hibino katsuhiko

anonymous asked:

do you have any favorite artists?

so many! but just like life works in phases and stages, i’m currently gravitating towards/soothed by:

-paul thek (”a great artist helps people love eachother”) 

-suzi gablik (her writings about art / how toxic modernism is and how it’s atrophied our empathy and social responsibility as artists) 

-james baldwin (youtube interviews…his embodied/speaking presence is something that needs to be seen, to supplement his writing)

-audre lorde (read: uses of the erotic & the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house - very relevant reading for our current moment) 

-gloria anzaldua’s writing 

-yoshitomo nara 

-mogu takahashi 

-dadaist/surrealist women in the 1920s-50s 

-hibino katsuhiko 

-cai guo-qiang

-tara booth

-ines estrada

-ana mendieta (always!!!) 

-wizard apprentice 

-young fellow zine makers/artists here in the U.S. and abroad like:  @sundayschoolkid @virgosunleomoonpiscesrising @feelingsfeeler @synchronisewitches @thechapess @gumagaling @maamry @daniellechenette