of wings, there are countless varieties of spell tattoos. The people of the kingdom of sky are very religious and  believe in  4 gods, two male and 2 female men/bird hibris  who , according to them, opened them the sky’s doors saving their civilization from destruction so every now and then some kids are choosen to become priests for the gods and are forced to live isolated 
  6. Kingdom of Moon: as i already said, the kingdom of moon and the kingdom of sun are pratically identical, but in this case  we have an almost endless night and there isn’t any rival region for the silver capital whos considered one of the most safe  but also one of the most dangerous places in the 10 worlds, the capital is in fact home of two important buildings, the academy for the mercenaries(whose activities are completely legal  if they commit a crime under order of someone  the one to be punished will be the committent of the mercenary, but if the mercenary commits a crime without being on a mission then is punisheable) and the security prison wherethe worst criminals of every world are kept:no one ever managed to escape. The inhabitants of this world are able to see in the dark perfectly, once in a late age they slowly loose this ability and are boud to wear special glasses
  7. Kingdom of Crystal: also the kingdom of crystal is a very dark one but  the world is a sort of big geode, so id the outside is inhospital the inside is full of glowing crystals and mushrooms, also there’s a small parallel climate, some cities( escavated in the rock and in the crystals and liked by tunnels) even have clouds, the people from this world have a huge knowledge about magical gems proprieties and are also good swordsmiths
  8. Kingdom of Snow: another quite inhospital world is the snow one, there’s costantly a snowstorm going on and the temperatures are  terribly low and there’s only a stable city, built around a huge ice castle, the rest of the population is made by nomads, their lifestyle and clothing is similar to  mongolian and inuits, they’re great hunters too, also here  people don’t seem to have  big ualities even if  is sai that some young people is starting to develop  some weak ice/snow control
  9. Kingdom of Progress: this world is completely different from the other ones, it’s incredibly  evolved technologically speaking, thanks to the   avanced intelligence of it’s people, it’s really modern and futuristic and is open to people from many cultured and worlds…. but,  nothing is allowed to leave this world (people included if they spend more than two years there) to not alterate the other ones evolution progress, this is also one of the most corrupted  kingdoms too, is pacific, bt t the same time keeps developping more and more advanced weapons
  10. Kingdom of Void: the kingdom of void is a dead world trapped in the flux of energy, the ancient tried to build cities and live there for a while but it was unsuccessful so it was left  to the natural course of events and is now just full of ruins with animals and various creatures free to go were they want and  dark leaved plants to grow freely the lighs is dim and the air heavy